Frank Gets Jealous

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Cat's POV

I honestly do not care one bit who fancies me, Reader. How could Frank be so shallow?

You see, it all started when a young gentleman asked for my dance card and signed it when I went with Frank's family to a ball. This time, I was wearing a green dress that matched well with my eyes. It had gold embroidery at the hem of the skirt. Yet again, Frank did not seem to find the courage to sign my dance card. It wasn't a surprise to me. Actually, I half expected it. Now, this young gentleman, Robert, simply signed my dance card. When it came his time to dance with me, I was shocked to see how swiftly he danced and led me.

As we were dancing, I saw Frank dancing with a beautiful girl. I must admit Reader, that I had felt a twinge of envy that he had signed the girl's dance card, but not mine. I pushed the feeling aside because I knew I couldn't force Frank to sign my dance card if he didn't want to (Well, actually I could but…). After dancing, Robert and I sat down and started a conversation. He had a very happy character and honestly was a bit handsome. We went to the tables to get some punch and Frank was also there. As Robert was pouring the punch, Frank "accidentally" knocked over a full glass of punch, which spilled on Robert. "Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry, Robert" Frank said in a very unbelieving tone. I knew Frank had done it on purpose, but why? Robert, being the nice fellow he is, accepted the apology, excused himself, and left to clean up. I on the other hand did not believe Frank one bit. "Why on Earth did you do that Frank?" "Do what?" he replied innocently.

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