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The sun is shining, the breeze is nice, and best of all, no crime to fight before school. I thought as I walked along my usual path to Woodview High. It's kind of hard to believe, really. I mean, I'm sixteen and I still didn't have a car! Of course I could always fly to school, but today I thought I'd take it slow.

Things have been really stressful the past few years. The villains have been out like crazy, and Yours Truly has to take care of them all, day after day, night after night, and still have time to finish that English report due the next day. I'm always exhausted. So today, I thought I'd relax a bit...

Heeeeelllppp! Someone's robbing the jewelry store! Is this the police station?

Or so I thought.

I hid behind a bush and changed into my alter ego, WordGirl. Normally Bob (a.k.a. Captain Huggy Face) would be with me, but he signed up for a monkey kung-fu session on weekdays since there wasn't anything for him to do at school. That meant I had to handle the early morning robberies on my own.

Taking a deep breath, I took off into the sky and headed for the jewelry store. Normally flying is no big deal, but ever since I've turned sixteen, I've always been so fatigued every time I use my super-strength, super-speed, or flight powers.

I flew into Ye Olde Fancy Shmancy Jewelry Shop expecting to find Granny May or the Butcher or some other villain…

"Hold it right there…you?"

But I didn't.

Instead I found a masked figure standing before me. She had on a type of black cat suit, similar to what a ninja would wear. All but her eyes were covered. From what I could see, she was about my height and had brown eyes extremely similar to mine.

"Who are you?" I found myself asking.

Her look wasn't of anger or hatred. It was almost of…recognition, shock. It was as if she'd seen me before. Maybe she did, I mean, I was the city's superhero.

"Amara?" The girl asked so softly my super-hearing had trouble picking up what she said.

"Who?" I replied.

There was a brief silence. We both just stared at each other. I saw her hands begin to glow an eerie yellowish color. It kind of scared me, a little. I took a step back, hands slowly rising. Then, without warning, she fired this yellow blast thing from her hands.

I ducked just in time for the blast to pass right over my head and shatter the window. After the blast, I looked up to find that she had vanished without a trace.

"Who was that?" I wondered aloud.

A few seconds later, I heard the media crash in. Reginald, the jewelry shop owner, took this opportunity as a chance for publicity, never leaving the camera's side.

I watched as the crowd of reporters and cameras flooded the store in seconds.

"WordGirl," asked one of the reporters, "do you know who this mysterious thief is?"

"WordGirl, how come you were defeated?" asked another.

"WordGirl, what's your secret identity?" asked a voice I knew all too well.

It was Scoops. Now that he was an intern at the Big City Times, he took every opportunity he could get to ask me about my secret identity.

"I-I-I don't know!" I screamed in frustration.

"You don't know your secret identity?" asked Scoops.

I scowled at him. I did not have time for this.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go. Bye!" I yelled politely as I zoomed out of the now overly crowded jewelry store.

I left the jewelry store pretty shaken up. All I could think about was that girl I met. What was it she called me? Amara? And why did her hands glow like that? Was it her power? It had to be.

This was all so confusing, and she just left like that. I didn't even know if she had stolen anything. Another thing I couldn't get out of my mind was how much she looked like me, well her eyes and skin color did, anyway. It was if I was looking into a mirror for a second.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts to look at the time.

"Five minutes to eight! I can still make it!" I shouted with joy.

I became so excited that I didn't realize I was losing altitude. When I finally caught on, I tried to pull myself back up to the skies, but here's the weird thing:

I couldn't.

"Oh my gosh! This is bad. What am I going to do? This has never happened to me before!" I shouted, losing altitude with every word.

As I plummeted downward, I mustered up all my strength to at least slow down my fall. Relief swept over me when I began to impede my fall, eventually hovering a few inches off the ground.

"Okay. I may not be able to fly very high, but let's see if I can at least fly to school."

I took off. I was flying at regular speed…for about five seconds.

"What is up with me today?"

I decided there was no reason to remain as WordGirl, so I transformed back to Becky. Since I was about a block away from the school, I decided to run the rest of the way.

I looked ahead. Woodview High was straight ahead. I was so excited! I'm actually going to make it!

But my smile quickly turned into a frown. The doors were closing, and when they closed, they don't open from the outside until 3:00.

I mustered up all my strength and summoned my super speed. To my delight, I could feel myself going faster, and faster, and faster…

I glided through the door with ease.

"Yes! Woohoo! I made it!"

Just then, my watch beeped. I was suddenly gloomy again. I sighed as that ever familiar feeling came over me.

I was late. Again.

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