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Chapter 3

"Leonard, as soon as those guys kill that ghost, will you make sure to sweep the floor very well?" Sheldon asked his roommate.

"Yes, Sheldon." Leonard replied tired.

The Winchesters had left almost half an hour ago and they had strictly ordered that no-one was to leave the thick circle of salt around the main furniture.

Sheldon was on his spot, Raj on the other side of the couch and Leonard was sitting among them. Amy and Penny were sharing the armchair.

"Look!" Raj yelled terrified enough to almost pee in his pants, while pointing at the apartment door.

The ghost was standing in front of it looking at them menacingly. It walked towards them with a devilish smile on it's face and tried to walk over the salt barrier. It felt that it couldn't move it's foot further and looked at the floor. The ghost raised it's head to face them again and mad, let out an eerie, blood-curdling howl.

But, it didn't give up. It was still standing there. They would have to abandon their protective shield at some point. Opposed to the ghost that could stay there for eternity, they had no other option.

Dean and Sam were in the graveyard standing over an open coffin in a digged grave. Dean did the exact same steps once more: He opened the cap of his lighter, spinned the little wheel and looked at the flame for a second.

Even though, Penny was dating Leonard and seemed not to be interested in Dean, Dean hadn't regretted missing the concert: He always enjoyed the thrill he was feeling when he was seeing the lighter landing on the corpses. The bones were on fire.

"Adios, amigo." Dean said.

It could have been only a few seconds, it could have been whole hours, but none of gang had any idea how much time the ghost was standing there, just behind the salt barrier, looking at them threateningly. All this time, they were all looking back at the ghost, unable to leave it unattended, not even for a moment.

Suddenly, the man's ghost was in flames. Screaming, it was stooping and arching it's back like it had spasms and seemed unable to decide which way to spin, resulting in some kind of ''epilepsia on fire''. Then, after a few seconds, it vanished.

It's scream had fainted when Leonard asked: "Is he dead?".

"I think so." Sheldon said without even noticing the fault in Leonard's question, but his voice was drowned by Penny's relieved shout "Oh, thank God!".

The girls hugged and kissed each other happily, the two flatmates celebrated by loud shouts, some of them, from Leonard's side, quite offensive towards the ghost and Raj was wiping his watery eyes.

An hour later there was a knock on the door and Leonard answered: "It's open.". The two brothers walked in to find everybody on the same spot they had left them.

"The ghost is gone. You can now leave the salt circle." Sam said.

Even though they all knew that, none of them has left the salt barrier, deep inside still too afraid to do so.

Penny got up, approached the Winchesters, thus being the first to escape the circle, and hugged Sam and then Dean while saying: "Oh, thank you very much! You saved our lives! We are all so grateful!".

"It's not a big deal." Dean told her a little self-complacently. "This is our job." the brothers said.

By now, everybody was close to the Winchesters, thanking them. Amy told them they are very brave and, copying Penny, hugged them. Leonard and Raj had both huge smiles on their faces and Leonard thanked them on Raj and his' behalf as well. Sheldon decided to be professional and told them a simple, but real "Thank you", shook their hands and took out of his pocket an antibacterial gel and cleaned his hands with it.

"Well, we have to hit the road again." Dean said and Sam added "Yes, we have to be going. It was nice meeting you.".

"Yes, nice meeting you." Dean repeated.

The Winchesters made a move to get out of the flat and the gang, except Raj, replied: "Nice meeting you! Goodbye! Thank you again!" and watched the brothers going down the stairs.

After Leonard had closed the door, the gang had celebrated again the ghost vanquishing, everybody in his own way, but now, many hours later, it was late and Amy told Penny she was feeling tired. Penny agreed feeling sleepy and invited her friend to a sleep over which Amy quickly accepted. They said "bye" to the boys, Penny kissed Leonard goodnight and the girls left the flat.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Raj said admiringly: "Dude, this is so cool! They save people's lives! They are heroes! They are better than superheroes!"

"Oh, come on Raj! Don't be absurd. They are not better than Superman nor The Flash." Sheldon responded.

"They are! They fight supernatural staff and they don't even have superpowers!" Raj claimed.

"And they are real." Leonard added.

"What's that got to do with what we 're talking?" Sheldon and Raj said simultaneously.

Leonard looked at them with his eyebrows joined, a little worried.

"They 're definitely better than Aquaman" Raj finally said with a skewed grimace.

At the same time, Amy was apologizing to Penny.

"I am so sorry, Penny" she told her. "My silly beliefs nearly cost us our lives!" she said.

"The important thing is that everything ended fine, Amy. Actually, now I'm glad of what happened, because otherwise, I would still have a peeper ghost in my apartment." Penny responded with an affected smile.

"Oh, Sammy! What super-geeks! Don't ever go back to college. You will end up like them!" Dean begged anxiously his brother.

Sam began to answer: "Dean, firstly, I'm not going to turn into a geek...". Dean a gave him a "hello!" look. "Well, at least not a that big geek." Sam corrected. "...And secondly, I want to go back to college and finish my studies someday." Sam confessed.

Dean was a little disappointed to hear that and told his brother: "Bitch!".

"Jerk!" Sam quickly answered.

Dean, smiling, turned his head to face the windscreen, started the engine and they drove off.