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It was the worst day of young Ichigo's life. Probably worse than the time he had to achieve Bankai, first get bashed around then ridiculed by a cat. And the time when his body was stolen by a boob loving maniac, aka Kon. And also the time…. Anyhow back to the story.

It was the worst day ever! Someone had given Yachiru candy. They were in Urahara's shop. Something was bound to happened and when it did, doom, misery and despair to them all.

Ichigo was trying to catch the pink haired menace before she managed to destroy Uruhara's new experiments, not because that might be an act of humanity to let her continue but she might get hurt in the process.

"Com' on Yachiru, if you stop now, there might be more candy for you," Ichigo tried. "Those bottles probably contain something horrible."

"Like a horrible monster?" Yachiru gained a wicked smile. "Ken-chan will be so happy! Ichi never wants to fight Ken-chan." She picked up a pink bottle and threw it. Straight at his head! He managed to duck and it hit the wall with a crash. Ichigo watch in horror and Yachiru in pure happiness as pink smoke rose from the shards. To his great relief it just evaporated. Yachiru pouted and began to throw bottles and test tubes everywhere. Ichigo had to use all of his combat skills to avoid it. As he dodged an orange bottle shaped as a heart he suddenly found him against the wall with three bottles and a test tube coming at him. He covered his head with his arms as he threw away a quick prayer to whatever deity that would listen. First nothing. Then a crash in front of him. He peaked out from between his arms, seeing only orange. He was saved by Orihime's shield. Looking over towards the door but he saw no one. Weird. Suddenly he felt a poke on his shoulder. Before he could turn around he was drenched in a blue liquid.

"Surprise!" a bubbly Orihime yelled in his ear. He guessed he would be angrier if he did not feel all woozy. "Kurosaki-kun?" Orihime sounded worried. She came into his line of sight. "Inoue, when did you get a twin," he slurred. Then he just crumbled to the ground. The last he heard was a scared Yachiru screaming: "ICHI!", then he promptly fainted.

Ichigo woke up in his inner world. The sky was cloudy with a chance of rain. Looking down he saw that he still had his human clothes on. Was that normal? And where were Zangetsu and his hollow? He was sitting on the top of a building. Zangetsu's perch was empty and no hollow was trying to kill him. Something was really wrong and he had a, not so much sneeking as a belly dancing elephant in a glass factory-like, suspicion that whatever Orihime had dosed him in was an experiment of Urahara's.

"Zangetsu? Are you here?" he shouted. "Hollow?"

*Crash* *Bounce, bounce, bounce* *Boing boing boing*

Ichigo tried to locate where the sound was coming from.

*CRASH* Right behind him. He spun around. Fur, white fur. He looked up; a very large bunny stared down at him. It looked strangely a lot like his hollow, evil-looking black and yellow eyes and a very creepy smile that just was downright wrong on a cute bunny.

" 'ello Ichigo," it said, it sounded a lot like his hollow too. "I have been looking for ya."

"You have?" asked Ichigo, then shook his head. "I mean, argh a talking bunny!"

"Ya did this to me, ya freak!" The bunny grabbed Ichigo by his throat shaking him. "Turn me back, do it NOW!"

"….. I…. can't… bre-" He clawed at the bunny's paws, panic flooding his senses. His hand unexpectedly grasped the hilt of his sword. Without thought he thrust the sword at the hollow-like bunny. It jumped to the side, avoiding the blade gracefully but also let go of the boy's airway. Ichigo took deep breaths of precious air.

"Get back" He raised the sword. The hollow-bunny snickered.

"What are you going to do with that fiiiish?"

"Huh?" Ichigo answered intelligently. He looked at his sword. It was now a 2.5 kg frozen salmon and he was holding its tail.

"Bunny attack of greater blackish doom," Zangetsu's voice ran through he's thoughts. A large black bunny with very cool sunglasses delivered a kick to the hollow-bunny sending it over the edge of the building.

"Old man!" Zangetsu gave him a deadly stare. "I mean, old bunny…?" The black bunny nodded.

"Remember Ichigo, I hate it when it rains snakes."

"Yes… I mean, what?" The boy looked up at the sky, it was now dark and the clouds looked like ducks. All of them.

"Ichigo, it's time for school!" Zangetsu said sounded a lot like Urahara.

"Wake up, your're going to be late," Hollow-bunny had climbed the building and was also sounding like Urahara.

"Daddy's undying love attack of sunshine!" Isshin came from nowhere and threw his son over the edge. Before Ichigo made like a pancake and smooched the ground he woke up.

To see a smiling Urahara.

"Hello Ichigo," the man giggled. "How are you feeling?" Before he could answer he was hit hard in the stomach by a pink mass.


"Yachiru, I think you're killing Kurosaki-kun" She was, by slowly squeezing the life out of him.

"Oh, sorry Ichi!" She let go and he could breathe again.

"Wh—what happened?" Ichigo asked as he rubbed the spot the tiny girl had hit him with her head.

"Well you see, Orihime-chan came to me asking if I knew some way to cheer you up" Urahara began "Because you been so down, blue, depressed, miss-" Ichigo threw the pillow at him.

"Shut it! And get to the point!"

"Kurosaki-kun, you should not manhandle the pillows."

"Start talking or I'll manhandle your face!" He raised his fist.

"You are no fun" Urahara sighed. "Well, I suggested that she should play a practical joke on you and I even helped by pouring the water. But there might have been some sort of miscommunication."

"Might have been?" Ichigo did not like where this was going.

"Well, I might also have been diluting some of my newest experiments in water too… and Orihime-chan might have possibly grabbed one of those containers."

"Urahara!" Ichigo growled. "What experiment?"

"It's a potion that should help souls to become animals at will like Yoruichi. I said that the experiment was diluted right? And also that you been dosed in your human body it was not that potent. So all in all I think it's not that bad."

"Not that bad? So it worked a little!"

"Yachiru, bring the mirror please!" The pink haired girl grabbed a handheld mirror and made her way back to them. Ichigo took the mirror with shaky hands. It was going to be terrible, he knew it. Taking a big breath he looked.


"Ichigo-kun? Are you okay?"

"You… you.. YOU TURNED ME INTO A FREAKING RABBIT YOU A-HOLE!" He hit the man with the mirror.

"You are mistaken; you only have the ears and tail. Rest all human!" The scientist said from the floor on which he was bleeding profoundly. "It could be worse, the solution next to it was the hippo-type."


From chapter 2

The boy warrior that had survived a war and countless fight, a pure killing machine some would say, was sitting in the kitchen of a mad scientist drinking a cup of tea, his large white fluffy ears twitching. Opposite of him sat Rukia. The shinigami with a love for bunnies and now one of her best friends was one! Well, sorta.

"Ichigo! I have to touch them! Let me let me let me!" The small girl was drooling and bouncing up and down at the same time. Not a pretty sight.

Once I thought of eating a 3 year old candy…. I did… It tasted almost like real candy