E/O CHALLENGE WoW : Grade Word count : 100

A.N. Ok, I confess. I didn't actually open the wow email until late today, so I'd worked on the wow being "Herein" (cos the email subject title was "wow herein.") So, now you all know how truly dumb I can be. As a result, my contribution contains both herein and grade. Oh, and a simple little word puzzle to have a go at if you want.

Disclaimer : Spell not working so they're still not mine….YET.


He suffered severe paranoia in life, so made sure that in death he was

interned under a different name. Now the brother's need to salt & burn,

but first they've got to figure out who to salt & burn!

Dean groaned,

"Couldn't he use his own name?

"Too paranoid. Thought people would mess with his remains."

"But, we're only messin' cos he's gone vengeful spirit. Even his ghost's paranoid!"

Sam smiled.

"Separate? Meet in the middle?"

Reading names carved above mausoleum gates, Dean huffed,

"This's freaking ridiculous. How're we…Yahtzee!"

Sam turned,

"Got something?"

"Herein rests Neil Doune. Gotta be it, right?"

Sam focused back to something he'd noticed,

"Maybe, unless…..Dean! It's this one."

Dean wandered over,

"Symon Depu?"

"Rearrange it."


Dean began to laugh,

"Crap! That other guy? Neil Doune? Bet the bullying started right from first grade!"