This is my OC, that basically Damon falls for. I really love reading stories about him and I really hope i've captured him in the way that he acts and talks. Let me know, thanks :)

So this kicks off as brave new world. I won't steal all of Elena's parts but.. A girl needs some drama in her life!

Once upon a time. She was his obsession. He loved everything about her, he loved every inch of her perfect body. She could do no wrong. Never had. Never would. But he was wrong, dead wrong.

165 years later and here he was again. He had a new obsession. But the thing is; She's human, she makes mistakes, she gets scared. But most of all she was his.

"History eat your heart out" He mumbles to himself.

There was no way, he'd fall in love again. He wouldn't allow it, he wouldn't allow the pain and the heart ache to follow.

But ask his friends; He was a liar.

She was nothing like Elena, and he loved that the most because Katherine and Elena were the same on some lines, anyway.

She was her own person. Mature; strong, selfless, caring but at the same time she was childish; weak, selfish and God damn annoying. But God, he adored her.

Her music taste, he loved too. He remembers the first time he met her. Walking along, earphones in and he could hear the David Bowie playing into her ears. She was so annoyed when he told her he's met him, sang with him too. She likes the old sort of music, old cars too. She begs him to drive his car. But he refuses. He wouldn't dare let her drive it. He guesses she loves everything old.

He also loves the fact that she can eat and eat and eat, yet she still has the most perfect body he's ever seen.

She stood a few inches shorter than him. He could rest his chin on the top of her head. Allowing the lavender smell from her hair to ride up to his nose.

He absolutely loved running his hands through her hair. Her hair was pretty long even when curled, making him helpless when she walked, the way it bounced amazed him. Watching the sun shine on it, the light brown could easily be mistake for dark blonde.

Her eyes. God, them eyes. Dark green orbs that saw right through him. Made him weak, made him helpless. He was a vampire for crying out loud. He shouldn't be weak.

Her long legs, that just never seemed to end. Her skin was light, hardly ever tanned. Perfect was the only word he could use to describe her...

And human.

"What are you thinking about ?" She asked standing at the bottom of his bed.

His shook his head, waking him from his daydream.

He shrugged his shoulders, not really knowing how to answer.

"I probably, don't want to know, do I?"

He flashed his bad boy grin towards her. She raised her eyebrows at his suggestion "No, I told you we need to get ready, I've got to be at the carnival soon. I promised Caroline"

His smirk disappeared and his lower lip made an entrance.

She sighed heavily and walks out of his room.

"I said 'Get ready'" She calls from the stairs.

He sat up from the bed and within a second he's infront of her. He extended his hand and moved a piece of hair from her face. Their faces inches apart. Her heart beating wiildly, his not at all.

"Sam, is that you ?" Elenas' voice called

Sam and Damon locked eyes. Green mixing with blue. He winked at her and smiled leaving the two friends alone.

"Yeah, it's me" She puts on her happiest voice

Elena leaves Stefans room and stand at the top of the stairs, folding her arms in a childlike manner.

She takes a few steps down and she's face to face with her best friend.

Elena looked behind her to see Damon's bedroom door opened. "You and Damon, huh ?" She speaks up

Sam smiles shyly. "You and Stefan, huh ?"

Elena scoffs. "Sam, you said you wouldn't get involved, he's bad news"

"I'm sorry, but I really didn't mean for it to happen, it just did and you're my best friend and all, but i'm not going to stop dating him because it annoys you."

Elena's serious look vanishes from her face and a small smile takes its place. "I'm happy for you, I am. But I don't want you to get hurt."

"Thankyou. I look out for myself, remember ?"

"Right, we gotta' get ready. This carnival has to look great, or we're both dead." Elena tells her as she walks back upstairs into Stefans room.

Sam turned back to go down the steps, She groaned. "Damon, you can come out now" She asks

He smirks as he appears "You love me" He sings.

"Shutup " She smiles as she walks past him.

Please let me know what you think, i've got a few suprises and some drama for Samantha :D