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Chapter 115: Is Heaven and Earth the Solution?

IT was a normal day at Furinkan high… well almost normal.

"Do I seriously have to wear this?" asked Ran.

"No one remembers us being transfer students remember." Whispered Hikaru.

Ran muttered something under her breath.

"IT's too bad that you have to wear the uniforms." Said Belle.

"Don't." muttered Ran.

"What?" asked Belle.

"I'm not in the mood." Muttered Ran.

Ranma was behind them, watching this conversation.

"I really hope we can get things back to normal." He thought.

Sometime later that day, Shampoo just came from a delivery at the Cat Café.

"Done with diver." Sighed Shampoo.

"It's almost time for lunch at Furinkan High… I think you should go now." Said Cologne.

"Okay." Said Shampoo.

Shampoo knew it was the best time to tell Akane and Ukyo about the Heaven and Earth Solution.

Shampoo rode her bicycle to the high school when Mousse stopped her.

"Mousse." Muttered Shampoo.

"I know that it will be a stupid idea to erase your memories now. And that you should be one of the last but please listen to me!" said Mousse.

"Stupid Mousse you think you can convince Shampoo?" asked Shampoo.

"You have to understand that this is better." Said Mousse.

"Better for you." Said Shampoo.

She then ran him over with her bike.

"That could have gone better." Said Tsubasa who was dressed like a mailbox.

"Yeah…" groaned Mousse.

"Don't worry I have a plan to end this quickly." Said Discord appearing.

At Furinkan high. Akane kept glaring at Ranma during class.

"I hope this ends soon." Sighed Ranma.

That was when the lunch bell rang.

"Ranma!" yelled Akane, "Who did you really the night with?"

"I told you it was with Ran." Said Ranma.

"Akane don't get jealous." Muttered Ran, "He's not even my type. You know that."

Akane glared at her and gritted her teeth.

"And it's not you okay… it's pops…" said Ranma, "He's up to something."

"Oh really what is he up to?" asked Akane.

"I can't say." Said Ranma.

That was when the classroom door burst open with Shampoo riding in.

"Did she really have to do that?" asked Belle.

"It's in character for her right now so just ignore it." Whispered Momo.

"We need talk." Said Shampoo, "Tomboy and okonomiyaki girl too."

They all met on the roof.

"Great Grandmother find this last night." Said Shampoo giving Ranma the law book.

Ranma nodded and read the law book.

"Should a man have married or have previous honor bound segments then the man may take on more than one wife. Not only that but any other wife may become an honorary member of the tribe." Read Ranma.

"Wait…" said Ukyo.

"Then…" said Ranma.

"Great Grandmother Enacted Heaven and Earth Solution." Said Shampoo.

"You're kidding right." Said Akane, "All this now?"

"You don't trust it?" asked Ukyo.

"Of course not, it's probably just a trick." Muttered Akane, "You know how she is."

Shampoo remained calm on the outside, but inside she flinched.

"I'm not going to buy it!" said Akane.

Akane stormed off.

"I'll think about it…" said Ukyo deciding to leave as well.

"That not work." Sighed Shampoo.

"Yeah…" sighed Ranma.

"Shampoo get back to work." Said Shampoo.

"Be careful." Said Ranma.

Downstairs… Chiyo was checking up on Piggy-Ryoga.

"Don't worry, it will be over soon." Said Chiyo.

Akane entered the room angry.

"Whoa what happened?" asked Alex.

"Shampoo has a weird trick up her sleeve." Muttered Akane.

"What kind of trick?" asked Alex.

"She claims that there was a law that allowed Ranma to marry more than one woman." Said Akane.

"So it didn't work." Muttered Alex.

"What?" asked Akane.

"Nothing Sugar Cube." Answered Alex, lying badly.

"What do you know about it?" asked Akane.

"Well how do you know that's a trick?" asked Alex.

"You know I can't trust Shampoo." Said Akane.

Alex dug deep into her artificial memories… apparently in this altered world Shampoo was quite devious.

"Well maybe she's being honest for once…" said Alex.

"Yeah right." Muttered Akane.

Across the way, Discord look though a telescope at Akane's reactions.

"There hasn't' been a strong enough push for her." Said Discord, "Perfect!"

Back at the Cat Café, Diana, Cologne and Ayame were talking. They also stared at the chessboard, which was unmoving.

"What if the heaven and Earth Solution, does not work." Said Diana.

"I don't know what do." Said cologne.

"Why don't we use the memory spell on someone else to push one of them?" asked Ayame.

"Really? Who?" asked Dianna.

"I don't know… it was just an idea." Sighed Ayame.

"Wait, I do believe I know of someone who might help Akane." Said Diana.

That afternoon Akane got home.

She muttered under her breath.

Ranma still wasn't coming home… he still claimed that pops was up to something but he didn't buy it.

She entered the living room to find Kasumi and Diana having tea while Hoshi played in the corner.

"Oh my, so that's what's going on." Said Kasumi.

"I'm afraid so." Said Diana.

"Oh Akane you're home." Said Kasumi.

"Yeah." Said Akane.

"Would you care to join us for tea?" asked Kasumi.

"I don't know…" said Akane.

However she felt a tugging on her dress. She looked down and saw Hoshi was the one who did it.

"It seems like Hoshi likes you a lot." Said Diana.

Akane picked up the baby.

"I guess she does." Laughed Akane.

Hoshi laughed too.

"You look like you to need to talk to someone." Said Diana, "Is it about Ranma."

"Oh dear what happened this time?" asked Kasumi.

Akane sighed knowing there was no way to back out now.

She told them what happened that day.

"How do you know she is not telling the truth?" asked Diana.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" asked Akane.

"You know I am very good friends with Cologne, right?" asked Diana.

"I do." Muttered Akane.

"I know that she only wants what is best for Shampoo." Said Diana, "And if she found a way to avoid all these conflicts anymore then I think she is telling the truth."

"If it true? What do you want Akane?" asked Kasumi.

Akane blinked, she didn't know why but she felt like she should be a good friend with Shampoo and Ukyo. But she didn't know why.

"I guess I do want to be friends with them." Said Akane, "But I don't know why."

"Akane, think about it." Said Kasumi, "You might all want to become friends."

"Okay, I will." Sighed Akane.

She put Hoshi on the floor.

"I'm going up to my room." Said Akane.

"Okay, I'll call you when Dinner's ready." Said Kasumi.

When Akane left the room both of them sighed.

"I would have sure it would have worked." Said Diana.

"Don't worry, I'm sure I can help her to remember." Said Kasumi.

Sometime before Akane arrived, Diana gave Kasumi her true memories back, after all they could give anyone bodies the pieces their memories back to help them.

"What are you going to do if you lose?" asked Kasumi.

Diana looked at Hoshi.

"I have no choke but to try to find a way home." Sighed Diana.

Kasumi remained silent.

Up stairs Akane changed out of her school uniform. When she was done she laid on her bed staring at the celling.

"What happen going to do?" she thought.

That was when someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" asked Akane.

"It's me." Said Genma on the other side of the door.

Akane opened it and found a man she had never seen before with Genma.

"So Ranma's not coming him tonight." Said Genma.

"No. "said Akane, "He's using the excuse that your up to something."

"Really?" asked Genma.

"It sounds ridiculous." Muttered Akane.

"Actually your dear fiancé is right." Said the man, "He is up to something, and I'm in on."

The man snapped his fingers and Akane suddenly passed out.

"Do you really have to be human?" asked Genma.

"If he I appeared in my true form it would have jump started her memories." Said the man who immutably turned into Discord with a snap of his fingers.

"Now if I excuse me I have other places to be." Said Discord.

Sometimes later at Ucchan's she had just given the order to a customer.

"Here you go." Said Ukyo.

The customer only nodded.

Ukyo looked at the customer and surged, she didn't know of many westerners to eat okonomiyaki… especially in this part of Tokyo.

That was when she heard a yell of "CHARGE!"

The door opened revealing Tsubasa dressed like a flower sign.

"What are you doing?" asked Ukyo.

"Please Ukyo! I want to date you again!" said Tsubasa.

"Are you still up to this? No means no." said Ukyo.

Tsubasa decided to order something and convince something to Ukyo.

"So I've heard that guy Ranma has more than one fiancé." Said Tsubasa.

"Is that why you came back?" asked Ukyo.

Tsubasa didn't answer.

"Come on, date me, I don't have a girlfriend." Said Tsubasa.

"No way!" yelled Ukyo.

"You know… I think you should listen to him." Said the customer.

Ukyo glared at him.

"Some customer service." Muttered the customer.

Ukyo turned back to Tsubasa.

"Look, I know the situation is weird but I have a chance." Said Ukyo.

"Oh come on. "said Tsubasa, "Even if you had to share him do you really want that?"

Ukyo froze, "I don't know why, but something tell me I wouldn't mind." Said Ukyo.

"Great, I guess I can't convince you." Muttered Tsubasa, "Discord! Do it!"

"With pleasure." Said the customer.

"What?" asked Ukyo.

The customer snapped his fingers and Ukyo suddenly passed out.

"You already have Akane?" asked Tsubasa.

"Of course I do." Said Discord, "Did you really think I'd forget?" asked Discord.

"So how are you going to tell them?" asked Tsubasa.

"I have no idea yet." Said Discord.

That night at Ran's apartment when and Ranma and Rainbow Dash were playing Super Smash bros when the Wii suddenly shut off.

"What…" said Rainbow Dash.

That was when suddenly the picture on the TV changed to Discord wearing a suit and sitting on the desk.

"Hello and welcome to the Discord News. Our top story is that the group that changed the universe has kidnapped both Akane Tendo and Ukyo Kuonji. We have pictures of the hostages."

The images on screen shifted to Ukyo and Akane both unconscious and tied up.

"The demands are that Ranma Saotome, Ryoga Hibiki, Shampoo and the Element Bearers to that empty warehouse that Akane and Shampoo were taken to when they were kidnapped last time..." said Discord, "Really that's the spot? That's a stupid location."

Someone off camera said something.

"What? What does my mother have to do with any of this!" yelled Discord.

Someone off camera said something else.

"That's it!" yelled Discord.

There was a please stand by title card featuring Discord who pulled out the plug and looking innocent.

However that was when the door suddenly opened. In came Pinkie, Twilight Alex, Belle, Fluttershy and Ryoga.

"Did you see that?" asked Alex.

"We did." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Oh no… oh no… oh no…" said Fluttershy.

Diana appeared in the room.

"We all have to go the Mahoukaze Mansion right now." Said Diana.

The others nodded.

"Did you just teleport in?" asked Ranma with a sweat drop.

They all made sure that CMC were safe (knowing they shouldn't get involved) and brought Hoshi with them to the Mahoukaze Mansion.

"I checked Akane wasn't at home." Muttered Happosai.

"And I used the excuse of not cooking tonight and got no answer at Ucchan's." said Ayame.

"Discord's planning a trap." Said Diana.

"What do we do?" asked Ran.

"What else we go and fight whatever they put against us." Said Ranma.

"Seriously?" asked Belle.

"It's a bad idea but what other choice do we have?" asked Hikaru.

"All right! Let's go get our friends back with a final battle for our memories!" yelled Momo.

She pulled out the elements of Harmony out of her hair.

"Will you please stop putting them there?" asked Alex with a sweat drop.

"What?" asked Momo.

"I'm sure you're going to have fight something." Said Seito, "Is okay if I call backup?"

"Who do you have aim mind?" asked Ranma.

"Don't worry about, I'm handing it." Said Seito.

They all went to the warehouse.

"All right are you ready?" asked Ranma.

Momo held up her element but Hikaru covered her mouth.

"Just put it on with out a Magical Girl phrase." Said Hikaru.

"Find." Sighed Momo.

They put on their elements. When they did the warehouse was suddenly lifted in the air by what appeared to be a stone beanstalk.

"That's something you don't see everyday." Said Alex.

"Oh so you're finally here" said Discord.

"Is that all you have planned? Really?" asked Ran.

"Not at all." Said Discord.

That was when suddenly the ground ruptured. Dividing it in segments.

9 figures made them selves known and went into attack them.

Ranma blocked the punch from the figure.

"This again!" yelled Ranma.

"I thought you stopped." Said Ran.

They were all fighting clones of themselves.

"Sorry but I didn't have enough time. Shampoo, Ryoga and Ranma have the personalities of this new time line. While the others are just the standard brainwashed clones but with their abilities updated." Said Discord, "Also if one of you lose then say goodbye to your memory.

"Why that." Muttered Ran.

However she had to doge a punch from her clone.

"What? Can't take it?" asked her clone.

They all stared at the clones… knowing that they had to win, because of if all of them lost they would lose their memories and that would be game over.

All they could hope for now was Seito coming in with his back up…

Next Time: They will battle themselves either the dark part of their soul or a version of themselves if they never knew that Equestria existed. However will they fail or will there be a big damn heroes moment? Find out next time!