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The rapping at the door is starting to get on my last nerve. Whoever the hell it is needs to go away because I want to sleep! A side of me wants to get up and get it, but the other side says, "Fuck it, if I'm lucky enough, they'll go away." My bed feels too damn good to get up. It isn't a bill collector because I don't owe shit, and it isn't anyone I know because Jake and Jasper at work and so is Edward, who like Jasper, has his own key.

I love my soft, comfy bed and pillows too much to be interested in getting up right now. Whoever it is, can fuck off. I've got a shift tonight at the club and I want some more shuteye. Maybe Edward can make dinner tonight.

Knock Knock! Damn, this person is fucking insistent! Who the fuck is it? Can't they get the message?

For a minute, I thought it might be Jake, because he's annoying like that sometimes. But if it was him, he would've just call my cell to bug me since I'm not getting the door.

Thinking about Jake makes me smile. He's been so great. When I entered this situation with Edward, I didn't think I would've come out of it with the possibility of someone caring about me the way Jasper cares for Edward.

But Jake is determined to prove me wrong.

I was content in just watching Edward and Jasper fall in love and be happy for my best friend, but Jake has being slowly creeping into my heart, awakening it.

Growing up, I didn't have the best life and I've been hurt in the past. I've spent my life not trusting anyone, because there was no one to trust before I met Edward. I'd only live to survive, and left such things as love and all that other shit to other people.

I was convinced it wasn't for me.

However, Jake was rapidly changing my opinion on the subject, and Edward couldn't be happier because he says I deserve it, and Jake has been making it his duty, almost every day, to show me that he cares.

The other day, he showed up here around lunch time, saying that he was there to take me out for lunch. I couldn't believe him and I'd put my foot in my mouth when I told him not to think of me as an easy lay because I was a hooker. He couldn't just be nice to me and flash money and expect to fuck me. It was the wrong thing to say.

Jake looked enraged as he said through gritted teeth, "You far more than that. Don't ever say that again. You were a hooker, so what? You were surviving, and that's it."

I couldn't believe he'd said that. It touched my heart, and I didn't even know I was crying until he wiped the tears away.

We went out after that, and went to every damn store Jake could think of after lunch at his favorite place.

By the time I got home, I had a new IPhone, clothes, and shoes from designers who I only saw in magazines. When he hugged me at the door, I felt so safe. And when he kissed my cheek, I felt so loved.

Since then, we've talked a lot on the phone, and emailed and texted each other almost every day. Jake frequents Emmett's club too. He sits in my section and has driven me home after work on more than one occasion.

Jasper and Edward love what's been happening between Jake and me. They're encouraging it, in fact. Those two! I love them to death.

Curiosity led me to question Jasper one morning. He'd stayed over and he and I were up before Edward so we talked. I asked him what exactly Jake did for a living and Jasper proceeded to tell me that Jake was one of the top financial advisors in the state if not the country. Jake was worth millions according to Forbes, and I asked Jasper about that since he'd been in the article too. I wanted to know how come the two of them were so cool about money.

He smiled and said that he and Jake weren't shocked by it, and didn't want it to defiant who they were. It felt so good to talk to Jasper that I started to share my insecurities with him. I told him I didn't see Jake's interest in me when I had seen him with models in those high society sections of the daily paper. Edward had already rebuked the argument when I brought it up, telling me that Jake would be a fool not to be interested in me.

Jasper felt the same, and even said he'd kick Jake's ass if he ever hurt me.

"Jasper, I'm just an ex-hooker." I cried.

He wiped my tears away. "You're a beautifully wonderful person with a great personality and a caring heart." I smiled. "Jake is just nuts about you and I think you two would be great together. I understand that you and Edward have a past, but don't let it dictate your future. I don't let it stop me from falling for Edward, so don't let it allow you to doubt yourself. Jake is the one who needs to worry about being worthy of you."

These guys knew how to talk.

The knocking is too fucking annoying for me to ignore it anymore and I jump up, stomping out of my room, grumbling all the way down the hall, and swearing that whoever is on the other side of the door is about to get their asses kicked.

I take a breath, trying to calm myself and unlock the door, yanking it open. What greets me on the other side makes me take a step back and calm down significantly, but only because the woman standing there puzzles me. She's well dressed and reeks of money. This bitch is loaded. Who the hell is this, and what does she want?

"Is Edward here?" Oh!

"No. What do you want?" I'm not about to even consider being nice to her, because this could be his lousy mother and if it is, I'm really about to kick someone's ass. Edward's bitch ass parents are loaded so his tramp of a mother could've found us. I wonder if Jake would bail me?

But something is telling me that this isn't Mrs. Masen. This is someone else. The woman standing before me seems familiar somehow, and I quickly realize that it's her eyes, it's like I've seen them before. While she's looking at me like I'm a piece of gum, stuck to the bottom of her shoe, and I want to punch her in the face. "Well, is Edward getting back anytime soon?" she questions with disdain. Her entire posture is laced with it. I feel uncomfortable just talking to her, and I hate the way she stresses on his name. It sounds like she's talking about trash and it pisses me off.

"No, I don't think so."

"Well then, I'll wait." She breezes past me before I can get another word in and practically glides over to the living room, taking a seat on the sofa.

What the hell? Did this woman just stroll past me and plant her ass on our sofa?

Oh fuck no!

"Hey!" I yell, slamming the door shut and stomping over to her. "I don't know who you are so you've gotta go. Leave me a name and I'll let Edward know you're looking for him."

She doesn't even bat an eyelash at my request. "No…I think I'll wait right here. We have urgent matters to discuss."

This is fucking unbelievable! Who is this woman? Does she know who's dealing with? I'll drag her ass out of here by her ears. "Urgent matters? Who the hell are you?"

She glances up at me from her place on the sofa and her smile gives me the creeps. It feels like I'm staring in the eyes of the devil. The way one of her cheeks lifts as she leers at me reminds me of some wicked witch I used to read about when I was a kid.

She slightly chuckles and then says, "I'm the mother of the man who's paying for all of this."

Holy Fuck! This is Jasper's mom. No wonder her eyes are familiar to me. They're the same color as Jasper's.

With her revelation, it's like my pissed off, ready to kick ass attitude is sidetracked for a minute only to be replaced by shock and dismay. Shock, because why in the hell is she here besides to cause trouble for the boys? And dismay, because I can't believe that someone as wonderful as Jasper came out of this wretch.

I try to maintain my composure. I'm not about to give myself away or sell out my best friend to the wicked witch. She looks like she eats small children for breakfast. "Well, as you can see," I say in the snidest way I can muster. "Edward isn't here and I don't see a point in you wasting your time waiting for him. So leave."

"My my, aren't you concerned?" She teases and I wanted to smack the evil grin off her face while she ignores the second part of my statement.

"The only thing I'm concerned about, lady, is my sleep," I reply harshly. "I've got to go to work later, and your presence is annoying me." I'm not about to be nice to the devil's sister.

"Well, you can blame your friend for my impromptu visit, trust me…it was not my intent," she explains with a sneer.

Rolling my eyes, I huff and stomp off to the kitchen. I've got to think. I've got to get the guys here. If I can get Jasper here, he could definitely get rid of his evil mom before Edward gets home. So I grab a bottle of water, snap it open, and gulp it down while watching the witch on the sofa picking at invisible dust, which is really pissing me off because I just cleaned before I went to bed. I want to stick my foot up her ass for that disgusted look on her face.

Leaning back against the counter, I observe her. She looks so out of place in our living room. You can see that this is someone that cares a lot about money and the things it entitles her to. Shit! Even her wardrobe tells you that this bitch is as pompous and bossy as they come. Where Jasper is modest in his state of dressing, opting for comfort rather than exorbitance, mommy dearest is another story. She looks like she just stepped off the pages of a European magazine.

"He's at work, you know." As I say it, I hope like hell he's already left, just in case she changes her mind about waiting and decides to head to the coffee shop.

Not that I wouldn't be following the bitch. If she thinks she's gonna come in our lives and fuck anything up for my best friend, the broken nose she'll get will tell her otherwise.

"Then…I'll just wait," she says. Fuck! Even her voice is irritating. It's like nails on a chalkboard, but with a chime to it. I'm telling you, she's a witch. A real life witch!

She gets up and strolls over to our bookshelf. I throw away my bottle and walk out of the kitchen area. She's looking over our bookshelf as if she's surprised to see one in here. Yeah, bitch, we can read! But since Cruella is preoccupied with that, I make my move and head to my bedroom, grabbing my cell and dialing the first number that pops up. I've got to get backup because I don't want Edward to come here, the wicked witch says something to offend him and I have to choke her.

"Hello, Tanya?" The way Jake says my name makes me swoon. Damn, he's got a smooth voice. It sounds so sexy but I can't think about my hormones right now. This is an emergency.

"Listen, you need to get Jasper and get your asses over here now, because his witch of a mother is here waiting for Edward." I don't even try to catch a breath before I add, "And if she thinks she's about to start some shit and get away with it, she's got another thing coming. Bring bail money." I hang up before Jake can say a word. But I don't need to worry about being rude. He gets me and he'll do what I want.

Next, I try calling Edward, but he isn't answering. What the fuck? I could kick his ass right now. I'm trying to warn his ass and he isn't answering. Although, that's weird because Edward always answers my call. Something must be up.

But what?

I can't think about it, and looking down at myself, I realize that I'm still in my pajama shorts so I take them off and throw on a pair of jeans to go with the tank top I'm already wearing. I have to dress properly just in case I'm going to jail in a little while.

Walking out of my room, I speed dial Edward, and this time it rings only once before he picks up, but two things happen. I can hear his voice in the living room, and the rest of his sentence dies out when he sees Jasper's mom on the couch. She introduces herself and then tells him she has a proposition for him.


Tanya is looking between us, she's fuming and I look down at my phone for a minute, going through the missed calls from her. "Edward..." she tries but I don't answer, I just nod. I get it. She was calling to warn me that Jasper's mom is here.

I've been through a lot today and while I don't need any more issues, I know these women and they won't stop until they get what they want. The only thing is, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying true to my word, I've built a life here and I'm not running away on their say-so, so they can go to hell.

Heidi is looking between us as Tanya says, "Edward, I called Jake."

Heidi chuckles darkly. "Oh…you called my son's little meddling friend. Is he fucking you?" Excuse me? How dare she talk to Tanya like that! "There's nothing that Jasper or Jake can say or do that'll stop me."

"What do you want?" I finally ask her. I don't have time for this shit.

She turns to me, her beady eyes so unlike the kind ones Jasper has as she smirks and it reminds me of some evil witch. "Simply put, you…gone," she says.

I smile at her; giving her the assumption that I'm listening. I may not want to deal with her, but I know people like this. They think the sun rises and sets on their asses so I'll listen to her and then drop her on her ass. "And what are you offering?"

A surprised gasp leaves Tanya, but I pay her no mind. Instead, I'm watching Heidi's face light up at my answer, while smiling internally. "Well, what do you want?" she says with ease and a devilish grin on her face.

Wiping the smile off mine, my brows knit and my look is murderous as I glare at her, sending every ounce of hate building inside of me toward her. "I want you…gone."

Tanya scoffs and then chuckles. Heidi snaps her eyes to her then looks back at me. "Obviously, you do not understand something, Edward. I can make life very hard for you if you don't listen to me and crawl out of my son's life like the insect you are." Tanya is advancing. I can see her fists clenching out of the corner of my eye.

But, I can handle this. "And you can go to hell." A gasp leaves Heidi and she springs up, glaring at me.

"Listen to me, boy! I'm not like your mother!" She sneers. "And I don't take lightly to people like you trying to interfere with our lives."

"The only one around here, interfering with anything, is you!" I shout, making both women jump. "Now, you sent your little minion, Alice, and then my mother to my job. And now you're here…"

"Telling you to get the hell out of my son's life!" she screams at me.

"So you can do what?" I ask with a slight grin. I'm getting to her. If she thought this would've been easy, she has another thing coming. "Fuck up his life some more with your lies? Shove him back in a closet and expect him to stay there? To be unhappy forever? What are you thinking, Heidi?" She bristles and looks indecisive. She doesn't know what to say to me. "Him fucking Alice will make him straight?"

Tanya laughs and I chuckle along with her, but I'm as serious as a judge. Heidi's eyes and mine are locked in a cold hearted war; the battle for Jasper's freedom and I watch her every move until she smirks at me, probably deciding on what she's about to use against me. It's obviously something profound; something that will get to me.

"You're just like your father, you know," I sigh, realizing her intent. She knows my dad and they have probably talked. Hell, mom and her are sorority sisters, right? So of course, she knows my father, and sees any mention of him as my breaking point.

But not today.

"Edward…" she says softly, probably in hopes that it will persuade me to listen to her crap. "I'm a very wealthy and influential woman. I can give you whatever you want."

"That's funny, because you're not giving me what I want right now," I counter before adding, "I want you gone, and still, here you are, standing in front of me."

Her eyes grow angry and she stalks over to me. "Jasper will not be influenced by the likes of you." She says bitterly. "You're just a pathetic little brat!"

"And you should really fucking disappear right now," I seethe, towering over her. "My mother is your lapdog, not me! Now, listen to me, and hear me good, get out!"

She's stunned silent, gapping like a fish out of water. But I don't think she's going to give up so easily. You can see the fight dancing in her eyes. "Edward, let's leave your mother out of this. This is between you and me." Heidi tries and Tanya scoffs. She's right to scoff; this woman is relentless. "I can give you both anything you want; anything your hearts' desire…" She says, looking between Tanya and me.

"For the price of leaving Jasper," I conclude. "For us, getting out of his life, especially me."

"Now we're on the same page," she says with gleaming eyes. "And I think we can come to a mutual agreement."

"Are you listening to yourself?" I ask her. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm a Masen."

"And they don't want you," she says with a triumphant grin. "You have nothing. You are nothing."

It almost gets to me. To hear it and to feel it is really sad. I know my family doesn't want me. I don't need her to tell me that. "Get out of here before I do something I'll regret."

She laughs in my face and Tanya races over, but I grab her around the waist before she can get her hands on Heidi and then his voice comes from the doorway.

"It's time to go, Mother." His voice is ferocious and I turn toward Jasper, looking at his furious eyes and his cold stare, which is fixed on his mother. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Jasper…" she tries.

"I heard everything you said!" He yells. "You are out of line!"

"Oh, and you embarrassing this family is what?!" she shouts back.

"Stop being ridiculous!" He exclaims. "I'm not the one interfering with others' lives and trying to tell them how to live because it pleases you." He's very mad. I have never seen Jasper this angry before. "Listen to me, you better hear what my boyfriend says and leave!" He hisses. "You're not welcomed here."

"Jasper…" she moves to speak but he cuts her off. "I don't want you here!" He thunders. Jake is standing behind him and places a hand on Jasper's shoulder, trying to calm him while I keep a good hold on Tanya.

If I let her go, she'll pound Heidi into the ground, and a side is telling me to let her go. But I don't want Tanya getting into any trouble over this woman. She's awful.

"How dare you embarrass me before these…people!" She shrieks. "You're going to stop this foolishness and that's it!" She just can't accept that Jasper is living his own life.

He chuckles and moves away from the doorway, while I watch him walk over to me. I'm confused as hell, but his presence before me instantly makes me smile. He moves in close and captures my lips between his. Heidi gasps, probably in shock, but I hear and feel nothing but Jasper's soft lips molding around mine. It makes me weak in the knees and all I can think of is, wrapping my arms around him so I let go of Tanya.

Heidi's scream is what makes me jump away from Jasper's intoxicating lips in time to see Jake grab Tanya as soon as she leaps on Heidi, taking her down and yanks Heidi's hair, trying to get it out of her skull. Jasper and I rush over to help Jake.

Jake and I hold on to Tanya, trying to get her to let go of Heidi while Jasper tries to pill his mother out from underneath Tanya, who's screaming that she's going to burn the witch.

When we finally pull them apart, Heidi is screaming that she'll have Tanya arrested, Jake is threatening that he'll make her life a living hell if she does that, and Jasper dragging his mother out the door while Tanya is cursing enough to make a sailor blush.

"I'll kick your ass if you show up here again, bitch!" She screams while Jake throws her over his shoulder and walks off to her bedroom while she continues to curse Heidi, who's screaming outside my door.

I throw myself down on the couch. Exhausted as hell. This has been a long fucking day and it isn't even over yet.

Jake and Tanya come out of her bedroom and she comes to sit beside me. I look at her and smile. She returns it, caressing one of my cheeks before kissing both of them both. "We need to do this," I say to her. Jake looks lost as to what we're talking about, and Jasper walks in when Tanya sighs and nods her head in agreement. Jasper is looking between us, just as confusedly with a hint of worry in his eyes.

"What's going on?" Jasper asks.

I don't address the question. Instead I say, "I'm not going anywhere. You're my life now," I tell him, loving the broad smile that brightens up his face. Looking at the three of them, I go on, "But this will be getting out of hand very soon. Jasper, our parents are the same thing and they think we should do whatever they want and to hell with how we feel. We all have feelings for each other." I state. "Jake, you like Tanya." He smiles and nods, ducking his head. "And, T, you like Jake."

"Yes," she whispers with a smile and a slight blush.

"And Jasper…" I turn my attention to him. "I'm in love with you."

His eyes widen and he smiles, and then utters exactly what I want to hear, "I'm in love with you, Edward."

I smile back, my heart wanting to leap out of my chest, but I need to get this over with. "So we all need to talk. We need to know what we're getting ourselves into. They're going to keep on coming at us, and if we feel so strongly about one another, then we have to be ready. And we can't do that without knowing the truth. Let's talk."

They all nod in agreement and we decide to do it over dinner. What will come of this, I don't know but I'm in love and I'm about to fight for what I've earned. Jake orders takeout and Tanya sets the table. When it arrives, I pay the guy and Jasper tips him. We each take a seat at the table, and Jasper's free hand hardly leaves mine while our early dinner begins.

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