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Ponies One Half

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Here Comes Ranma plus Several

Furinkan was a section of the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, it was peaceful and calm unlike a nearby section… which will go unnamed.

It was a peaceful day despite the rain…

However the peace was destroyed by a panda fighting four teenaged girls.

"Is that a panda?" asked one towns person.

"Why is it fighting girls?" asked another.

"Hey it's a Kung Fu Panda!" said yet another person.

"Oh god no! The madness of Tomobiki is spreading!" yelled a fourth.

Most people just ignored the fighting.

"You could have just waited!" said one girl, who had red hair put into a pigtail wearing traditional Chinese clothing punching the panda, "But no… I had to do this engagement now!"

The Panda held up a sign that said "But the honor of both schools…"

The second girl kicked the panda, she had long purple hair that that was mostly worn down but had a twin buns in it and two locks tied on each side of her face, she also wore tradition Chinese clothing.

"Is point of heaven and earth solution deal with previous marriages and honor bound engagements. You should brought us." Said the second.

"How did you even get here so fast?" signed the Panda.

That when the third girl, a rather petite girl with rainbow hair (literally it made a rainbow from red to purple), she wore a black t-shirt with a cloud going out of a lighting bolt that red, yellow and blue and jean shorts

"Do we really have to explain?" asked the third one giving the panda and uppercut.

The panda blinked, "No… I guess not it" it signed, "And what am I going to tell Soun?"

The last was a girl who looked like she wasn't from Japan, she had long blonde hair that was tied into a pony tail near the bottom, she also had a brown cow boy hat wore a yell plaid shirt (that had three apple on the front pocket) and jeans. Everyone who looked at her thought she was an American (but it was far from the truth).

"The truth." Said the last girl giving a sharp kick to the panda.

The panda looked at it's four opponents, it knew that while the "American girl" wasn't as skilled as the other three (all three of them highly train martial artists) he knew that her kicks were vicious. The panda needed a way to get to its location while bringing only the red head.

The panda looked at a al light pole, it knocked it down then used it to knock out the red haired girl, grabbed her than ran fast as it's legs could carry it.

"Hey wait!" yelled the rainbow haired one.

Before they could run after them, they heard a voice yell out.


They tuned to see a small old woman standing on a cane, she had very long grey hair.

Behind the old woman stood four mote girls with umbrellas. One had dark blue hair with a pink streak, which had a purple one, she also wore a white blouse and a purple sweater vest that had a star on it and jeans.

The second a poofy fuchsia hair and wore a pink dress that had three balloons on the skirt.

The second hair long pink hair, wore a yellow turtleneck sweater, a pink skirt and was holding a black piglets that wore a yellow and black bandana.

And that last had purple hair that very, very curly, and wore very fancy raincoat and rain hat.

"For this one we have to use our heads." Said the old woman.

"How do we do that?" asked the rainbow haired one.

"We passed by a police box when you were fighting. I got the address." Said the girl with the blue hair.

"We can beat traitorous panda to the dojo." Said the first purple haired girl.

"I don't know about that but we can get there without him knowing we're following." Said the blue haired girl.

"Or e can always teleport there." joked the fuchsia haired girl.

"DON'T JOKE ABOUT THAT!" yelled everyone but the first purple haired girl, the old woman and the pink haired girl.

"Do you think Ranma will be all right?" asked the pink haired girl.

"He's made of sterner stuff that… I'm sure he'll wake up soon with a big headache." Said the old woman.

"Let's go get that panda." Said the rainbow haired girl running in a random direction.

"Wait I haven't given you the address!" said the blue haired girl.

The old woman laughed, "Ah… to be young again…" she said.

At the destination, an older man that gathered his three daughters to discus something improant. His name was Soun Tendo and the owner of the Tendo Dojo of Anything Goes Martial Arts.

And Akane, the only one of the three who trained in the family art.

Soun was telling of Ranma, the son of his old training partner Genma Saotome. Kasumi and Nabiki seemed interested, Akane hated boys… then again who can blame her. Everyday a bunch of them mobbed her looking for a date.

That was when they heard "Put me down!" from down the hall.

"Oh is that him?" asked Nabiki.

"Genma!" said Soun.

Both of them went to welcome their guests. In came the panda carrying the red haired girl.

"Daddy? IS that your friend?" asked Nabiki.

"I have no idea what a panda is doing here." Said Soun.

"Oh my…" was the only response Kasumi could come up with.

The panda placed the girl on the floor.

"You wouldn't be…" said Soun.

"I'm Ranma Saotome… sorry bout this." Said girl named Ranma.

Before Soun could hug Ranma and call her son in law. The panda suddenly went flying.

"My spine!" signed the panda.

Everyone sweat dropped… then looked at the rainbow haired girl who apparently made the panda fly.

"Nice one Ran." Said Ranma.

"No problem." Said the girl apparently named Ran.

"You two would happen to be sister would." Said Nabiki.

"No, I just happen to have a similar name." said Ran.

"Her name is based on the English word "ran."" Said Ranma.

"The person who gave me that name thought it would be a good pun." Explained Ran.

"What?" asked Akane.

"Never mind." Sighed Ran.

"So are the others." Said Ranma.

"Right here." Said the old woman appearing from seemingly nowhere.

This surprised the Tendos (well expect for Kasumi), though Ranma and Ran didn't seem surprised.

"How did you do that?" asked Akane.

"When you get as old as me, then you can pick up a few things." Said the old woman.

"Is everything all right?" asked the fuchsia haired girl… popping out from somewhere scaring the Tendos (except Kasumi).

"Is she your student?" asked Akane thinking that had to with the old woman.

"No…" said the old woman, "I have no idea how she's able to do that."

"We all decided to stop questioning a long time ago…" said Ran.

"By the way…" said Akane, "Who are you?"

Before any of them could answer.

"Hello, is everyone here?" came a voice.

That was when the rest of their companions arrived.

"Sorry for entering like this" said the blue haired girl.

"Now what is going n here?" asked Soun.

"By the way daddy." Said Nabiki.

"Yes?" asked Soun.

"Ranma is a girl." Said Nabiki poking on of Ranma's breasts.

"Please don't do that." Said Ranma.

It was then everything that happened caught up to soon and he fainted.

"Oh my." Said Kasumi.

"Is he all right?" asked the pink haired girl.

"He's just being overly dramatic." Said Nabiki.

"I am in a lot of pain, please someone help me." Signed the panda.

Sun had regained consciousness but couldn't move and was crying.

"Some fiancé this turned out to be." Said Nabiki once again poking Ranma's breast, "How we marry her…"

"He told me he had a son." Said Soun.

The blue haired girl was about to say something but the old woman shook her head no.

Kasumi came into the room with tea for everyone.

"So you are Ranma's friends?" asked Kasumi.

"You could say that." Said the first purple haired girl.

"We should introduce ourselves." Said the old woman, "My name Cologne I'm an elder of village in China and this my great, great, granddaughter Shampoo."

"Japanese no good." Sighed Shampoo.

"The rest of us are just traveling with Ranma until we can find our way back home." Said the blue haired girl, "We're also helping him with a problem."

"It's a really, really, really super long story." Said the fuchsia haired girl.

"If someone only read the book correctly." Said Ran.

"I did read it correctly I just put too much power into it." Said the blue haired girl.

"Please stop fighting." Whispered the pink haired girl.

"Yeah, everything's over and done with." Said Ranma, "Besides it's a been a month."

"Fine…" muttered Ran.

"You should introduce yourselves girls." Said Cologne who took a sip of tea.

The 6 took the hint.

"I guess I should reintroduce myself." Said Ran, "Ran Issanni."

Kasumi giggled, "Sorry it's just that you told us that your parents have you the name Ran based on the English word… which means you have the need for speed." She said.

Most of the room sat in silence at the incredibly bad joke.

"I made the same joke when I first it! Oh I'm Momo Mochi!" said the fuchsia haired girl.

"My… my name is Chiyo Onbin." Whispered the pink haired girl very quietly but loud enough for the family to hear.

"Oh the piggy's name is Ryoga." Said Momo.

The pig oniked a hello.

"I am Belle Perle." Said the second purple haired girl.

"You're from France?" asked Nabiki.

"Um… yes…" said Belle.

"You're from America, right?" asked Akane to the blonde girl.

"Um...yes." said the blonde girl who seemed very nervous for some reason, "Alex Jackson."

"And I'm Hikaru Hakumei." Said the blue haired girl.

"And you're all going to be staying here?" asked Nabiki.

"If you don't mind." Said Cologne.

"Why!" cried Soun.

"You know… I don't know if we can afford all of you." Said Nabiki.

"Once we get settle in you don't have to worry about it." Said Belle.

"Really how?" asked Nabiki.

Belle pointed to her dress, which was a very beautiful white dress with a mark that had three blue diamonds on it.

"I made this myself." She explained.

Nabiki blinked, she looked at the dress.

"Really that's impressive." Said Nabiki.

"So…" said Akane, "I guess you and Ran study martial arts."

"Yeah." Said Ran.

"Do you either of you want to spar?" asked Akane.

"Shampoo will." said Shampoo.

"Oh, okay." Said Akane, getting a strange feeling from the Chinese girl.

"Um… can you tell me a place where I can have privacy." Said Hikaru.

"Sure." Said Kasumi.

Kasumi led Hikaru to a room where she can have privacy, while Akane pointed most of them to the Dojo so she get ready.

"Why a daughter!" cried Soun.

"What a Drama Queen." Sighed Belle.

Chiyo and Ryoga looked at her. The little piggy then oinked as if saying "Hypocrite."

In the dojo, they wait for Akane to change into her gi.

"Are you ready?" asked Akane, who then noticed Ranma, Ran, Alex and Momo watching… strangely enough Momo was eating popcorn "Where did she get the popcorn?" she thought.

She shook her head nod paid attention to Shampoo. And the spar began. Akane tried to punch and kick the Chinese girl. However Shampoo dodged every attempt. As it went on, Akane just got tired, she tired one final move but Shampoo back flipped over Akane.

"Shampoo win." Said Shampoo.

Akane smiled, "This is the first time I lost." She said.

"You mad?" asked Shampoo.

"No." said Akane, "I'm just happy, you weren't a boy."

"Then you lucky you no fight Ranma." Said Shampoo.

"What?" asked Akane.

"Nothing." Said Shampoo.

Meanwhile in the room where Hikaru was having her privacy, her hands were glowing and floating above them was a floating vial of water. Her eyes were closed.

That was when the suddenly opened. It broke her concentration, masking her drop the vial. She caught it before it fall to the ground.

"Isn't' that vial supposed to unbreakable?" asked a voice.

It was a man in a martial arts gi, he wore glasses and a bald cap.

"Yes, but you still broke my concentration." Said Hikaru.

"I'm going to explain myself and Ranma." Said the man, "But I'm leaving it up to you and your friends to explain you're thing."

"I understand." Sighed Hikaru.

"By the way, why are you still a girl. Isn't your magic stronger as THAT." Said the man.

Hikaru glared at the man. "I found it easier to analyze the water in my cursed form, even if my magic is weaker." Said Hikaru.

"I see." Said the man, "But remember the deal, you cure us and we provide you with a place to stay."

"I know I know you don't have to remind me." Sighed Hikaru.

"I'm going to explain it to Soun." Said the man.

Hikaru sighed, she was beginning second thoughts curing him… Ranma on the other hand.

In the house, Kasumi led Chiyo to the bathroom.

"Thank you for letting us… I mean me take a bath." She said.

Kasumi smiled at the shy girl.

Kasumi went on to prepare dinner as she was expecting a lot of people.

"By the way, besides Ranma and Shampoo the other girls are vegetarians." Said Cologne.

"Really why?" asked Kasumi.

"You'll see." Said Cologne giving a mysterious smile, "Oh and I would expect one more guest. One who doesn't eat pork."

Kasumi blinked.

In the dojo, Akane watched Ran and Ranma have their own spar. To say those two were on a different level as her would be a complete and utter understatement. She could barely see Ran's movements.

"No wonder that's her name." whispered Akane.

She turned to see Momo now had a bag of cookies.

"Where did you get those?" asked Akane.

Momo shrugged, "I don't 'know." She answered honestly.

"It's best you don't know." Said Alex, "I've known her for years and I don't know where she gets her snacks… or other things about her…"

Akane sweat dropped, she didn't want to know what that meant.

"So I take it you hope to aspire to those two." Sad Cologne.

Akane jumped when she saw the old woman.

"If you want to I can train you… but only you accept." Said Cologne.

"Accept what?" asked Akane.

"You'll see." Said Cologne giving another mysterious smile.

Shampoo looked at Akane, then at Ranma. Things were going to get very interesting.

After the spar, Akane went into the kitchen.

"Kasumi is the bath ready?" asked Akane.

"Chiyo is using it." Said Kasumi.

"Do you think she'll mind? " asked Akane trying to think.

The girl was very shy, as she barely said anything.

"Maybe this will allow her to open up more." Said Akane.

In the bathroom… there was a naked teenaged boy and a yellow Pegasus that was the size of pony and had a mark on her butt that looked like butterflies.

"You can look at me if you want." Said the Pegasus, "There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"I know responded." Said the teenaged boy blushing slightly, "But… it's just that…"

That was when the door opened and in walked a naked. She stared at the odd site, blinking.

She closed the door… just when the boy's nose seemed to explode in blood.

"Oh no… oh no… what am I going to do?" cried the Pegasus.

Akane meanwhile put the top of her Gi, left the bathroom area and walked down the stairs, it was then she finally screamed.

Almost everyone in the building came to see what was wrong.

"Akane, what's wrong?" asked Kasumi.

"There's a naked man and horse with wings in the bathroom!" said Akane.

"He's naked?" asked Momo, "Well that must mean he need his clothes!"

And with that Momo ran up stairs.

Akane looked at Momo and decided it would be best to ignore her.

"Are you sure you weren't seeing things?" asked Kasumi.

"Maybe there's a gas leak." Said Nabiki.

"I swear it! I saw a yellow horse with wings!" said Akane, "There a was a naked man."

"The term is Pegasus." Said Ran.

"I don't care what the term is. There's something strange going on in the bathroom." Said Akane.

"Well since you saw one them, I don't have to Hikaru explain it then." Said the strange man, who was holding a copper kettle.

The man eyed Ran… as if he wanted revenge for something.

"You don't think he's angry about what happened earlier?" asked Alex.

The man threw that kettle at Ran.

"I think that answers your question." Said Ranma giving a half lidded stare the man.

The four Tendos stared at Ran… well at where Ran stood, much like the Pegasus that was in the bathroom, there stood another, in Ran's clothes, expect this one was sky blue and had a rainbow mane.

"That's it!" yelled the Pegasus who tackled the man.

The two got into a fight.

"Rainbow Dash! Please take of your clothes." Said Belle.

Ranma sighed, "Hey… A.J., Twi, Shampoo… you want to help me with the rest of the hot water?" she said, "Because I think we're going to need a lot to explain all this."

"Of course." Said Alex.

"Fine…" muttered Hikaru.

"Shampoo thinks she should help with Akane." Said Shampoo.

"What do you mean help with Akane?" asked Ranma.

It was then they noticed Akane fainted.

"That would probably be a good idea." Said Hikaru.

That was when the Pegasus from the bathroom along with the boy (now fully clothed with tissues in his nose) and another well… for lack of better word pony, came down the stairs.

"Well it seems like everyone found out." Said the new pony, which was pink with a poofy fuchsia mane and tail.

Soun did was he usually did. Cry, sure he could handle what Genma had told him about the curses, but he still had no idea what the two from China and these girls…were…

And indeed, the seemingly normal lives of the Tendo Family ended that day.

Next Time: The Tendos learn that Ranma is a guy... okay... and that Hikaru and her friends are really ponies from another world okay... and Ryoga the pig is really a rival of Ranma's... this is really weird... at least Shampoo and Cologne are normal... WAIT! Their Amazons! WHAT? How did they even meet? Well find out next time!

A/N: I guess I should include how I came up with the names (sorry to those who didn't figure out who is who):

Twilight: One of Hikaru's meanings is sparkle, and Hakumei mean Twilight... so basically I switched the names around. Credit for Dr. Tempo for the last name

Rainbow Dash: Ran, yes it's a flower, but it's stated that the person who gave the name Issanni came up with it as a pun on the word "ran", also (insert name) means Speed. Credit to Dr. Tempo for the last name

Pinkie Pie: Momo from the word momoiro, which is the trandtional way to say pink, and mochi is a Japanese sweet, one of the two last names that I didn't need help with.

Fluttershy: Chiyo means butterfly, Onbin means gentle, credit for Dr. Tempo for the name.

Rarity: Belle based on the fan theory that she has the last name of Belle, and Perle means jewel in French. Once again Credit to Dr. Tempo, also I'd like to point out I came up with it before it was revealed she might be Jewish.

Applejack: Alex Jackson, I wanted an A.J. that sounded American, Alex as it's a tomboyish name and Jackson is easy to figure out. One of two name I came up with my self.