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Bunny Ichigo chapter 3

"Ow" he whimpered holding his throbbing head.

Just how clumsy could he be! As he reprimanded himself for being stupid a shadow was casted over him. Ichigo looked up seeing a tall man in backlight. Blinking he recognized him.

"Stark?" His voice sounded a lot smaller than he wanted. "Aren't you supposed to be dead?"

"Kurosaki Ichigo, did you always have those bunny ears?"

…ooooooooo00000000000000ooooo oooooooooo…...

"But… You, wait… What?!" Ichigo fumbled though his hair, hoping it not to be true but at last, the horrible annoying appendages had popped out again. "No! This is not happening!"

Stark crouched down to his level and reached out to touch his ears. Ichigo could only watch feeling like a dear caught in headlights.

"You look like an herbivore with these," he said softly grabbing them by their roots. Ichigo quivered as the espada came closer. Hot breath stroke strawberry-blonde hair as he released the ears to tilt the boy's head up meeting scared eyes. "Do all humans look like this?" he mumbled

The spell was broken. "What? Are you stupid or something!" Almost all the fear of the espada gone. "Of course normal human don't have bunny ears. Have you never seen a human before?"

Stark growled. "I don't like to be called stupid. Not by a cute bunny that I think I'll eat."

"Cute bunny? Wait, eat?!" Panic rose in his chest as he remembered that he didn't even have his badge with him. Basically he was powerless.

The espada smiled and stood up, with a swiftly move threw Ichigo over his shoulder. Ichigo was frightened, yes, powerless too but dammit he was not going down without a fight. He hit the espada all over his back and tried to knee his chest.

"Let me down ya shit! I'll kill you!"

"No," said a tired Stark, the hits were at most a little annoying. Then he saw something interesting. "You have a tail too."

"Oooh no, don't you dare- iip", the ending he squeaked shivers going up his spine, a red blush dominating his face.

"I touched it," lazy tones from the espada. "You are very quiet now, good." Stark raised his hand ripping a gate open.


As Stark walked swiftly through the corridors of the empty castle Las Noches, Ichigo began to struggle again.

"Where are you taking me," he yelled hitting the tall man's back.

"My room, I'm tired and so will you be," the espada said with lazy drawn out tones. He opened a door and it lead into a large apartment, white of course. Ichigo didn't have time to look around when the other walked into what looked like the bedroom. Or it should be the pillow-room, pillows of all thinkable colors and shapes littered the room. There was a cluster of pillows in the middle of the room and Stark walked straight at it. He dropped the boy on the pile and Ichigo could feel there was a mattress under there somewhere. Before Ichigo could recover the tall espada pinned his arms over his head.

"You look scared," Stark said as he loomed over the bunny. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Frowning Ichigo decided that was done with being a wuss and head-butted the espada. The pain was immense, Ichigo though he would pass out any second. Stark, even though it didn't hurt pulled away.

"Why do you fight it?" He frowned down at the dazed boy. "I said I would be gentle."

Ichigo's head finally stopped spinning but still hurt like a bugger.

"The hell! You're going to rape me! Of course I'm going to fight you! Fuck!" He held his head in his hands.

"I won't rape you; I am going to mate with you." Stark said as if talking to a child. "Just relax, lie down and let me take care of you."

Ichigo tried to get out from under the espada but found the grip the other had on him too strong so he let his head hit one of the many pillows. He would try to get away later. Seeing the boy's temporary surrender Stark loosened his grip. His large hands were slowly taking the shinigami's clothes off, fingers softly caressing his chest and sides. A slow burning sensation spread from Ichigo's lower abdomen though out his body. He was beginning to feel a bit queasy, breath coming out in short pants and when the large espada bit down on the side of his throat he whimpered and leaned into it. He whimpered! Stark had now managed to remove his shirts and whilst planting soft kisses to his neck and cheek, his hands where slowly making their way down to his belt. Ichigo tried to get his head in the game; he had to do something, though that something was beginning to feel less important for every kiss he got. Long quick fingers were hindered little by the belt and slid slowing into both jeans and boxers. The burning sensation just changed into a blazing fire. Ichigo ached from the bed when Stark slowly palmed his erection.

"Stark!" keened Ichigo as his arms wrapped themselves around the espada's neck, pulling the other closer.

"Mate." Came Stark's soft reply, voice damped by Ichigo's hair. He bit down on his earlobe and Ichigo shuddered. Stark pulled off both jeans and boxes and left Ichigo lying naked as he spread the boy's legs. Ichigo, though in a lusty haze could still feel the prickly of shame and embarrassment of what was going to happened now. Isshin might be an idiot but he did go through the very scarring, to both Ichigo's poor teenage mind and himself when Karin heard and kicked him down the stairs, talk of flowers, bees and sex between both women, men and snakes to cover all bases. As Ichigo was planning his father's demise once again, Stark had made himself comfortable between his thighs and had covered his fingers in a slimy substance. Without any hesitation the older man slid two fingers into the boy. Ichigo cried out, pain tearing through the haze and stomping on it.

"Fuck! Hurts!" Ichigo growled and tried to punch the espada away. With speed of a wiper Stark grabbed his wrist and rather painfully slammed it down on the bed. Not disconcerted at all Ichigo barred his teeth. "Get those fingers out of me, now!" Furious brown eyes met pale gray.

"No." Ichigo breathed in with his nose, anger almost vibrating inside his, but before he could yell his lungs out, Stark angled his fingers brushing up against what could only be his prostate. A loud moan escaped and the lost lust came back at a frightful speed. The fingers didn't stop their massaging and Ichigo found it once again hard to concentrate. He grabbed the sheet, trying to ground himself. If he had known his prostate would feel so good he would have used the information his goat-face had given him earlier, not lock it up in a mental box and buried it deep down in his mind.

Feeling his climax drawing closer he hardly felt it as Stark pulled out his fingers and was flipped to his stomach. He did feel on the other hand when the espada pulled his tail. In a quick and almost unsatisfying wave of emotion he came, hard and with a loud cry. Shaking in his afterglow he felt the burn of embarrassment color his cheeks. Stark was apparently as shocked as he was because he hadn't moved. Then he felt two large hands gripping the sides of his hips pulling him up on his knees. The deep chuckle annoyed him more than his minute man show.

"I see that your tail is sensitive." And with that he pushed his own erection inside.

Full. It wasn't painful when he entered, Ichigo's body was sluggish in the afterglow but he felt the stretch and the feeling could only be described as full. The hands still held his hips up and with a speed the espada had shown on the battlefield he pulled out and thrust back in. This time hitting his prostrate straight on making Ichigo's erection perk up in interest. This did not go unnoticed by the older man and a large hand wrapped itself around his member, pumping in time of the thrusts. Ichigo could no longer string together a conscious thought other than how good it felt and that he couldn't decide if he wanted it to end so he could come or if he wanted this feeling to go on forever. The decision was taken for him after Stark's thrusts became harder and more uneven, and the espada pumped his now almost raw penis harder, trying to bring him over the edge. Ichigo came for the second time hard and long, white streaks painted the sheet and he would have collapsed into it if not of the hold the dark haired man had on him. Letting his now flagging erection go Stark took hold of both sides of his hips and almost painfully pulled him back meet the other's pelvis. The slapping sound of two bodies meeting and Ichigo's pants were all that could be heard though out the castle halls. Hoping the other wouldn't last long because it was almost beginning to feel uncomfortable now that he had come, he almost missed the hiss Stark let out but he did not miss the bite he did into the muscle that connected to his neck. It was horribly painful and add, the weird feeling of Stark's sperm filling him until he squirmed, Ichigo was not very happy.

Ichigo's arms were trembling from holding up his weight and Stark's as he had slumped over on him. Ichigo felt very small under the large espada, he could effortlessly cover Ichigo and more. The brown haired man seemed to regain control over his body again and braced a hand next to Ichigo's shoulder taking his weight off him. Ichigo frowned when he felt a large hand caressing his bloated stomach and moaned when it pressed down and sperm leaked out of his bruised and stretched entrance. Stark pulled out and Ichigo cried out. Too tired to yell at the ignorant espada he fell forward into the messy sheet and blissfully passed out.

….oooooooooooooo000000000000oo oooooooooo…..

He felt weightless and warm, soft strokes brought him to awareness. Though that stroke felt too close to home, hey, no, not there…!

Blinking Ichigo woke up to see bubbles, in the air and all around him. He was sitting in a tub filled with warm water and it was all white.

"Good evening, mate." Came the low rumble behind him. Turning, he saw that he was half lying, half sitting in the espada's lap and his back was against the other's chest. Strong arms wrapped around him with one hand down between his legs. Ah, the strokes.

"Your ears and tail are gone." What?

"What?" He said out loud and grabbed his head. True enough he couldn't feel his ears, even when he tried to will them out. When he went for his tail to see if that too was gone he brushed up against something hard. Curious he felt it with his hand. Oh. Arms wrapped around tighter.

"Mate with me again." Hot air brushed his ear when the espada talked.

"No." Ichigo tried to be firm but his body was already betraying him. Stark turned him so he could see his face. Oh, if puppy-eyes were a person then he was looking at him.

"I love you, Ichigo." What? Love?

"Fuck it all to hell!" Ichigo growled before he straddled the big puppy and used the water as lubricant.


An hour later Stark was carrying a tired Ichigo through a portal.

"If you wanted to stay in the human world you will need a body, and I need to talk to Hat-n-clogs anyhow."

Stark nodded seriously and set Ichigo's feet down on the ground.

They weren't far from the shop and got there soon enough to see Isshin fighting Urahara with swords. Urahara saw him first but before he could say anything Ichigo smashed the blonde's and Goat-face's heads together.

"What the hell! I get kidnaped and all you do is play around!"

"Now see here Ichigo-chan, we were just discussing the best way of saving you," Urahara said behind his fan, ignoring the large bruise on his head. Isshin on the other hand lost his serious attitude and threw himself around Ichigo's neck.

"Oh, my smart beautiful son. You look so much like your mother when you're yelling at me. Right down to the ice cold stare and hard fists." Ichigo kicked him in the shin and when he let go he punched him in the face. Isshin's shout of his son's superior fighting skills was ignored.

"Ichigo-chan, you know you have an angry espada behind you, right?" Urahara said calmly but his hand flexed Behime.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend." He said flippantly. Urahara gaped for a second before he laughed.

"I see then, he will be of need of a body then." Ichigo nodded and the three of them entered the shop, ignoring Isshin on the ground.

….oooooooooo0000000000000ooooo oooooooo…..

"Hat-n-cloggs! Why is my boyfriend a wolf?!"

Urahara laughed behind his fan.

"Oh, but Ichigo-chan you of all people should know that he's not a wolf, not entirely, just the ears and tail… Maybe some personality as well." Stark was calmly examining his black ears.

"I said no more experiments! Not on our anniversary! Not ever!" Ichigo was fuming! They were going to have a nice dinner and a movie! They just dropped by the shop to tune up Stark's body. But nooo, Ichigo never gets what he wants because he's surrounded by idiots.

"But when you lost your ears after having sex I had the brilliant idea to sell these potions to couples and perverts." Urahara pulled out a pink bottle. "And this is my anniversary present to you." And he poured the content over Ichigo's head before he could react.

Orange ears sprouted out of his head and the weird feeling on his backside he guessed that was his tail.

"Urahara!" Ichigo hissed. Hissed… Fuck, he was a cat. Stark perked up, breathing in the air and his tail started wagging.

"Ichigo, you smell good."

And the chase was on.

"Ah, it must be nice to be young." Urahara smiled and started planning on how to deliver this to soul society…. Head captain as a bunny, that would be a sight.

The END!

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