I was furious that there was no season 4 so I had to make my own! If you're a Zikki fan, then this is the story for you, because I am too! What happens when Emma comes back? Can she and Bella get along? What's going to connect the girls stronger than before? When they delve deeper, the girls will find that the sea has secrets yet to reveal, a secret as ancient as the crystals they wear.



(Good News!)

"I've got a special power.

That I'm not afraid to use.

So come on this is my adventure!

This is my fantasy!

It's all about living in the ocean being wide and free!

Cause I'm no ordinary girl

I'm from the deep blue underworld

Land or sea

I got the power if I just believe!

Cause I'm no ordinary girl

I'm from the deep blue underworld

Land or sea

The world's my oyster I'm the pearl

No ordinary girl."

It was another bright, sunny day on the Gold Coasts of Australia. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. At first, when she'd woken up this morning, Cleo's mood had matched the weather. She had to talk to Rikki and Bella! Yesterday night she'd received some of the best news of her life, or so it seemed. It had been so late at night when she'd heard the word from her dad that Cleo hadn't wanted to bother her friends. She'd wanted to call them the moment she woken up, but both of their phones had been switched off. Cleo could only guess that they'd both gone for a swim, presumably without her, given that it was now around noontime and she'd just woken up an hour ago.

But of course, the day was already loused up, despite the great news. Ever since Cleo's father had given out the bathroom order, she'd been last to leave the house every day. First Sam, then Kim, and then Cleo was the order of the bathroom.

"Kim!" Cleo shouted through the bathroom door. "Kim, can you please hurry up I've gotta go soon!"

"Just a minute," came Kim's singsong, sassy voice.

Cleo groaned and sank to the floor in annoyance. Leave it to her younger sister to ruin everything. "Kim, really! I've got some important news for Rikki!"

There came the sound of the sink water running, and then Kim opened the door. "It's all yours Cleo."

Suspecting some sort of trick, Cleo peered inside the bathroom apprehensively. After about four seconds she was unable to wait any longer and quickly used the toilet and brushed her teeth. She flung open the door and raced down the stairs.

"I'll be back later Dad!" Cleo shouted as she opened the front door and-

"Cleo!" Impatiently, she turned to see her father sitting on the couch. "You haven't done your chores."

"Come on Dad," Cleo whined. "I really gotta talk to Rikki." Nervously clasping her hands, she added, "I'll do them- a bit later."

"When you get back later today," he confirmed. He stood up and gave her a hug, which Cleo could barely stand still for. "Bye Sweetheart."

"See-ya," she called over her shoulder. She was already outside and running for the ocean.

Rikki and Bella had been swimming. Now they were floating lazily in the Moon Pool, spreading out their arms and swishing them in the water. Rikki flipped over so she was on her stomach and looked at Bella. "It'll never be the same again will it?" she said softly, sadly.

Bella sighed. Unlike Rikki, she hadn't been thinking about the ruined Moon Pool, she'd been thinking about Will. They'd been together most of yesterday searching for shells and unusual rocks in the reef. Today, he was going with Sophie somewhere, so Bella had reserved time with her friends. But Rikki's words made Bella feel some of what her friend had been feeling. "I guess that Sophie and Ryan damaged it beyond repair."

Rikki looked at her sadly, and then turned to stare at the broken rock and exposed crystals that had once been intact and hidden. It made her furious to think that Zane had had a part in its destruction. It was this fury, fury that she'd felt for quite some time, that had brought about their separation. First she'd broken up with him; now, she was avoiding him. The last time she could even remember talking to him was at Rikki's just after graduation. She hadn't spoken to him for a little over two months. Whenever she saw him at Rikki's she always thought about the way he'd threatened to tell her secret after he stole the crystal necklace. He hadn't told of course, and the next day he said that one day he would more than make it up to her, but she still kept her distance.

It wasn't that she really hated him now. Actually, if it hadn't been for those bad experiences she got the feeling that the two of them would be together right now.

And she missed him. She knew that it was her fault that they'd grown so distant, and for the first month, she'd thought that he was letting her be by herself because he'd known she'd needed some space. But after two months- now she was worried that the way he wasn't speaking to her wasn't just him being courteous. Perhaps he had moved on. And Rikki had no one to blame but herself. Yet it still made her sad that he might not care about her anymore. The same way he used to. Not that she would ever admit that to anyone, especially him.

Rikki glared at the broken rocks again, and tried not to feel the pathetic grief. Maybe it was better this way. They'd had so many arguments. Maybe it was better that they were just split up forever. She still hadn't forgiven him.

"Yeah, you're probably right. But does that mean that the Moon Pool can't turn anybody into mermaids again?" Rikki wondered. That thought was bad. Every three hundred years the comet would pass by again. Who would be there to stop it next time? The three of them weren't going to live that long.

"Guess so," Bella murmured. "But there is a Moon Pool in Ireland you know."

Rikki nodded, even though she didn't feel consoled at all. She tried to change the subject. "Man, Cleo must have been out late last night to still be asleep." She yawned. "Actually that's not such a bad idea. You wanna go get a juice?"

"In a minute," replied Bella, giving her the look that Rikki had come to recognize as 'You do know that Zane will be there right?' But to Rikki's relief, Bella pressed on. "Do you think that, someday, we might be able to fix it?"

"What this?" Rikki gestured at the remains of their meeting place. "You're joking."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Bella muttered.

Rikki was annoyed at her for saying that. She didn't want to start hoping when there was no chance. "So how 'bout that juice?"

"Okay, sure," Bella consented. Then she grinned. "Bet I'll beat you back."

"Oh, you can try," Rikki grunted, dunking her head under the water. Bella shook her head in exasperation and followed her a second later.

Water swirled around them as the two raced out of the narrow opening under the water, their tails flapping up and down. Swimming as fast as possible they made it to the shore in a minute flat.

When they were both dried off, they walked over to Rikki's. Bella was wearing an orange tank top and light shorts. Her hair was in a ponytail with a long brown clip holding it in place. Rikki's hair was in braids and she was wearing a dark red top with light shorts. It wasn't a very busy day inside Rikki's, and there were only five or so people sitting at tables.

Among them was Nate.

Sitting in the left corner of the café with two other boys he started being obnoxious the moment the two girls entered. "Ah Bella! Just the woman I wanted to run into." He jumped to his feet and walked straight over to her. Instinctively, Bella took a step back, and then felt embarrassed.

"What do you want Nate?" She asked.

"We got a band practice later today; ya'd better show up fer this one. I've gotta new song I wanna show ya."

"Oh can I come? I love to see you make a fool of yourself," Rikki laughed, looking over from the counter she'd gone to.

"Eh sure, the more chicks the better," Nate grinned. Rikki rolled her eyes and gestured to Bella.

"Do you think Zane would mind if I just made my own smoothie? There isn't anyone here," Rikki muttered, looking side to side of the counter.

"Zane might not-" came a voice. Bella and Rikki looked over to see Sophie stalking out of the room in the back –"but I would."

Rikki just managed not to do a groan. Bella asked, "I thought you were going with Will somewhere today?"

Sophie's eyes narrowed, she was obviously miffed that Bella knew about that. "Change of plans."

She didn't explain, but walked over to the counter, wearing black, tight sweats and a black apron. "What do you want?"

"Let's see, second after getting away from you would be a banana smoothie," Rikki replied, giving a faint, mean smile.

Sophie smirked and turned around to start the blender. "What about you?" She looked at Bella.

"Uh, I'll have a strawberry," Bella muttered, sounding distracted. She pulled on Rikki's arm and sat down on one of the tables around the corner and out of sight of Nate's group.

"That was fun," Bella muttered. "Do you think we should try Cleo's mobile again?"

"Sure," Rikki said. She pulled out her own phone and dialed, putting it to her ear.

"Hi Rikki!" Cleo answered almost immediately.

"Listen Cleo, we're at the café are you-"

"Rikki, I've got something really really great to tell you, you're gonna freak!"

"Great," said Rikki, bemused. "What is it?"

"I wanna tell you in person," Cleo answered in a voice saturated with eagerness. "You and Bella, wait for me at the café. Bye!" Rikki heard Cleo hang up.

"Okay, bye," Rikki muttered.

"What?" Bella asked over the noise of the blender.

"Cleo said she's got something really important to tell us. She was like, freaking out. Must be something good."

"Hmm, wonder what?" Bella said. She looked up as Sophie set their drinks on the table, and then looked back at Rikki.

"No idea." Rikki pulled out a straw and began to absently stir her banana smoothie. She sipped at it and then spoke again. "She sounded pretty excited."


Neither girl could find anything more to talk about so Bella went back to thinking about Will. They drank their juices in a detached sort of way, keeping quiet. The only noise in the café was Nate's group on the other side of the room.

Their reverie was broken by the sound of a door opening in back of them. Rikki glanced up, and then quickly looked down. Zane had just come out from his office. Rikki was glad that she'd chosen to sit across from Bella rather than next to her, because if she hadn't she would have been looking right at Zane. That would have been awkward. She didn't want him to start thinking that she was being near him on purpose. The thought filled her with horror.

However, she kept an eye on him instinctively, hoping he wouldn't notice her. She saw Sophie walk over to him as he came out, and quickly looked back over to Bella, not wanting either of them to see her watching. But she turned slightly to look out the corner of her eye.

When he passed her, Rikki saw him give her a casual kiss on the cheek before Sophie went into his office.

Rikki coughed as her juice went down the wrong tube and some of it came out her nose. Choking, she gagged and then managed to breathe again. She cleared her throat several times and her eyes watered.

"Rikki are you okay?" Bella asked, surprised. She had obviously missed the exchange.

"Oh my goodness, blllla yeah I'm fine." Rikki couldn't believe what she'd just seen. The way they'd done it, the way he'd done it suggested that they were together. Sophie and Zane? What was he thinking? Had Sophie addled his brains?

Rikki could feel fury gathering up inside of her. She was going to go and smack the brains out of that evil snob Sophie! Rikki actually started to get up from her chair when she heard someone walk into the café and turned to see Cleo entering. She didn't know why but the sight brought her back to her senses. What was she thinking? Zane and she, Rikki, weren't together, she didn't want to be together, and he could be with whoever he wanted. Even if it was a rat like Sophie.

Rikki sat back down, shaking her head at Bella's questioning gaze, and looked up to see Cleo sit down in the spot next to both her and Bella.

"Hi! Rikki guess what! E-"

"Do you want a juice Cleo," Rikki asked in annoyance. She didn't feel like hearing any news right now, no matter how great it was.

Rikki peered over to see what was going on over the counter. Zane was nowhere in sight, but Sophie was there again, leaning against the wall. Rikki stood up and walked over to the counter, planning to ask a controlled question, and then-

"Rikki! I have got to talk to you," Cleo cried out, extremely miffed at Rikki's behavior. She and Bella got up to follow their friend over to Sophie.

Rikki wasn't listening to them. She stood next to the counter, waiting for Sophie to come over to her, and Cleo and Bella followed.

"Rikki this is probably the biggest news of our lives you-" Cleo's words were cut off as she put her arms on the counter and knocked over a cup of water. Instantly it spilled over Cleo and Bella's hands, soaking them.

All three friends looked at each other in horror and Rikki grabbed them and shoved them towards Zane's office. Cleo and Bella barely made it inside the door before they both collapsed to the floor with mermaid tails.

Cleo landed hard just before Bella but still managed to twist her tail to slam the door shut. "Ow," she complained.

"Whoa," said Zane getting to his feet as he saw the two mermaids collapse in his office.

Cleo looked up, embarrassed. "Uh, sorry, accident. It was either here or out there." She turned her attention to her tail. "Oh great." She started to run her hands down the scales, trying to get it dry. Bella looked at her and followed suit, trying to get the water off of her skin.

"Here," Zane muttered. He walked over to the cabinet next to them, reached up, and pulled a small stack of towels down. "Use these." He tossed one to each of them.

"Thanks," said Bella, surprised. She picked up her towel and began to dry her tail off quickly.

"Is Rikki with you?" Zane asked, sounding genuinely curious.

Both girls paused in their wiping and looked up at him. "Why do you wanna know?"

"I'm just wondering."

Cleo sighed. "She's just-"

The door opened loudly and Rikki came in furiously. "Right there," finished Cleo gesturing.

Rikki wasn't listening. "What the heck were you guys doing? I can't think of two worse people to know our secret than Nate and Sophie!"

"Hey relax it was probably just an accident," said Zane.

Rikki turned her rage-filled gaze on him. "Don't you tell me to relax," she snapped.

The room was silent.

Sophie's voice stole the awkwardness. "Hey! What are you doing in there?"

"Oh great," Zane muttered. He walked past Rikki, opened the door, and then quickly closed it behind him.

Not wanting to hear anything said between them, Rikki rounded back on her friends. "Cleo be more careful! We're just lucky that-"

"Rikki it was an accident," Bella defended. "It could have happened to any one of us."

"Not if that one of us was paying attention!"

"Rikki what's up?" Cleo asked in amazement. She'd known her friend long enough to tell when something was wrong. "You're overreacting." She watched Rikki's face, which flushed ever so slightly, and then was distracted by her tail disappearing and changing back to her legs. She wanted to add "-Even for you," to that sentence, but knew that that would just make Rikki worse. She got up from the floor instead.

Rikki's eyes widened with fury and as Bella's tail disappeared, opened the door in back of her, slammed it, and then stalked past the quarrelling Zane and Sophie.

She all but ran out of the café and knocked someone over on her way. She was so furious! What was his problem? How could he-

How could he what? It took her a second to process that she didn't really know why she was angry. It couldn't be that Zane and Sophie were together could it? Wasn't- wasn't that a good thing? It meant that Zane wouldn't be pestering her anymore. It meant that he'd moved on too.

Rikki nodded to herself. Stop being stupid. Suddenly she felt bad about the way she'd exploded at Bella and Cleo. They hadn't deserved that. She'd spilled water on herself tons of times.

She turned to walk back to the café and then stopped. She didn't want to go back in there. Luckily she didn't have to, Cleo and Bella came out of the door and jogged in her direction.

Rikki fumbled for an apology. This wasn't her strong suit. When they were near enough, she forced herself not to stutter. "Guys sorry about that, I just got uh… carried away."

"Rikki don't lie to us," Bella said, her head tipped to the side.

"Yeah," agreed Cleo. "Something upset you."

"What would there be in there to upset me?" Rikki asked, and then wished she hadn't. That alone might make them suspicious of what had agitated her. Cleo raised her eyebrows and Bella glanced back at the café.

"Rikki it's okay," consoled Cleo, her good news momentarily forgotten. "You can tell us."

"Tell you what?" Rikki asked, trying not to let her annoyance show. Already she felt that she needed to be alone. "Sorry guys, I-I wanna be alone for a bit."

She turned from the hurt expressions on her friend's faces and started to walk back to the ocean. There was only one place she wanted to go; straight make to Mako Island.

It didn't take her long to get there. The ocean was right there, and she swam somehow even faster than before. The water bubbled up around her, swirling out behind her and making strong currents. She made it to the Moon Pool in record time.

When she surfaced in the water, her first view of the place made the breath rush out of her. Of course she'd wanted to go to Mako Island because this was the place where magic happened. It was the place that she'd practically lived at for two weeks or more, in this dark cave. She'd become connected to it before. She could have spent hours here without getting bored. The power here was amazing.

Was amazing. That was the problem. The magic was gone. She could see it as clearly as she'd seen Zane kissing Sophie.

Tears blurred her gaze, mixing with the water on her cheeks. She was surprised and angry with herself for crying. Crying was for wimps. She wanted the power here back. She wanted it back. Further anger made the water slowly heat up around her. This was Sophie's fault. This was all Sophie's fault!

Rikki sighed and put her arms up on the rock bordering the pool. Sometimes she wished that things hadn't changed. Sometimes she wished that- Stop thinking that! It's ridiculous, she scolded herself.

She wondered why she'd even come here, it held nothing for her, but she couldn't think of any other place to go. So she pulled herself out of the water and dried herself off.

She thought about spending the rest of the day here. Her dad wouldn't miss her, and hopefully her friends knew enough to leave her alone for now.

Okay, apparently her friends didn't know enough to leave her alone, because they came up through the Moon Pool about an hour later.

"You're still here?" asked Bella. "Never mind, of course you are. Rikki really, what's wrong?"

"There's nothing wrong," said Rikki casually. By now she felt much better, although she was pretty sure that as soon as her friends began to interrogate her she'd break down again.

"Listen Rikki," began Cleo. "I think I've got some news that will really make you feel better."

"I feel fine," Rikki protested. "Wait, what news?"

"Yeah, you know I'd kind of like to know myself," laughed Bella. Both she and Rikki turned to Cleo expectantly.

Cleo waited a dramatic moment. "Okay! Emma's coming back!"

End of Episode 1