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We're drawing closer to the truth.


The plane finally touches down and my heart is in my throat.

It's not a fear for flying, it's the fact that I'm about to see my son face-to-face and I finally will be able to tell him the truth. I will be to look at Edward and say, "I'm your mother." I've impatiently waited for this moment for years. I don't care if he hates me afterward; I want Edward to know the whole truth.

It's been too fucking long.

I wish I had a cigarette and I was tempted to ask the driver Jonathan had sent for me to stop and let me buy a pack. But I couldn't. I promised Carlisle and Bella that I would quit and I was going to stick to that promise.

But fuck if I didn't need to take the edge off. I was so nervous.

Jonathan's driver was good. The ride was smooth but the traffic we ended up in was not. It didn't matter, by the end of tonight, Edward is going to know the truth and I will finally be able to tell the world that he's my son.

The drive and stop, bump to bump thing was doing nothing to alleviate my craving for a cigarette or the nervousness dancing around in the pit of my stomach. I was on edge.

I've been skydiving, bungee jumping, and none of that made me this nervous. Hell, I've had demons in my past like Edward's father, and not even Edward Sr. scared me like how what I was picturing Edward's reaction to be.

But as I said, I don't care if he hates me afterward, after tonight, he'll know the whole truth and nothing but.

Tonight I will be able to talk to Edward without my horrid sister's interference. Jonathan promised me that. They were at a charity gala but Jonathan was adamant that I should meet Edward and his grandson, Jasper, there.

I look down at my attire of jeans, t-shirt, a cardigan and my boots and smile. Yeah, I'm dressed for a gala alright.

The traffic thankfully eases up and the driver speeds up a little. I'm grateful.

While he drives, I think about all that got me here and the questions that plagued me that I wanted answered. Jonathan had revealed a few things to me but he said the rest would be explained when I was face-to-face with him. He said he had found out a lot and that what I had shared with him was far from the truth.

What did Jonathan mean Edward wasn't in college? I had called after his high graduation and my sister, after we quarreled, said Edward was in college and hung up on me.

Since I didn't believe a word that bitch said, I checked around for myself for days and I really couldn't find him anywhere. So I couldn't wait for an explanation to that.

I was proud of Edward's achievements in high school. He was smart…like me. Carlisle was a proud dad too. Even though, he didn't father Edward, Carlisle loved Edward as much as he loved our daughter, Bella.

I've been waiting so long time to get a chance to speak to Edward without Elizabeth or Edward Sr. lurking around. Twenty years ago, they stole him from me. And now, Jonathan Whitlock was giving him back.

Mostly, I wanted Edward to know the truth about his paternity, about his grandfather, Easton Masen's wishes for him, and most of all, how much I've loved him all these years.

But some truths were hard to swallow like when Jonathan solved another mystery for me.

Edward had been in New York all this time. He told me that Edward had been there since after high school and he was now dating Jonathan's only grandson, Jasper.

I knew that name. I've never met him, but I hope he was treating my baby good. Jonathan said that Jasper has been a pillar of strength for Edward; especially after my sister and Edward's father's arrival to New York and how my sister embarrassed him at his workplace. They're adamant in getting Edward out of Jasper's life.

What the hell? When would they stop punishing Edward? I know my sister hated him. She hates him because she hates kids and because he was too much like me.

We were never the best of siblings. I was carefree and loving like my dad while Elizabeth was as frigid and loved attention as much as our mother. My mother was the one who caused this. If Dad had been alive at the time, Edward wouldn't have been taken from me. Everything would've been different.

But I'm going to rectify that with the truth tonight. And then I'm going to rip Elizabeth to shreds. The last time I got a hold of her was at my mother's funeral and this time, Carlisle isn't here to stop me.

That bitch knew the truth about everything. The only reason she took Edward when Mother forced him on her was for social standing. She hates kids! She just wanted to gloat like she always has when we were children. That bitch loved nothing but attention.

I warned my mother. I cursed her, I begged and pleaded for Edward, but she didn't listen. Instead she acted like it was all my fault.

I didn't ask to be drugged and raped. But I loved Edward.

I may have only been seventeen years old at the time, but I loved my baby and I would've taken good care of him. I had Carlisle and if anybody should have been Edward's father, it should have been Carlisle.

I thought of him as Edward's father anyway. We just never had the chance to raise him together.

Mother hid me during my pregnancy. After she found out what went down between Edward Sr. and an unwilling me, she lied to Easton, telling him that it wasn't rape. She wanted to protect her social standing, and I was a victim who couldn't say anything.

Rich people and their secrets.

By the time Easton found out the truth I was too far along and he was very sorry. He apologized to me, directly, for his son's actions, but he had to protect his wealth too. So my unborn baby became a bargaining chip and a way to punish Edward Sr.

Easton confided me that he was an old man and upon his death, he had no intention of leaving his business and wealth solely in the hands of his son. So he would be making Edward, my baby, his successor.

But as wills go, Easton had to make his son the stand-in until Edward was old enough to take over. Easton died when Edward was young and Edward Sr. took over. It's a position he won't want to give up.

A lot has been done to keep these secrets. I was forced to give up Edward upon his birth. Carlisle's career and his life were threatened whenever he tried to help. I was cut off financially from the Platt fortune. But it didn't matter, I had Carlisle, I had my art, I just wanted my son.

And today, the lies stopped here. We've all suffered enough because of them.

I try to be patient as the driver draws closer to my destination. My cell phone rings and I pick up. "Hello?"

"Esme," Jonathan says frantically. What's wrong? He sounds sad. "Where are you?"

"Heading to the gala," I chuckle nervously. "Though I'm not dressed for the event but I don't care." I look down at my casual wear and roll my eyes.

"Give the driver your phone," he demands.


"Do it, Esme!" Jonathan stresses. Something was wrong. I can feel it in my bones.

I do as Jonathan says. He tells the driver something and then the driver hands me back the phone and changes direction.

"What happened?" I ask frantically. "Tell me!"

"I'll see you when you get here," Jonathan says calmly. But I don't like his eerie tone one bit.

"Tell me!"

"When you get here," he hurries and we disconnect the call while my heart feels like it's about to stop.

To calm myself, I try to think about Edward. I hold on to the image of the few times I've seen him over the years. The bouncing baby boy in my arms looking up at me with eyes as green as mine before my mother takes him away and hands him over to my bitch of a sister. The intrigued little boy I met and was mesmerized with at my mother's funeral when I came for him. The handsome eighteen year old guy on the podium at his high school graduation giving a wonderful speech since he was valedictorian.

"Not yet." Is all I can think. I haven't talked to him. I haven't told him how much I loved him. I want him to know that I have no problem with him being gay. I knew about him and that boy, Seth, but I didn't care then and I don't care now. I just want my son happy.

I want to tell him I know he's with Jasper now, and they're extremely happy together. I'm overjoyed. I want to apologize for not fighting harder. Carlisle wouldn't agree with me because he knows the lengths I went to. But I want to apologize anyways. I want a place in his life. I don't care if he hates me. I just want to hear him call me 'Mom' even once.

The driver turns into a hospital's parking lot and I start to shake. "Where are we?" I ask dumbly.

"This is where Mr. Whitlock requested that I take you, Ma'am," the driver says, "He's waiting for you by the emergency room doors."

"Not yet. Not Edward." I think as I nod at the driver and then climbed out of the car with my small bag. I take off in a run and dash toward the emergency doors. They open and Jonathan Whitlock, the man who was once a good friend to my father, accepts my crying, trembling form in his arms.

My heart is in my mouth. "Esme, come with me."

I don't answer. I just cry and let him take me to the elevator. "It's going to be okay, Esme." Jonathan soothes.

"Am I too late?"

"I honestly don't know," he whispers as we part. "Jasper is with him now. I don't know what happened fully, but Edward was attacked and Jasper brought him to the hospital after he and his friends found Edward."

I'm a mixture of emotions; shock, confusion, sadness and anger. "Did they catch the person?"

"I don't know," Jonathan says quietly.

"Well, find out!" I say harshly amidst my tears, roughly wiping them away. "I want that bastard! I want his head on a stick!"

It wasn't supposed to be like this. This wasn't the way it should've gone.


I hear the elevator doors opening but I don't look up.

"Jasper?" my mother says softly and the tenderness in her tone sounds foreign to my ears. "I'm so sorry. Where is he?"

I still don't look up. "How did you know?"

"Your grandfather," she replies, taking a seat next to me. "Don't you want to wash your hands?"

I look down at them, red, filled with the blood of Edward's attackers. "I'll wait."

Mom says nothing for a while. Tanya is pacing in front of me. She's nervous and I'm not doing much better. I'm falling apart. I can't be without him. I can't live without Edward. I'm not about to lose him.

Mom finally tries again, "We should wash your hands."

I nod and she goes to speak with someone and then comes back for me. "Let's go."

I let Mom pull me into a room with a pair of scrubs and soap in her hand. She must have gotten it from a nurse.

Mom pulls me into a bathroom and washes my hands for me. She looks so strange doing it. I don't expect this motherly nurturing from her and it puzzles me. But I don't stop her. She continues to wash my hands while her eyes fill up with tears and then spill over. She discreetly tries to wipe them away.

That shocks me to the core. "Why are you doing this?"

She looks up at me, her eyes glistening with more tears. "I didn't know, Jasper. I honestly didn't know that Elizabeth and Edward Sr. were doing things at that extreme. And I helped. I helped in my own way. Look what I did to you! I put you with Alice," she cried. "I didn't stop to think about how much I was hurting you. What I forced on you! I am not Elizabeth! I am so sorry! What they drove him to do! What they drove him to be! I am so sorry!" she wailed. "I know you hate me and you have every right to. I am sorry."

I can't answer. I just watch as she shuts off the water and takes a towel and wipes my hands dry.

Mom leaves me to change after that. I take off my bloody clothes and dump them in the trash. And as I change, I remember the shots I heard and I want to feel sorry what must have happened to those men that did this to Edward, but I can't. They hurt the man I love and they deserve whatever they got. They nearly ripped my heart out by almost taking him from me and I cannot feel sorry for them.

When the doctors had lost Edward's pulse, I nearly died on the spot. And when they got it back, Edward was rushed to the operating room. But my heart stuttered in beats. At least he was breathing. There was hope.

I walk out of the room and spot Tanya on the chairs, staring at the doors as if she's willing one of Edward's doctors to walk out in a second. Tanya is dressed in a similar fashion as me and I wonder if my mom got her those scrubs too.

When I sit down next to her, she glances at me and promptly says, "I still don't like your mom," It makes me chuckle despite my despair. "I don't care how nice she's being, I don't trust her."

"It's okay, I don't trust her either."

I lean back in my chair and close my eyes and sigh as I let the tears fall. I've been crying on and off. Tanya lays her head on my shoulder and wraps an arm around me. We love Edward, each in our own way, and we both can't see our lives without him.

"It's my fault," I sob to her. "It's my fucking fault!" The anger is still lingering in my veins. "I should've kept running after him. I shouldn't have stopped."

I ramble on and on until Tanya pulls me in a fierce hug while I sob harder. "No, it's not," she whispers into my hair. "You save him. You found him for us, Jasper. And he's gonna be okay. He has to be."

The bang of the door makes us jump and look up. I know her. She looks like Edward. Grandpa has her in his arms and walking her crying form over to the chairs in front of us.

Esme Cullen is clinging to him for dear life as she cries, "Please," she begs Grandpa while he seats her across from us. "Please, not Edward."

Esme sobs pull at my heart. She doesn't even know Edward the way we do and this is the way she'll get to see her son for the first time. Hooked up to machines? But why am I sorry for someone who didn't protect Edward?

She continues to plead to any deity that will listen, "Please, not Edward," while my anger toward her builds. I want to hate her. But I know some of the story and how can I? They took him from her and did their best to keep her away.

She lets go of Grandpa, wraps her arms around herself and rocks back and forth while mumbling to herself. She does this for a good while. Grandpa and I exchange sad looks and Esme mumbles.

Our eyes meet and she sniffles and stops crying to speak to me. "You're Jasper," she states. Grandpa must've told her that I'm dating Edward when they spoke.

I sit up, detangling myself from a confused looking Tanya and answer, "You're Edward's mother," I state.

Esme nods and cries harder and Grandpa pulls her to him.

"She's who?" Tanya asks incredulously, looking between all of us. "What the hell are you talking about? Is she the secret?"

I turn to Tanya. "Yes, she is. She's Edward's real momma."

Esme cries harder and Tanya freaks out. "What the fuck?!" Tanya shouts. She turns to Esme, her eyes filled with anger. "You bitch! You gave him to those bastards?!"

Esme gets a crazed look on her face and for a split second I think the two of them are about to fight as Esme screams back, "They took him from me! Those fucks took my baby from me," she sobs.

"And you didn't search for him?!" Tanya yells, springing up from her seat and stomping over to Esme. Tanya will fight Edward with her last breath.

"I did…" Esme looks up at her; she cries but speaks through the sobs. She gets this far away look on her face with her answer and I can almost feel the truth of her words. "I sent gifts for Edward for every birthday and every holiday you can fucking think of."

Tanya calms down a little and eases back in her seat as if she understood. "They kept him from you?" Esme nods. "And you…" Tanya turns to me. "What were you waiting for?"

"The right stupid time," I say regretfully. "I don't know everything but I wanted to tell him after the gala. I didn't want him walking in there with what I had to tell him on his shoulders. A part of me knows it would've been worse if he knew what I'd found out. Look at the things they said to him."

Esme stop crying. "What did they say?" she asks crossly. "What did my sister say to Edward?"

Tanya glance at her and growls, "A lot of shit."

Esme tries to remain calm, but she's failing miserably. "I'm going to kill her! What did she say to my son?!"

"A lot of things," I whisper, wishing that Edward's doctor would walk out right now and tell us he's okay. "But we'll discuss it later. Right now, we're here for Edward."

Esme shakes and rocks but she nods her understanding and calms down. Tanya folds her arms and grimaces as she shoots daggers at Esme. "You better not be anything like your sister." That's Tanya's warning that she'll fuck her up if she tries to hurt Edward. At least Esme gets one. My mother and Alice didn't. The thought of Alice running away from Tanya at the gala makes me slightly smile.

"I'm far from it," Esme says, "They took him from me. I need to speak with him; he needs to know the whole truth."

That catches my attention. "What do you mean the whole truth? There's more to this?"

"Jasper, there is so much more left to be said," Esme says.


I think we all held our breath when we saw one of Edward's doctors walk out. He looks tired and solemn and my heart skips a beat.

Dr. White walks up to us and greets us. He turns to me and says words that makes my heart sing in joy; at least a little. "Mr. Whitlock, your fiancé is doing fine. He's stable, but we've got him under observation," he explains. "We want to watch him throughout the night for any changes. He's not completely out of the woods yet, but he's far better than when he was brought in."

I nod my understanding while being highly aware of the other three's eyes on me for the 'fiancé' statement, but I don't address it. Instead, I want to know where Edward is. I need to see him. "Where is he?"

Dr. White starts to speak, letting me know where Edward is, but I'm not satisfied. "Move him to a private room," I demand and the doctor nods and leaves.

"His fiancé?" Grandpa says and I smile, running a hand through my hair.

"It was the only thing I could think of at the time."

Grandpa smiles and nods.

Moments later, a nurse comes and escorts us to Edward's room. My knees nearly give way when I see my beautiful boyfriend, battered and bruised and hooked up to those machines. I hate the beeping noise, but I'm thankful for it. It's what's telling me that Edward is alive.

Seeing him makes me blame myself for what happened to him. I know I had no control over it, but I feel the blame all the same.

Edward's eyes are bandaged and I ask the nurse about it. She tells me that the doctor will explain and goes to get him.

When Dr. White arrives, both Esme and I are firing questions at him. "Why?" is our main concern.

Dr. White explains that Edward had sustained a lot of injuries, including damage to his eyes. I take a deep breath at that revelation and try to keep my anger under control. Tanya asks about Edward's eye injury, and Dr. White says that shards of glass were taken from both eyes. Edward now has a possibility of partial blindness and while Dr. White says an optician has to make the final diagnosis, I ask for his estimate.

"Edward is looking at life with the need for glasses at least seventy-five percent of the time," Dr. White says and Tanya mutters, 'shit'.

Dr. White goes on to say Edward also has a fractured left arm, three broken ribs, and his heart had stopped twice during surgery while his spleen was being removed.

I can't breathe when he stops talking. So Esme takes over. She's aware of most of what Edward's doctor is telling us and tells him to expect another physician coming in to care for Edward. Dr. White welcomes it.

As soon as Dr. White leaves, Esme pulls out her cell phone and calls her husband, Carlisle, in front of us. I nod to Grandpa and he tells her to relay to Carlisle that he should expect our family jet.

Jake walks in a minute later, and Tanya runs into his arms. I feel too weak. So tired. All I want to do is curl up in bed with Edward.

Tanya explains Edward's condition to Jake and Jake tells us how sorry he is.

We all sit with Edward until a nurse comes in and tell us that too many people are in the room. I know I'm not leaving, and neither is Esme or Tanya, so Jake and Grandpa opt to leave.

Jake goes and gets food for us, but I'm not interested. Grandpa somehow gets recliners for us to sleep in, and no one argues with the three of us staying.

After Jake and Grandpa say their goodbyes, I pull my chair close to Edward's side and lay my head on the bed. I need to be close to him.

Later on after the ladies have fallen asleep, I climb into bed with Edward. "I'm going to help in any way I can, baby. I'm never gonna let you out of my sight again."

I try to stay still because I don't want to rouse him prematurely, but I have to talk to him. I want to hear his velvety voice. I miss it. "I'm here and I love you, Edward. I don't think you heard me because the doctors were working on you, but I told them something and I hope you'll agree with me when you're healthy again. I told them I was your fiancé, but I don't want to say it for fake, Edward. I want it to be real. But I'll wait until you're ready."

I sob quietly after admitting that to him. "I love you so much," I say when I finally find my voice. "And I want to make you mine forever."

I must've cried myself to sleep, because the next time I open my eyes, it's morning. I know I should get up before the doctor or a nurse comes in, but I don't want to move yet.

My body is protesting from the uncomfortable position I slept in, and I should get up and stretch, but I don't want to leave Edward's side.

Not until he tells me to.

I close my eyes for a bit and then I hear a groan and feel his fingers in my hair, running through it. I spring up and jump out of the bed, staring down at the love of my life with tears in my eyes. "Baby? You heard me?"

He smiles and then croaks out, "I love you too, Jasper. And I want to marry you some day."

Esme and Tanya's sniffles let me know that they are awake and heard us.

"I love you so much, Edward."

"I…" he pauses and takes a painful breath. "…love you so much."

I smile at his sentiment. A real smile since all of this happened. And then I lean over and kiss his bruised lips.

Next: Edward learns the truth.