His hand is warm where it touches her neck and cold everywhere else, and she tries not to give him the satisfaction of hearing her whimper as his slender fingers tighten their grip, his thumb running delicately over prominent veins until he feels her pulse quicken under his fingertips.

Viserys bows his head, white hair against white hair and pale skin against paler skin and then his mouth is at her ear, and though she can't feel his breath hot against her skin she still imagines it ghosting over her flesh and she trembles as he whispers to her.

'Sweet sister, you understand why I must do this.' Viserys almost purrs, and though it sounds like a question Daenerys knows there is only one answer and so she nods, uncertain, slow and shaky, and her brother smiles, and there is a flash of glistening white as his mouth snaps open and his fingers grip her tighter as he sinks his teeth into his sweet sister's throat.