He's drunk.

He stumbles into your office stinking of booze. You just tell him to go and get a coffee.

You can't be arsed arguing with him, you don't want to argue with him.

He doesn't listen to you, he never does.

He asks you a question and just as you start to reply, he bites your fucking head off.

"It's nothing personal Mike."

That's what you tell him and it's the truth. It's not some vendetta against him.

But does he listen? No, that's his fucking problem, always thinks he's right.

You tell him ( again ) to go and get a coffee, preferably before you say something you regret.

He just starts laughing, (bastard) and spits more shit about arresting more people than you have.

You didn't realise it was a competition, a playground game.

Apparently, you've got an attitude problem, (least it's something you agree with.)

He talks more shit, mainly about respect. You knows he's got to earn it before you RESPECT him.

Again he goes off on one. "Just because they don't turn out to be happy families."

Paranoia. That's his problem. Perhaps if he didn't drink so much, he wouldn't be like this.

"You don't have kids." You do, you've got two but that's a different story, "You don't know what their like."

Oh yes I do. You feel like answering but you don't, you just stay silent.

"They fight between themselves, it means NOTHING!"

You try your hardest not to argue with him but there was only so much you can take.

You explode.

"Oh I'm sorry, are you saying that fighting between your kids means nothing?"

"I'm sorry but did your son Richard not just go mane and kill swans?"

"There you go again, don't know what the fuck your talking about?"

"Oh really?" You yell back, "And you do! You don't know your kids are skiving school!"

That's what he wants. He wants an argument and you just gave him one.

Nice one Roisin.

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set sometime after sins of the father, part 2.

I know it's not my best but it's just something I had to write.
There's going to be another story, coming soon. (: