Dark of my Dark, Light of my Light

okay so this is a fic I have been thinking of for awhile...OC's Hadereth and Brethiel...hmmm...where have you read about them before? LOL

disclaimer: I own nothing..except the OC's

Dark: Noldor...Light: Sindar...

pairing: Erestor/Haldir, Elrond/Celeborn


Erestor watched as the visitors from Lorien approached. He saw Elrond nearly jump for joy as he saw his lover, Lord Celeborn of Lorien, dismount his horse. Erestor and Glorfindel nearly laughed as The two elven lords began kissing. Haldir, the marchwarden of Lorien, smiled and shook his head.

" How long do you think it will be this time?"

Erestor chuckled.

" Perhaps an hour or more."

Haldir laughed.

" They surpassed that the last time Lord Elrond visited Lorien. I had to pry them apart."

Glorfindel laughed.

" Why does that not surprise me?"


Erestor sat in his rooms, waiting for his usual dinner guests. Melpomaen and Lindir, his assistants, frequently enjoyed their meals with Erestor. It was rumored around Imladris that they did more than eat. Erestor shook his head. Such childish things to come from the mouths of elves. Erestor was about to light one of the lamps near the tray where the food was when he heard a light knock. He smiled.


He nearly dropped the bottle of wine when he saw it was not Melpomaen nor Lindir standing there. It was the only elf to have ever touched Erestor's heart: Haldir.