#1 Yuuna/Sayo by Sereg

Yuuna was furious. Why had her father been sent on a mission at the same time as the Father-daughter dance? When else was she going to get such a good opportunity to dance with her father? She opened the door to her room and picked up a couple of tanks. Playing with them would help get her mind off of her problems, but where should she play with them? Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to play with them inside her room as Akira would be back soon and she had never understood the appeal of the military or Yuuna's affection for her father. She sighed and headed for class. It would be empty around now anyway.

She opened the door and saw Sayo's doll lying on one of the desks. She squinted and saw that Sayo herself was sitting at her usual spot. "Sorry to disturb you, Sayo-chan." Yuuna apologised with a hand behind her head. "I should have realised that you'd be here. I'll just try somewhere else."

"Don't leave on my account." Sayo asked as she drifted towards Yuuna. "I'd actually be glad to have some company. Kazumi is at her club and after spending so much time with everyone in the magical world, I've started to become a little lonely."

"Um, okay. I was just about to play with some tanks." Yuuna said as she lifted them up. "Would you like to join me?" Sayo's face fell.

"It's very difficult for me to hold physical objects." she replied.

"What about if you were in your doll?" asked Yuuna, determined to cheer up one of her newer friends. "Then you could even ride them!"

Sayo's face brightened again.

"That might be fun!" she exclaimed.

As Sayo rode on top of a tank in her doll, leading her forces against those of Yuuna, she squealed in delight and yelled, "Charge!"

"You're pretty good at this!" Yuuna complimented her "You also enjoyed using the Gatling gun in the magical world. I guess that you're also a military fan."

"Well, the war was a pretty big event around the time of my death. I still remember its end even though I couldn't do anything but watch, being a ghost and all that."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Yuuna apologised, lifting a hand to her mouth and widening her eyes. "That must have been hard. I'm sorry for bringing it up."

"It's alright." Sayo reassured her, looking up at her face with a smile. "It was a long time ago and I still enjoy the toys and playing with you."

"Well, that's good, because I enjoy playing with you as well!" grinned Yuuna. "It's really helped me cheer up!"

"And why did you need cheering up?" asked Sayo. "I saw that you didn't seem as lively as normal when you walked in."

"I was upset because I just found out that my dad won't make it to the father-daughter dance." sighed Yuuna. "I was looking forward to dancing with him and then he suddenly needs to go away for an assignment!"

"You know, you won't be the only one whose father won't be able to come." Sayo said. Yuuna winced.

"That's true." she sighed. "I shouldn't forget that not all my classmates still have their dad around. A bit rich from me, considering my mom. Still, Asuna-san will probably go with a member of Ala Rubra. Setsuna-san will probably go with another shinmeiryuu or just share Konoka-san's dad. Yue-san will probably share Nodoka-san's dad as well. Those two are so close."

"You're still forgetting someone." Sayo said.

"Oh!" cried Yuuna, lifting a hand to her mouth. "I'm sorry! I suppose that you haven't been able to go to any father-daughter dances since you were alive!"

"I'm used to it." sighed Sayo. "Though I must admit that it would be nice to go."

"Then we should go together!" Yuuna cried, pointing at the ceiling. "So what if we can't go with our dads! If we want to go, we should go anyway!"

"Um…" said Sayo. "That sounds nice, but how would that even work?"

"Simple!" said Yuuna, leaning towards Sayo. "Remember when Paru-chan drew you a body in the magical world? We'll just ask her to make another one! No one else knows that Dad's away, so you can pretend to be him!"

"Are you sure that that's a good idea, Yuuna-chan?" asked Sayo.

"Of course!" replied Yuuna. "This way, we'll both get to go and no one will suspect anything!"

#2 Yuna/Yuuna (plus one ...) by Darkenning

The rosy fingered goddess dawn slowly drew Yuna from the dreamless sleep that she'd fallen into after the furious activity of the previous day and night. For a few terrifying seconds, she wondered why she was sleeping facing a mirror, which certainly hadn't been an appurtenance of her cramped apartment in the tenth district. And then reality asserted itself.

"Good morning, " she said to Yuuna.

"Good morning, " her counterpart replied.

And then there was silence, broken only by the faint mutter of the teenage boy who was sleeping between their naked forms shifting in his sleep without waking.

"Let's get one thing straight, " Yuuna said at last. "No matter what I might say when I'm getting off, I don't love you."

"I don't love you either, " Yuna replied easily.

"And I don't think of you as a sister." Yuuna continued as if there hadn't been an interruption. "Never had one, never wanted one, " Yuna agreed.

"What we have is purely and utterly carnal, with no emotion on either side."

"I agree completely. I am grateful that you saved us, but since I didn't know we were supposed to die, I can't really appreciate it all that much."

Silence fell.

"Think we should wake him up?" Yuuna finally asked.


And there was a rustling of sheets …

#3 Yuna/Asakura by No Limit

Hello and welcome to the Asakura Hour. I am your hostess, KAZUMI Asakura! Today, I am here with Yuna Akashi; famed Mahora basketball player, a crack shot of a gunslinger, and all-around daddy's girl. How are you today, Yuna?

You just asked me that already five minutes before the interview, Asakura. I'm fine.

Ah-ha. What mouth on this one, eh folks? Anyway, let's get this started. Tell us about your interests.

Oh, you know, the usual things a girl likes. Shopping around, talking about boys, karaoke, sneaking out after curfew into my dad's bed while he's asleep and snuggle up into his arms as I take in his smell after a hard day's work…

Um. TMI, Yuna. Then again, I was the one who asked. Let's go to the next question. Uh…oh. Lovely. Okay, our many listeners would sure like to hear about your love life – preferably one that doesn't involve family members. What I'm basically asking is, is the popular Yuna Akashi single?

Please. Me? In a relationship? As if I would – well, now that you mention it…

Go on…

I do kind of plan on asking a certain someone out after this interview.

Oh, don't tease us! Tell us who the lucky guy is.

Well, it isn't so much a guy…

You heard it here, folks! Yuna Akashi swings the other way! Sorry, fellas. I hear Misa Kakizaki's free again.

Speaking of which, Asakura, there's something I need to talk to you about after this.

Sure thing, Yuna, I'm always free for – oh. Ooh. Oooh. Um…cut the feed.

#4 Yuuna/Yue by Darkenning

"So, you still mad at me?"

One of my bad habits is that I don't react well to questions that make no sense. Being asked whether I'm mad at someone after I've just had several orgasms at her hands (and tongue, and toes, and, well, you get the idea) is a good example. All I did was stare at her in response.

"Yeah, that's what I figured, " Yuuna said, rolling over to grab her vest from where it'd fallen to the floor when we were tearing each other's clothes off. She was looking around for the rest of them, and for a dizzying moment I heard that ukulele version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" playing in my head.

"I'm not mad at you, " I finally told her as she found her bra. (I don't wear one, so she couldn't confuse them, fortunately. I guess that's fortunately. I feel kind of ambiguous about it, actually.)

"It wouldn't've taken you so long to say so if it was so, Yuecchi, " she said, favoring me with a saddish smile. "'S cool, though. I'm getting good with being hated."

"I don't hate you." That one came out much more quickly. "I don't, I don't do this with people I hate."

"Really? Damn, I thought you'd just got good at hatesex after all that fooling around with your harem —"

"I don't have a harem!" They're just, you know, friends with occasional benefits.

"Well, whatevs." She found the other boot and started to pull it on.

"If you knew that it was going to make people hate you, then why'd you do it?" I asked, finally managing to make some ground in this conversation, if you could call it that.

"Why not?" Yuuna answered, her shrug doing some interesting things to a small mole on her right shoulder blade.

And that, dear reader, was when I realized that I had to have her, not just for occasional bouts of what she charmingly called hatesex, but for ever and always.

Someone like me, who thinks too much, needs someone who doesn't think at all.

#5 Yuna/Ako by rikalous

You'd expect a group of girls known as the Sports Quartet to be a bunch of hyperactive tomboys. You wouldn't expect Makie, with her head full of sugar and spice and everything nice, or Akira, the perfect Japanese woman since grade school, or Ako, insecure and hemophobic. You'd have a good idea of what Yuna was like, though.

Naturally, it was always Yuna who ended up battered and bruised because she took a dare, or someone made fun of her friends, or she had what seemed like a good idea at the time. When they were very young, Ako would hug her friend after her misadventures, and kiss away her hurts like Ako's mother did for her. As they grew older, Yuna kept getting into trouble, and Ako learned to use bandages and disinfectants and eventually minor magics to patch up her friend.

That stopped after they graduated. One of the benefits of Yuna's job as a Megalomesembrian agent was excellent health care, including healing from magi who'd been doing their jobs longer than either girl had been alive.

So when Yuna came to their shared bed, crying over the things she'd seen and the things she'd done, all Ako could do was hug her, and try to kiss away her hurts.

#6 Yuuna/Akira by Darkenning

"Tadaima, " said the weary voice from behind her.

Akira finished chopping the celery for this evening's soup before turning to look at her room-mate with her usual small smile. "Okae—" And then her voice fell silent and her eyes went wide. Yuuna's face had a fading red mark on its right cheek, roughly the size of a man's palm.

"That smells good. Whatcha making?" the basketballer asked in a blatant attempt to stop what was coming.

It failed. "What happened?" Akira asked, setting down the knife and quickly heading over to her friend.

"It's nothing, it's just — ow, " she supplied when Akira poked the still-tender flesh.

"Who did this to you?"

"I, it —"


"My dad, " Yuuna said at last. "I had a difference of opinion with my dad, and —"

"And he hit you?" Akira said, gaping even further. "Yuuna, the fact that spoiled girls make jokes about not even their parents hitting them does not mean that your parent hitting you is not a big deal! What were you fighting about, any —"

And abruptly, Yuuna yelled. "We had a difference of opinion about whether or not my mom's a bitch for dying and leaving us both alone like she did, okay?"

Akira stared in horrified silence.

Yuuna started to cry. "I'm sorry. I'm just ... it ... I hurt my dad, and now I'm hurting you, too, all I do is hurt people, that's all I'm good for ..."

And then Akira's arms were wrappped around her, holding her tightly to her, and a pair of lips pressed to the top of her head, and the fierce, angry words were whispered. "Don't ever talk like that about someone I love."

The soup burned.

#7 Yuuna/Misa by Darkenning

"Misa, " Yuuna said shyly.


"... I love you."

"That's interesting. Hey, do secret agents for the Megalo-mesembrian government get to collect bounties on people they catch?"

"Well, yes. Wh—"

"I love you too, then!"

#8 Yuuna/Asuna by Darkenning

Through the window, an observer, had there been an observer, could have seen some of the heaviest rains to ever hit Mahora pouring down on the campus. There was no observer, though, for this particular apartment was presently unihabited.

That status changed a moment later when the door opened and a pair of girls, both bedraggled and wet, entered in a hurry.

"Where the hell did this come from? You'd think they could give us a weather report at least!|" complained Yuna.

"... I didn't know you were into Gundam, " said Asuna, glancing aside at her. "Doesn't seem like your thing at all."

"What? No, never mind. We just gotta get out of these ... clothes ..." And then she trailed off, looking around, faintly confused.


"Y'know that thing where you think you're going through the exact same thing that you went through before and yet you don't know when you did?" the gunfighter asked.

"No, " said Asuna, honestly.

"Right. Silly question. Sorry. Anyway, this all seemed really familiar all of a sudden, but ... ah, jeez, I don't keep a change of clothes here any more! And there it is again!"

"Calm down. We're both girls, right?"

"Yeah, but if my dad shows up —" And Yuuna's mouth hung open as she considered that possiblility ...

A moment later, she opened the door and hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the handle. Because she wasn't a sharing person.

She stole it from a hotel, that's where.

#9 Yuna/Misora by rikalous

The Girl In Black fled across the field, and the Gunslinger followed.


The prank, a complex affair involving a pink ball, some truly enormous spiders, and Blaine the model train, is not important. What is important is the frothing rage it sent Yuna into, and the magic sealing shot Misora was hit with in the chaotic-by-3-A-standards aftermath. The fact that Misora couldn't call upon her artifact was the only thing that gave Yuna a chance. The fact that a paralyzing shot hit the fleeing nun in the leg was the only thing that prevented Misora from escaping anyway.

With Plan A (run like hell) no longer an option, Misora switched to trusty Plan B (grovel, wheedle, make up excuses and generally keep talking until nobody looks angry).

"Wait! Yuna, don't shoot and I'll tell you something cool!"

"And what could you possibly tell me that would convince me you shouldn't personally apologize to God?"

"Does that gun even have lethal bullets?"

"Let's find out." A finger tightened on the trigger.

"I can tell you how I beat Mana!"

The finger relaxed. "You're kidding."

"No, it's true. It was at Mahorafest. Sister Shakti and I were blocked by her. The Sister couldn't get past her. But I could. And I can tell you how," Misora babbled, desperately trying to keep things headed in the not-shooting direction.

The gun lowered. "Talk."

Misora bounded to her feet and struck a heroic pose, inasmuch as that was possible with a paralyzed leg. "So there I was, on the rooftops surrounding the arena. Mana before me, all professional menace. Sister Shakti behind me, frozen by incompetence. Cocone on my head, silent and adorable. I strode forward, confident that the Lord would protect me in my holy mission. I reached into a my robes, and drew forth," pause for effect, "two tickets! And she let me walk on by while Shakti was stuck there the whole time."

"Tickets? That's your big awesome story? You're a disgrace to your religion!"

Yelling-angry was a lot better than shooting-angry. Misora might as well keep her there.

"Oh yeah? At least I'm not a hyperactive maniac with a crush on my own father!" As soon as the words left her mouth, Misora knew what was going to happen next. Yuna was going to fire back "At least I still have a father!", she was going to try and take it back too late, and they were going to end up in an awkward silence that was almost as bad as when Yuna was firing at her with bullets.

Orrr, perhaps they were going to skip the comeback and move straight to the awkward silence. Judging from the look on Yuna's face, she'd been thinking along the same lines.

"Thanks. For, uh, not making a crack about my parents."

"Don't mention it. There's some stuff you just don't say. Besides, I lost my mom. I know how it is, kinda."

The awkward silence returned, and Misora broke it again, her voice ringing with forced cheer.

"Anyway, it's not such a bad thing, being a hyperactive maniac. I hear Yuna the Kid, mighty gunslinger, got fourth place out of the whole school during the alien attack. Figure you racked up more kills than some of the hero units! At least, more than me, heh heh. My biggest contribution there was being a broom platform for Asuna. I've never been much of a fighter." At this point she decided she should shut up before she said something that ruined the mood even more.

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it. You're too smart to need to blast through things. If I'da been up on those roofs with Sister Shakti, I'd have tried to shoot down Mana even if I had a ticket with me, and I would have lost so hard."

"You really think I'm smart?"

"I know you're smart. You do better in class than anyone but the Narutakis and the genius brigade, and even the twins were in awe of that last trick."

"Thanks, Yuna. That means a lot."

"Aw, enough of that sappy crap! Kasuga Misora! I hereby declare you my panicky sidekick! Every gunslinger needs one to make her look even more badass."

"So I run away from things, and you shoot them for me, right? Sounds like my dream job!"

The two girls laughed, not realizing that they'd just formed a partnership that would last until death did them part.

#10 Yuuna/Chachamaru by Darkenning




"I'll be your best friend."

"I already have a best friend."

"She treats you like crap!"

"Our relationship is not unlike that between myself and my Master, I will admit. This adds to its charm."

"Oh, c'mon, Chachamaru!" Yuuna whined. "Just once?"

Yuuna was a remarkable young woman, Chachamaru realized. She was actually capable of getting on the nerves of someone who didn't have nerves on which to get. "Just once."

"Promise, swear to Jesus and Buddha and Spongebob, I'll never ask again, " the gunslinger said, hands clutched in front of her and eyes sparkling.

"Very well. Adeat, " she said, and produced the designator.

"Yaay!" Yuuna enthused, leaning back to stand against Chachamaru's chest and wrapping her hand around the hand which was holding the designator. "What are we gonna shoot? What are we gonna shoot?"

"The ground two meters in front of us. I am narrowing the beam so that the explosion will be relatively contained, but there will be blowback, so you should prepare yourself —"

"Okay, okay! Shoot, then!" She clenched her hand on Chachamaru's, tight enough that the sensors in her hand noted the pressure.

Booom! The beam stuck down from the Al-Iskandriya, smiting the inoffensive piece of the hillside with the full force of the cattellite's particle beam.

"There, you see? It's not — Yuuna-san, did you just have an orgasm?" Chachamaru asked the girl who was slumped in front of her, grinning widely.

"Hmmm?" Yuuna asked, squeezing Chachamaru's hand again. And again.

#11 Yuuna/Madoka by rikalous

"Thanks for letting me crash here for tonight, Madoka. Hey, are you all right? That's a nasty cut."

"Had to subdue an unruly member of the general public today. Some kind of lizardguy, so the scales cut my face when he grazed me. It's worse than it looks. How's your job going?"

"It's a lot calmer for me than it is for you right now. Only thing that happened was this inter-agent meet and greet."

"Sounds fun."

"It was a nightmare. Wall-to-wall badasses in suits, most of them with battle scars. Every single one is either attached or likes dudes. Goddammit."

"Oh lord, do I know that feeling." A pause for reflection. "I'll put on a suit if you put on some dog ears."


#12 Yuna/Ku Fei by rikalous

It started out as a simple logic chain. If you were going to be something, you should do it right. If you were a gunslinger, that meant beating the fastest gun in down. If you lived in Mahora, that meant beating Tatsumiya Mana. The only person Yuna knew of who could boast of that accomplishment was Ku Fei.

So, Yuna cornered the martial artist after class one day and demanded that she teach her how to beat Mana. After much protesting that the tournament match didn't demonstrate Mana's true abilities (she didn't even have her guns, much less her demon eye), many suggestions of alternate ways Yuna could train (why not ask one of the military otaku who at least knew about guns?), and much mangling of the Japanese language (-aru), Ku Fei finally agreed to a practice match.

Yuna went down within five seconds, as Ku Fei's opponents tended to do nowadays. Baka Yellow sighed, and went to go take Yuna to the nurse's office, where she'd probably get a lecture. She bent down to pick her up, and WHACK her head snapped backwards from the force of a riot bullet at nearly point blank range.

"Did you hear the fat lady?" cried Yuna. "Because I didn't hear no singing!"

"...Yuna-san, I think one of us got hit in the head a little too hard."

"Huh? No, that's just something I heard in an American movie. It means we're not done yet! C'mon! Round Two!"

So they fought again, and again, until the sun went down. Yuna was so tired and sore that she had to be carried to her dorm, and Ku Fei had a new bruise or two.

Then they did it all again the next day, and the next, until their matches went from Yuna being tossed around like a ragdoll and getting off a few lucky shots to the closest thing to an even match that Ku Fei had had since she came back from the magic world.

One afternoon, after this had been going on for a while, Ku Fei found herself thinking unusually deep thoughts. She was thinking about strength, and obviously it wasn't all about muscle power, she wasn't that dumb, but maybe there was more to it than determination, maybe strength was the ability to land in a strange world where everyone around you was far above your weight class, and to be able to pick up your weapons and go into battle with a smile on your face and a song in your heart, willing to do battle with the ver-

"E-excuse me?" said a girl Ku Fei didn't recognize, blushing so hard you could have fried a meat bun on her face. Mmm, meat buns..."You're in Negi-sensei's class, right? Do you – ?"

"Don't know. Don't care. He's just a kid-aru. Find a boy your own age." Ku Fei walked on, ignoring the hiss of indrawn breath at this blasphemy. She had an appointment to make.

Yuna's thoughts had been much less profound. They had, in fact, been in the vein of "When is she going to get here already? I wanna get our match started! When is she going to get here already?", with a brief blip when she realized that she'd left her father's photo back home, something she hadn't done in years. There she was!

"Hey Ku Fei! Let's make this a little more interesting. Loser buys lunch tomorrow at the Chao Bao Zi. All the meat buns the winner can eat."

"How nice of you to treat me-aru! But don't think that means I'll go easy on you."

"Hah! Lots of people discount Yuna the Kid. The lucky ones live to regret it!"

The girls grinned, and began to dance.

#13 Yuna/Konoka by Darkenning

For just a moment, she had honestly thought she had a shot, that the eternal couple was really done for good, that Konoka had finally had enough of Setsuna's inability to see her as a person instead of a protegee. And that it wouldn't matter that their fathers were half-brothers. And that it was going to be her who'd pick up the pieces.

But it wasn't, and she should have known better, really. And Konoka went back to her samurai, after giving Yuna one last kiss in farewell. And the words, "I'm sorry, Yuchan."

The words were a trifle. But oh, how odd that it was that kiss which lingered the most in her memories, even years later, as the walls were coming down all around her, and she clung to her son as the world fell apart …

#14 Yuna/Haruna by rikalous

Asuna was the first to find out about them. Konoka was the second, after she found Asuna huddled in the fetal position and was able to get her to stop babbling about the end times and creating a monster.

To everyone's relief, the lovebirds were actually much more sedate when they had something else to focus their energies on.

#15 Yuuna/Setsuna by Japanese Teeth

Sometimes Setsuna regretted her decision to break things off with Konoka. But now was not one of those moments. Curled up on the couch, next to Yuuna, the two of them watching a terrible d-movie on an obscure cable station, she knew that she could never have had this relationship with Konoka. She lowered her head onto Yuuna's chest and sighed happily. Yeah, big boobs were the way to go.

#16 Yuuna/Makie by Darkenning

We had it easier than Ako, Akira and Natsumi. We ran into good, kind people who helped us survive in this screwy world. That doesn't mean it was easy, not by a long shot. I mean, the worst that we had to put up with from anybody were lame jokes and the occasional come-on. And, hey, we're Tokyo girls. You get worse than this on the subway.

But it was just us. We didn't know where any of our friends were, what the hell was going on, until we saw Nagi on the TV. And so all we had to rely on was each other.

It's funny, really. I figured I'd be the strong one, and Makie would be the one who kept falling to pieces and needing my help. And that happened, but only some of the time. The rest of it, I was scared out of my mind, and she kept me balanced.

I never really appreciated it until then, just how smart she could be. I'm not talking book smarts, because I don't care how good she's doing on her tests these days, she's always gonna be Baka Pink. But she's pretty sharp about people. She gets people in a way that I don't and never will.

And damn but she's brave.

And damn but she's cute.

And damn but I think I love that crazy little girl.

#17 Yuuna/Sakurako by Darkenning

When my next assignment required me to meet up with her again, I was good with it. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend some time with an old friend? I figured it wouldn't be too tough of a job to look out for her. What would be the worst that could happen, I asked.

In retrospect, that may not have been the smartest thing I'd ever asked, as I found out when the whole damned Vor V Zakone came after the two of us.

And then she saved my life.

By shooting a guy who was going to take a snipe shot at me.

With my back up piece.

While she was right beside me.

At three hundred feet.

"Just lucky, " she said.

Well. What I could possibly do after that?

It's the rules that the hero gets the girl, you know.

#18 Yuuna/Mana by Darkenning

There was only one way it could end.

She was a mercenary. For all the jokes about how she put her money to use by supporting orphans, it was about the money in the end. She chose her jobs carefully, but for enough money, she would do anything. And eventually, the White Wings made themselves annoying enough to people who had that kind of money. And they offered it to her. And she took it, and set out to do the job.

Of course, she wasn't completely heartless, whatever she claimed. So she'd been hired to destroy their effectiveness, rather than kill them, as such. And so Kaede was carried away from their last duel alive. Blinded, but alive.

And so it fell to Yuuna to be the one to give the White Wings' reply.

They met, in oh so typical a manner, in a warehouse in Nagasaki, and the bullets and blasts flew and pigeons took wing, and before too long the whole place was on fire. And she was fooled into thinking that had ended it, and didn't see Yuuna come up from her prepared position to land right behind her, blaster aimed right at her head.

She turned then, meeting her ex-classmate's eyes, and Yuuna was startled by what she saw there. By the relief in those eyes. "You get tired, you know?" she said. "You get tired even of being the best." And then, "I'm glad it was you."

There was only one way it could end.

So why then, when her friends found her, was Yuuna holding the ventilated body and sobbing?

#19 Yuna/Chao by Napoleon De Cheese

"I can tell you this much. You aren't my ancestor."

"... Oh. Well, I guess you can't win 'em all..."

"And I'm actually happy about it."

"Yeah. I guess I won a much better one anyway."

They snuggled closer together.

"Now it's time to pay for the rest..."

Yuna chuckled. "C'mon! I think I already paid enough for those robots of yours I broke!"

"I'm getting Satomi's share now, since she isn't interested."

"Oh, well, I suppose that makes sense. I guess you don't want a check this time either, do you?"


"I was hoping for that, since Daddy won't give me more allowance this month..."

And she paid happily.

#20 Yuuna/Kaede by SCM

When Yuuna had asked for ninja training, she hadn't been expecting this.

Okay, that was an out and out lie. She'd been hoping for stuff like this, but she hadn't actually expected to get it!

Her train of though stopped there as it was derailed by a sudden flood.

"Concentrate more, gozaru, " Kaede chided. "A Miroku kunoichi's power lies in how long she can resist. This is the twentieth time in as many minutes, Yuuna-chan. Concentrate! Now, let's try again…"

Yuuna moaned, throwing her head back as Kaede began rhythmically 'training' her again.

This would be a while.

#21Yuuna/Chizuru by SCM

Ayaka, Makie, and Ako watched intently as Chizuru, looking perfectly and unassuming, casually walked down the hall and entered Yuuna's room. All three snuck towards it slowly, placing their ears against it's surface.

"How are you doing, Yuuna?" Chizuru's voice said.

"Pretty good! You?"

"Oh, can't complain. I brought the needed equipment."

"You know, I.. ahhh... wasn't sure about these things at first, but they actually DO work!"

"I told you. There's a reason we... oh my... have natural remedies. Your breasts have gotten MUCH biggersince we started."

Makie and Ako's eye went wide, and they became more intent.

"Makie and Ako still have no idea how I... uhhhhh... do it. They actually beleived me about the milk, can you believe that? I'm lactose intolerant!"

"That was mean of you... ah... Yuuna-chan. If they want to have breasts as big as ours, then they should be allowed to."

"Oh, cum on... ohhhhhh! You know how they feel about Natural remedies!"

Makie couldn' take it anymroe and wrenched the door open. "I KNEW THERE WAS A SECRET! SPILL YUNNA, WHAT IS IT?"

Yuuna and Chizuru looked up, both of them topless and massaging each other's breasts with some kind of mushed green mixture.

"GAH!" Yuuna cried, darting back to grab a pillow. "Close the door, will you? Negi-kun might walk by!" A pause. "Actually, feel free to leave the door open."

Ayaka shut the door.


"What's going on here?" Ako asked.

"Forget that!" Makie cried. She grabbed Yuuna by her Standard Female Grab Area, instantly rendering the taller, stronger, bigger girl completely powerless and at her mercy. "The Secret, Yuuna! What's the secret to bigger breasts? Ah! Your breasts need to be fondled, don't they? THAT'S how you got them so big!"

Yuuna blinked. "What? No, Chizuru-san just has this leak-based much we smear on our breasts." "Then, why were you fondling each other?" Ayaka demanded.

Yuuna rolled her eyes and pointed at Chizuru's substantial chest. "Chizu-nee needs help since she can't see everything properly. It needs to be coated on evenly, and since she can't see what's beneath..."

"That is a big area..." Ayaka conceded. "We actually thought the two of you were... well..." "Ayaka!" Chizuru said. "Such naughty thoughts!"

"Yes, I'm ashamed to say-"

"We wait until we shower them off to have sex, " Chizuru said. "That's when we fondle each other. It's an important step in applying the mix."

Ayaka went pale, twitching.

Makie and Ako exchanged glances. "I'll do you if you do me..." Makie proposed.

#22 Yuna/Fuuka by Iniquitus the Third

Yuna grinned and crouched low behind the barricades.

Snow? At my Mahora Academy? Yuna didn't know and didn't really want to know how Asuna and Konoka had convinced Eva to cast this spell. Neither did she understand why Takahata-sensei and the rest hadn't punished her yet for knocking out the school for a week while the student body cavorted in the white rain and the teachers sat inside, rubbed their temples in relief and drank hot beverages.

All she was that Misora had thrown the first snowball.

She grinned again and gathered the snow into a tightly-packed ball, or near enough to that state, placing it on the pile next to her. Yuna poked her head up and scanned the grounds. Chachamaru had been drafted into the Chao Bao Zi empire, which was using the temptation of hot pork buns (in wintertime, they may as well have been offering solid gold balls) to lure in people to throw the vast amounts of snowballs that the robot girl was producing.

But, the proximity of the heated room meant that the snow was quicker to melt and meant that they'd have to send out a foraging party out for raw material, which was when the Baka Rangers guerilla troupe would strike (reinforced by the Wolfpack, composed of Ayaka, Natsumi and a merrily-oblivious-to-the-name Chizuru). Odds were, they'd have to send aid out to recover the material, and then the glorious pork bun bounty of the carriage, protected by only a skeleton force and dwindling ammunition would be hers for the taking.

"Ready?", she muttered out, and behind her the cheerleader trio nodded curtly, having pleadged their loyalty to their Marksman's Republic when hearing of the bounty the daring raid would garner them. Kakizaki slid around the side, her keen eyes picking out a group of five— no, six shapes breaking cover and running for the base of the World Tree, not seeing the slightly darker shapes hiding among the branches.

The sounds of battle broke out, cries and yelps of coldbite and victory, and moments later a second group dashed forth from the food wagon, immediately going to ground and making for cover under long-ranged attacks from the Wolfpack.

"Now!", Yuna barked out, and each of her three subordinates grasped a trio of snowballs in their hands and ran out under a small leafy copse that guarded the approach to the food wagon. Just fifty steps, Yuna thought grimly and tossing one snowball right into the face of Asakura, who fell back and yelped.

She suddenly noticed that her feet were the only sound she was hearing. Yuna skidded to a halt and looked back, to see the tracks of Kakizaki, Sakurako and Kugimin simply stop, as if they'd been plucked from the ground.

Moments later, a short, pink-haired shape tumbled out of the branches and tackled her, yelping all the way. Yuna landed hard on the cold ground, feeling two hands expertly grasp her wrists and pin them down and a pair of legs nudge at her sides.

She hesitantly opened her eyes, having closed them reflexively, to see Fuuka crouching low over her and grinning from ear to ear. The grin, however, slowly began to fade away and Yuna found herself staring up at the adorable ninja.

"...Do you need some help?", she asked dryly.

"Shush! I totally planned this, and now I'm going to take you prisoner!"

"You do realise that if you let go of my arm, I'll tickle you and then you'll be at my mercy?"

"Shut up!", Fuuka growled in a high-pitched, panicking tone, having realised her predicament. "I can just wait for Fumika-chan and Kaede-sempai to get back from claiming their bounty for your friends!"

"...So they'll leave the warmth and the food just so they can risk themselves?"

"Shut uuuuuuuup! I was going somewhere with this!", Fuuka whined.

Yuna noticed the shivering and took note of the microskirt-like nature of the girl's ninja outfit. "And how are you going to avoid freezing to death while you wait?"

"I'll think of something!", Fuuka protested.

The sharpshooter beneath her suddenly got a leering twinkle in her eye, and she pulled a leg up to rub tenderly up between the gap Fuuka's skirt left between her legs, arching her body upwards and giving Fuuka an eyeful of the fanservice pack. "You know, I bet I can think help you think of something 3..."

The last coherent thought Fuuka had for a while as she crouched dangerously and dominantly over her prey, grinning like a lunatic and forcing the body beneath her to writhe in all sorts of ways was a nagging insistence that the wrong person out of the pair of them had said the suggestive line.


Negi fell back on his knees into the deep snow, shaking his head ineffectually to clear it of the frozen water and chuckling like he hadn't in years. "Nice throw, Fate-kun!", he smiled and blinked his eye free to see the white-haired boy offer a hand out to him, as impassive as ever.

"It was simply done, Negi-kun, " Fate retorted blankly. "...Thank you for allowing me to join in."

"Hey, no problem!", Negi laughed, feeling his heart chuckle at his new friend playing with him. He flinched back reflexively as Fate reached for his face, only to blink and hold very still as the boy's finger trailed slowly over his cheek, cleansing it of frosty half-melted snow. "Ah... Fate-kun?"

"Negi-kun, " Fate said back quietly, eyes fixated on the young prodigy. The snow around them sparkled and the snowflakes melted in the air to give a beautiful twinkling appearance to the two of them, the mere auras of two powerful spellcasters capable of leveling mountains grinding together and causing thermal expansion.





"Oi!", yelled Kotaro, shaking his fist at the pair. "Stop ignoring me, Negi!"

The young spellcaster broke out of his reverie and leaned back from Fate, looking from the Averruncus (whom Negi could have sworn looked annoyed) to smile brightly at his best friend and rival. "Sorry, Kotaro-kun! I didn't mean to make you feel left out!", he said, leaping in and out of Shunpo to land just before Kotaro.

"W-well, " Kotaro said nervously, kicking at the ground. "I-it's not you have to come when I tell you, y'know..."

In the trees watching the trio, Nodoka threw her arms into the air. "Ah! Despair! I'm in despair! The suggestive homosexual undertones of the manga have left me in despair for my love!"

Yue was quick to hold her close and begin stroking her hair, neck, back and rear. "Sssh, little one, " she purred into her friend's ear in a hoarse tone. "I can make you forget all about the rest of the world..."

"Oh, Yue-chan..."

#23 Yuuna/Fumika by Darkenning

It started when Yuuna, having just finished some invigorating one-on-one (the basketball kind, you awful person, you) headed back to the girls locker room to find Fumika attempting to put a live octopus into Yuuna's locker.

Having come upon this interesting sight, Yuuna elected to stare at it for a few moment staring at it. For her part, Fumika stared back at her, while the octopus squirmed violently in her hands.

After a moment, Fumika shouted. "Ah! Yuuna-san! Thank goodness you're here! Some awful person tried to put an octopus in your locker and I'm having an awful time trying to get it out —"

"If you'd said that right when I showed up, I might have believed it, " Yuuna interjected. "C'mon, let's get a bucket and put the poor thing in some water before it suffocates completely."

This accomplished, they turned to other matters. "So what brought this on?" Yuuna asked the marginally-saner twin.

"Um, well, I believe that it's in response to your most recent reference to us as runts, " Fumika replied as she watched the octopus in the bucket.

"Kind of got a thing for disproportionate retribution, don't you?"

"Little bit, yes."

"Where's your other half?"

Fumika shook her head. "I don't know, " she said mournfully. "We planned to meet up here to do this, but she never showed. And it was her idea, too! I hope nothing bad happened to her ..."

"This is the best sidetrack ever!" Fuuka enthused as she helped a group of dimensional travelling minor characters from various anime and visual novels fight a group of dimensional travelling Mary Sues with high-energy weaponry while riding giant insects.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to go along with what your sister suggests, if she's gonna leave you in the lurch like this, " Yuuna said, shaking her head. "I mean, the sex can't be that good, can it?"

Fumika turned to look at her with a disgusted expression. "Oh my God! Why does everyone think that we do that kind of thing? I mean, would you want to — wait, I forgot. It's you."

"Hey!" Yuuna yelped, then subsided. "Okay, I probably deserved that. I mean, I don't really want to do that sort of stuff with my dad, no matter what I say when I'm kidding around."

And so these two girls, who seemed to have nothing in common, realized that they actually had a great deal. And they talked about it for quite a while, before Fuuka came back with wild stories that made her sister ask bluntly, "Are you on crack?"

Nor was this the only time that they'd meet up to chat …

#24 Yuna/Hakase by rikalous

Hakase had never claimed to understand romance. Human coupling was on her long list of tasks that could be accomplished much more effectively with a specialized robotic labor force. That meant that when Yuna dropped by her lab one day to, after much blushing and beating around the bush, request a "fully functional" robot modeled after her father, Hakase considered her nothing more than ahead of her time.

Since the engineering club was, after all, composed of teenagers, Hakase had an extensive library of amourous personalities available for download. The tricky part was providing the Akashibot with all of the little quirks and mannerisms that would prevent it from falling into the uncanny valley. That necessitated many long talks about Professor Akashi, which, as the days passed, turned more and more into talks about the various experimental weapons lying around the place. Yuna wasn't the brightest beam in the laser array, but she wasn't a Baka Ranger either, and she was quick to grasp how interesting things like storing kinetic energy and converting it into heat were when discussed in the context of really big booms. Hakase had never had a student before, and she was beginning to grasp why people took up teaching rather than engineering or research. Those intent eyes when Yuna had trouble with a concept, that brilliant smile when it finally made sense, that rather jiggly way she bounced in her seat when Hakase brought out a new handgun...

All things must come to an end, and so one night, after Yuna had gone home, Hakase found herself putting the Akashibot through its last test before the grand unveiling. Tomorrow, Yuna would be able to take it home and perform a rather more thorough test. No doubt she'd be awfully reclusive for the next few days.

Oh dear. It appeared the Akashibot had wandered into the autoturrets' firing range. Some careless student must have left the door unlocked. And kept the autoturrets active. And placed an EMP mine in the middle of the range. They'd have to start over from scratch.

#25 Yuna/Chisame by Anemoi

It was a good idea on Negi's part

"Now hold it steady and sight the target."

Even after their fight with Fate and the Lifemaker, he was afraid that everyone in the class didn't know

each other well enough.

"Line up the rear sight with the front one and release the safety."

And well, when Negi picked the two of them to spend the afternoon together, her partner declared that

she was NOT playing basketball.

"Now shoot."


So, this was the alternative.


It's just a shame that Chisame didn't have the patience.

It took every ounce of self restraint to keep the internet otaku from throwing the rifle away in disgust.

"You forgot to clear the chamber." Yunna scolded, keeping an eye on the business end of one of the

school's old Arisaka rifles they kept for target practice. It was uncharacteristically nice of Mana to let

them use the shooting range. Then again, having been saddled with the twins might have impaired her


"We've been at this for half an hour," Chisame shouted. "No way in hell I'm ever gonna get good at this.

Hell, why would I ever need to even SHOOT someone? That's what we have people like you for."

Yunna chuckled and picked up the rifle. "It's just a hobby. I mean, I'm sure Negi-sensei isn't going to ask

you to dress up and cosplay in order to infiltrate an enemy stronghold."

Even though she couldn't see her, Yunna felt the evil eye on her back. "Who the hell told you?"

"Kaede-san actually. Hell I think the whole damn class knows by now."

Chisame's screams of frustration were drowned out by Yunna's shot.

"Look, come over here," she began loading more rounds into the magazine. "The problem is that you're

rushing. You're so eager to hit the target, you're not aiming."

"The stupid thing hurts my shoulder."

Sighing to herself, Yunna placed the gun in Chisame's hands. "Remember step one, hold the stock flush

with your shoulder." Chisame grumbled and adopted the firing stance. "Not like that."

Yunna reached over and pressed her body against Chisame's back. Placing her hands over her's, she

helped Chisame correct her stance. "If there's no space between you and the gun, then it won't hurt as


"Ahh, umm, ok." Yunna heard a distinct hitch in her pupil's voice, but proceeded along.

"Now, I'm going to help you aim. Put the muzzle sight on the target and bring the rear sight up

level with it. I'll hold it steady."

Yunna could feel Chisame shift beneath her. Even though Chisame was a bit taller than her, Yunna was

still able to rest her chin on Chisame's shoulder. "Now, be patient. Wait until you're good and ready.

Don't shoot until you know you can hit it." She could feel Chisame tense up beneath her. Everyone in

the Ala Alba knew the girl's story. Every girl had those issues. Yet not every girl turned to the internet

for confidence. Maybe it was time for someone to give her that little boost.


"Holy crap, that's a bullseye!"

Maybe it was time for someone to help Chisame spread her own wings.

#26 Yuuna/Eva by Darkenning

"Ah hah, foul dwimmerlaik! No more will you trouble the night's peace of this blessed academy!"

"You imagine that your pathetic guns will suffice to defeat majestic me, who am the Queen of All Night's Terrors? Bah! As dust, you are so far beneath me!"

"My aim is as the aim of ten because my heart is pure! Bang bang bang!"

"Aaaaah! What manner of trickery is this!"

"My guns are blessed!"

"Your guns are blessed! No, this cannot be! Aaaaaah! Oh curses! To be cut down before I have ever known the joy that is love!"

"... your story touches me. Before I drag you before the council of mages, I shall endeavor to show you the way of love!"

"Oh! Oh! I want to know what love is! I know you can show me —"

And that's when Asakura walked into the classroom, where Eva was bent backwards over the front desk while Yuuna crouched over her. "Okay, these role-playing games are starting to get ridiculous, " she opined sourly. "And shouldn't you get points off for recycling Foreigner lyrics like that?"

"Huh?" asked Yuuna, blinking while Eva whistled innocently.

#27 Yuuna/Nodoka by SCM

"Excuse me, miss librarian, but could you help me find this book on Russian Assault Rifles?"

"Ah yes, it's this way in the very back, where no one ever goes."

"Say, you're pretty cute, librarian-chan. Wanna go on a date?"

"Ah, no! You see, I sort of have a crush on my teacher..."

"Oh, that's so naughty. I bet you like it naughty, don't you?"

"P-please don't say such lewd things like that! A-anyway, here we are. Do you need help reaching the book you want?"

"Don't bother. I don't want a book anymore."

"Ah! What are you doing? No, please, let me go! Oh, why is this happening here, at the very back of the library, where no one can hear me no matter how much I cry out?"

"Heh he... ooh, such slutty panties for a librarian..."

"Th-they're my roommate's..."

"Wearing your roommate's panties? They looked... used..."

"They were the first thing I grabbed off the floor..."

"Ooh, that's got me so hot... come here!"

"Ah! No! Please, someone, help me!"

Asakura ran around the corner of bookshelf, out of breath and clutching a copy of a Russian Dictionary as a weapon when she skidded to a halt and stared at Nodoka mounting Yuuna in flagrante delecto on the floor. "Argh! You two! Can't you keep it in the classroom like everyone else?"

"Asakura!" Yuuna cried, as the mmod was broken. She sighed and turned to Nodoka, who hadn't stopped grinding her even at the interuption. "Hey, can I not be the librarian next time?"

Nodoka gave an angelic, saintly smile, completely at odds with the naughty, dirty things happening below the waist. "No... it really turns me on... make sure you sneak Konoka's panties back into her room..."

#28 Yuuna/Natsumi by Darkenning

"So that's your plan, " the secret agent asked her infuriated former classmate. "You're going to go study martial arts and then beat wolf-boy up until he marries you.

"Damn straight!" Natsumi said, pounding a clenched fist against the bar counter, making the steins resting theron jump a bit.

It was truly remarkable, Yuuna decided, the way that she could get this plastered off just the smell of hard liquor, since Natsumi hadn't tasted a drop of the stuff.

"Okay, Natsumi-chan. Now, I want you to listen to me carefully. Are you listening?"



"Ow! You don't have to scream, I'm sitting right here!"

"Yes, and while you are sitting right here, Kotaro is out there, some where, training to get good enough to be able to fight Negi! Negi, who is fraking invincible! Kotaro is never gonna be able to catch up to Negi, and he started way before you did, so how do you think you're going to be able to catch up to where he is now? It's simple fraking math!"

"Well, what am I supposed to do, then!" Natsumi whined. "I've got to show him that I —"

"If you try and match strengths with him, you're not gonna show him nothing! Yes, I do know that's a double negative, shut up! What you've got to do is get stronger in a way that he's not strong. Like at ranged attacks!"

"You mean like you?" Natsumi asked, eyes suddenly sparkling.

Yuuna blinked as she realized what she'd just trapped herself into. "Uh ... oh, man."

It only took her a year or so to get Natsumi up to what she considered a reasonably proficiency as a shooter, and anyone except Tatsumiya would have considered a god among marksmen.

It only took a few months after that for Natsumi to remember that she'd been planning on using all this to hunt Kotaro down.

It only took a few seconds for her to decide that she was happier where she was, and lie down beside her girlfriend again.

Kotaro eventually shacked up with Chizuru. Shocking, right?

#29 Yuuna/Ayaka by Japanese Teeth

"I present to you, the new basketball complex!"

Yuuna shoved the door open with a dramatic flourish. Ako, Makie, and Akira stared dumbfounded at the court. Or courts, rather, as the new building was large enough that it could (and did) contain four full-sized basketball courts, all of which were the highest possible quality and then some.

"The floors are all mahogany." Yuuna explained as she led her friends onto one of the courts. "The baskets are constructed from titanium, and the nets are woven from pure silk."

"Is that rim gold-plated?" Akira asked.

"That one is." Yuuna said, with a nod. "Each court has a different one. The others are silver, platinum, and a silver/platinum/gold alloy."

"What does the concession stand sell?" Makie asked. "Caviar?"

"Kobe steak sandwiches."

"How on earth did you convince the school to give the basketball club the budget for something like this?" Ako said.

"I didn't have to. I did my own fundraising."

"And you came up with enough cash to have a dozen flatscreen scoreboards?"

Yuuna just smiled and winked at her friends.

"I have connections."

#30 Yuuna/Satsuki by T-bone 61

Yuuna never thought anyone would get her through her stomach, but much like her mother's bullets, Satsuki's lunchboxes - heartfelt little notes and everything - always hit what they're aimed for.

#31 Yuuna/Zazie by Nightmare Syndrom

"Thanks for helping me." Yuuna said as she and Zazie got into their positions.

It was a simple exercise. Zazie would juggle the targets, in this case rubber balls and Yuuna would try and shoot them out of the air with her rubber bullets.

Zazie nodded and began to juggle.


"Crap." Yuuna muttered. Six shots and only two hits.

"Poor shot." Zazie stated.

"A wise girl, huh?" Yuuna asked with a smirk as she pointed her gun at Zazie. "You think you could take me."

Zazie's response was to throw the rubber balls at Yuuna. The projectiles bounced off the amateur gunner and back to Zazie, who plucked them out of the air.

"Ow. Ow. Ow!" Yuuna cried out as she attempted to shield herself behind her arms. "I surrender! I surrender!"

Zazie stopped her attack. Slowly she walked up to Yuuna and then began sucking on the confused girl's neck.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Yuuna moaned. "Wha-What a-a-a-are you...?"

"Victor. Spoils." Zazie answered with a smirk as she examined the several hickeys she gave the gunner.


Yuna/Negi by Napoleon de Cheese

"So that's what happened with Asuna, huh?" she asked, making a point of not looking at him. Chin resting on her crossed arms as they stood against the bridge's rail.

"Yeah, " Negi nodded, tired, looking down at the quiet river. "Sorry we never told you before, but..."

"Don't be, " she snorted. "That's the story of my life. Not being told about anything."

He lifted his head to apologize again, but against his expectations, he didn't see her sad or scowling. She only smiled, and ruffled his hair.

"Then again, the same thing also happens to you a lot, right?" she asked. "On the other hand, that means you should know better, but it's okay..."

"I'm really sorry, but..."

"Forget it. I should be apologizing too."

"Oh, over the Sports Festival? I didn't mind that! It was a fun challenge, and it taught me I can't be so reliant of my magic, plus..."

"I don't mean that." Strangely, she sighed and crossed her arms behind her neck. "I'm sorry I only kissed you to get that card."

"Oh. That. Well, don't worry. Under those circumstances, it was the right thing to do..."

"Yeah. But not the right thing to feel."

"Yuna-san, I—"

"And I don't know if feeling the opposite way is the right thing to do, either..."


"But if I'm going to keep doing wrong things, might as well do them by heart, not by selfishness, " she concluded.

He was about to object to all the flaws behind such a simplistic statement, but then his mouth was otherwise busy.

Yuuna/Yue (alternative version) by SCM

Yuuna had always seem them as a package deal. The quiet, nice one, the snarky one, and Haruna. Then one night Yue had come to the Akashi house to drop some books off for Yuuna's father, and they'd gotten to talking…

"Just so we're clear, " Yuuna panted later as they lay naked in bed. "I seduced you, okay? That's the story."

"If you want, " Yue said, bending down to nuzzle her neck. Yuuna moaned. "I like role-play…"

Yuuna/Misa (alternative version) by Darkenning

They stood, hands clasped together, as the billowing cherry blossoms fell down around them.

"Oh, Misa-chan, " said Yuuna. "I am so glad that you and I have at last embarked on a serious and meaningful relationship. Come, let us have serious discussions about our feelings for each other!"

"Could we have sex instead?" asked Misa.


And they did.

Yuuna/Mana (alternative version) by SCM

Yuuna felt the taller girl's arms around her, felt Mana's hot, sweaty breasts pressing against her back.

"That's it, " the shrine maiden said breathily, nearly panting. "Just relax. Lean back and let it happen…"

Yuuna did, feeling her hands shaking as Mana guided them. Darn it, she'd done this plenty of times herself before, why was she acting like a total novice now?-! Yet the feel of Mana's hands on hers…

"Don't pull…" Mana said almost tenderly into Yuuna's ear. "Squeeze gently. That's it… don't force it. It'll come out on its own. Just let it come."

Yuuna felt a shock erupt through her and she jerked, and sagged against the other girl.

Mana nodded and let go of her hands as Yuuna put down the gun she'd been holding. "Okay… let's do that again…"

They were nearly banned from the shooting range. People did NOT appreciate getting a stiffy when they were ALREADY trying to work out sexual frustration…

Yuuna/Kaede (alternative version) by T-bone 61

Fuuka and Fumika scuttled away from the hiding place, flushing mortified to the tips of their ears and willing to give their usual spying antics a break for the next few days...or years. Thanks to Kaede-nee-chan, they'd never see the phrase "target practice" the same way ever again.

Yuuna/Fuuka (alternative version) by SCM

"I don't know about this..." Fuuka said hesitantly.

"Come on..." Yuuna said, voice low, moving close at the smaller girl. There was something creepy about her smile, which was the EXACT SAME smile Fuuka's mother had used during all those "Stranger Danger" lectures when she was a kid. "It'll be fun, I promise... they say it's almost as good as chocolate..."

Fuuka wavered. Yuuna was so close... she was feeling so warm...

Hesitantly, Fuuka nodded. Yuuna smiled wider. Yup, it was that EXACT SAME smile...

"Wow..." Fuuka said, lying naked on the kitchen floor, staring up at the ceiling and covered by various fluids of debatable edibility. "Yuuna was right... It's almost as good as chocolate."

Next to her, Fumika reached over and trailed her finger down Fuuka's cheek, scooping up the pale liquid there and sticking it in her mouth with relish. "Gotta admit, strawberry ice-cream cake was good... Best birthday cake ever!"

There was a stereo sigh.

The washing machine dinged.

"Ooh, laundry's done!" Fumika said, getting up. "Now we'll finally have something to wear for my date with Yuuna."

"You mean my date with Yuuna, " Fuuka said, giggling naughtily. "I wonder if she'll figure out you're not me..."

"Is she as good in bed as you say she is?" Fumika asked, looking around to carefully navigate her away through the ice-cream strewn floor.

Fuuka reached over and caressed her bare leg, kissing one pert cheek. "Almost as good as you..."

Yuuna/Hakase (alternative version) by SCM

Hakase opened the door at the insistent knocking and promptly had something thrown hard at her face

"Next time you have me try out your experimental ray gun," Yuuna snapped, her hair smoking, "TELL ME WHICH END IS WHICH! This is your home-made dildo all over again…"

Yuna/Kagehisa by Napoleon de Cheese

Yuna never flaunted it as much as Asuna did, but she actually was the older-guys type as well. Her situation with her father went unsaid, and her kiss with Negi was only born out of convenience.

Obviously, she never imagined thinking of Makie's little brother as anything but a cute but forgettable kid when she first met him. And for a long time, it was just that way.

Then one day, long after joining the forces, when she already was starting to believe she'd never know true love, she was introduced to a rookie she'd have to guide until he learned the ropes.

She asked him, bewildered, what moved a little guy like him to take that kind of job.

He only smiled awkwardly and gave her a token reason. He couldn't tell her about the person who had impressed him so much back then, not yet. He couldn't tell her how he truly believed their re-encounter was fated, either.

Eventually, he told her.

And she was surprisingly okay with it.

Yuna/Yuunagi by Hyp3rB14d3


"Uh, " replied Yuna, before dropping the sword, grabbing her clothes, and taking off down the hallway as fast as possible.

Yuna/Takane by rikalous

Before certain incidents cemented her reputation as an exhibitionist, Takane D. Goodman had been known for two things: her impregnable defense and her indomitable will. After baring her body and her soul for that damnable Springfield with nothing to show for it, she worked hard to shore up her defenses and her good name. It worked well enough for her to be accepted to the training program for Megalomesembria's finest agents.

Then came a routine sparring match, where a magic-sealing bullet and a dazzling smile tore down all her barriers once again.

Yuna/Mei by rikalous

Mei had long ago given up trying to figure out why she, so naturally neat and proper and deferential, would be so attracted to enthusiastic bar brawler types like "Kojirou" or that pompadoured Kaoru fellow (but not Rakan. Never Rakan. That much muscle on a man just looked gross). It would make much more sense for her to be interested in a dignified, sensible man who could be trusted not to break things or embarrass her in public.

When you thought about it like that, finding someone who was so enthusiastic and such a bar brawler type that Mei would switch teams for her wasn't any weirder than any of her earlier crushes.

Yuuna/Ben and Jerry('s) by SCM

"Yuuna..." Ako said hesitantly. "I think you need to go on a diet..."


"Yuuna, the sofa is bent in the middle at a 40 degree angle!"

Yuna/Chamo by Napoleon de Cheese


"That's my little girl! That's my cute little girl!"

Hidden behind the door with a hand over her mouth, Akira cringed before bolting out of the dorm in silence. She'd spend the night with Ako and Makie and pose a generic excuse when asked for the reasons.

Honestly, only a dark wig and glasses? That was all she needed to be okay with it? Yuna had to be much more desperate about that Oji-con complex thing than she'd ever imagined.

Then again, Chamo-kun could mimic his voice creepily well...

Yuna/Takahata by Napoleon De Cheese

They remained there, hand on hand, staring at the ceiling.

"I have to confess it." she finally said, "I think this could be unfair to you. I'm still not sure I'm not doing this just because I see some of my father in you."

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Tch, " she made a dismissive sound and nudged her elbow against his strong bare chest. "You know what I'm talking about. Everyone does. Don't pretend you are—"

He gestured to calm her down. "I know, I know. But are we really that alike?"

"Teachers, well behaved, polite, far more kickass than you let know at first, magical backgrounds, respected, insanely hot? You tell me, " she dryly snarked.

"Oh, so I'm still hot?"

She blushed, and for a moment, she almost looked like a teenager again. "I wouldn't be here otherwise, would I?"

He reached over to gently caress her cheek. "Neither would I."

She smiled, and her elbow met his jaw now. "Flatterer."

She turned around to rest in his arms. "You could have had Asuna if you had wanted to. She has everything now. So why me? I'm only a dirty laundry errand girl. I don't have half the profile my Mom had at my age. And I know you wanted Asuna, despite all your protests, you loved her back..."

"It'd never have worked."

"How can you be so sure?"

His hand gently ran through her dark hair. "Because I'm a dirty laundry errand guy. That's the kind of person I am, and there's no way to change that."

"Oh, so I'm a consolation prize because we can't long for anyone above our level?" she ran her finger over his chest, her tone growing more chiding, bubbling and teasing actual anger.

"Yuna, " he said. "There are no above or below levels. A mercenary can be more noble than a king, and a simple teacher can be more useful than a Prime Minister. It's all only a matter of being the right person at the right place. It's just I wasn't the right person to be at Asuna's side." And again, his fingers intertwined hers. "But I'm glad I found my right place with the right person."

She stared at him for a few moments, round eyed, before breaking into giggles. "I take back what I said. You aren't like Dad at all. He's never been one for sappiness!"

"Is that good or bad?"

She shrugged. "Like you just said, there are no upper or lower levels in love, right?"

And she pinned his hands down against the bed. "But all the same, this time, I want to be on top."

He smiled. "As good a place to be as any other."

Yuna/Professor Akashi by Napoleon de Cheese

"I love you, " she finally said, resting against him. Her head was low, and an uncharacteristic shade of red tinted her cheeks. "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else. I don't think I ever could love anyone as much as I love you."

Slowly, shyly, she nuzzled her head against his arm, hugging him tighter against herself.

"I guess maybe that's why I can't be a good partner for Negi, right? My heart just isn't there. I bet I could care a lot more about all that if that was you there. Asuna was angry today, and she told me I only was fooling around, and I had to decide if I really wanted this whole partner thing, and... and..."

For once, she was at a complete loss for words.

"I blew back at her, but later, as I walked here, I realized she was right, " she finally said. "I'm a clown. I made that Pactio with my own benefit in mind, and nothing else. And now I just can't use it the way she does. So I fool around, and I feel I'm not getting anywhere, and the scary thing, you know, is I'll never be able to get anywhere, because the way I really want to go..."

She looked up at his peacefully sleeping face, her eyes wet.

"... is your way, " she whispered.

Gently, she craned her neck up and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

"A way that will always be blocked for me, " her voice cracked, and then there was only sobbing.

Akashi-sensei woke up one hour later, to see the TV was still turned on, but Yuna was sleeping curled up at his side. He yawned, feeling somewhat guilty about falling asleep first. Yuna had looked slightly troubled when she came in, and she'd probably have told him the truth if he had prodded her a bit more.

Well, he thought as he carefully carried her to her old room, they always could try again tomorrow.

Her father tucked his sleeping princess under the blankets, turned the lights off, and walked back to his own room.

Yes. There always would be tomorrow.

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