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Note: Penny and Leonard are still together.

Chapter 1

Penny and Amy were in Penny's kitchen, Penny standing in front of her kitchen counter and Amy sitting on a stool at the other side of the table. Amy seized her bowl and stretched her hands towards Penny asking her to refill it with ice-cream with coffee liqueur, a favorite habit she had learned from her bestie. Penny did so while changing the subject from purses to gossiping.

"I still can't believe Bernadette is going to marry Howard!" Penny said. "She can do way better! And when I remember that I'm the one who introduced them to each other, I feel... kinda responsible for her plight." she added, pretending a little that she was feeling guilty.

"How can she want to marry him? He only has a master's degree." Amy agreed while shaking her head, unable to believe their friend's decision.

"That's not the problem, Amy. The problem is that he is so... slimy!" Penny told her disgusted when she brought in her mind various facts of Howard's life.

"I see what you mean, he indeed is slimy. But furthermore, I think it's unacceptable for a couple that the woman is more educated than the man." Amy claimed.

Suddenly, Penny jumped while screaming something like "AAAAAAAAAAA" and Amy turned around on her stool to see what happened. Amy saw a ghost appearing rapidly in front of her and disappearing just as quickly. The next moment they were running out of Penny's flat, and seeing the door across the hall open, entered Leonard and Sheldon's house and instantly closed the door and locked it. During these milliseconds they hadn't stopped crying as loudly as they could.

Leonard standing next to the door -he was ready to leave-, Raj sitting on the couch reading a comic book and Sheldon on his beloved spot turned to look at them.

"What happened?" Leonard asked very worried.

"A ghost! A ghost in my house! There is a ghost!" Penny said extremely agitated while shaking Leonard by the shoulders.

"What?" Leonard asked not sure he followed.

"I 'm telling you THERE IS A GHOST!" Penny yelled.

"I'm sure Amy didn't see anything" Leonard said. "Did you, Amy?" he asked her.

"I saw a semi-transparent male human, standing in front of me, flashing on and off in a brief second. My logic forbids me to believe in ghosts, but if this wasn't one, I don't know what it was." Amy answered.

Leonard skewed his face.

"Okay. And was it a semi-transparent male human as Amy says?" he asked his girlfriend to show them that each one had seen something completely different thus proving they had thought they had seen a ghost.

"Yes! And he was tall up to here!" Penny answered with bated breath while showing a place in the air quite higher from Leonard's top.

"Was he that tall, indeed, Amy?" Leonard asked the other woman now.

"Yes! And he had a beard!" she replied. "And he was wearing glasses!" both Penny and Amy said simultaneously.

Leonard skewed his face more.

"Oh, Amy, I don't recognize you! You have to stop hanging around with Penny, she's destroying you!" Sheldon told Amy frustrated making her walk towards him. "Penny believes that psychics, cards and palm reading are real! Now we find out that she believes in ghosts too! Please Amy, don't follow her to the rock bottom!" Sheldon asked her while she was locating herself on the couch between him and Raj.

"Oh, Leonard, I 'm so afraid!" Penny said. "This ghost seemed so angry! It would kill us!" she told him almost crying and let her boyfriend hug her. "I can't go back to my house! What am I going to do?" she asked shivering.

Leonard thought sadly of his very bad luck: He had finally made Penny notice him, for the first time in his life he was dating an attractive woman and she would soon be locked in a bedlam and he would never see her again. "Don't worry. We 'll think of something." he told her and he thought to himself "Maybe crazy pills.".

"Oh, Leonard, I'm terrified!" she said, with her chin on his shoulder, wiping the tears in her eyes.

Amy, after watching Penny and Leonard's interaction decided to give it a try.

"Oh, Sheldon, hug me. I'm so afraid." she said flatly, unable to express any emotion whatsoever.

"Amy, don't be absurd! This is highly unhygienic! Also, it's one past eight and my favorite Star Trek movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is about to begin." Sheldon said, while turning the tv on with the remote control and making himself comfortable to watch the movie .

Amy looked at Penny, who was looking back at her over Leonard's shoulder, and shook her head.

"I remember!" Penny snapped. "I have a friend, Natasha, and long ago she had told me about the cousin of her husband who had ghosts in her house! After searching around, she heard of a guy who was dealing with ghosts and after she called him, he cleared her place in just a day!" Penny said. She sat on the armchair, reached for the phone and had already dialed her friend's number when she asked Leonard: "Sweety, can I use your phone?" and without waiting for an answer she added: "Thank God I remember Natasha's phone number!"

"Dear God! You are more naive than I thought, to believe in this kind of hokum." Sheldon exclaimed. "And you shouldn't thank God for remembering your friend's phone number: Since you moved in across the hall, half of the times I come at your apartment, I interrupt a phone call. I come at your apartment approximately once every three days and this means you speak daily on the phone. Supposed that only half of the times you are the one who calls and you call a different friend every time, even for your mediocre human memory you must remember all of your friends' phone numbers. You should thank your cheap phone company, not God." he added.

But before Sheldon was done talking, Penny had already called Natasha and had asked her to ask her husband's cousin for the ghostbuster's phone number.

After some time, Leonard and Sheldon's phone rang. Penny picked it up and noted a number. She thanked her friend, told her that she couldn't explain and that she would some other time and quickly hung up the phone, only to dial the noted number.

Sam picked up Dean's phone because Dean was driving.

"Hello!" he said.

"Hello!" Penny responded to the man's salute and went on boldly: "I have ghosts in my house. I've heard that you 're dealing with this kind of staff." she said.

"Yes. That's right. And what is your address, Mrs...?" Sam asked her.

"Miss." Penny corrected him. "Just call me Penny." she added because she had realized she was talking to someone about her age and she finally said "I live at 2311 Los Robles, but I would never stay in my apartment like this. I'm at the apartment 4A which is across the hall."

"In Pasadena, right?" Sam asked to check.

"Yes." she replied.

"Okay. We 'll be there... in about two hours." he informed her.

"Alright." Penny told him a little disappointed it would take them that much.

"Bye, Penny." Sam said.

"Bye." Penny said and hung up the phone for the last time.

"Dean, turn around: A woman just called. We have a case in Pasadena." Sam said.

"Oh man, we 'll lose the concert!" Dean complained.

"Dude, you know the rule: Job is first always." Sam reminded his brother.

Dean, on the empty road, illegally turned the car around.

"Did she at least sounded young?" Dean asked while speeding the Impala.

"Yes. And she is not married." Sam told his brother because he knew this information would interest him. Not that it didn't interest himself, though.

"Well, who knows? Maybe this case will be worth losing the concert." Dean said and smiled widely.

"They will arrive in about two hours, they said." Penny told her friends after hanging up.

"What? They? But, the roommate agreement states clearly we can't host more than 7 people at a time. And Howard said will drop by." Sheldon said. "And I don't even calculate the ghost." he added and chuckled.

Raj got up and whispered something in Leonard's ear who was by now standing close to the couch.

"Howard will not come. His mother doesn't allow him to go out because she says he probably got the chickenpox from his little cousin earlier today." Leonard told his roommate.

"Oh, alright then." Sheldon finally receded.