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Queen of Camelot – by AudiRox

Matters outside of the kingdom have kept Arthur away from his beloved city, but most importantly, they have kept him away from the love of his live. He had promised Guinevere to be back within a fortnight, but it was a promise he had already broken a day before. On horseback, as he rides towards Camelot, he wonders how his future queen will greet him. But the slower, more stressing groans of his servant on horseback behind him, make the king roll his eyes and look back.

"What is it now, Merlin?" he asks.

The sight of Merlin is more comical than that of Arthur. Hunched over on his horse, Merlin complains. "Is that annoyance I hear in your tone, Arthur? I'm sorry, but has an arrow ever pierced your arse? No. That's right… you haven't a clue what it's like to ride a horse with a sorely wounded arse!"

Arthur tries to contain his amusement. "I'm sorry. It's just that, I promised Guinevere that I wouldn't be gone long."

"Oh well, then," says a sarcastic Merlin.

"I do not want to be more late than I already am."

"Late for what?" asks a very uneasy Merlin.

"I'm going to ask her," continues Arthur with a smile, "I'm going to ask Guinevere to be my queen."

Merlin can't help but smile through his pain.

"And you should be punished for making me break a promise to your future queen!" says Arthur jokingly as he continues ahead.

"What?" shouts an injured Merlin as he tries to straighten his frame. "Ow!"

The two men ride faster towards the kingdom.

Later that morning, Gwen is seen with a vase of flowers walking towards the king's chambers. Nodding at the guard outside his door, she enters the chambers without knocking. She places the vase on the table and moves the curtains wider for sunlight to brighten the king's chambers. And then she moves back to the table and arranges the flowers. It is clear that thoughts of Arthur make her smile as she moves a stem here and there.

Outside the chambers, Agravaine arrives by the door.

"I would like a word with the king," says the man.

"I'm sorry, my lord, no one is to enter the chambers. The king is occupied."

"I just saw a servant enter the chambers just moments ago," says an aggravated man.

"Yes, my lord." says the stoic guard, leaving no room for Agravaine to inquire of the king's activities any further.

Back inside, Guinevere continues to sort the flowers in the vase. Unbeknown to her, the king quietly inches closer to his love. He gently places his hands on Guinevere's face, covering her eyes.

Gwen knowingly smiles as she places her own hands on top of his. "Arthur," she says as she turns around, "you've returned."

Arthur smiles as he pulls Gwen closer, "I'm sorry I was gone for long."

"No matter," says an understanding Gwen, "I know I can't always have what I want."

The king can't help but appreciate Gwen's patience. But he decides to not make her wait any longer. He lets her go and takes a step back making her wonder what he is up to.

"Arthur?" she asks. "What are you doing?"

Arthur gets down on one knee.

Surprised, she asks again, "Arthur?"

"Guinevere," he says as the violins slowly start to play, "we've waited so long for this. We shouldn't have to wait any longer."

Guinevere's eyes tear up as she realizes what is happening.

"Make me the happiest man in all of the kingdoms and say you will be my wife, my queen?"

A humble smile appears on Guinevere's face. A smile that could only mean one thing.

Later that day, Agravaine hurriedly rides through the woods.

"What!" shouts Morgana. "The servant is to be queen!"

"The kingdom celebrates as we speak," says Agravaine. "The king has chosen his queen."

"I would rather choke myself with my own two hands than see Gwen sit on my throne," says a bitter Morgana.

"What can we do?" asks Agravaine.

Morgana smirks and turns to her accomplice, "You know as well as I do that Arthur rules with his heart."

"His downfall," smiles Agravaine. "But I've tried to talk him out of choosing her as his queen."

Morgana smiles up at the tall man, "Well, we won't play so nice this time."

Agravaine isn't sure what Morgana is up to, but her confidence in whatever plan she had just thought up makes him smile. "Whatever it is, it must be good," he thinks to himself.

To be continued… (continue on to Chapter two)

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