He smiled timidly at me when he pulled away. I didn't know what to say. I'd dreamt of kissing him before…and now I have. But that would also mean the rest of my dream could come true. I could tell my eyes gave away my sudden sadness, and fear.

"What's wrong?" he asked. I shook my head, grabbing his shoulders and kissing him again, with more passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his slid around my waist. For the moment, I'd forgotten I was an angel, and he a human. I'd forgotten we were from two separate worlds. All I knew was that, I loved him and he loved me. I finally understood the meaning of my name.


I laid there, in front of the warm fire, with an angel in my arms, literally. Her skin was gleaming in the fires light. I ran my fingers down her arm, and back up, tracing up her neck to her jaw, and then over her cheek bones, her brow and down her nose. I laid my finger tips against her lips, and softly kissed them.

She opened her eyes, her grey eyes. "One step closer." she whispered smiling, as she stood and slipped her dress back on. I grinned at her, hugging her around the waist, closer to me.


We walked through the Church, trying to search for the demon. "The demon could escape at any time." Felson said. "Why did it wait 'til we reached Severac?"

"Perhaps escape wasn't it's purpose." Kay suggested. I smiled. Getting closer…

"It wants to be here." Behmen said. "Debelzaq, you said Eckhart tried to free her. And it killed him. And Hagamar too. He stood in its way. He wanted to come here from the very beginning." he explained.

"My God." Debelzaq gasped. "He's right. Everything it's done has led us here."

"My question is; if you knew all along, why didn't you say anything?" Felson asked, turning to me.

I cocked my head to the side, studying him. "Would you have believed me? I was accused of being a witch just as much as she." he nodded.

"Fair enough." he sighed, and went back to walking.

We entered a room that smelt of death. "Over here." Kay whispered, and we went to him. A monk had tied himself to a desk, but he was dead now.

"Why would a dying monk do this to himself?" Behmen asked Debelzaq. "Why would he tie himself to a desk?"

"It's a passage from the Book of Solomon." I said, reading the Latin on the paper under the monks head.

"There are more over here." Kay called. I gave a slight jump. I could feel them, they were coming. "And more."

"They were copying it." whispered Debelzaq. "To spread the wisdom of Solomon to all the corners of the earth, that the pious might be armed."

"It wants the book." Behmen said, with sudden realization. "That's why the demon deceived us into believing the girl was a witch. It knew that a witch would be brought to those who possessed the Book of Solomon."

"You've seen what this plague has done. If the book were to fall into the demon's hands…" Debelzaq seemed not to be able to say it.

"We would face an endless darkness." I said.

He swallowed hard. "It's our last defense."

"I should thank all of you." I looked up as the demon spoke. "You sacrificed so much to deliver me here. And now you've brought me the book."

"Debelzaq.." I said, and he began to read the incantation.

"Eck- Silence!" he shouted, forcing the bookshelves to come out of the wall and fall on us.

"Watch out!" shouted Kay, pushing the priest out of the way.

"Behmen!" spoke Felson. Each passage of on the desk caught to flame, but the monks were not there. "Where are they?"

"Who?" Behmen asked.

"The monks." he answered.

"You can weaken it! You have to keep reading." Kay said, encouraging Debelzaq. Yet another step… And the priest went back to the incantation. And the monks began their attack.

I spread my wings, and took off toward the ceiling, following after the demon. "You've been here far too long, this is not your world." I said, my tone even, and emotionless.

"And what right do you have at being here more than I?" It asked. "Did daddy banish you?" it mocked, smirking.

"I was sent here to guard one soul once he has become a man, and I will protect him." I said.

"Oh, you mean Kay. He'll never become a true man, he has killed out of fear- he can never be a man, a warrior, a knight!" it shouted.

"He has already become a knight, and he has become a warrior- he has embraced his fear." I said.

"But, he will never kill for honor- he will only kill for fear." it growled.

"He has already killed for honor, he's doing it right now." I smirked. "He has known a woman's touch, he has known the pain of loss, and the remorse of death. He understands what he must to become a man."

"And that is why you are not with him, guiding him- loaning him your power and strength?" it asked, sneering.

"Exactly." The demon growled again, and than lunged forward at me. It drew his wing towards me, attempting to stab me with its claw, but I merely dodged, and swung my fist at it, hitting it square in the joint where it's wing connected to it's torso. It screeched and barely flew away. I went after it but was stopped by monks attacking me.

I unfurled my wings, and spun around, the tips of my feathers becoming razor sharp- cutting off their heads. I chased after the demon only to see it twist Debelzaq's neck- killing him.

It grabbed for the book, and I watched as Behmen threw holy water on the demons hands, kicking the book away. He attacked Behmen, pushing him against the pillar by his neck. "You have no idea how that accursed book has tormented me over the centuries." he growled. "I destroyed the others. This is the last one." as he tightened his grip on Behmen's neck, Felson came and wrapped his arms around him.

"You'll be buying tonight, my friend." he mocked. I watched as Felson attempted to head bud the demon, but ended up being burned. I gasped as he fell to ashes.

"Felson!" Behmen cried.

I ran for the book, "Kay! You have to finish it!" and I threw it to him. He started where Debelzaq left off. The demon turned to him, and went to attack but I pushed him out of the way. The demon wrapped his arms around me, our wings spread out as far as they would stretch as we battled. I shoved the demon against the wall, and Behmen came up and stabbed his forearm into the stone. I took out a knife and stabbed his wrist into the stone, pinning both his arm and wing there. "Finish it!" and he continued.

The demon let out a screech and stabbed Behmen in the back with the claw on his wing. Behmen cried out in pain. "Behmen!" I was about to help him but realized if I let up on this side he would be able to get lose and kill Kay. The demon kept stabbing Behmen as they both cried out in pain. "I'm so sorry." I cried.

"Don't let up.." Behmen breathed as he let out another cry of pain.

"Amen!" shouted Kay. And we finally let go. He whacked Behmen making him hit a pillar, and me making my fly towards Kay. I stood ready, crouched in a defensive position, though I knew this was the end for the demon. He tried to get to Kay, but began to implode in on himself. He finally released the girl and flew to the ceiling as his last attempt to escape, and exploded.

The girl was soaked, and naked, lying on the ground coughing. We ran to Behmen. "Behmen?" Kay tried. "What can I do?" I could tell Kay was trying his hardest not to cry.

"Keep her safe." Behmen breathed, looking him straight in the eyes. Kay nodded, smiling.

"Go to her, I will take care of him." I whispered, positioning myself behind Behmen. Kay, hesitated, but nodded and went to her. I held Behmen in my arms and smoothed down his hair like I had Eckhart. The girl looked around and then met eyes with Behmen, and he smiled at her. "Say hello to all of them for me." I whispered, as he leaned his head against me.

"I will…keep him safe." he muttered, laughing slightly.

"That has been my job from the beginning."

We laid the rocks over their graves, and Kay shoved Felson's sword into the ground as his grave marker. "God be with you, Felson." he whispered. Kay stood and walked over to me, taking my hand, and looking at the girl.

"It's strange. To owe so much to someone I never even knew." she said to us, staring at Behmen's grave. "I don't know what to say."

"Say what is in your heart." I said, leaning against Kay.

"My name is Anna. I owe you my life. God keep you." she said. We got on our horses, and prepared to leave. "Will you tell me about them? I want to know them." and we took off.

I smiled at Anna, "You know, I like you better when you're not possessed."