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I was traveling in ba form and believe me it is hard to not stay embarrassed while your

In the form if a chicken. A strong wind pulled me into the duat, and the next thing I knew

I was whisked out of my room. I was in a graveyard and a few rows behind me I saw

Anubis, sitting on a tombstone, looking at the name on it. I walked over to see him.

As soon as he saw me he turned and said, Carter is in trouble. What?

I said. Carter went on a mission a few days ago for who knows what. I mean sure he was annoying and all but he wasn't an idiot. He also was a pretty powerful magician; I mean who could have captured him, although he did only know a handful of spells but so what?

My thoughts were interrupted when Anubis said; you need to go find him. Well thanks Mr. obvious like I hadn't thought of that before. My name isn't Mr. obvious

Anubis said. I forgot how annoying you are, I said. I forget you have a sharp tong.

He said. I rolled my eyes. Jeesh I said well better get going. whatever he said. I said goodbye and was whisked away back into my room thinking on what I was going on and how I was going to save carter.

Thanks hoped you guys liked it sorry it was short bye!