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Why Edward ran? It became too much. Yes, he'll regret later, but for the moment, it was just too much. He needed to escape. Not even Jasper or Esme appearance could have made a difference in that moment. But Jasper can help E now.

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"Do you see him?" Tanya asks when Jake and I walk back through the door.

Dad hands me a bottle of water, and Grandpa smiles at the gesture. I still can't believe my father knows everything about Edward. Grandpa has some explaining to do because I don't see how my father will want to help. But not now. That will have to wait until later.

Alice is somewhere in the room screaming about pressing charges against Tanya, who only cares about Edward, and my mother is yelling at her to calm down and shut up. This gala has turned into quite an event. And I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. My mother is defending me and Edward?

His parents are in my line of sight and while I want to beat his father into the ground, it'll have to wait until another time. Right now, my sole focus is finding Edward and chewing his ass out for running away and then hugging him to me and never letting go. I feel so confused. I just want him in my arms. I feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest, because my boyfriend is a fucking track star. Edward can really run.

"No," I say breathlessly as Marcus handed me a small towel to wipe the sweat off. "He's too fast."

I'd run after Edward, until all I could see nothing but his silhouette disappearing in the dark.

"Shit!" Tanya curses, slamming her fist down on the table and getting up to pace the space in front of me. All eyes are on us and I don't care. I have to find Edward. "Everything has gone to shit."

I see Grandpa on his cell. He says something and then hangs up and I attack him about it. "Who's that?" I demand.

Grandpa gives me a stern glare, but I'll feel bad later. "Who is it?" I ask again. "All night you've watching the door and been on the phone. Who's coming?"

"Esme, but the jet got delayed so she didn't make it here in time," Grandpa explains.

"Fuck! She's could've stopped this."

"Where is she now?" My dad asks. "Is she still in the air?"

"They're about to land. She had to hang up with me because they warned her to come off the phone," Grandpa replies. He looks as nervous as I feel. It takes a lot to make my grandfather lose his cool composure. "None of this is going as planned."

I'm so pissed off and when he says that, it drives me over the edge. "This is my boyfriend's life! Why would it go as planned? It's not a fucking deal! It's not a fucking merger! I told you to let me tell him!"

"Tell him what?!" Tanya shouts.

I glance at her, and then around the room of gossipers. "We can't talk here. We have to find him and tell him the truth."

"You're gonna fucking tell me first," Tanya hisses and walks off, heading into Jake's arms.

My father is the voice of reason as my mother joins us. "If Esme is coming in…"

"Esme?" Mom says. "Why is Esme coming in?"

"We can't talk about that here, Heidi," Grandpa says to her and the two of them look around the room.

My mother's eyes widen and she grimaces, "Does this go further than I think?"

Grandpa laughs. "When you're through painting a pretty enough picture of all of this, I just might like you."

I have to chuckle at that. And I can see that Mom understands that it's something big when she says, "What the hell is going on? What has Elizabeth been hiding from me?"

"I don't have time for this," I scowl.

"Son, go find Edward," my father says, again playing the voice of reason. "Dad, get Esme here, like yesterday. From what you've told me, we're going to need what she knows and her help with Edward."

Grandpa and I nod and walk off. But Edward Sr. doesn't let me go quietly. You would think a man whose reputation has probably been permanently damaged by his lies would back off, but no. The fucking control freak has to say something.

"You and that…has ruin everything!" he shouts at me. I give him no time to say anything else. I punch him right in the face much to the collective gasp of the room. He's staring up at me in horror while his wife is cowering away from me. I kneel down, fixated on Edward Sr. with a cold glare as I say, "I dare you, come near Edward again. Try it and see what happens." With that, I get up and beckon to Tanya and Jake. We're going to find Edward.

Grandpa follows us out to the limo while Tanya and I take guesses as to where Edward could have gone.

"What about the apartment?" I ask Tanya.

"I'm hoping," she whispers nervously. "Jasper, I can't lose him. I don't want to lose my best friend."

"We're gonna find him and bring him home," I swear to her. "He holds my heart, Tanya."

Grandpa checks his phone and says, "The jet has landed." He types something and then continues, "I just let your dad know." He gets a message in return and reads it. "He's sending a town car for her."

"I let you know when we've got Edward," Jake answers for me.

"I'm sorry for getting pissed at you," I tell Grandpa and he brushes it off.

"I don't mind, boy, I just want you to go find him and end this," he says. "That boy deserves the whole truth."

I nod and get in the limo behind Jake and Tanya. I instruct the driver to take us to Edward and Tanya's apartment building where he'd picked us up. We're going to use my car to find Edward. I try to call him but his cell keeps going to voicemail. And every time it does, my heart beats faster. I feel like something is wrong. I feel like he's in danger. Everything in me is saying, "Find him. Find him now!"

I want to be so mad at him for running but I get why he did it. It's too much. And to hear your own parents to tell you that you're dead to them is unbearable. I wanted to scream when his 'mother' said that they were just training him; like he was a dog.

The limo comes to a stop and we rush out of it. We head up to the apartment, with a part of me hoping I'd see Edward sitting on the couch or in the kitchen, but no such luck. Tanya runs to her room, stripping as she goes. "I'll be back in two minutes."

And she is. Tanya storms out of her room, makeup washed off and dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. We race out the door and head down to the garage, hopping into my car, and we're off.


"Fuck! I feel like I can't breathe," she comments as Jake rubs her shoulders from the back seat. "Where the fuck is he? I'm gonna fucking kill him!"

We've been everywhere we could think off, but still, no sign of Edward. I even called Emmett and he says he hasn't seen Edward either. I give him the lowdown on what's happened and he says he and Rose will be on the lookout.

New York is a big city. And it can be dangerous at night if you don't know what you're doing or where you're going. So we check parts of Central Park, bars, diners, and even clubs. But Edward is nowhere to be found.

"Train station," Tanya suggests, and we go there. No Edward.

"I'm out of ideas," she says, sounding thorough exhausted.

But I'm not. Somehow I know where I should go from there. I don't know why I think I should, it's Edward and Tanya's past, and they haven't been back there still I moved them out. But I just know I'm supposed to go down there.

I'm shocked that I remember the way. Tanya is surprised that I'm heading there and Jake wants to know why.

"Because he's down here somewhere," I say, not wanting to believe it myself. But when I arrive, I slow my car, cruising past the hookers on the corners, while something in me is screaming that I'm in the right place.

"You really think he's down here?" Jake says in disbelief. "Why?"

"I don't know," I reply truthfully. "But something in me is telling me that he is."

"It's worth a look," Tanya concludes. So I drive on. I go up and down the street while hookers, both male and female do their poses to convince a 'customer' to stop. Tanya tells me where to head and I do. New faces now stand on the corner where Edward and Tanya used to stand.

"I can't stand this. Where the hell is he?" Tanya growls; pulling out her cell and dialing. "I'm gonna get us some help." Whoever she wants comes on the line. "Embry, where are you?"

He must've instructed her, because Tanya tells me where to drive.

We pick up Embry a minute later and Tanya explains what's happening. We drive around for a while and I start to get angry because I feel like we're going in circles. But Tanya does her best to keep me calm, while my mind is yelling that Edward is in danger.

"Something is wrong," I sigh exasperatedly; nervousness wracking my nerves. "I can feel it."

"Then hurry," Tanya encourages.

The streets are dark and gritty as we cruised along and my fear spiked with every turn I take under Embry's direction, and with every thug I see on the corner.

Suddenly, I spot movement out of an alley. It looks like a fight. A guy gets kicked by someone and then gets up and rushes back into the alley.

"What the fuck is going on over there?" Embry growls; telling me to stop. "Who's down here without my permission?" He pulls out his gun and climbs out of my car. I follow him as the sounds of a fight grow louder. "What are you doing?" he asks me incredulously as I move pass him in haste.

"It's Edward."

"What?" Embry says, and I don't wait for him. I'm running with footsteps behind me, no doubt, Embry's.

What I come upon makes my heart stop and sends me in a rage simultaneously. Three guys are trying to fight my defenseless boyfriend. I'm a blur of rage as I grab the one closes to me and shove him into a wall…hard. I hear something crack and he screams. I think it was his arm breaking. I hear Embry's gun fire but I don't care, I'm yanking the one holding Edward back his hair.

"Fuck!" he hollers in pain and lets go of Edward, letting him fall. "Let me the fuck go!"

I don't answer. I slam him down on the ground while Tanya runs pass me, going over to Edward's limp body. I see her try to lift him out of the corner of my eye and then scream for Jake.

"Jake! HELP!" Tanya screams, crying. "Help me, Jake!"

Jake races pass me while I grab the asshole's head and repeatedly slam it down against the wet pavement. Embry is trying to pull me off but I'm not having it.

It's Tanya who breaks through my blood hungry rage. "Jasper!" she screams and I look up at her through fiery eyes. "He needs you," she expresses softly. "Edward needs you."

"Go," Embry says while I slowly let go of my rage to go to Edward's side. Embry has his gun pointed at the guy under me. "I'll take care of this. Go. You and E got nothing to worry about. Get out of here."

I fly off the bastard and help Jake with Edward.

We're loading him in the back seat with Tanya when I hear the shot. I don't look back. I just get in and drive.

Jake is on the phone. He mouths 'Grandpa' letting me know he's talking to my grandfather.

"Get her and get to the hospital!" Jake shouts and hangs up. I buck and weave through traffic and run red lights until we are careening into the hospital's parking lot.

We jump out and call for help. A doctor and two nurses come running with a gurney. They carefully unload Edward and he slightly groans and I scream at them to be careful. They nod and run off with Edward with Tanya and me trailing behind.

When we get inside, another doctor joins the team working on Edward while we rush with his battered form to a trauma room. They're all talking at once and when we get to the room, the nurses cut Edward's clothes off. His face is filled with blood and I feel like I want to throw up at a mixture of my anger for not finding him sooner and because I want him to be okay.

"What's his name?" A doctor asks me.

"Edward Masen, he's twenty years old."

"Who is he to you?" he demands frantically.

"My fiancé." It rolls off my tongue without effort.

Tanya's hand is gripping mine and a nurse comes over to us when a machine connected to Edward starts beeping uncontrollably. "You have to go," she says, trying to push us out of the room.

"No!" I argue. "I can't leave him!"

She remains calm. "You'll just be outside the door," she says in a soothing voice. "Let us help your fiancé."

She escorts me and Tanya out of the room. She goes back in and I watch as they start to run around Edward's bed in apparent panic. And then I hear the sound I never wanted to hear; a flatline and a doctor yelling, "We're losing him!"

Next: What happened to Edward? And he got where he was when Jasper saved him.