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Chapter 104: Meat!

Picolet Chardin was eating one of Momo's cupcakes, it was just as delicious as he thought they would be.

He really did love Momo, but was unsure whether or not she loved him the same way.

Maybe he shouldn't have made that deal.

At the same time in the training room, Madame St. Paul began to explain the next stage in training to Momo.

"Now Mademoiselle Momo we must reach the next stage in the train." Said Madame St. Paul.

"Is it finishing off the cupcakes I made?" asked Momo.

"No." said Madame St. Paul, "You know that a perfect bride for Picolet must eat meat."

There was awkward silence.

"What?" asked Momo.

"If you are to join this family you must not be a picky eater." Said Madame St. Paul.

What Madame St. Paul didn't know was that well… Momo often had nightmares about well eating meat…

And that's a nice way of putting it.

Plus there was the whole thing about really being a pony.

"I refuse!" yelled Momo, "Let Luffy eat the meat!"

"What?" asked Madame St. Paul.

"Is this because your hair look like a turkey?" asked Momo.

Madame St. Paul gritted her teeth.

"Now if you're going to be a member of this family…" said Madame St. Paul.

However she found Momo was gone.

"Where did she go?" asked Madame St. Paul.

The maids in the room shrugged, they didn't know where she went either.

In Momo's room, the three that were currently her maids waited for her, that was when she returned.

"You're early." Said Hikaru.

Momo nodded, and her hair straitened out.

"Pinkie Pie?" asked Hikaru.

That night in the mansion. Madame St. Paul heard a noise. She began got to look to see what it was. Hoping it wasn't Momo making cupcakes again.

At she began to search, she felt someone was behind her, but before she could turn around to see who it was suddenly a pain shot though out her body.

She turned around and saw Momo with her hair straitened stabbing her.

"You want me to eat meat… how about I eat yours." Said Momo.

Momo removed the knife and licked the blade. Madame St. Paul tried to run but she tripped, she turned around and Momo had a crazed smile.

"Once more!" said Momo.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and everything shattered… and it when it says everything, it means everything…

The surroundings even the people. All that was left was a white void, one where all that remained was a straitened manned Pinkie.

"What happened?" asked Pinkie.

"Sorry for intruding." Said a voice.

She turned to see Princess Luna.

"Oh okay! I get it now! It's all just a dream!" said Pinkie, "Though that's going to disappoint most of the reviews since they wanted a blood bath."

"What?" asked Princess Luna.

"Never mind." Said Pinkie.

"I heard what your trainer is trying to do, and I'm here to talk about it." Said Princess Luna.

"Why is she trying to make me eat meat?" asked Pinkie, "She's up to something."

"Perhaps she trying to break you like you are trying to break her." Said Princess Luna.

"Maybe…" said Pinkie, "Oh I have the perfect idea!"

"What?" asked Princess Luna.

"You'll know soon!" said Pinkie.

Princess Luna laughed as Pinkie's mane returned to normal.

"But can you do a favor?" asked Pinkie.

"Sure what?" asked Princess Luna.

Pinkie told her the favor and Princess Luna nodded.

"Anything else?" asked Princess Luna.

"No it's fine…" said Pinkie.

"I hate to be rude, but is it all right if I send that particular nightmare to Madame St. Paul?" asked Princess Luna.

"That too evil… she doesn't deserve it." Said Pinkie.

"Thank you." Said Princess Luna.

Huh?" asked Pinkie.

"Never mind." Said Princess Luna.

"Is this about Nightmare Moon?" asked Pinkie.

Princess Luna didn't answer.

"I should take my leave." Said Princess Luna.

The next day outside of Momo's bedroom, Madame St. Paul was trying to get Momo out of the room.

"Now Mademoiselle Momo, you must continue your training!" said Madame St. Paul.

"No! I will only open my door for Diana!" said Momo on the other side of the door

"Diana who is this Diana?" asked Madame St. Paul.

"That would be me." Said Diana showing up with a large box.

Madame St. Paul glared at the woman.

"Momo, I have the things you asked me to bring." Said Diana.

Momo opened the door then closed it.

In the bedroom.

"What did you bring?" asked Akane.

"Isn't it obvious?" asked Momo.

She opened the box, inside was a TV, a Blu-Ray player, many video disks, manga, a couple video game systems and a lot of manga.

"I should have known." Said Akane with a sweat drop.

"If need be I can buy you some of the new releases." Said Diana.

"It's fine." Said Momo.

Momo plugged in the TV and DVD player.

"What should I watch first?" asked Momo, "One Piece or Madoka?"

"This will help her." Whispered Diana.

"Her nightmares?" asked Hikaru.

Diana nodded, "Madame St. Paul, trying to get her to eat meat hurts her in a way that I don not think Madame St Paul knows…" said Diana.

Outside Picolet found that Madame St Paul was trying to get into Momo's room.

"What is wrong?" asked Picolet.

"Mademoiselle Momo refuses to leave her room." Said Madame St. Paul.

Picolet knocked on the door, Chiyo opened the door.

"May I speak with Momo?" asked Picolet.

"I guess…" whispered Chiyo.

She let in Picolet but closed the door for Madame St. Paul.

Picolet entered the room and sweat drop when he saw Momo watching One Piece.

He decided to surprise his Fiancé with a kiss.

"Um… I'm, trying to watch One Piece…" said Momo.

Picolet let her go, "Sorry." He apologized.

He saw the set up, then saw Diana.

"She asked me to bring these things." Explained Diana.

"I see." Responded Picolet.

Picolet let Momo watch for a bit then decided to ask.

"Why haven't you went to training today?" asked Picolet.

"Madmen St. Paul is trying to get me to eat meat." Said Momo.

"She is?" asked Picolet.

Momo nodded, "I don't like meat! I can't explain it to you but…"

"No… no… I understand." Said Picolet.

He began to leave, but before he left, "If you would later you can show what you are watching."

"Okay!" said Momo.

Picolet left the bedroom and when he did he looked at Madame St Paul, he ended up glaring at her.

"Why are you trying to get her to eat meat?" asked Picolet.

"But if she is to be your bride she must eat meat." Said Madame St. Paul.

"I have eaten perfect substitutions." Said Picolet, "If she is to eat meat it will not be real meat."

"I understand." Said Madame St. Paul.

When he left Madame St. Paul sighed, she knocked on the door and Akane opened the door.

"Yes…" muttered Akane.

"Tell Mademoiselle Momo she doesn't have to eat meat during training." Said Madame St Paul.

"Okay, I'll tell." Said Akane closing the door.

Akane told Momo the news.

"All right!" cheered Momo, "I'll go when this episode is over!"

Akane sweat dropped.

Dian laughed, then looked at Momo, she got an idea but decided not to tell her.

"I should leave." Said Diana, "I really should get back to work."

"All right." Said Momo, "Thank you…"

Diana left the mansion.

Meanwhile Madame St Paul already had her next plan set up, if she thought about it didn't matter if she broke Momo, she just had to have a stronger will. She had to endure until the final dinner party.

Because that was when she would lay her final trap.

That night, Picolet invited Momo for a walk in the gardens.

"How do you like living here?" asked Picolet.

"It's nice." Said Momo.

Picolet nodded.

The two walked in silence. Picolet couldn't help getting a feeling from her.

"Are you happy?" he asked.

Momo didn't answer, her hair was still poofy but she was on the lower end of her happiness.

"Is this about Madame St. Paul?" asked Picolet.

"A little…" said Momo, "I miss everyone!"

"I see." Said Picolet.

He decided to change the subject.

"So what sort of Martial Arts do you do?" he asked.

"Well I don't really practice it, but I do have a rival! And I did win the cosplay race!" said Momo cheering up a lot.

"The cosplay race?" asked Picolet.

She told him about how she and her friends (and their rivals ran in the race) and she won with the best score yet.

"That's amazing." He said.

"I know!" said Momo.

Picolet looked at her… and smiled at the energy she was giving, this was the happiest he's seen her in days.

Hopefully she'll life what he'll show her next day.

Meanwhile at the Tendo Residence they continued how much money they had so far in the living room.

"Still 100,000 more yen." Said Rarity.

"Do you think we'll have enough time?" asked Applejack.

"We do not know when the wedding will be." Said Princess Luna, "So I think we can do it…"

"I hope it's still la while…" said Applejack.

"It better be…" said Rainbow Dash, "Though… if someone helped out then

Nabiki glared at her… which Rainbow Dash ignored.

The next day, Picolet showed Momo the surprise.

Which was the wedding dress.

"Its pretty." Mumbled Momo lying.

"It doesn't suit your tastes?" asked Picolet.

"Sorry…" said Momo, "But I'll take it… I remember the last time I made some redesign a dress she went insane and almost became a crazy cat lady."

"What?" asked Picolet.

"Never mind, long story…" said Momo.

That was when Madame St. Paul came in.

"Your wedding will be in one week." Said St. Paul.

"One week." Said Momo.

"I have no doubt that we can complete our training by then." Said Madame St. Paul.

"I have to go talk to my friends." Said Momo running off.

Picolet tried to stop her, but she was too fast.

"I will counties to make sure that you will marry." Said Madame St. Paul.

"I understand." Said Picolet.

Picolet left the room and sighed, he really did love Momo but with each day he just started feel more and more uncomfortable…

In Momo's room.

"A week?" asked Akane and Hikaru.

"Yeah…" said Momo.

"We still 100,000 yen…" said Hikaru.

"Do you think we'll be able to do it?" asked Akane.

"I don't know…" sighed Hikaru, " I mean we still haven't gotten our pay checks yet…"

"Wait have you guys asked Blinkie yet, I mean I'm sure she can send over a small diamond or ruby…" said Momo.

Hikaru face palmed…

"I can't believe I haven't thought it yet." Said Hikaru.

Since Momo was her direct boss she was allowed to go back the Tendos and write a letter to Blinkie.

"I still can't believe I didn't think of asking Blinkie." Said Twilight to Kasumi.

"We all have off days." Said Kasumi.

She sent the letter… a few seconds later a scroll came back, she read it.

"I don't have anything small right now, but I'll grow some, don't worry they'll be ready before the wedding. PS. The threat over Nabiki's head still stands… I will hunt her down…"

Twilight sweat dropped at that letter.

"Looks like she's still angry." Said Kasumi.

Hikaru returned to mansion.

"That's too bad." Said Momo, "But I'm sure she'll have one soon!"

"Yeah…" said Hikaru.

"I think it might be time." Said Akane.

"Time for what?" asked Momo.

"The dinner party." Said Akane.

"No… that's not for a few days." Said Momo then she realized what she meant, "Oh… I get it now."

Momo went to meet with Picolet in order to make sure he knew.

"Hey! There's something I need to tell you." Said Momo.

"What?" asked Picolet.

"I don't want to go through the wedding." Said Momo.

She was expecting Picolet to react badly however he remained calm.

"However… I know there's the whole debt thing…" said Momo, "Which is why when we have the dinner party, if I win, then I will not marry you!"

"I completely understand." Said Picolet.

Momo blinked, "Wow… I was expecting you to be more upset."

Madame St. Paul was listening and smirked… she knew that Momo would make such a challenge.

Momo left the room, not seeing Madame St. Paul on the way out.

Picolet sighed… maybe it was the dream he had the night before… maybe it was because she wanted to see her happy…

But he was having second thoughts on the wedding as well…

Which was something Madame St. Paul didn't know, who was of course planning to sabotage Momo in anyway possible…

Who knew what was going to happen when everything was going to come to a boil.

"Hey! Was that intentional? Because it if it was, that was pretty funny!" said Momo.

Thanks a lot Pinkie… you just ruined the dramatic ending line… great… Now I can't think of anything else…

Next Time: Momo VS. Picolet! Who will win... esspeiclly with Madame St. Paul throwing a wrench into the competition... Also Picolet is having a reoccurring dream... what it is? Find out next time!