A/N: Here you go, the last chapter. I hope this answers to all the questions you may have had about the weird situation I threw Ginny in.

This was not possible. No way. She hadn't been with anyone for months.

Unless it was Sirius.

Ginny sat there, staring at the pickle jar she was sure was now sneering at her. Impossible. That would mean she had actually been in the past. With Sirius Black. If that was true, could she get back? If that was true, she had messed with the timeline and the world she lived in was pretty much impossible.

"Whoever invented magic... Fucked up sense of humour." Ginny muttered, as she rose from the table and walked to her fireplace.

"Dad, you remember when I told you about these dreams that seemed so real, right?" Ginny was nervous about saying anything about her revelation.

"Yes." Arthur nodded, "Magic dreams."

"It was real. Everything was real. I'm slipping in the past."

Her dad looked at her, surprised. For a while he didn't say anything. Then he let out a sigh. "Somehow I already knew. Ever since you were a kid. It was always real, no matter how hard we insisted you'd just been dreaming or sleep walking. It's your own special kind of magic."

"Do you reckon it's possible for me to decide to go back," Ginny took a shaky breath, "And stay there?"

Her father looked at her, a sad smile on his face. "Do you think you'll be up for it, altering the future?"

"Dad, I already have." Ginny wasn't sure if she wanted to tell him about the other revelation she had had in the morning. Hell, she wasn't sure she believed it herself.

Arthur had a curious look on his face, but he didn't press the subject. "Then I think you have no other option."

"But how can I know that I don't keep slipping back and forth?"

"It's up to you, Ginny. It always has been. You just have to make a decision of your own future and where you're going to spend it."

Ginny looked at her father and realized he was right. She would have to take control of her magic. Make a decision. For good. Her eyes began stinging. "But that means I have to leave you all."

Arthur let out a chuckle. "Perhaps not forever darling. I think you'll find a way to be a part of our lives, in your own version of future."

"Sirius was a part of our lives." Ginny said, more to herself than to her father.

"Sirius? So we'll be seeing him with company in another reality." Arthur's eyes twinkled, not unlike Dumbledore's once had.

Ginny felt her cheeks grow hot. "I hope so." She hesitated for a moment. "So I can really change the future?"

Arthur walked to Ginny and hugged her tight. "Yes, I think you can. And I dare say you should."

That night Ginny was nervous to go to sleep. She had spend the day worrying about every single thing she was sure would be affected if her dreams were real. She would disappear. Her life as it was would disappear. Or would it? The idea of time didn't make sense to her. Would everything here disappear?

What if she was wrong and this was yet another trick her mind was playing? Ginny's head throbbed as she walked around in her apartment, making sure everything was in its place. She felt like she had to prepare for a long trip and was tempted to pack a suitcase. She would be leaving after all. Probably.

Hours later, as she lay awake in her bed, she willed herself to calm down. She would fall asleep, go to Sirius. She would stay with Sirius. Alter the history. Exist together with herself. Miss her parents. What had she gotten herself into?

Ginny's pillow was damp from tears, but she was too tired to care.

Ginny was walking on a familiar street. The wind was a tad too cold and it made her shiver. She was glad she had her leather jacket. She paused to look at a shop window that displayed curious looking clothes. This had to be a muggle street. She continued her journey along the pavement and wondered why it felt like she knew where she was going. She noticed a coffee shop and decided it wasn't such a bad idea to get some coffee and maybe something sweet with it. Perhaps a chocolate croissant. Yeah, those were probably the best thing muggles had come up with.

Ginny froze as her fingers grazed the coffee shop's door handle. She was on the very same street where she had met Sirius. She drew her hand back. Her heart felt like it was about to explode. Slowly she turned and started walking. She didn't have to think about directions, her legs felt like they were on autopilot. Ginny concentrated on breathing. That shouldn't have been too difficult. She watched as her breath rose in puffs of steam that vanished slowly, mixing with the chilly air surrounding her.

When Ginny reached Sirius's house, she got nervous. What would she say? Had she missed her? Would he be angry because she had disappeared without a warning? How much time had passed since the last time she was here?

Ginny opened the door and climbed two sets of stairs. As she stood in front of his door and knocked, her hand was shaking. Instead of three sharp knocks, she managed four and a half quiet ones. There was no answer and she hesitated for a while. Then slowly she turned the handle, opened the door and stepped cautiously in to the apartment. There was no one there. The door closed behind her with a click, making her feel even more anxious than she already was, alone in his apartment.

Then she heard something clatter.

Ginny rushed to the kitchen door to see Sirius sitting on a chair, leaning his head against his hands. A bottle of firewhiskey lay on the table, cork unscrewed, dripping its contents on the table, where it formed a golden stream, finally falling to the floor in a steady flow.

"Sirius." Ginny whispered.

His head shot up, and for a while they looked at each other in a heavy silence.

"Sirius, what's going on?" She didn't dare to move.

His hands curled into fists, as he turned his gaze back down. "They are dead. Harry was taken away. Wormtail ratted them out."

Ginny couldn't breath. She hadn't expected this. In all her frantic musings she hadn't thought about poor Harry. Hot tears began streaming down her cheeks as she watched the devastated man who was sitting in front of her. She wanted to comfort him, tell him everything would be ok, that this was just a bad dream. But it wasn't. Not anymore.

Suddenly Sirius hit his fists against the table and sprang to his feet.

"I'm gonna kill that bloody traitor!"

Ginny flinched. She was intimidated by the angry man, but afraid of what would happen if she didn't stop him.

"You can't go, he'll set you up and escape and you're going to Azkaban." The words tumbled out of Ginny's lips. Her voice was quiet, but she knew he had heard her.

"I won't let that happen." Sirius refused to look at her.

"Sirius, listen to me, I know, I'm from the future. It has happened before!"

He halted and looked at her, his eyes narrowed.

"But you can't change the future."

"I already have." A single tear run down her cheek. "Sirius, I'm pregnant."

They stared at each other, neither saying a word. Then Sirius jumped up, knocking over his chair, rushed to Ginny, and threw his arms around her, as if fearing she'd slip away as soon as he let go.

"You left me. Then James left me, and Lily too. Everyone I love..." His voice died away.

"I'm not leaving you. Ever again." All Ginny could do was hold him, hoping everything would get better. Eventually.

Ginny gave a heavy sigh, as she stroked the turquoise hair of the little boy sleeping on her lap. Today was the day she had gone to the past. The circle had closed. Her life had been bitter sweet, existing together with her old self, who didn't recognize her. To the Weasleys she had always been Aunt Ginny, the distant relative who was always around. Molly and Arthur had been the only people who knew Ginny's real identity, but had kept it a secret. Ginny was happy she could be a part of lives of the people she loved.

It had been bizarre to watch Harry, Ron, Hermione and herself grow up together with her daughter. May was a year younger than her old self, the spitting image of young Ginny; the only things telling them apart were the black hair and blue eyes she had inherited from her father. She had grown up to be a true heir of a Marauder, making both her father and Fred and George very proud of her.

Ginny had changed the past in many ways she hadn't dared dreaming of. Sirius was alive and he had a daughter. She had stayed in the past, living it as if she belonged there. She felt like she did. Like it all was supposed to happen. But staying in the past had been a difficult journey. She had had to relive her own past. She had had to relive the battle of Hogwarts. It had been devastating to find out she couldn't save Fred. She couldn't save Remus and Tonks. Couldn't save the people she loved. No matter how hard she had tried. The history had refused to be rewritten.

Ginny brushed her palm against her cheek, wiping the stubborn tears that threatened to fall on her lap. She looked at the boy sleeping there. His mouth was slightly ajar and his eyes shut. The book he had brought Ginny lay forgotten in his lap. She lifted him up and carried him to his bed, and placed a wolf plush toy under his arm before whispering good night to her godson.

Then she tiptoed to her bedroom and snuck under the covers. She listened to Sirius's steady breathing, and ran her hand softly against his hair and stubbly cheek. His hair was black as ever, but she could see streaks of grey in it. She smiled as she closed her eyes. It was her favourite shade of Black.