Author: Here's the conclusion finally. I hope it was a decent story for you. :D It wasn't very action-packed but I like a light take on things sometimes. Thanks for reading!


The Solana galaxy.

Planet Kerwan, Metropolis City.

Several weeks had already passed since Femka was returned home to Earth and Ratchet and Clank were fast back into their old routine. It had been easy to keep the business up once again, especially given that there were no distractions. Arlis was no longer at that garage, however. He had left about one week earlier after enquiring to Al about a possible position as an assistant to his work. It seemed logical for the Remilien as he felt like there wasn't much else available for him because of his disposition. But the intellectual alien was happy to have something going for him for now. He made a statement saying that one day he would visit his nephew. For the meantime he'd reside on Kerwan.

The teleportation device that they had used was still assembled and functional in the corner of the garage. It hadn't been used since Femka's departure. After Ratchet's return the necklace that was being used as the main source of power was in danger of cracking and it was decided that using the machine again wouldn't be likely unless there was an alternative source of energy. The mechanic kept the necklace with him instead. He remembered what he told Femka, that he had the resources to see her, but it was unorthodox. Even Clank brought it up again one day when Ratchet was wishing to use the teleporter. He was lucky no one saw them step through the portal on Earth and if he was to try it another time and someone witnessed it it could hurt Femka's race. Ratchet knew Clank was right—he was always right. It bothered him that he made such a promise but it seemed impossible to keep. For the meantime all he had were some of Femka's things and her sketchbook, one important thing. He did look through it when he was alone and viewed everything that she had drawn before she came and while she stayed with him and Clank. She even did the drawing of him that he jokingly asked her to do awhile back—she wanted him to see that one the most. There were lots of scribbles on various pages and even writing around many of the drawings, something the woman always did. They were "character annotations". Unfortunately, the Lombax couldn't read English and it left him wondering what she wrote every time.

As he sat in his room looking one night through the drawing book and he took is comm-link putting the book aside and searched for Femka's number. His curiosity forced him to consider that maybe they could keep a transmission together but the distance might be too great. With a shrug of his shoulders he tried to connect to her communicator anyway but there was no luck. A small line of holo-text displayed, "Server Not Found". His eyebrows furrowed and a grumble of annoyance escaped his breath. Ratchet wasn't about to accept defeat just yet. He continued to try and reach the other comm-link but still the same message came up.

"This is frustrating…," he said under his breath. "One more try."

He pressed the button again and for a moment the signal acted as if it was traveling through but soon cut-off.


He put the comm-link down on his lap and stared out the window for a second only soon standing up and exiting the room with the small device in his hand. Clank was awake in the living room reading one of his books at noticed his friend walking by with a determined expression on his face. It caused him to tilt his large, metal head in interest as Ratchet headed for the garage. When the door closed Clank left his spot and hurried to the garage as well seeing Ratchet walking over to one of his little work areas. It was already well into the night; he couldn't have anything else to work on or so that's what Clank thought. His tiny feet echoed off of the hard floor while he made his way to his companion. He stared up at him with a tap of a finger on his chin.

"Ratchet, what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna see if I can get this thing to have a better signal. I swear there was a second where it was trying to connect but it failed." His tail swayed.

"Are you trying to reach Miss Femka?"

"Who else?" He smiled. "I decided that for now I won't use the teleporter. But I did make a promise to her that somehow she'd see me again. So, if I can get this thing to have a little more power then maybe I can reach her."

Clank blinked his green eyes and watched Ratchet begin to take the device apart on the table. He climbed up on one of the stools and examined the mechanic's work. He watched him dismantle the apparatus and tinker around with it. Ratchet left his spot and brought more items to his table that he thought may help him in the process. It was his duty as a Lombax to improve his comm-link and to give it more accessibility to Femka's device. Neither of them were sure how long they would be standing there but Ratchet seemed to be glued to his job and he eventually took a seat and worked with what he had. Clank stood by his side and assisted him in any way he could.

Hours passed into the night and Ratchet felt like he was making a breakthrough tampering with his communication link. When he was done with it it didn't look like how it was before. There were portions sticking out with some wires, too, but the attachments put onto it were necessary for getting a strong signal. It was like a mini, Frankenstein satellite. Ratchet held out his device to Clank and the sentient bot titled his head and took it from his friend's hand to look at it closely.


The robot hummed in deep thought.

"There is no way of knowing for certain if it will work unless you try," he said handing it back to the mechanic.

He smiled and turned the device on with a press of one of the buttons on its side.

"You know, having something like this back on that other planet would've been helpful." His brows rose and fell.

"Indeed, although then you did not have the right resources to improve your comm-link."

Ratchet nodded lightly with a satisfied smile of agreement.

"Let's see if it works…"

He slowly input the number he had been trying to reach and watched signal from the holo-display dial out. Clank stood on the stool next to Ratchet watching in suspense as well as it looked like the communicator was having trouble establishing a connection. There was no error message yet. The signal kept moving but it wouldn't beep giving them the confirmation that it had found Femka's device. It appeared like it was stuck on a permanent load screen. Ratchet's shoulders sank when he continued to see the same display and sighed.

"Guess not…"

"Hm, I would not give up so easily," Clank said the moment a distinct beeping sound came through.

Ratchet's ears lifted and his eyes blinked holding the device up closer.

"There's a connection!"

"Miss Femka might be far away but perhaps not too far."

Ratchet smiled to his friend only hoping that maybe the Earthling would be nearby to hear the beeping from her comm-link, wherever she was. As the sound continued, back on Earth, Femka did hear it. It had been weeks since her departure but she recognized that sound. The young girl was downstairs in her house watching television late at night when the sound echoed from her room upstairs. She muted the television with a stern and confused expression across her face and jumped off of the couch running upstairs nearly tripping over herself. The beeping persisted and the woman opened up her door to see her comm-link blinking and making noise on her nightstand. Her feet hurried over and her hands picked up the small device with puzzlement. She knew exactly who it was but she couldn't believe it. Her finger pressed the button to answer the call and on the other side the voice she knew so well spoke making her lips spread into a smile.

"Miss me?"

The End