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Sam sighed getting into the car wanting someone to hear how sad it sounded; she turned her head to see if they'd noticed but none of them had. So she sighed again this time louder. Knowing someone would hear her this time.

"We know you don't want to come; but you are, so get over it" Elena told her fastening her seat belt and resting her head back.

"Well thanks a bunch. don't blame me if I snap at you" She told her smirking slightly she watched as Damon got in the front passenger seat she started at him for a few seconds.

"What ?" He asked without evening turning his head back to know she was watching him

She stared at him gob-smacked as if he'd just murdered her entire family. "You didn't get me any food ?" She asked her voice breaking slightly, damn she was such a good actress

He smirked at her childish voice "When we get back; i'll get you some food." He told her still not facing her. Had she done something wrong ?

"Fine! " She stated

Ric got into the car and started the engine putting it into gear and took off for this exciting road-trip.

"So, what exactly are we looking for ?" Sam asked confused, had she been told where and why they were going and just ignored it or was it a secret

"You really have a short attention span, don't you ?" Ric asked her joking

"Seriously, why are we going out of town there's a perfectly good library..." She paused trying to think where the hell it was! She'd lived in this town for God knows how many years and she didn't know where it was. Shocker "Somewhere" She added after a few seconds of thinking

Damon laughed at her lame attempt of a save and Elena chuckled too.

"There's one at school Sam, maybe you should go there and check it out maybe go to a few lessons too." Elena told her smiling

"Damn; there's a school too ?" She shot back

"This town thought of everything" She muttered to Elena

"But seriously ? why the road-trip ?"

"We're going to do some research at Duke. Isobel worked there and we thought it might help us out with the whole werewolf situation" Ric told her

Sam nodded, finally everything made sense

"Well, this is fun" Sam stated after the total of 5 minutes.

"Well; go to sleep" Damon suggested still not facing her

Her browline shot to her head. What the hell was up with him today there was no need for that comment; she was the only one who got to say rude things to people.

"Ass" She yelled at him before resting her head back and closing her eyes.

She couldn't sleep even though that was what she wanted to do more than anything in her life. The events from last night were catching up with her she could hear her Mom tell her how her Dad would be so dissapointed in her. What a bitch!

Who the hell did she think she was saying that to her, if anything she's the disappointment running off and leaving her child to get married to some guy.

She groaned trying to get comfortable and trying to get the image of her Mom out of her head but she wouldn't leave and if anything it was making her think that her words were true. Was she the screw up of the family ?

If her Dad saw how she was now; drinking and cutting school what would he say to her ? Would he yell at her or would she be in school and not drinking like a good little nerd. Was it because of him that everything changed, did she change because of him dying.

"I can pratically hear you thinking" Elena whispered to her, she opened her eyes and looked at Elena. It was like she knew what she was thinking; she could tell her mood from the slightest of actions and Sam didn't know if it was a good thing that her friend had her all figured out or a bad thing.

She wasn't one to talk about her feelings; so she didn't and this was no special occasion.

"You ok ?" Elena whispered

Sam threw her a look, "Me; i'm happy as can be." She lied knowing it wasn't the right time to ask her questions

She knew for a fact Elena didn't believe her, it was obvious the way one of her eyebrows rose slightly.

She smiled trying to persuade her "I'm fine."

"Good." Elena told her patting her shoulder

"So ?" Ric started waiting for anyone else to join in..

"Are we gonna' talk about last night ?" He added after no one spoke up

"What happened last night ?" Sam asked worried that someone had been attacked by a vampire or something. But as soon as she had said it she realised what he meant and that she'd just fallen into the trap. Damn

Elena shot her another look that basically said are-you-serious ?

"Fine. I got upset and drowned my sorrows. Is that what you wanted to hear ?" She asked looking out of the window trying to avoid everyone's gaze.

"Sam. You're gonna' end up hurting yourself. " Ric told her softly

"I know, I know. It was stupid. But i'm stupid most of the time it shouldn't come as a shock."

After she finished the car became a deadly silent no one knowing how to stop her beating herself up. Ric looked at Damon who was too bust pretending to concentrate on something outside of the car.

"God !" She stated after another 10 minutes of silence "Are we there yet Ric?"

"Yeah, can you not see the building yet ?" Damon asked, his tone trying to be serious

"I'm sorry. Was I asking you" She shot back smirking herself

Before Damon could say anything else. Elena butted in "Ok guys, not the time to have a fall out."

The car became silent again. Elena was texting on her phone.. obviously talking to Stefan. Ric was driving so he had his hands full already, Damon was pretending to look outside and Sam was trying to get to sleep again.

"Well this sucks.." Sam sighed opening her eyes.

"Tell me about it" Damon said patting her on the knee

"Why do you even like him?" Elena asked quietly even though she knew he'd still be able to hear

Damon turned his head and opened his mouth, placing his hand over his heart pretending to be hurt

"Everyone likes me. Right Sammy ?" He asked her hoping she'd back him up

"People say I have no taste. But yeah I like you" She smiled

Ric stiffled a chuckle and saw Damons glare then he pretended not to hear it. Within 10 minutes they arrived at the university. Sam was the first out of the car stretching her limbs like she'd been in the car for 5 or 6 hours not 1.

"C'mon" Damon told her walking past her with Ric and Elena in tow.

She jogged to catch up with them, finally taking her place next to Damon. He looked down a few inches and smiled at her. She half smiled at him and carried on looking where she was going.

When they entered the university; following Rics' directions. Or basically Sam going the wrong way and Ric telling her to go the other way. She felt a hand join hers, her head slowly looked down and glanced at Damons thumb rubbing her knuckles.

The three of them followed Ric into an office where a young girl stood behind a desk, hers probably.

"Hi; i'm Alaric Saltzman and these are my friends" He told her pointing to the three people behind him. He probably looked great to the women, two girls still in high school and a 22 year old guy. He needed older friends.

"Vanessa Monroe" She smiled back

"I was just wondering if we could look through Isobel's things"

"Yeah, it's all still here. Can I ask you something ?"

Ric nodded and she smiled sadly, Sam knew it was going to be about Isobel

"Any news on her ?"

Ric shook his head, not wanting to go into too much detail. "No" He told her just to make it a little clearer

She nodded her head and smiled. "This way, her office is still in tact" She told them making her way over to a closed door. She opened it and allowed the four to enter the room,

"I'll just get the lights" She told them and left

Sam looked around the big room full of books and old objects. She felt Damon let go of her hand and watched him wander over to a shelf and pick out a book; skimming over the first few pages. Sam made her way over to a book shelf too, standing next to Elena she looked at how the dust covered everything.

"Where'd she go ?" Damon asked puzzled lifting his head from the book.

Sam lifted her head and looked at the door, wondering where she had got too aswell. She felt her heart beat faster as she saw the young women pointing a crossbow at Elena. She pushed Elena out of the way making Elena fall backwards on the floor. The arrow hit the shelf next to Sam.

The women then pointed it at Sam. She heard the trigger pull and closed her eyes tightly not having enough time to move. She heard someone groan infront of her and opening one eye slightly she saw Damon inches away from her. His face covered with pain and discomfort.

She let out a sigh of relief as Ric grabbed the crazy women and took the weapon off her. She turned all of her attention to Damon as he slowly slid down the bookcase.

She grabbed his arm in an attempt to stop him from falling fully to the the floor. He moaned in pain as she grabbed hold of the arrow ready to oull it out. "Count to three" She told him softly

"No" He stated "Just pull the damn thing out"

"Fine" She moaned at him, gripping hold of the arrow tighter. She braced herself for the pain when she pulled it out. Which confused her as he was the one with an arrow in his back.

"Sam" He said through gritted teeth

She held her breath as she pulled the arrow out and watched as he sighed with relief once it healed over.

He stood up straight "That bitch is dead" He said to the pair while trying to make it to the door.

Elena side stepped him and blocked his path "You're not gonna' kill her" She stated folding her arms in a childish manner

"I'm not? Watch me" He told the pair as he tried to take another move.

"Damon" Sam warned "As much as she deserves it" She paused to glare at Damon who had a smirk on his face hoping she was agreeing with him. "I'm not gonna' let you kill her"

"C'mon" Sam told him grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the office and to where the crazy women and Ric were stood.

Elena followed and spoke softly to the women trying to calm her down. Yes she looked like a women who should have died over 500 years ago but that so did not give her the right to try and shoot her with a cross bow. Who the hell had cross bows kept in their office anyway.

"I'm Elena Gilbert, Isobel's daughter and a decendant of Katherine Pierce" Elena spat the last two words out. She hadn't actually met the bitch yet and she was already causing trouble for everyone.

"This is my friend Sam." Elena said pointing to Sam and she smiled wearily at the women. "And this is Damon. Who you just shot."

Damon smirked and rose an eyebrow "I'd be extra nice to me right now" He told her and recieved a slap on the arm from Sam. He groaned and after a glare from Sam and Ric he shut up and let Elena talk some more.

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