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Water cascades down his back and trickles to his plump, sexy ass. I stand at the bathroom door and watch with envy as the water caresses his luminescent skin. Here under the lights of the room–that filter through his glass shower door–I can openly admire his strong form.

As he scrubs his body once more, the scent of his body wash hits me, and I feel my cock hardening. Closing my eyes, I give myself over to the sensations coursing through me as I grab my length and begin to stroke it. Between seeing him before me and the scent that surrounds me, I can't stand it. In this moment, I want nothing more than for him to fuck me again. Fearing that he may see me I force my eyes open, but fortunately, he hasn't turned around as yet.

I know that last night after we were done fucking and he had come for the fourth time, he'd said no more, but I can't resist, his body is too tempting. With the thirst that's racing through me, I know that it won't be quenched with only a blowjob.

I need more.

Stealthy walking forward, I watch as he closes his eyes and wash out the shampoo from his hair before turning his back to me once more. Opening the shower door, I step inside and close it behind me. He turns, and with a stern voice orders me out. Instead of doing as he commands, I ignore him and drop to my knees.

Being eye level with his engorged member, I take his cock in my hand and begin to stroke it. Running my fingers over it, I rub hard and smile as it hardens under my palm. Looking up into his eyes, I wet my lips and move forward to lick the slit. The sight of his delicious dick before me just begging to be sucked has me trembling. The bulbous head is pink and leaking pre-cum while my mouth waters to have it against my tongue.

Peeking up at him, I watch as his eyes close, and his head falls back as I pump him harder.

He jumps when I take a long lick of the tip before sucking the head into my waiting mouth. The taste of him excites me and pushes me to suck harder. When I let him go with a pop, his eyes flashes open, and he stares at me with intensity as if silently demanding that I continue my ministrations.

Smirking, I grab his thighs for leverage and answer him by taking his dick down my throat and back, bobbing my head on it. His moans echo off the walls of the shower as I relax my throat and allow him to fuck my mouth while I stroke my own member. He grips my hair and pushes into my mouth with a wild abandon and moaning as I feel the tell tale signs of his orgasm approaching.

I inwardly smirk at my cleverness and answer with my own moans around his cock, knowing how good it must feel when my throat tightens around the head. He shouts his release and I swallow the long streams of come he shoots down my throat before licking him clean. He pulls me up and nips at my neck while helping me stroking my own length until I come all over our hands and his stomach.

While washing off, his guarded blue eyes stay on me and for a small moment as he admired my body, they seem so open and innocent before they harden once more and he turns and leaves me in the shower, alone.

Never have I been like this with anyone. Never have I desired a man as I desire him. Who is he and can I keep him forever?

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