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Last night is still on my mind. I can't believe what I saw. To see Jasper with that...guy was so disturbing. I can't fathom the things that have been happening. Jasper has turned into someone I don't recognize anymore and it's very unnerving. It's absolutely ridiculous for him to pursue this notion of wanting to be gay. Yes, they are around and you see them, work with them, but come on, Jasper? Gay? What can a guy give him that I can't? We were supposed to be together, but he's now ruined that with his foolishness.

When I saw him and that guy walk out of the Waldorf the other day, it was an experience I never wanted to have. To see Jasper with him was so upsetting. What made matters worse was that Jasper didn't even bat an eye when the fucker insulted me. What has happened to Jasper? Isn't he thinking of his reputation as a Whitlock and the problems this could cause? What about his parents? Has he stopped to consider Heidi's feelings?

Obviously not.

She's given him so many warnings, but still, there he was last night out and about with a guy on his arm. He's being so stupid and if he would just listen, he would see how wrong he is!

I had been out with some friends and we were about to hit up another club. The night was alive and pumping with energy as it always was in New York, and I wanted to have fun. Jasper was being dumb, but while I had patience, I had no intentions of sitting around and waiting like a sour puss for him to come to his senses. No, I was going to have some fun in the mean time.

My friends Rory, Jessica, Marlene and I were out and looking good. Admittedly, Rory was more my friend since I'd known him since high school and the others, well, Marlene was his girlfriend and Jessica was one of the hottest models out there at the moment, not bad company to keep.

The last club we had left, there were a few guys flirting with me, and I flirted back, but I wasn't looking for anything concrete, just a little fun. So when things got boring, Rory and Marlene suggested we check out another spot and Jessica and I agreed.

We made our way out of the club and decided to walk down the block to the next spot. It wasn't far away and the streets were busy, filled with all kinds of people. Everyone was in a partying mood. Marlene said the club was a real hot spot and we'd really enjoy ourselves. She said the club was across from a great gay club called Inferno. I pretended not to hear that.

I could tell as we neared Inferno. I could see lots of men, scattered around the entrance. They were so many. Rory was watching me, but I tried to avoid his eyes. Rory was well aware of my conservativeness toward this, and he's always telling me to break free of my upbringing and accept the way of world. It was all about being happy.

It was then that I saw something that would forever be imprinted in my mind. Jasper ad that little shit, walking to his car. They were all smiles, and I couldn't help but feel jealous about that. Jasper never looked at me that way. I watched them get in, and then drove off to parts unkno

Immediately, I walked away from my friends. I felt like throwing up. I didn't want to stay. I left them without a word, promptly finding my car and headed back home.

My night was restless one and I was happy when Rory invited me to breakfast this morning.

"What is up with you?" he says as soon as I sit down at the posh table. "You just walked away last night after seeing those guys. What's wrong?"

He takes his girlfriend, Marlene's hand and a pang of jealousy shoots up my spine. I look away, sighing and rolling my eyes. I want to find the right thing to say. I can't have them saying that Jasper left me for a man. I have to spin this. None of them really knew Jasper. Rory doesn't know him too well. They only met once or twice, but whenever it happens, Rory constantly questions me about why I'm with Jasper. It doesn't mean he knows anything, does it? I'm sure he's only familiar with the name Whitlock, and their wealth.

However, before I can utter a word, Jessica says something that nearly makes my heart stop.

"You know, I recognize those guys from last night," she says, taking a sip of her orange juice. I try to stay calm; I don't want to give anything away. "I know one of them really well."

"Really?" Marlene interjects before I can do damage control. "From where?"

"That's Edward Masen," Jessica says.


"Wait, the Masens?" I cut in as the name Masen rings more than a bell. The Masens are old money like my parents. Full of prestige and family values. Julie Masen was in the same sorority as my mom and Heidi Whitlock. There is no possible way that her son - the one that's supposed to be in Europe - was the one I saw with my Jasper. "As in Edward and Julie Masen?"

"Yeah, from Forks, Washington," Jessica says with a laugh.

"Isn't that where you're from?" Rory asks her.

"Yes, and that was Edward Masen Jr. He's their son. He looked happy," Jessica says.

"Excuse me?" I say, rolling my eyes. "Happy? What do you mean, happy?" She's pissing me off with her foolish little statement. "How can he be happy with a guy?" My guy.

Jessica looks at me as if I'm stupid which I find very offensive. She knits her brow, and then says, "Because Edward is gay. I always knew he was gay. I went to school with him, and he was in most of my classes. He was a very nice guy, stayed to himself mostly, but a great guy nonetheless. I guess he ended up in New York. No one in Forks has heard anything about him in a while."

"Why is that?" Rory asks. Damn! They are so inquisitive. I guess I have to find new friends.

"It's his parents that apparently couldn't accept it since they kicked him out," Jessica says.

"What?!" I practically yell. "How can you accuse the Masens of such a thing? If anything it was probably Edward's fault. His parents are outstanding people. For them to go to such measure, he must've been a very disobedient child."

How dare Jessica accuse the Masens? What gives her the right? She doesn't understand us. She wasn't born of money. She's just someone who happens to be beautiful and is a top earning model at the moment.

I, on the other hand, am born of money. I have wealthy parents and a trust fund. What does she know about our way?

"Wow," she says, turning her attention to me. "So I take it, you are not in support of homosexuality, are you?"

She's putting me on the spot. I look at Rory and Marlene, who have both grown silent as they glance between Jessica and I. "I never said that!" I try to laugh it off, but Jessica isn't letting it rest.

"But you don't seem happy to hear that most of the kids, and parents where I'm from, believe that Julie and Edward Sr. threw their son out right before college because they found out he was gay," she states as Marlene scoffs.

God, I'm seriously hoping that scoff means she sees through the foolishness Jessica is trying to spew. "How can they be so cruel? And right on the eve of school?" Marlene says, disappointing me.

"Yes," Jessica says.

Shit! I can't catch a break today.

"You said you were in his classes, was he a bad student?" Rory asks Jessica, while staring at me. I feel so judged under his gaze that I try to look away, but I can still feel his eyes on me.

"Bad student?" Jessica laughs. "Rory, Edward was valedictorian, okay? He was amazing at Math. He helped me with it. Fuck! He was good at any subject. The guy sounded like a genius sometimes."

"What his parents did sounds so awful. What world are the Masens living in?" Marlene says angrily.

Yes, I'm definitely getting new friends.

"I don't know, but I can remember that they were really standoffish and not nice," Jessica says.

"You obviously don't know them so you can say what you want," I say to her defensively.

Jessica looks at me and smiles, leeringly. The look in her eyes is very suspicious. I don't like it, and when she opens her mouth, I finally know why.

"You were really staring at Jasper last night," she says as I sip my coffee.

The hot liquid burns my tongue as she says Jasper's name. My eyes find hers in shock, but it doesn't stop her from going on, "It must be hard to know that the guy you once dated, or obsessed over is with another man. I'm sure they were signs that he was gay, weren't there?"

"I-I-I..." Jessica doesn't give me any time to answer as Rory and Marlene stare at me.

"I heard that Edward's parents threw him out because they found him with a guy from our school in his bed, naked," she says with a smirk. "We knew the guy."

"You did?" Rory asks.

"Who was he?" Marlene adds.

"It was Seth Clearwater. He was this big jock at our school," Jessica says. "He got the most girls, but never seem to date them for long. A former girlfriend told me that she was out in Port Angeles, it's another town, and saw Edward and Seth there."

"Oh my god!" Marlene laughs.

"Yeah," Jessica states. "So after the so called fiasco with Edward, Seth's parents did damage control and Edward became the aggressor in the situation."

Jessica is getting on my last nerve. "So if you all know, why didn't anyone say anything?" I ask, accusingly.

"Don't you realize that the Masens come out here to your little parties and galas?" Jessica says.

Fuck! She makes a point.

"That shit spread like wildfire, but to people like me, it didn't matter," Jessica says. "All I know is a great guy got screwed because he has the wrong parents in my book."

"That is so wrong," Marlene says sadly.

"Oh come on," I say. I can't stand this. "You're making Edward out to be the victim when the real ones are his parents. The Masens are wonderful people, and I'm sure Edward was very wrong for what he did."

"As the Whitlocks are for trying to cover up the fact that their 29 year old son is gay," Rory says, astonishing me. "Oh come on, Alice. Don't look at me like that."

"We know," Marlene adds. "My parents know the Whitlocks, particularly, Heidi, and we know how controlling she can be. Jasper got a raw deal too, in the parents department."

"I can't believe all of you!"

"About what?" Jessica says. "The fact that Edward is with Jasper Whitlock?"

"You don't understand," I say to her.

"No, actually, I think you don't," Jessica counters. "Whatever his parents are trying to do for the sake of reputation is bullshit." How dare her! "Just say you guys are anti-gay and be done with it. You'll sleep better at night."

"I can't believe you're saying this to me." I am appalled.

"Alice," Rory says. "It's not like it's this huge secret among most of us that Jasper is gay. Why do you think I was always questioning certain things? I know you, Alice, and you don't give up on things, but this is pointless. Just find another guy."

"Oh really?" I counter as Rory sighs. Screw him!

Turning to Jessica, I try to make her understand. "In our world, these are not things you go shouting to the world, no matter how much you think it has changed."

"It has changed," Jessica counters. "It's just some people that haven't."

"Well, my parents taught me that marriage is a union between a man and a woman."

"And I agree with Jessica," Marlene says. "Time has changed. Everyone has a right to be happy with whomever they choose."

I don't dignify Marlene with a response. I keep my focus on Jessica. "Well, I think it was a difficult decision, but Edward's parents had a reputation to uphold and they had to save face." Jessica knits her brow, but I pay her no mind. She isn't from high society. She doesn't understand things.

"Personally, I'm happy to see Edward," she says. "I'm glad that his parents' wrong decision didn't seem to affect him too much. Although, I don't know. I would love to see him and talk to him though."

"I'm sure you will," Rory says. "Aren't you coming to the gala?"

"Yes," Jessica says.

"Well, if Jasper isn't into hiding things anymore, I'm sure he and Edward will be there," Rory states, his eyes again on me.

However, it's what he said that has me scampering from the table and out the restaurant after a hurried goodbye to them. I don't think we'll be talking for a while anyways so I have nothing to feel apologetic for. Their views and mine are obvious different. Nonetheless, it's the fact that I have to let Heidi know that Jasper just might plan to do such a disastrous thing that has me running.

When I call her from the car, Heidi has the most astounding news. The Masens are in town for the gala. Actually, they are at her home right now. I rush over, wanting all parties to know of the disaster that is about to unfold.

When I arrive, I'm ushered inside by Heidi herself to the living room. "Hello, everyone," I say, taking a seat across from the Masens.

"Hello, Alice," Julie says with a smile.

"Alice," Mr. Masen says and I can't help but notice the similarity between him and the guy outside the Waldorf; his son, Edward.

The Masens are seated at one end, waiting patiently, and the Whitlocks are on the other with me in the middle.

"Now Alice, you said you had some dire news," Heidi says, checking her IPhone as she speaks. "What is it?"

"Yes, I'd really like to know as well," Julie says.

Looking toward the Masens, I sigh, not wanting to be the one to tell them this. "Well, I'm extremely sorry to be the one to say this, but I've..." For a minute as I look in their eyes and remember the smile on Jasper's face, I don't want to say anything, but I push the thought aside.

"What is it?" Julie says.

"I know where your son is."

No one says anything. I look at the Masens, and they are frozen on the spot. Not a word passes between anyone for a few seconds until Heidi breaks the silence when Mr. Masen starts to throw me a questioning glare.

"Don't be that way," Heidi says in my defense. "Alice is well aware of my son's continued defiance and she is in full support of our decision."

"Well then, Alice, I'm very sorry you had to see Jasper that way," Mr. Masen says. "I'm sure my son is the one influencing him."

For a minute, I remembered what Jessica said about how harsh she thought it was to treat one's child like that. I tried to stamp it down, but the coldness I hear in Mr. Masen's voice as he talks about his own son unnerves me.

"Actually, Jasper was the one pulling him along," I say as if it makes a difference.

Heidi throws me a cold glare but says nothing. Mr. Whitlock speaks up and I turn my attention to him, avoiding his wife's irate eyes.

"So where did you see them?" Jasper's dad asks.

"They were apparently at a club. I saw them on the outside, laughing and...well, kissing before they left in Jasper's car."

"I see," Julie says quietly. "Alice, thank you for telling us. We'll handle it from here."

This isn't finished. I have to warn them. "You all need to be ready."

"Yes, Alice is right," Heidi says. "Remember, we have a gala coming up and Jasper will be in attendance, per request of his grandfather so I'm sure you will..." Heidi starts to say, but Mr. Masen cuts her off.

"You will not see my son with your boy if I have anything to say about it. That boy has embarrassed me enough."

"Yes, but Heidi is right," Mr. Whitlock says. "I know my son, and Jasper can be a very stubborn man. He won't allow you to stop Edward. Plus, this will be in the papers. If our sons show up together, they will have a field day with it."

"Yes, and it's just a couple of days away," I add. "So I think you should all be prepared."

"I want to know where Edward is exactly, and what he's been doing," Julie says. "I want to speak with him."

"I think that would be best, before we get an unpleasant surprise," Heidi says. She turns to me and directs me to use her sources to find out if Edward is working and where.

We sit and plan what's to be done while waiting on Heidi's sources to come through with the information. After getting what I need, I leave the Whitlocks with the promise to call and head to Emmett's coffee shop, On The Run.

Walking through those doors, minutes later to see a smiling Edward standing there behind the cash register is daunting. He looks so much like his father. He spots me, and as I draw closer, his green eyes seem to darken with anger as they pierce mine. A slither of fear runs up my spine. He hates me as much as I despise him. I can see his dislike written all over his face.

"Welcome to On The Run, what can I get you?" he says as I step up the counter.

Up close, he looks like a normal guy. Young, attractive, and perhaps, even intelligent. However, he's messing up things for me and he has to go. "Well, Mr. Masen," I say, watching as he bristles and then slightly jump at the use of the name. His name. The move makes me smile. "I would like a Caramel Frappuccino."

"Y-y-yes," he says. Edward beckons to the girl next to him. I briefly glance at her as she throws me a stink eye mingled with confusion. This makes me want to push him a little more. "You look so much like your father. You're like a younger version of him."

Edward doesn't answer me. Good. The girl hurries and prepares my order, handing it back to Edward. Just a little more. "It's a pity he thinks you're such an embarrassment." He seems to freeze, and I have him right where I want him. However, before I can say anything else, that big oaf, Emmett comes out of his office. He sees me, his eyes flashing with anger as he races to the counter.

"What do you want?" He sneers.

"Now, is that any way to speak to a paying customer?" I ask, taunting him. Edward has yet to move and he looks like he's turning blue which makes me want to laugh.

Emmett bristles as he takes my drink from Edward, handing it to me. "Here, it's on the house. Now, please leave."

I take the Frappuccino, but on my way out, I turn to Edward. I want to see his stunned face one last time before leaving. "Thank you, Mr. Masen."

With that, I walk out, laughing my ass off. I call Heidi, telling her that Edward is at Emmett's coffeeshop. After hanging up, I realize that my schedule is pretty clear for the day, thanks to Heidi, so I decide to go see Jasper.

Traffic is lighter than usual and I'm thankful as I get to the university in no time. Parking is a bitch, but as I make my way to Jasper's office, I'm elated. I still know his class schedule, so he isn't teaching right now.

I knock on the door, sighing at the sound of his rich voice as he says, "Come in." Walking in, the sight of his broad back as he stands there reading something, is appealing. I can't help the sudden mount of desire that throttles through me.

I want him.

The Ralph Lauren shirt, with the sleeves folded up, fits him like a glove. The black dress pants make his ass look so damn good. "Well, well, still looking so good." The sound of my voice makes him spin around. I take a seat in front of his desk, waiting him to wipe that unneeded scowl off of his face. I hate that he's staring at me with such fury.

"Why are you here?" he asks. I wish he'd smile.

"To see you," I answer with a smile, while admiring his strong body, remembering what it looked like naked.

"Alice, please go," he says with an exasperated sigh. "I've got to get to work, and I'm in no mood for you."

If he thinks I'm leaving, he has another thing coming. So I ignore him. "Go. I'll wait."

"No mood for you and your antics, Alice," he says, taking his glasses off as he takes a seat behind his desk. I forgot how fucking hot he looked in those.

God, I want to fuck him!

"Oh please, Jasper," I say, rolling my eyes as I cross my legs allowing him a chance to peek under my incredibly short skirt. He doesn't even bat an eye, and it angers me, but I don't give up.

"Seriously, Alice, I've got a splitting headache," he explains and I think back to what I saw last night. The thought of him with Masen, laughing and doing God knows what else makes my stomach turn. "I can't deal with you right now."

Getting up, I saunter around his desk, taking a seat on top of it as he sighs, closes his eyes then reopen them. He rubs his temples, but I ignore the move. I jump up on the desk, sitting near him. I nudge him with my leg, and he moves to get up but before he can, I move to the middle of the desk, spreading my legs on either side of him.

I know what he can see when he opens his eyes, and I smirk at him, hoping he's appreciating the sight of my lacy underwear. "Do you want some help?"

Jasper snaps his eyes to mine. The move makes me slightly shiver both in fear and excitement. "Get off my desk." His tone is harsh, threatening, but a huge turn on all the same.

I pull myself closer to him. "How about now? Still don't want any help?"

"What is wrong with you, Alice?" He springs up and says.

Jasper swiftly moves from the desk. He's acting like I have something and it disgusts me. "What is your problem?" I scream at him, jumping down.

"You are!" he yells back. "What is your issue? What don't you get about me being gay or the fact that I'm with someone."

Yes, that little shit! This is all about him. That fuck!

Just hearing about Edward leaves me feeling very spiteful. My distaste for the bastard is like a bitter taste in the back of my throat. He's nothing but a bane of existence.

"Oh yes," I sneer, fixing my skirt and following him around to his side of the desk. Jasper's back is to me, and it offers up the perfect opportunity. "Edward, is it? Edward Masen?"

Jasper flashes around and I nearly jump back from his furious eyes as he glares at me. "How do you know his name?" he asks in a menacing tone.

"Never mind that," I say, loving where this is going. "The Masen's kid? Isn't he a little too young for you? Also with the fact that his mom now knows where he works, I'm sure he'll be coming face-to-face with them."

"You're fucking evil," he says.

I laugh and take a seat, humming as I sip my Frappuccino. "No, I'm not. You're the one being stupid, so I see this as a way to open your eyes."

"Open them to what?" he shouts.

"The truth."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, really. Your family is right."

"Then my grandfather is right and you're all loonies, so thanks for clearing that up," Jasper counters as he begins to pace to the room. He seems nervous, but why I don't know. If this crap he has with Edward ends, then he can have the time away to breathe easy and realize that this is bad for him. Even more so he can realize that he's met to be with me.

"Let me be clear, your parents are right," I tell him, hoping he'll see the truth.

"Oh, not this again." He rolls his eyes and walks over to the door, opening it. "Get out."

Jasper appears to have forgotten how persistence I can be. I continue to sit, languidly sipping my beverage. "So are you going to the gala that's coming up?"

He sighs, and maybe growls a little. It's really turning me on to see him like this. All strong and demanding. "Don't I always?"

"Are you taking your little boyfriend?"

Jasper sighs again. "Alice, leave."

Getting up, I lean against his desk. "Why are you doing this, Jasper?"

"I'm not doing anything. I'm the one that has let go of the fantasy you and my parents wanted to build around me and I walked away."

"With your secret boyfriend?" I counter. "And can you handle it when the world knows that one of the largest business giant's son likes to fuck men?"

"Yes," he says, shocking me. I wasn't expecting that. "I'm in love, Alice, and I feel sorry for you because the more you listen to my mother and her foolishness, the unhappier you'll become. Move the hell on with your life and find someone to love you."

"You were supposed to love me."

His hard eyes soften. "Well, I can't. I'm not the one for you, and even if Edward wasn't in my life, I still wouldn't love you. I'm gay. I may have tried to appease my parents and you, but I was lying."

"Sometimes we need to lie a little," I insist.

"No. I don't," Jasper says softly. "I have never been this happy, and..." his voice grows serious. "I will not allow you or anyone to ruin it. Now, please leave."

"You bastard!" I shout, stomping over to him and slapping him in the face. "You disgusting son of a bitch!"

Jasper is seemingly unfazed by my outburst. "Think what you want. I'm happy and you're the one here trying to stir up trouble. Now, leave or else I'll call security."

How dare he tell me he's happy with a man. That he can't be happy with me. Suddenly, what Jessica had said about Edward, comes back to me. "You want some guy that his parents threw out over me? How dare you?!" I lift my arm to slap him again, but he catches it, the fury, back in his eyes.

"How do you know that?" Jasper's eyes are on fire. "Answer me!"

"Oh, I know all about your little Edward." I cheer. "The Masen's son, who they threw out for being an embarrassment to them, and their good name." Jasper's little TA, Rosalie walks into his office right then.

"What's going on here?" she asks.

We both pay her no mind. We hold each other's cold stare as she goes on, "Jasper let her go."

"That's right, Jasper, you better let go." He does and I grab my bag from the little bitch as she hands it to me with a smug look on her face.

"You're a fucking sad human being, do you know that?" he says. I'm actually stunned and taken aback by his harsh words. I've never seen Jasper so mad. However, this can't be helped. He's the one acting like an idiot, not me. All I'm trying to do is show him the right way.

"I want you to stay away from me, Alice. Don't call me, don't come near me. I want you to stay the fuck away from me!" He thunders. "I hate you!"

"I think you should go," His little assistant says. "Don't ever come back here."

Before another word can pass between us, security shows up at the door. I look at them, shocked that they have the audacity to call security on me. "You bitch!" I shout.

"What?" she says as if it's nothing is wrong. "I feared for Professor Whitlock's safety." She bats her eyelashes as the men step forward, ready to make me leave. Jasper has his back to me, breathing heavily.

"You'll pay for this, Jasper," I shout, walking out with the uniformed men behind me. "I'll see to it that you pay!"

The security officials escort me to my car. They wait on me to leave. I'm more than pissed off and ready for a little revenge.

I call Heidi, letting her know what happened with Jasper after my surprise visit. She says she'll handle it as she's found out where Edward lives. I smile at that. If there is anyone that can run Edward out of Jasper's life, it's Heidi.

Jasper is right. I should stay away from him. I will stay away, because I want to watch it all come crumbling down around Jasper Whitlock. No one messes me and get away with it.

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