Author: This Prelude doesn't seem very relevant to the actual series but it plays a part. I hope it'll get you interested!


"Are you sure this will work?"

A voice was speaking to another present with him. It echoed aboard a warship down a hallway filled with red, flashing lights. An alarm was sounding around them. The first voice remained alert with his partner.

"I think they're coming. Hurry!" he demanded holding up his firearm.

"I'm almost done," the other male answered. "There. Let's go!"

The two hurried with a rush through a doorway that was breached with a hacking device.

"I see them!" said a well-armored titan from feet behind the two intruders.

The creatures opened fire. There were about eight of them chasing the trespassers down the narrow, discolored passageway. The two hadn't forgotten their mission. They weren't running away, they were running to their problem. A few obstacles presented their ugly heads in the form of heavy brutes on the ship. They fought tooth and nail just to get this far. They weren't going to stop just yet. Get to the Oppressor and kill him—that was the objective. This monster was ruining lives and destroying planets all for his pleasure, all for his lust of power. The two who were running to find him had been forced into his tyranny. Like everyone else who didn't obey it, they wanted their freedom. They wanted to die for it. Only getting it seemed so impossible after all those years under his rule. How does one attempt hold a galaxy alone? He doesn't do it by himself. He doesn't do it with kind words either. He cheats. He cheats with ultimate power at his fingertips and spares those who will follow him and kill for him those who disagree. This monster's weapon was a strong one. It was almost unreal. Regardless, it needed to be destroyed and so he along with it. The things that had happened in such a short amount of time, the planets that were devastated… Nothing could change that. But the two who were running were determined, driven, to terminate and steer the course of this desolate future.

The sound of gun shots and lasers bouncing off of the walls didn't cease for a moment. The reality of it all was intense.

"How much further?" the first voice asked panting as they ran. His long elf-like ears bounced at his head like his rat-like tail did behind him.

"Almost… Quick! Take the exit to the left!"

Immediately, they turned and ran. The soldiers were still following suit behind them.

"Can't we lose them, Uliir?"

"It doesn't matter. I have a feeling by the time we get to Sergua's chamber his battalion will be waiting for us."

"That doesn't really make it better!"

It was a miracle that two aliens like them made it onto Sergua's ship. They had been planning the ambush for months. Lives were sacrificed, however, just to make it close, just to even be within the perimeter. The Oppressor's power was impressive—actually, it was cosmic. They had been here for nearly twenty minutes. Why hadn't the tyrant just blown up his ship? He could care less about those who serve him. He could just flee and destroy his own vessel, eliminating the pests that plagued it. This was the ship which supplied his weapon. Never would he risk something like that. What was the power? Hard to describe. It was a material found on one of the planets it their galaxy. Sergua wanted to mine the planet dry of it when he found out what powers that it held. He did, too. He used the material, which the natives called "Neroltrium", to power machines and armaments. Little doses condensed down to the size of a humanoid pupil were enough to power a small appliance for months or even years. Sergua found a way to make it last for him. He found a way to make the greatest weapon of all—a weapon to wipe out whatever was in his way. That's why it was vital to keep his ship alive.

Uliir's right hand man, Tatrik, would stay by his side no matter what. His home was gone. Everything. Deliverance was way past its due date in his eyes. Uliir was like his brother. He was the only thing he had left to after; the only thing left that would look after him.

Their metal-covered feet brought them to their tyrant's chamber. His door was fried open by tearing through the circuitry in the computer on the wall.

"Oh, you know, you really should've done that before," Tatrik remarked.

"I was saving that device for last," Uliir said holding out the smaller gun he used that looked like it had a satellite dish attached to the end. "Are you ready?"

"Well, I find it strange that no one was here to greet us before his chamber and that those guys from before are coming after us still." The alien sighed but he couldn't keep the coy smile that ran across his lips from surfacing. "Let's kill that son of a bitch."

Uliir nodded with a determined smile. He was proud of his friend. They were ready. They stormed into the large chamber, Sergua's Head Quarters. Inside was extraordinary. It was the weapon that was most immaculate. It took up most of the space in the large room. It was like a large gun, hoisted into the air, suspended on thick, metal cables and glowing with a purple and blue light. That was the effect of the Neroltrium. The power hummed inside the device. But inside wasn't just the devastator alone. Uliir predicted right. The eight gunmen came rushing into the room behind them and in front of them was the battalion. They were uncountable. Their firearms were directed at the two invaders. But where was the Oppressor?

Uliir gritted his teeth and motioned his hand in a swing outward.

"Where is he?" he yelled.

A body covered in machine and circuits stepped forward with a thwarting laugh.

"Oh, Lord Sergua? He'll be arriving in just a minute. We were warming up the cannon while we waited," his voice spoke in sinister tones. "Actually, he had a surprise for you. For all the hard work you've done in the past fourteen months." His small laugh echoed against the walls of the room. "Oh. I think I hear him coming now."

Uliir's ears perked to the sound of heavier footsteps entering the room. His tail swaggered behind him in agitation and anticipation. Their dictator made his way through the groups of parted soldiers only to see Uliir and his companion Tatrik standing there in the center of the chamber. Sergua was not like them. He wasn't of their race—though rather similar on the outside. Whatever was inside was dark and morbid and consumed with greed and chaos. Everything about him could be read by the smile on his face and the glow of his dark eyes. He stood merely a few feet before them for a moment and raising a brow to which he just shook his head and laughed and continued to walk around them.

"You know, I'll give you credit. You've been through my ship. You've seen everything. You've even withstood my men. But that doesn't really matter anymore," he sighed out his words looking at the creation before him. "I designed this thing all on my own. And it worked!" A smile gleamed on his pale, red face. "But I'm pretty sure you two remember the first thing I was able to test it on, right? That small moon on our home planet?" His armored hand touched a part of the cannon which glowed brightly when he did.

Tatrik scoffed at every word that came out of his mouth. It was just bullshit to him. He couldn't stand Sergua. Every time he opened his mouth he felt himself swell inside.

"There was something interesting about the Neroltrium, though. I noticed that through studying it that it was pretty hostile. Or at least, easily agitated. When I operated certain machines around it the Neroltrium would just go berserk and break things or do something else so… so strange. But, oh well." Sergua shrugged and turned back his view to the two renegades. "Like I said, it doesn't matter. I've practically got everything I want. Right here."

"Then what's the point of continuing?" Uliir glared sharply.

"What do you mean? There's a whole universe out there! Which reminds me, I've got something to show you."

The Oppressor signaled a grunt nearby to open some hatches on the walls which revealed their location in space. They were somewhere familiar to Tatrik and Uliir.

"I actually found out where your group has been hiding. I feel so stupid for not even destroying that miserable rock eons ago."

Uliir and his faction were based on a planet that was small and cold. It was furthest from the sun and bore little to no civil life. They were hiding deep within it. Keeping their secrets and plans concealed. At least until now.

"Oh, god…," Tatrik said under his breath. A look of horror was on his face.

"Oh, so you know my surprise?" Sergua laughed lightly. "Well, anyway, I wanted you two to helplessly watch me destroy it. But I think I have a better idea now."

Uliir's eyes widened in confusion and disbelief of the man that stood before him. Sergua didn't seem to notice.

"Mother of God, Sergua! What's wrong with you? What happened to you?" Tatrik yelled out as the dictator moved along to a lift that would take him to the controls of the cannon just above.

"There is nothing wrong with me…" His voice was so chilling and flat. He was out of his mind. "I've been debating something for a while. Remember how I said that there was a whole universe out there? Well, I think I'd like explore it. I think… I think I want… to start over."

"What?" Uliir looked up with perplexed eyes.

"Here's my new surprise," Sergua announced in almost a dead voice.

They felt the ship take a different course—they could even see it out of the exposed windows once covered by the wall. It looked like they were going further and further away from their solar system.

"There are so many stars in our galaxy. There are so many planets I haven't touched here. This solar system of ours has become old and dead."

"Yeah, because of you, you asshole!" Tatrik snapped with a crack in his voice.

"So, you want to get rid of the place you called home? You want to annihilate everything that's left in our solar system? Just so you can start fresh?" Uliir didn't want to believe what he himself was saying. How could he? How could any creature wish such a horrid fate on his own kind? It was all running ramped through the young man's mind. "I think being around so much Neroltrium has made you more insane than you already were."

"Maybe. Or maybe it's helped me realize what I must do."

Their crazed tyrant signaled once again to another worker to steer the ship steady as they could see light years away was the their own sun. That was his plan. He would destroy the sun causing a chain reaction to eradicate everything in their solar system. The distance was far enough to make an escape with the ship remaining intact.

"The cannon's charged to its fullest power, Lord Sergua!" one worker announced at his station near the base of the device.

"Good. Get ready to fire. Countdown in two minutes…"

He slowly spoke each number and as the words fell off of his lips Tatrik screamed in rage at what he was supposed to witness in moments. He didn't want to just stand there and watch weakly at this demented mind. He took out the weapon he had been using since the beginning of their excursion and pointed it up at Sergua who only laughed. But Tatrik didn't shoot at the Oppressor. He immediately focused his gun on an exposed spot of the cannon and opened fire with all that he had. Sparks shot off and the Neroltrium reacted heavily to the lasers. The groups of soldiers standing there returned the fire onto him shooting Tatrik in the lower neck and shoulders. His gun flew from out of his hands and he collapsed onto the ground. The lasers from their guns pierced straight through his armor took off the plating. Uliir only could scream at the witness of his wounded friend.

"Tatrik!" he cried.

But to the fallen rebel his friend's voice was only muffled. Uliir stood at his side and kneeled down to him, picking up his head in his arms and resting it there. He saw the blood leaving his body from the hole that was in his neck. A sickness coursed through him and settled at the pit of his stomach. Tatrik couldn't speak. His lips moved but blood only spilled out and the sound of gargled noise followed. Uliir's eyes filled with tears as he could do no more but just watch his friend die.

"Tatrik…," he spoke in a whisper. "You will never be forgotten…"

"How touching."

A familiar voice chimed in as the distraught Uliir turned his focus up to Sergua with angered eyes. He stood on his two feet and stared with a face that could kill. Even it brought an amused emotion unto Sergua. His interest was removed by a distraction. The cannon that Tatrik had fired upon was leaking liquid Neroltrium and sparking up a storm. The countdown still commenced but it summoned a concerned look about the Oppressor. His fingers were hitting keys frantically to try and shut the weapon down. It was overreacting. Uliir stepped away from the glowing device as did many of the soldiers in the room. The humming sound wasn't steady like it was before. Frankly, it seemed like the thing would explode with all the strange noises that were coming out of it.


Sergua kept pushing buttons on the machine and soon slammed a fist onto the dashboard. He swiftly jumped from the area he was up on and landed near Uliir reaching a hand at his throat and squeezing. The alien coughed and held his hands around his arm to try and pry himself free. The enraged man was much stronger than him it would seem.

"Look what your friend did, Uliir," he said in a hiss with a manic voice. "He damaged my cannon. I didn't even think he had it in him. But now it's not responding. But no matter. It'll fire eventually and super nova our sun and—"

His voice was cut short at a small explosion from the back end of the giant machine. It was falling apart. The piece that ignited flew up into the air and hit through the ceiling of the chamber. The wires melted around it and the Neroltrium shown its purple and blue light as fire and electricity boomed around them. The battalion in the room disobeyed their orders just to save their own lives and began evacuating the premises.

"What're you doing? I command you all to keep your positions!" Sergua shouted dropping Uliir to the ground.

The young man coughed again and stood up breathing heavily.

"No one's going to listen to you anymore, Sergua. Your rule is over. Your plan is ruined and so is your weapon. You and I will die here."


He refused to let everything he worked for end like this. Everything he strived for, killed for—it's all nothing. A blast came once more from the cannon and sent the two flying in separate directions. Uliir rolled to an empty control station. His armor was sparking from the damage it took. He could hardly focus or see what was happening in the chamber. The fire and smoke concealed most of the destruction. The Oppressor landed near the entrance way to the spacious room and tried to stand. His eyes widened at the sight before him. An explosion took out the front of the room exposing the area to space and its elements. First he watched some items get sucked into the dark vacuum and then his weapon was pulled out with it all. He too was taken and thrown into space. He couldn't scream. He suffocated long before that. Uliir met the same fate and watched his friend's lifeless body tumble out into space with everything else. The last thing he saw was Tatrik and his friends, his people, those he was fighting for. His last thoughts…

"We're free…"

Moments later a chain explosion ignited the ship and section by section it burned until it finally blew across all corners of space. It was seen from the furthest planets. The glowing Neroltrium cannon still drifted away from the explosion. The element inside was agitated enough to the point of bursting open. Shards of the stuff flew like the Oppressor's ship to god knows where. But that was the last of it that anyone would ever see in this solar system.

When Uliir's faction found out about what had happened they immediately resurfaced on their planet. The oppression and tyranny was over. Whatever soldiers that were left from Sergua's army surrendered or fled. Some of those who worked for him never wanted to in the first place anyway. They gladly took back to their lives as liberated people. Those who witnessed everything on Sergua's ship told the story. It only made some weep for what they learned had happened to Tatrik and Uliir. They were proud. They helped free them. Without their aid and bravery their homes would be nothing. At least for now they could rebuild their future and live without such a nightmare. For now…