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Chapter 88: Azusa Loves Ryoga

Azusa looked at the picture of Piggy Ryoga. Ever since finding out about the Ponies. She realizes that Ryoga was cursed at well. Not only that but he became "Charlotte".

She thought back to when she told her friends.


The 5 friends were at their usual café.

"Azusa needs help with something." Said Azusa.

"What?" asked Tsukiko.

"Azusa is love with Ryoga Hibiki." Said Azusa.

There was an awkward silence. They heard the story of how Azusa became Pinkie Rival…

"Does he turn into that pig you kidnapped?" asked Ryoko with a sweat drop.

"Azusa didn't kidnaper him!" said Azusa, "Azusa found him on the ice rink!"

"I don't think he'll see it the same way." Mumbled Ryoko.

"It's not going to work." Said Tsukiko.

"What! Why?" asked Azusa.

"I watched that match online… he took Ranma's place so he wouldn't be your pet. You think he's going fall for you?" asked Tsukiko.

"Nonsense Tsukiko!" said Kodachi, "You know nothing when it come to love!"

Tsukiko stared at Kodachi she didn't want to say it, but even she knew that she poisoned Ranma (the only reason why she even knew his name was because Kodachi would bring him up all the time).

"I problem know that I shouldn't poison him." Mumbled Tsukiko under her breath.

"You have to find Ryoga and make him your own!" said Kodachi.

"You're right! Azusa will find Ryoga and make him Azusa's boyfriend." Azusa cheered.

"You can do it!" cheered on Miki.

"You're going to warn him if you find him first, aren't you?" asked Tsukiko.

"Oh yeah…" said Ryoko.

(End of Flashback)

"Azusa will find him! After all Azusa heard that he gets lost so easily." Said Azusa.

Azusa went out to search once again.

Sometime later that afternoon, Ryoga and Chiyo were coming back feeding the stray animals of the neighborhood.

"I was wondering." Said Ryoga.

"Yes." said Chiyo.

"Who's taking care of the animals in Equestria?" he asked.

"Oh, I got a letter telling me various ponies are taking care of them. Sometimes it's the school foals, sometimes its Pinkie's sister…" said Fluttershy.

"I see…" said Ryoga.

That was when Ryoga was suddenly tackled by Azusa shouting, "Azusa found you!"

"What?" asked Ryoga.

However Azusa was nuzzling his chest.

"Azusa so happy!" she said.

Ryoga pushed her off him and got up.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Azusa here to make you Azusa's boyfriend." Said Azusa.

Both Chiyo and Ryoga sweat dropped.

"What?" asked Ryoga.

"You turn into Charlotte, right?" asked Azusa.

"How do you know that?" asked Ryoga.

"Remember what Pinkie Pie said during out skating match." Said Azusa.

Ryoga sweat dropped when Pinkie jokingly confess his reason was because he was "Charlotte", Azusa did believe it despite Mikado telling her it was a lie.

He also remember she said she would want him as a boy friend just in case…

"I'm sorry, Azusa but I don't think I can be your boyfriend." Said Ryoga.

"Why?" asked Azusa.

"You kidnapped me!" yelled Ryoga.

"Azusa didn't know you were a person." Said Azusa.

Azusa then grabbed his arm.

"Please take Azusa on a date!" said Azusa.

However Chiyo grabbed her.

"He said he doesn't want a date." Said Chiyo who went into stare mode.

Azusa tried to make a come back but was frozen.

"Azusa will come back!" yelled Azusa running away.

Thanks." Said Ryoga.

Chiyo only blushed and squeaked out a "You welcome."

The next day at Kolkhoz high, Azusa was trying to figure out something with Ryoga.

"How is Azusa supposed to get Ryoga to like me!" said Azusa.

"Ms. Shiratori, we're in class right now." Said the teacher.

Azusa sweat dropped.

Later that day during lunch, she decided to get love advice from Mikado.

"So you want love advice?" asked Mikado.

"You're the only guy here Azusa can talk to…" said Azusa.

"You make fun of my hobby." Mumbled Mikado.

Azusa rolled her eyes, "Any ideas?" she asked.

"Wait who is this boy you're suddenly interested in?" asked Mikado.

"Ryoga Hibiki. The boy who replaced Ranma during our match." Said Azusa.

"Ah yes… him…" said Mikado, "Don't kidnap him."

Hey!" yelled Azusa.

"Don't you have some new girlfriends or something." Said Mikado.

"Well…" said Azusa, "Two of them don't want to talk to me about it… I don't want to take Kodachi's advice… and... Miki."

"Poor Miki…" said Mikado, "She has no idea all those guys are trying to ask her out…"

"Maybe Azusa need to deal with Chiyo first…" she muttered.

"What?" asked Mikado, "You know what never mind. I don't want to get involved…"

"Yes… that's perfect… It's really perfect." said Azusa.

That after noon Chiyo decided to feed another group of strays. When suddenly Azusa swopped on roller-skates.

"You!" yelled Azusa.

Chiyo sweat dropped, she decided to walk away.

"I know you're in love with Ryoga too." Said Azusa.

Chiyo froze and she turned around, "What?" asked Chiyo.

"Don't lie, that's why you do that weird look yesterday!" said Azusa.

"I… Ryoga is just a friend…" whispered Chiyo.

"Do you really think he would love you back…" said Azusa, "You're just a pony from another universe."

Chiyo froze when she said that.

"Azusa is a human from this universe, there's no way you can win him over." Said Azusa.

Chiyo looked down.

Then she remembered something.

"Don't…" said Chiyo.

"Don't what?" asked Azusa.

"Even if he doesn't love me…" said Chiyo, "I don't think he likes you…"

It should be noted that she meant to say "He doesn't like you.", but she was still being next about it.

"Fine! I'm going to prove it that he likes me!" said Azusa.

Chiyo blinked… as Azusa skated away.

She realized that she needed to get home to the Tendo house to warn Ryoga about who was coming.

When she got home she saw Ranma and Rainbow Dash staring at him.

"What's going on?" asked Chiyo.

"That…" said Rainbow Dash.

She saw Azusa asking if Ryoga liked her.

"Why won't you answer me! Why won't you answer me!" she cried.

"I don't know I can…" said Ryoga.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Azusa.

Ryoga looked at Chiyo.

"He does like her…" thought Azusa.

"Azusa is staying for dinner." Said Azusa.

"You just can't invite your self over." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Oh come on Marceline you're my friend." Cried Azusa.

"I'm not your friend!" yelled Rainbow Dash, "You kidnapped me and thought I was a stuffed toy!"

That night during dinner it was rather awkward.

"Why is she here again"?" asked Soun.

"She wants to date me…" mumbled Ryoga.

"Seriously?" asked Nabiki.

"What?" asked Azusa.

"It's nothing…" said Nabiki, "Other than the fact you would have to wait a long time to wait for him."

"We go days sometime weeks without seeing him." Said Ranma.

"And he sometimes even gets lost here." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Why those…" muttered Ryoga.

"They're just trying to help you…" whispered Fluttershy.

"I know…" muttered Ryoga.

"You can have way better guys than Ryoga." Said Ranma.

"But can they turned into cute little piggies?" asked Azusa.

They all sweat dropped.

"Have you tried finding a way t purchase Jusenkyo Spring Water and splash a boy you want to date with it?" asked Princess Luna.

"Don't give her ideas." Mumbled Cologne.

"Sorry but it came into my head." Whispered Princess Luna.

"Azusa has no idea what you just said." Said Azusa.

Princess Luna could sweat drop at that response.

"Please go out one date with a Azusa." Said Azusa turning to Ryoga.

She saw Ryoga and Fluttershy talking to each other. She began to get angry.

"She must pay…" thought Azusa.

Azusa got up and pointed at Fluttershy.

"Azusa challenges you to an anything goes martial arts ice skating match." Said Azusa.

"What?" asked Fluttershy.

"Azusa won't take no for an answer!" said Azusa.

"But… but… I'm not that good at figure skating." Said Fluttershy.

"Fine… then just a martial arts match!" said Azusa, "And the loser has to stop following Ryoga arguing."

"But I don't follow him around…" whispered Fluttershy.

"Just accept!" yelled Azusa.

"Find then I will!" said Fluttershy.

Everyone else in the room sweat dropped.

"Is this a good idea?" asked Ukyo.

"It is…" said Cologne.

"What?" asked Ukyo.

After dinner, Azusa left to talk to Kodachi about using the arena, as Chiyo trained against a dummy.

"I'm begging to have second thoughts…" said Chiyo.

"Oh come on Fluttershy you know you can kick her butt." Said Rainbow Dash.

"I know… I know… but…" whispered Chiyo.

"Fluttershy." Said Princess Luna, "You know you can only fight when your emotions are strong enough so training like this will not work."

"Then what should I do?" asked Chiyo.

"You'll know when it comes." Said Princess Luna.

No one else in the room could say anything else, realizing that was how the Stare worked…

The next day at the Café.

"Seriously? You're picking a fight against her?" asked Tsukiko.

"Wow… that's pretty low." Said Ryoko.

"What can Azusa do… she's in love with Ryoga too." Sighed Azusa.

"But…" said Miki, "He likes her back doesn't see…"

"Azusa doesn't know your talking about…" said Azusa.

"Why don't you just figure out a way to get your hands on that cursed water and splash some random guy who you think is cute." Said Ryoko.

"No!" said Azusa, "Azusa wants Ryoga and it will be was Azusa will get!"

"Well said Azusa!" said Kodachi, "I know the same way, I will continue to fight for my darling Ranma even if he engaged to that Akane Tendo!"

"Thank you knowing how Azusa feels!" said Azusa.

"So on a scale on 1 to 10… how badly do you think it's going end." Said Tsukiko.

"You might want to change the scale you used…" mumbled Ryoko.

A few days later at that arena Kodachi and Tsukiko had built, they had reformed the ice rink so that it was now covered in wood.

In the stands, those watching were Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, Ukyo, Ryoga (of course), Hikaru, Momo, Belle, Ran, Alex, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Cologne and Diana as well as the rival brigade and a couple other people.

"Is that a good change?" asked Hikaru.

"It's not an ice match… but Azusa refused to take off her skates." said Kodachi.

"Wait why aren't you in pony forms?" asked Ryoko to Ran.

Ran pointed to Mikado and Kuno who were both watching.

Mikado was looking around at the stadium while Kuno holding a bouquet of flowers clearly meant for Chiyo.

"Wouldn't telling them be a good idea?" asked Ryoko.

"I don't know about Mikado, but knowing that family I don't think Kuno would believe it…" said Ran.

Chiyo looked very nervous, while Azusa looked very confident.

"Can I really win against her…" thought Chiyo.

"There is no way Azusa will lose." Thought Azusa.

An automatic bell rang and Azusa skated at Chiyo. Chiyo barely dodged as Azusa began to kick her.

"This isn't fair or fun!" cried Miki watching it, "Chiyo doesn't know how to fight!"

"I know…" said Ryoko.

"I don't care for anyone you 6… but even this makes me feel… gross watching it." Said Tsukiko.

"Should we tell them?" asked Akane.

"Let it be a surprise." Said Ran.

Back on the rink (which would be the best place to call it) Chiyo continued to dodge.

"There is no way you can win against me…" said Azusa.

Chiyo dodged another of her kicks.

"When this is all over... he's going to have to choose someone." Said Azusa.

Chiyo dodged still let another kick.

"And I don't mean this match!" said Azusa.

Chiyo ducked to doge the kick.

"Because like Azusa said before… you're not from this universe…" said Azusa

Chiyo dodged one of her kicks only to Azusa to spin around really fast and kicked her in the gut.

"Because you will lose one way or another…" said Azusa.

Chiyo began to think back to when she first met Ryoga… remember the frightened look on his face when he was trapped in the spring. And the look of thanks when she rescued him.

She only saw him as a friend then… but now…

Through the months spent together, they grew closer… she never felt that way before...

She wasn't sure if Ryoga felt the same way… but she knew one thing…

Ryoga hated Azusa.

"I will not lose to you…" said Chiyo getting up, she had once again entered stare mode.

She got into position and was ready to fight…

"All right!" cheered Momo, "She's entered Stare Mode!"

"Stare Mode?" asked Ryoko.

"You're about see something interesting." Said Ran.

The fight was only getting started… after all, there was a chance that Azusa could somehow prevent stare mode… somehow…

"Oh man! It's a cliffhanger? Really!" said Momo, "Oh well it's still a good an anniversary chapter either way! Esspeiclly that little bit with her thinking back to her first meeting with Ryoga!"

"Who is she talking to?" asked Miki

"Don't ask." Mumbled Ran.

Next Time: Chiyo and Azusa continued to fight! Will Chiyo be able to win, or will Azusa find a way around the stare? Find out next time!