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"How much farther, darlin?"

"Don't worry, we're close now," Edward says, squeezing my knee in support although he should be the nervous one. He's the one about to confront his parents on all the lies they have been feeding him all these years.

When he said he wanted us to go to Forks, I was shocked. I thought he would need some time to process what Esme had said but my boyfriend wanted more.

He wanted to know the whole truth…from all sides.

I was more than happy to help him. So my family's jet was readied by the time we and Esme got packed and went to the airport.

When we arrived in Seattle, I thought Edward would chicken out, but he didn't. He had blood in his eye for his folks. He wanted to know why. The drive down was a long one but it gave us enough time to plan.

"I hate being back here," Edward says.

"We don't have to do this now." I want him to know he has the option of letting me turn the car around if he wants.

He smiles at me. "No. This needs to be done now. I won't have to deal with them after this. Let's get it over with."

"You're right. They need to know that you're no longer in the dark. They should know that you know the truth."

Edward nods in agreement but he has a question. "Jasper, since it's all mine, do you think I should just take everything?"

We talked about this on the plane. The Masen family fortune was willed to Edward. But he wasn't sure if he should take it all. Esme let him know that if he changes his mind and wants nothing to do with it, he has his own money. She's been putting away money in a trust for him for years. He had the option not to claim.

But I thought he should. When they asked my advice, I told them so. "It's for all they have done to the both of you. This belongs to you, Edward."

"Only if you want to."

"Would you do it?"

"Yes," I reply. "I told you before. It belongs to you."

Edward doesn't ask anything else. "I love you, Jasper."

"I love you too."

I take his hand in mine and kiss the back of it while we continue down the road.

I drive a little more and after I turn where he tells to, come upon a road that leads us to host of mansions on a small avenue. "You're almost there," Edward says in a whisper. He squeezes my leg and I slow to a stop in front of the gates of an ostentatious mansion before Edward points out, "This is it. We're here."

Esme leans forward from the backseat and asks, "Are you guys ready for this?"

Edward takes a determined breath and steels himself with a hard glare at the gates before he lowers his window so he can speak to whoever answers the intercom. "I'm more than ready. Let's go."

I drive up and Edward speaks to someone through the intercom and the gates open and I drive in. Esme and Edward are holding their heads high and I feel proud of them as I pull up in front of the front door. They're about to stand up for themselves.

Looking up at the house, it's a beautiful and vast mansion. It's so elegant and unlike the cruel couple that lived within it.

We get out of the car and walk to the opened front door. A maid stands there and she timidly greets us. I can only imagine how horrible it is to work for these two. She invites us inside. She tells us to wait in foyer and goes to get Elizabeth. We hear shouting and Elizabeth comes storming into the foyer, glaring at us while Edward Sr. steps around the corner and comes into view. He sneers at Edward and me, but stares at Esme like she's something to eat. I can see that she feels uncomfortable under his gaze. She steps closer to me, and I shoot daggers at Edward Sr.

The bastard looks smug as he says, "I'm only standing here to tell you to leave my house right now and never return."

Edward glares at him, cold and deadly, as he replies, "And I'm here to claim what's mine. By the way, stop looking at Esme like she's a piece of meat. I'll never let you hurt her again, you bastard."

Before we left New York, I'd fill my grandfather in on what's happening. He immediately got on the phone with our lawyers and they were ready to defend Edward as the rightful heir to the Masen fortune.

"Excuse me?" Elizabeth says, moving to her husband's side to glare at Esme.

"You heard what I said," Edward states. "I know. I know everything."

Elizabeth bristles. "You've been spouting lies again, I see, Esme. When are you going to stop? Edward chose me, not you."

"Oh shut the fuck up!" Esme yells and moves away from me. "I told my son the truth. The whole damn truth! And that includes the fact that Easton Masen left everything to Edward. My child, Edward!"

"That's a lie!" Elizabeth says and you can see the lie written all over her face. She knows everything. How dumb is she to think would believe anything they have to say?

"You know the truth!" Esme accuses. "Don't pretend that you don't! This is all Edward's."

"And I suppose your slutty ass is here to claim it," Edward Sr. says to Esme snidely.

"Don't you dare talk to my mother that way!" Edward shouts.

"Don't you dare address me, you faggot!"

"Fuck you!" Edward yells and his father advances on him.

"We heard what happened," his father says smugly; referring to Edward's attack. "You should have died."

I'm moving before I even realize it. I have Edward's father by the throat and slammed into the wall, gasping for air while he claws at my hand. "Who do you think you're talking to? You think I'm going to stand here and let you say shit like to him again?!" He's fighting to breath and Elizabeth is beating on my back until Esme pulls her away from me. Edward is in my ear telling me that his father isn't worth it and to let him go.

I don't listen. I squeeze tighter.

This is the man that caused Edward's turmoil. This is the bastard that started it all.

"Let him go, love," Edward pleads. "He's not worth it."

I look at his father menacingly. I pull him close and watch as his eyes pop and his face turns blue from lack of air. "Don't come near him again. You will not speak to him or about him. You are nothing to him. If I see or hear a word out of you in any derogatory way toward Edward, I will not stop until you and your bitch of a wife are living out of a cardboard box and eating out of the garbage. Do you hear me?" Edward Sr.'s eyes are watering and he's trembling under my hold. "Nod if you understand me." He nods and I let go, letting him drop to the floor.

I step away and Elizabeth gets in my face. "I'm calling the police!"

"And I'll sue you for everything you're worth. I'll buy out Edward and take control of everything you know. I'm richer than him, you know?"

She backs off with fear in her eyes.

"Get out!" his father says hoarsely.

"Not until you know that I will be hiring my own broad and you will not be a part of that," Edward says in a commanding tone. "This house means nothing to me. You can stay here," Edward looks back at me and smirks, "on Jasper's terms. One wrong word said about me, and I'll let my boyfriend loose on you and he can be ruthless. And he will not stop until he wins. These are the terms."

"You can't…" Elizabeth starts while Edward Sr. glares at a strong Edward as he cuts her off and holds his father's cold stare with one of his own and continues…

"You can live in this horrible house. You stay away from the business. You'll have your necessities paid and a hefty sum in your bank accounts. You will not contact me. You will not speak about me. I am nothing to you but a distant memory. But if you cross me, I will destroy you."

By the time Edward finished speaking, I'm calm. Esme is proud, and the Masens look like they want to throw up.

We turn to leave and Elizabeth is the stubborn one. "I never wanted you!" she says to our backs and Esme clenches her fists as her sister goes on, "You are just like her, Edward! My mother forced you on me and I know the truth, Esme has always been jealous of me!" Edward and I roll our eyes while Esme stops and turns to look at her sister like she has grown two heads.

"Excuse me?" she says with a quirked brow. "I own and run a gallery. I'm married to a wonderful man. I have two children that are the world to me. I have two soon to be son-in-laws that I look forward to loving as much as I love my babies. I don't need anything you have, you dumb bitch."

At that, Elizabeth advances on Esme but it's a mistake and Esme throws one hard punch, knocking Elizabeth flat on her ass. "Fuck you," Esme says and turns and leaves.

We walk out of the Masen home with our heads held high and smiles on our faces. My boyfriend's past is in the open and we are only looking toward the future now.

We're in the car and driving out of the gates with a sigh of relief. We will never have to deal with those bastards again.

Edward and Esme are animatedly discussing what just happened. Esme thought it was so hot how I held Edward Sr. off his feet and how strong I looked. She teases Edward mercilessly until he blushes.

It's great to see them interacting. Grandpa calls and I hand the phone to Esme. She relays everything to him while I hold Edward's hand through the drive out of town.

When she hangs up, she tells us Grandpa's plan. "You granddad says he and your father are working on getting board members in place for Edward to approve of."

Edward looks at me and I smile reassuringly at him. "I'll help you pick."

He smiles back and she continues, "He says that Edward can run the Masen Corporation like how Jasper sits on the board of Whitlock Industries."

Edward and I nod in agreement. Edward will get to be who he wants to be and still able to manage his wealth.

"You know, I'm kinda hungry," Edward says.

"I could eat," Esme says as a restaurant comes into view and we pull into the parking lot.

We're out of the car and inside in no time. I only realize how hungry I am when I hear Edward and his mom ordering. I order something too.

Edward and Esme are talking about the exhibit that will be taking place at her gallery. She's inviting him out there the next time and he agrees. She looks at me and I agree to tag along too. Edward is taking leaps to be with his mother and I'm happy about it.

Maybe I'll even talk to mine when I get back home.

We're talking animatedly because they've now included me into their conversation. But I can't take my eyes off of a guy watching our table.

He's tall, well built, and his stunned eyes have been on Edward since we walked in. He's sitting with a model type girl but his eyes are constantly drifting over to Edward.

My boyfriend is laughing at something his mom says about me and I watch the guy excuse himself from his table and stands. He takes a deep breath and starts to walk in our direction. I look away but it's too late and Edward catches my eye and follows them to where I was just looking.

The guy is close now and I watch as my boyfriend freezes on the spot. What the hell is going on? Edward knows this guy.

The minute it takes for me to connect the dots and for Esme to look between all of us, the guy is at our table and smiling down at Edward as if nothing was wrong and Edward is the only one sitting here.

I realize that my anger is rising because I know who this is. He's the one that left Edward hanging. He's the one that insulted him and broke his heart all over again when Edward called him. This is Seth.

He smirks at Edward, his eyes gleaming as he openly gives Edward the once over and I want to beat him into the ground.

"Hi, Edward."

"Hello, Seth."

The glow on Edward's face a minute ago disappears. He's now scowling and looks like he's about to explode.

My boyfriend is not happy to see this guy.

Next: Edward talks to Seth and things get out of hand.