Logan walked arrogantly up to the door of 2J, his slick black aviators perched over his eyes, leather jacket spread over his shoulders, hands tucked into the pockets of his black jeans, and a smirk on his face that could put even the most clever jackal to shame.

Logan had had a pretty unusual day - after developing his ingenious 'Swagger-App,' and "stealing" James's oh so precious swagger, Logan had managed to find himself the center of attention at the Palm Woods, and fuck, he kind of loved it.

It wasn't every day that Logan got noticed, and it was rarely ever that people flocked him in admiration. He could only remember it happening one other time in sixth grade, when he'd created a gigantic electron magnet and set it off in science class, the magnet being stronger than he'd originally hypothesized by tenfold, thus coincidentally breaking down the heating system in the school and shutting it down for a week. The kids had flocked him, yelling out their thanks and how grateful they were that he'd managed to shut down school for a whole week. Logan had been too angry about his failed electron magnet to fully bask in the praise, but now that he was being flocked and admired - and not upset about his botched science project - he was soaking up the praise in every possible way.

Logan pushed down on the handle of the apartment door, his hand freezing as the sound of an unfamiliar song floating into his ears. He pressed his ear to the door, brow furrowing, his eyes narrowing in confusion under the aviators.

Tonight we dance
I leave my life in your hands
We take the floor
Nothing is forbidden anymore

Logan pursed his lips as he pushed to door open a crack, peeking in to see what was going on in that apartment. As far as he knew, all of the other guys were out, and the odd music blaring through 2J confusing him immensely.

His eyes scanned the apartment, the music building to the expected chorus. Logan was about to call out when Carlos came bursting out of the bathroom in his boxers, a white tee, and socks, helmet on his head and brush in his hand, belting out the chorus of the song, swaying his hips along with the words.

You see, Carlos kinda had this thing about his hips. Logan could never figure out if it was because the fact that he was Latino, or if it was a trait singular to only Carlos. Because Logan had seen other Latino men, and none of them had hips like Carlos did.

Carlos had hips like a curvy mamacita. They were plump and round and just delicious in the way the filled him out, making the curve of his ass even more pronounced than it would've been without the feminine hips.

Logan loved those fucking hips, god, he really did. It was more than once that Logan had caught himself thinking about Carlos and those hips - how they would look grinding against him, how they would feel squeezed in his hands as he kept Carlos from bucking up as he swallowed him down, or when he held him down as Logan fucked Carlos through the table.

Normal Logan Mitchell would never ever act on those kinds of fantasies, but right now, normal Logan Mitchell was not in the vicinity. The boy was no where to be found, and the man standing in the door wanted nothing more than to stop the Latino's sexy dancing, and fuck him into next week.

"Bailamos - let the rhythm take you over," Carlos sang, turning his back to the spot Logan was watching from. Perfect, Logan purred mentally, slipping into the apartment without Carlos noticing a thing. He tipped the aviators off of his nose, leaning against the doorframe to watch the show the sexy little Latino was unbeknownst giving him. "Te quiero amor mio- LOGAN!" Carlos had turned around as he sang, noticing Logan standing, watching, against the doorframe. Logan cocked his head, raising an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

Logan smirked. "I think the question is, what are you doing, Carlitos? Just dancing in your underwear?"

Carlos gulped, looking from the ground to Logan's eyes and back frantically. ""Me? What? No, pfft. I was just uh… I was uh…" the Latino struggled pitifully. "Please don't tell Kendall and James!"

Logan smiled like a predator who had just cornered his prey, the aviators slipping back over his eyes. "Don't worry Carlos, I won't tell. If—"

Carlos cut him off. "If? If what? What do you want? Ice cream? A monkey? Ooh! MY HELMET?"

Logan rolled his eyes, the action covered by the dark glasses. The smirk that came after, however, was blatantly obvious. "Nope— All you have to do is dance some more. Dance for me Carlos. And don't hold back. Daddy wants to see all you got."

Carlos sputtered, his jaw opening and closing like a floundering fish as he processed what Logan had just said to him. "W-what?" was all he managed to get out.

Logan licked his lips, closing the door and flicking the lock. "You heard me." he hissed. "Dance, baby. I wanna see you dance for me."

"I-if I dance for you," Carlos stuttered, "Y-you won't tell Kendall and James, right?"

Nodding slowly, Logan murmured a simple "Yes."

Carlos bit his lip, beginning to sway his hips like he had been before he'd known Logan was watching. His movements were stiff, though, embarrassment stark on his features. Logan growled in annoyance.

"Now, Carlitos,-" Carlos shuddered at the way Logan purred his nickname- "I said don't hold back. You're holding back."

Carlos pouted, stopping his movements. "I just- this is- this is a little awkward for me, okay?"

And it was awkward for him, dancing like this is front of Logan. He'd had a crush on Logan for a while now, since seventh grade when Logan had taken a week off from precious school to stay home with him when he's broken his legs jumping over the ten foot fence in his back yard. He'd laughed and called the smart boy his "Little Mami," but in all truth, the kindness and caring Logan had shown had made Carlos fall for him harder than he had fallen for anyone.

"It shouldn't be awkward, Tiny Dancer," Logan cooed, smirking at his clever nickname. "It would only be awkward if I didn't want to see it. And baby, I want to see it."

Carlos bit his lip, still not moving in the slightest. Logan groaned. "Come here," the smart boy beckoned the Latino over with a finger.

Carlos hesitated, but nonetheless walking over to where Logan was leaning. "Y-yeah?"

Logan didn't answer; he simply slipped his hands from where they had resettled in his pockets up to Carlos's delicious hips, gently squeezing the voluptuous curves. "You got these hips, Carlos," Logan murmured, his voice dropping so low it could only be described as a husk. How many times had be fantasized about holding Carlos's hips in his hands while he lay naked in his bed, stroking himself in a hurried rush to orgasm, Carlos's name a ghost on hip lips? "You got these hips that make me crazy, Tiny Dancer," Logan let the nickname come around again, Carlos blushing at it. "I wanna see you move them. I wanna see them sway and thrust and move for me. Is that so much to ask?"

Carlos shook his head, feeling slightly lightheaded at what was going on. Never in his life had he expected Logan to be so crass, to blatantly admit that he wanted Carlos in some sort of sexual fashion. It was all making Carlos's mind reel.

And he loved it.

Carlos started to sway again, not even bothering to move to the music anymore, Enrique Iglesias long forgotten in lieu of Logan's hands on his hips, guiding the sway to just the way he liked it. The raven haired boy sucked in a sharp breath when Logan squeezed, thumbing the flesh in his hands.

"You're fucking sexy," Logan purred, taking Carlos by surprise.


"Do you have hearing problems today, Tiny Dancer?" Logan decided he liked that nickname. He decided he liked it a lot. Carlos pouted - this cocky, swaggish Logan wasn't very nice.

"I just-"

"Just what, Carlos?" Logan growled, squeezing again.

"You think I'm sexy?" Carlos asked, face cherry red as soon as the question came out. Logan grinned maliciously.

"I think you're really fucking sexy," Logan hissed, moving in close enough to Carlos that his breath tickled the Latino's lips as he spoke. "Emphasis on the fucking."

Carlos gasped as Logan's lips closed the small distance between his, slamming his mouth onto Carlos's with a force sure to bruise. Logan took advantage of the gasp, slipping his tongue into Carlos's mouth, violating the smaller boy's orifice. Carlos tasted like sunshine and cinnamon, and the slight aftertaste of corndogs, something that Logan would think would make his mouth less appealing, when in actuality, it made Carlos taste that much better.

Carlos simply stood there in shock as Logan's tongue fucked his mouth, his mind a million places as once, one part focused on the fact that his best friend was kissing him, another in the fact that the boy he had been crushing on since seventh grade was kissing him, and part on the fact that Logan was absolutely raping his mouth.

Logan pulled away with a primal growl, his lips kiss swollen, and Carlos was sure he would be able to see his eyes clouded with lust if he hadn't been wearing the aviators.

"Kiss me back," Logan hissed, moving a hand from Carlos's hip to twine it in his hair and yank his head roughly back. Carlos cried out, pain shooting from his scalp down his spine. Carlos was desperately trying to fight off the erection he knew Logan could feel straining against his boxers, but the angle Logan was holding his head at made it practically impossible to move any way but forward, thus digging his erection straight into Logan's jean-clad thigh. Logan chuckled darkly, feeling the hard bulge press against his leg. "Does this turn you on, Carlitos?"

Carlos could only whine, desperately rutting himself against Logan's thigh. Logan release his hair, using the hand that was tangled in it and the one that remained on his hip to push Carlos away.

"I get that you're horny, babe," Logan teased, "But that doesn't give you permission to hump my thigh."

Carlos grimaced, turning away from Logan. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"Don't be sorry," Logan purred, his hand snaking down to cup and rub at Carlos's crotch. The thin fabric of the boxers did very little to conceal what Logan had in his hand, the girth and length a burning heat in his palm. "You've been keeping quite a secret, Carlos," Logan grinned. "I think it's only fair that you show me. Secrets don't make friends."

Carlos gulped as he realized what Logan was getting at. "Y-you can see it, i-if you really wanna," Carlos muttered, voice nearly inaudible.

"So kind to me, baby," Logan leaned in to lick at the shell of Carlos's ear before hooking his thumbs under the band of Carlos's underwear, yanking the garment down on one swift motion. Carlos's cock sprang free. Logan's mouth watered.

Carlos hadn't just been hiding a secret in his pants; he'd been hiding the fucking Loch Ness Monster.

"Fuuuck," Logan ground out, hand wrapping around Carlos's dick, giving a quick tug. Carlos let out a broken moan, head falling against Logan's shoulder. "You like that, Tiny Dancer?"

"Mmm, y-yes," Carlos moaned wantonly when Logan stroked him again, thumbing the head this time and smearing the precome gathered there.

"You know what I think, Carlos?" Logan murmured, pressing his thumb in concentric circles around the slit, making Carlos a shaking mess against him. Logan tilted Carlos's head up so he could look him in the eyes, his own still masked by the aviators. "I think I'm gonna fuck you."

Carlos's eyes widened, his mouth flopping opened again. "Logan I-"

"Don't fucking fight me," Logan growled, squeezing Carlos's dick tightly in his hand, Carlos letting out a small yelp.

"I w-wasn't fighting," Carlos panted, "S-stop squeezing, please. It h-hurts."

Logan retired the tight grip he had, settling instead for long, lazy strokes. "You weren't fighting me, Carlitos?"

"N-no," Carlos moaned, thrusting into Logan's fist. "I j-just wanted to t-tell you how long I've wanted y-you to fuck me."

Logan's eyes widened. Shit, he hadn't been expecting that. "How long?"

"S-seventh grade," Carlos admitted. Logan's tongue came out to swipe across his lips.

"You've been wanting me to fuck you since seventh grade?" He husked sexily. "You wanted me to defile you when you were only thirteen years old? You wanted my cock in your ass when you were just barely a teenager? Tell me, Carlos, did you jack off for the first time thinking of my dick? Did you cum just thinking of the way I'd fuck you, nice and deep?"

Carlos let out a broken cry, and suddenly Logan's hand was covered in his white-hot orgasm, the Latino shaking and shuddering with the mental image Logan had provided to him. "Logan!"

"I bet it was just like that, wasn't it?" Logan teased, lifting his hand from Carlos's still-hard cock, bringing it to his mouth to lick at the substance there. "Yeah, it was just like that."

Carlos whined, pressing himself against Logan, the whine expression all of the need welling up in his body. "You want me bad, don't you?" Logan asked cockily.

Carlos nodded, pressing his face to Logan's neck and mouthing at the skin there.

Logan reached up, knocking the helmet from Carlos's head. He pushed Carlos away from him so he could grip the cotton tee and peel it over the Latino's head, leaving the boy in nothing but his socks.

Fuck, that was hot.

"Fuck me," Carlos whined, shoving his face back into the crook of Logan's neck, licking and sucking the skin like some kind of perverse little kitten.

"What was that?" Logan hummed. Carlos groaned in frustration, rutting himself against Logan again.

"Fuck me, papi, please," Carlos begged, the whine in his voice making Logan's cock - which had been hard as a fucking rock during this whole little tryst - twitch with want.

"Papi," Logan purred, spinning Carlos around and pushing him towards the kitchen. "I like that."

Carlos practically sprinted into the kitchen, bending himself over the kitchen table as soon as he got close enough.

Shit, screw what Logan had thought before.

That was fucking hot.

Logan sauntered up behind Carlos, grabbing his bare ass and spreading the mounds apart, getting an eyeful of that little pink hole that he'd wanted to defile for so long.

"Look at you," he licked his lips, suddenly dry. "All laid out for me. God, I could just..."

Logan bent down, flicking his tongue over the hole. Carlos cried out, standing up on his toes, back arching at an impossible angle. "Shit, shit," Carlos panted as Logan's tongue prodded his hole, slipping passed the ring of muscle every so often for a split second before sliding right back out. "Fuck, fuck, bite it. Bite me."

Logan crooked and eyebrow, but nonetheless complied with the Latino's slutty demands, biting the hole he was teasing.

Carlos let out a guttural moan, sounding somewhere between a choked cry of pleasure and a strangled scream of pain.

It all turned Logan on so fucking much.

"Slut," Logan growled, leaning back to pull the aviators from his face. "Huge. Fucking. Slut." Logan bit down again on the word 'slut,' Carlos throwing his head back, nearly sobbing with pleasure.

"Fuck me, fuck me, papi, please, please," Carlos begged, his voice breaking.

Though he seemed like a sadist in the moment, Logan really didn't want to make Carlos suffer. He'd always had a soft spot for the Latino, not to mention he was pretty much completely fucking in love with the hyperactive boy, and this circumstance was no different. Logan leaned back up, hands going from Carlos's ass to press soothing, feather light touches from his shoulders to his lower back, pressing his fingers harder against the knobs of Carlos's spine. The Latino let out a delighted sigh, resting his forehead on the surface of the table.

"So pretty, Tiny Dancer," Logan hummed, sticking three fingers in his mouth to slick them. Once he deemed them good enough, he pulled them from his mouth, trailing them down the Latino's ass and down to his balls before pressing them lightly against their destination. Carlos whined, pushing his ass out, practically trying to suck Logan's fingers in with his ass. "Patience," Logan cooed, his index finger penetrating the tight ring of muscle.

Carlos cried out, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Logan bent down to press wet, open-mouthed kissed to Carlos's shoulders, pumping the finger in and out and moving in it concentric circles, trying his best to open the Latino up before the second and third fingers went in.

As soon as Carlos started whining and fucking back on Logan's one finger, the smart boy deemed him ready for another. Logan shimmied his middle finger in alongside his index, Carlos breathing becoming ragged at the new stretch. Logan planted more kisses.

Logan scissored his fingers, crooking them upwards, searching for that little bundle of nerves that would wash away any discomfort or pain Carlos was feeling. He nearly sighed in relief when he brushed against a bump of slightly different texture, Carlos fucking mewling in pleasure.

"Yes, yes, papi," Carlos babbled, and Logan pushed in the third finger, Carlos not even noticing through the waves of bliss.

"I'm your fucking papi," Logan moaned as Carlos fucked back on his hand, his own cock aching painfully in his jeans. It was only then that he realized he was still fully clothed.

Logan pulled his fingers from Carlos's ass, making quick work of shedding his jacket and shirt. He didn't bother taking his pants and briefs completely off, simply pushing them down his thighs far enough to free his aching cock. He gave it a few quick tugs before lining up with Carlos's entrance, gripping supple hips as he pushed himself slowly inside.

Carlos let out a keening whine as Logan bottomed out, balls to balls and hips to ass.

"Move," Carlos whined, and Logan pulled out so only the tip remained, pushing in back in just ass slowly. "Papi, please, más difícilmente."

Logan had no fucking idea what Carlos had said, but he figured it was something along the lines of "harder," so, gripping Carlos's hips tighter, Logan pulled out quickly only to plow back in, striking Carlos's sweet spot as he did.

"Mmm, big papi, mi papi, sísísísísí," Carlos babbled, head thrown back in his euphoria.

"Carlos, baby, so tight," Logan moaned, Carlos's velvet insides hugging his cock in the best of ways.

Logan continued to absolutely plow Carlos into the table, abusing his prostate so roughly Carlos would probably be able to feel it for a week. Sweat began to bead on Logan's forehead, a few beads dripping down onto Carlos's back, every drop making the Latino moan louder.

It wasn't long until that tingle was in Logan's abdomen, and Carlos was crying out desperately that he was close. "Me too, baby," Logan grunted as he reached around to grasp Carlos's erection, stroking in an erratic rhythm that didn't match his thrusts.

Carlos's orgasm ripped through him in a white-hot fury, his vision going black as he spilled over in Logan's hand for the second time, Logan spilling himself inside of the Latino not long after.

Sated and completely exhausted, Logan collapsed against Carlos, not even bothering to pull out.

A few moments of silence ticked by before Logan gathered enough strength to straighten up and pull his softened dick out of the destroyed boy below him.

Logan was pulling up his pants when Carlos's voice caught his attention. "Logan?"

"Yeah?" Logan looked up to see that Carlos had turned, perched awkwardly on the table as to avoid the ache in his backside.

"Did you...um, you didn't, uh," Carlos sputtered, trying to find the right words. "Y-you didn't have sex with me just 'cause of your swagger, did you?"

Logan frowned, walking forward to cup Carlos's cheek. He was afraid Carlos might think the only reason he wanted to have sex with him was just to get a quick fuck while he still had the swag to get one. "No," Logan said, Carlos's sad brown eyes meeting his. "Truthfully, the whole swagger thing just gave me the balls to finally make a move," Logan admitted. "I've wanted you for a while now."

Carlos's eyes brightened. "Really?" he chirped. "How long?"

Logan grinned at the Latino. "Seventh grade," he said.

Carlos's grinned to match Logan's, throwing his arms around the smart boy, ignoring the nagging ache in his backside. "I love you, Logan," Carlos murmured quietly.

Logan sighed with content, burying his face in Carlos's neck, kissing the sweaty skin there as he murmured an "I love you, too, Tiny Dancer."

Carlos laughed, hugging Logan tighter. "That nickname's really gonna stay, isn't it?"

Logan smirked against Carlos's neck. "Damn right it will."

They stayed like that, Carlos's arms around Logan, Logan's face buried in Carlos's neck, until the door crashed open, a very pale and disheveled James standing in the doorway.

"Logan, I need you to delete that app. I need my - what the fuck is going on in here?"

Logan and Carlos scrambled away from each other as James stood in the doorway, eyes wide, looking like he was about to be sick. "Uh, hey James," Logan greeted awkwardly as Carlos dropped to the floor, crawling around awkwardly in an attempt to hide his naked body.

James's face just drained in color more than it had already, his head literally spinning as he fell to the floor in a bit exaggerated faint. "Shit," Logan mumbled.

Carlos crawled over to where Logan was standing, getting on his feet and standing up. "Is he gonna be okay?"

Logan looked over, fully intent on answering Carlos, but as soon as his eyes landed on the Latino's naked body, every answer he could have given left his mind, the only thing he could think of being getting Carlos in their bed.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Logan growled as he grabbed Carlos's hand, tugging him in the general direction of the room he shared with James, one thought other than sex appearing in his mind.

God bless the Swagger-App.

Typed this in two hours.