Amelia Song Series. Part 1 of 4.

Amelia wandered through the doors of the Tardis, dropping her tattered blue back-pack by the foot of the hatstand as she dashed towards her father's open arms. He met her halfway, lifting her feet off the ground as he kissed her hair and hugged her so tight, she laughed that she couldn't barely breathe.

"Where's your mother?" He questioned as he placed her back on the ground, doing his best to adjust the curls that he'd ruffled with his hug. Though, she giggled when every attempt he made to brush her hair out of her eyes, only made her hair wilder until she swatted his hands away and did it herself.

"She said she's got some work to do and that we should come back for her."

The Doctor stopped halfway back to the console, whipping his head around and studying her intently as she fiddled with switches and poked at the typewriter.

"What work could she possibly have to do? Does she not realize that we live in a time machine, she can do her work later, or earlier, yesterday even!"

Amelia laughed at her father, peering at him through the time-rotor. "You know her better than I do, Dad, and you're really questioning this?" She pressed her hands to the console, grinning excitedly. "Let's have an adventure, just the two of us."

The Doctor's eyes narrowed as he began to wonder. River hadn't ever passed up the chance for an adventure, even less likely for the chance of an adventure with both him and Amelia; to send Amelia with the message that she'd catch them up, was troubling to say the least. That she wouldn't even come to tell him herself worried him. River was a headstrong, independent woman; he'd known that from the start, he'd known that from the very end. And he knew that the only reason she hadn't come to tell him herself was because he'd have stopped her; or at least, tried with all his might.

"Amelia, what work does your mother have to do?" He asked and he could see in her eyes, that she'd caught on to his suspicion. She was a smart girl, his Amelia and she knew when something was array. His hearts were beating wildly in his chest and he knew that Amelia would be able to see his concern, his worry, and his fear. Though they'd been careful to make sure she'd never be able to quite understand, just what that particular fear was. They'd been so careful, to the point of loathing themselves.

"She's on an expedition, she said she'd be back in a few days, we can pick her up then." Amelia answered off-hand, distractedly flipping dials she knew the Tardis wouldn't respond to.

"Amelia," The Doctor dashed around the console, grabbing her arms and forcing her to face him. This was the moment, the moment he'd feared all of Amelia's life. They'd talked about this day, when River had cradled Amelia to her chest as a baby, when they'd watched her play with River's brother and sister amongst trees of crimson and gold in the gardens of Disneyland-Clom. They were careful about what they discussed, to save each other the spoilers, but when the day came that Amelia would be force to lose one or both of them, they'd be ready. He only realized just now, that he wasn't prepared for it to be River that she lost. He'd always assumed, hoped for both their sakes that it'd be him. "What expedition?"

Amelia's eyes were wide with fear; she'd never seen him this way, not in regards to her mother's work. All she'd ever seen from him, in regards to what her mother did, was an air of detached amusement, mutterings of iwrong, wrong, mostly right, complete lie, wrong/i and just the faintest hint of his well-hidden pride.

"It's for the Lux Corporation," She stammered, seeing her father's face tint with a mix of fury and fear. "She said that she's going to The Library."

The Doctor's face fell. His eyes dropped to the floor and he stumbled back, letting his hands drop from Amelia's arms as he slouched against the rail in defeat. "I thought we had more time." He muttered, scrubbing his hand over his face. Amelia had never seen her father so broken. His power was gone, his pomp had disappeared.

"Father, what's wrong." She asked timidly, reaching for him but he twirled away, marching across to the other side of the console, scratching his hands over his face, pacing as though he was trying to come up with one of his ridiculous plans. But there was nothing. He had no answer for this, no quick fix.

He'd declared for all his eleven-hundred years, that time was not the boss of him, when in actual fact, it was only time; time that controlled him, time that tortured him, time that teased him. It was time that would take her from him, time that ihad/i taken her from him. And in his heartache, he knew not what to do.

He hadn't planned to be the one left behind. He hadn't planned for Amelia to ever have to live without her mother. But time was a cruel mistress; she'd taken so much from him already, why not River? What was one more to torture his soul? Time was testing him, seeing how long it would take for him to crack; she was waiting to see what it was that would bring the darkness forward. But time was a fool and she didn't know what she was playing with.

"Nothing," He stated, lying to his daughter's face. She knew it, of course. The great liar hadn't ever fooled her, but she knew when to press and she knew when to take the lie and hold it to her chest. He father was keeping something from her and no amount of prodding was going to get it out of him. "Let's," He grinned, dashing to the flight controls. "Let's go see her before she goes."

"She's already left."

The Doctor winked. "Time machine."