These are drabbles each chapter is for the same chapter as written up here at the start of the page. These are to read if you wish to learn more about a characters mind set and some are mini chapters that might contain spoilers to the later chapters of my story Next Generation. These will be set in first or third person and above each one will be the note on who is talking or recording the entry and the view its in. I plan this to be set up like a set of odd entries from the character diaries so they will not talk about the future but they might brush up with characters who weren't named or even known in that chapter by chance.

Just another fight…


First person

Chapter 1

It was like any other day… just another fight between children. He jabbed his fist into her arm as she smacked him hard. I watched on the sidelines. My fraternal twin sister's fist connected with my best friend's ribcage and sent him falling back into a locker. He jumped right back and came from below knocking her up and backwards, she fell to the floor and there was the sound as a crack as his head hit the floor as well. Above the two kids was the teacher. His face was twisted into a look of rage and worry as the two got up slowly. Next to him was Luso the librarian with a book in hand, he deliver the final blow to the fight as the teacher pulled her away from him as my twin tried to punch him as he curled up in a ball.

"Both of you! Go to the library now!" The teacher shouted. He then turned to Luso. "I leave them to you…" He said as he stomped off… I watched with worry. Butterflies danced inside me suddenly… Something was going to happen… I can feel it…

The story…


First person

Chapter 2

I can recall this one story and it reminds me of this very moment and it was not one my father told me… but my mother. It was about the plains that I watched roll by as the cart moved on. How when father first woke up it was there that he had his first mission… collecting plants. It wasn't the greatest or the most noble, but it reminded me of this moment right now, some sort of beginning. Like this was the start of something great… I looked up above and saw a bright gleaming airship fly by suddenly chased by floateyes… The ship seemed to be made of radiant magic and promise, what I wouldn't give to be on it someday.



First person

Chapter 1 to 2

I stared at the road ahead as a bright brilliant light engulfed the area, blinding us with its pureness. Nono yelped as he fell off his Chocobo in shock as I smirked. There was magic in the air and let me tell you this was magic that could make a Bangaa's knees rattle and a Nu Mou cower in a corner. I looked back to my poor uncle.

"I'll go on ahead! Kupo!" I shouted. He yelped out as I kicked the bird into a run.

"Iden KUPO!" he screeched as I looked ahead. A boy so small was pointing at a monster like an idiot. What a fool…

I jumped from my birds back and past the boy. I brought my sword in an arc and slashed it down on the monster's long defenseless limbs and then uppercut its soft underbelly. I jabbed to other and turned to the boy who stared at me… I waited a moment as his eyes light up with some sort of joy.

"What's a runt like you doing in Giza Plains? Lost your mommy little one kupo?" I snickered as he smiled even more… I could tell right then and there he was going to be trouble…