Open your eyes.

She's never been much of a hero, and he's never liked playing the role of the person who needs to be saved. / SasuKarin ;

a/n: idek what this is. may/may not be made into a series of drabbles derp.


"Remember to fall in love with a man who has loving eyes," her mother had always said.

It had stuck to her all this time, haunting her to this very day. Karin had never thought she would ever fall in love, and she honestly didn't want to. What was so great about trusting a man who could easily break you if you weren't careful?

The opposite gender made her shudder with disgust, annoyed her more often than not. In fact, Karin had thought she would always hate boys until she met him.

He was a boy with black hair, blue-ish tints here and there, an alluring chakra that made her gasp out loud with amazement. What caught her attention the most was his eyes; concentrated, determined midnight eyes that knew what he wanted. It almost brought a smile to her face.

But here he was now: exciting eyes now dulled to plain black, eyes harboring nothing except pure hatred.

It frightened her. Where was the guy who had saved her life? Where was the guy who knew how to smile and mean it?

"Open your eyes," she had wanted to tell him, beg him. "Stop being like this."

Karin would not have minded how pathetic she sounded, would not have cared about how stupid she had been for falling in love, if only her words had been enough to reach him, to save him.

But of course, it wasn't enough. Sasuke's eyes fluttered open, calm expression despite his weakening chakra. "Karin, I need you."

For once, she didn't want to be used by him, didn't want to be tossed aside after she was no longer deemed valuable. "Here," she held out her arm near his mouth, actions contradicting her thoughts.

Sasuke bit into her arm, chakra booming to a large scale again. Without a word of thanks, he got up, ready to face his opponent again.

Karin stayed still, knowing the enemy couldn't see her from there. She absentmindedly rubbed the tingling spot on her arm. The spot that proved how she wasn't and would never be enough.

Not enough to save Sasuke from the monster he was becoming.