He queries: "Did you retrieve?"

The question is innocuous enough but Soundwave watches as Rumble shifts from side to side, a very human gesture that has no place on a bot. Doubtless it came from watching many forbidden items on the human's electronic information system, a system Soundwave is sure he encoded to stop his symbiotes watching such decadence. However he knows not to underestimate Frenzy's hacking skills combined with both of their motivations and compulsions towards the 'shows'. He would normalyl take pride in his symbiotes bypassing such complex codes and persisting in such measures, but right now all Soundwave has on his mind is Bluestreak.

"Sure did, Boss." Rumble hesitates before handing over the small item, a hesitation that Soundwave notes. His symbiote is distressed; he can feel this now and he pays attention. No, not distressed but Rumble's certainly anxious.

"Rumble, explain."

His tone demands answer, not argument and Rumble doesn't fail in his obedience when he answers, almost reluctantly.

"Boss, why do you want this?"

Soundwave stares down impassively watching as Rumble fidgets more.

"Explain" The word is calm, no flex of tone to his voice but Soundwave is uneasy. His symbiotes never question when it comes to his persuasions.

Rumble looks nervous now and Soundwave notes internal communications have opened up between Rumble, Frenzy and Ravage. He declines to listen in and waits patiently for an answer though his unease grows. It's then he realizes he's sensing the unease of all his symbiotes but before he has time to address the issue Rumble speaks.

"Boss, you're not going to do…anything, are you?"

Soundwave doesn't wish to have to ask for more explanation, it's becoming tiresome. Instead he opens the link between himself and Rumble and draws Frenzy and Ravage in as well. Once the link is fully opened he understands their unease and seeks to reassure them over the bond.

*Negative, Soundwave does not wish for that. Yet.*

The answer has the desired affect with Rumble and Frenzy; they are younger and take his words at face plate value. They don't appear troubled by the 'yet', believing that Soundwave will grow bored of the idea before implementation can occur.

Ravage, however, she is still uneasy. She is unappeased by the words and Soundwave understands why- she knows him only too well. Soundwave can only offer her partial reassurance when he feels her uncertainty. Opening the bond link fully to Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw and Ratbat, he intones:

*All except Frenzy must scout the ship. Remain unseen. Find the Autobot Mirage and ensure he does not capture you. Take care to mention the control room.*

He feels as well as hears their acceptance at the request. Ravage is calmed somewhat, though an unease still lies in her spark that Soundwave senses. Frenzy and Rumble's sheer joy and relief filters through, both are concerned at his attachment to Bluestreak. Both worry about the intensity and Soundwave understands. That loyalty and perseverance confuses his symbiotes. Bluestreak is special. Bluestreak will not elude him. Once the Autobot is healed Soundwave will have him and no Autobot or Decepticon will stand in his way. Including his symbiotes.

Soundwave knows his symbiotes loyalty. It never falters, and he rewards them with everything that he is. If they did not accept Bluestreak he would wait patiently until they did. He would never abandon one. He closes the link to all but Frenzy and requests his presence in the control room. He has six breems before Skywarp will take over in the control room, during that time Frenzy will play lookout and ensure no recording takes place.

Bluestreak is keening softly, clicking and stuttering over the sounds. Soundwave dislikes the vocalizations. They remind him of sparklings, younlings, both of which Bluestreak is not. He wants Bluestreak strong, spluttering with words and insults, a sense of defiance about him that's unable to crush. But Soundwave can see Skywarp's words have harmed the Bluestreak far more then anything else that's been put upon the Autobot and it infuriates him.

He remains calm outwardly and over his bond links; placid and stoic faced to those who may see him. He doesn't want to unsettle his symbiotes more than they already are and he doesn't intend to show his true emotion to any Decepticon that may seek to influence or use it. Fury dances through his spark as Soundwave calculates 53 different ways in which Skywarp could be punished for his arrogance. He has a fondness for methods 13-22 but Frenzy interrupts him before he can elaborate mentally upon them and Soundwave's focus clears; Skywarp will get as he deserves but Soundwave won't be the judge, not this time anyway.

"Boss?" Frenzy is peering up at him before scuttling onto the chair to jab at the buttons in front of him.

"Frenzy: Keep watch." Soundwave speaks evenly though excitement burns through him at the thought of getting close to Bluestreak, "Soundwave: returns shortly."

He ignores the hesitation before Frenzy nods. He knows the small mech is unhappy with this new addition to the situation and will only be too pleased for the Autobot Mirage to be located. Soundwave also knows that the unsettlement and anxiety is sure to grow when Frenzy watches how Soundwave interacts with Bluestreak but there's no way to minimise that. Soundwave knows that despite the anxiety Frenzy will never do anything less than is expected of him by Soundwave.

Soundwave takes a moment to still himself, to push the eagerness that surges through him aside. It's not in his nature to rush headlong into anything and usually the situation doesn't lead him to feel the temptation to do so. But then Bluestreak is truly an enigma, one who captivates Soundwave. He would be repulsed to use the word obsession; the word illogical, weak and fraught with emotion and ignorance but while Soundwave turns from the word his symbiotes whisper it between their bonds. Soundwave chooses to ignore. His symbiotes are far too young, inexperienced and ignorant to form a correct judgment about his behavior. And none would chose to voice it, even his eldest refrains from that honesty.

Allowing himself entry into the room, ignoring the scent of spilt energon and unpleasant unwanted fluids, Soundwave focuses on Bluestreak. His Autobot is still keening softly, apparently he hasn't noticed Soundwave's entrance and Soundwave pauses for a moment to see whether Bluestreak will look up, will show the same defiance and run his vocaliser scathingly.

He's disappointed at the lack of reaction and in that split second Soundwave makes a decision. He sweeps forward, the snick of his body partially transforming not prompting Bluestreak to react though the Autobot stiffens as Soundwave plunges the jack into a tiny medical port on his neck. He shuts down Bluestreak's optics; he has no wish to reveal himself and frighten the Autobot. Nor does he wish for Bluestreak to impart his actions to his superiors once rescued. It would be detrimental to Soundwave's plans if they became suspicious of him, he prefers the anonymity and for their wrath and attention to be focused on the other Decepticons. That will make it all the easier to retrieve Bluestreak for himself.

Soundwave can see Bluestreak stiffening, registering the pain of the probe and watches the horror sweep over Bluestreak's faceplates as he realizes his optics are now offline. For a moment it appears Bluestreak is about to panic, ready to lapse into the pathetic whimpering that Soundwave detests.


Not the most verbose and eloquent insult, but Soundwave's delighted to hear the fire back in Bluestreak's tone as he hisses the words. He detaches the probe from Bluestreak's port and steps back, enjoying the aesthetics of the Autobot. The smears of fluid and energon aren't appreciated and certainly mar his view somewhat but Soundwave finds a deep appreciation in Bluestreak who, in Soundwave's opinion, is certainly conventionally attractive but that's far surpassed by the words which flow more steadily from his vocaliser.

He may not be able to see Soundwave but the mech is pleasantly surprised and admiring of Buestreak's imagination. So far Soundwave's creators and offspring have all been slagged, fragged and smelted down under the burning descriptions (although Soundwave can ascertain from Bluestreaks wording and tone that he's taking a gamble with the probability of the latter). As for Soundwave himself, Bluestreak seems to have adopted the view he was created out of viscous slag and hadn't yet climbed out of the cowardly slime he was nurtured in.

Not only is the Autobot fascinating but Soundwave's interface plate is becoming tighter and hotter at each sentence.

Soundwave allows his digits to dance lightly over Bluestreak's armour, from the chain bound wrist to the tip of his shoulder and finally to his dented and-Soundwave notes in disapproval- cracked chassis. He rubs lightly over the cracks, watching as Bluestreak attempts to squirm away from the pleasure. Or perhaps pain, Soundwave is unsure. The area is a sensitive one for numerous reasons.

Removing the small item Rumble had delivered, Soundwave presses it to the chain link that binds Bluestreak's chest. The chains, placed there by Megatron himself, groan and then give way. They unlink slightly but catch in the deep grooves in Bluestreak's body and it takes a moment for Soundwave to work them, carefully, free. He notes that Bluestreak's words hold a tinge of panic now, as he strains against the other chains and attempts to turn away.

Soundwave chides him with a tap to his faceplate which makes Bluestreak still, though the words haven't yet stopped.

"-I'm sure Megatron said not do this. That doing this was on pain of death. You don't want to frag him off, do you?…Starscream?"

Soundwave cocks his head to one side in bemusement as Bluestreak's desperate chatter stalls before he utters the word quietly, horror evident in it. If Bluestreak wishes to believe he's the Deceptive backstabbing SIC, Soundwave will allow him to- in fact he can understand why the Autobot would deduce it so.

Ignoring the questioning tone, Soundwave transforms the probe into a smaller more delicate instrument and with well practiced ease, he presses it into Bluestreak's chassis and jacks it open.

The movement is fluid and quick, giving Bluestreak no time to comment, though speech seems to have escaped him anyway. His vocaliser is stuttering as Soundwave leans forward to stare at Bluestreak's spark. It's surprisingly shy and unsurprisingly panicked, alternating between flickering and jolting and attempting to move up and hide deep in the chamber.

Soundwave marvels at the colour; it's vibrant and defiant, much like Bluestreak himself. It's everything he imagined it will be. He suddenly notices how close he is to touching it, his body seeming to disobey his normal stoicness to reach and touch the elusive enigmatic spark. His digits skim the top of Bluestreak's spark chamber, protective spark pulses biting lightly at him as he dares to touch this intimate part of Bluestreak.

Bluestreak's cooling fans suddenly whine and Soundwave draws his digits back noticing how stressed Bluestreak now is. The Autobot's face is worryingly slack, his cooling fans kicked on high as heat assaults Soundwave. Bluestreak is dangerously close to overheating and while Soundwave can't hear his rambling insults anymore, he knows that's more likely because Bluestreak's monologue has turned inward. Turned into an internalized scream.

He's crossed a line. Soundwave knows it and regrets allowing himself to go so far. To let his passion for Bluestreak overwhelm him and draw him to this intimate assault. Soundwave chides himself mentally; he wishes Bluestreak as a mate, not as a mindless bond or interface. He would have to win Bluestreak around, not a small feat Soundwave imagines but he's been looking forward to the challenge that would come later in kidnapping and entrapping the Autobot.

He will have to modify his plans somewhat, he has no desire to cause Bluestreak to offline and time is not on Soundwave's side. It won't be long before Frenzy contacts him in regards to SKywarp's attendance in the control room.

He shuts Bluestreak's chassis, feeling the Autobot tremble as he does. He wraps the chains back around, though he doesn't loop them too tightly. It's lucky, for Soundwave, that Megatron trusts him so implicitly that he didn't question Rumble's request.

Bluestreak's choking back whimpers now, softer than before though just as uncontrolled. Soundwave runs a digit over Bluestreak's glossia at the noise and is surprised how quickly Bluestreak opens it at suck, not bite as Soundwave had expected, on the digit. It's hideously inappropriate and obviously desperate, but Soundwave allows it for a moment fascinated by the impulses that rush through him at the small gesture. Then he removes his digit and presses the side of an energon cube to Bluestreak's glossia.

The Autobot stiffens against the sensation, parting to allow the strange object entry but Soundwave has no desire for anything more than to tilt the cube and allow the medical grade energon to slowly trickle out. He can see how surprised Bluestreak is by this;, he starts and chokes a little energon trickling down his chin before eagerly consuming what Soundwave gives him.

The sounds he makes are delightful, though not as much as his words have been. Soundwave allows himself to linger a breem longer, just touching and stroking Bluestreak as he feeds him the rest of the energon and then cleans all traces from him. The disappointment that comes when Frenzy announces Skywarp's approach is palpable and the ferocity which overtakes it at the Seeker's name is surprising but Soundwave calmly subspaces the empty cube before moving back towards the door, allowing himself one last look at Bluestreak before he leaves.

It will be orns before he sees the mech again, of this Soundwave is sure, and he looks forward to using the time to ensure that next time he has Bluestreak captive the Autobot becomes accepting, willing and has no chance or need for escape.