Helloo audience! I'm so glad you wonderful people are going to read this super-dee duper story! Oh, and by the way… I don't own Bleach ! It's my first Bleach story and its been about a year since I read & watched it last… so be nice-iz please! Enjoy! xD

Introducing… Characters! :

Name: Echo

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Dark Brown

Eye: Green

Personality: Super nice, but slightly insane. She loves to fight, and averagely won't go down without a fight. Super stubborn, pyromaniac!

That's pretty much all of my supper original characters! Just one… fail much?


Something happened to me many years ago… Whatever it was, it took every last memory of mine. It's strange, all I have for a family is a sword. In the hilt is inscribed: "the fire never goes out." What does that mean? All I know is this is my sword, and I can fight quite well with it… It's like instinct, the only thing that makes everything seem real…

"I am Echo…" I whispered rubbing the metal of the beautiful sword, "Can you hear me? My zanpacto?" I usually got no reply from the flaming tigress… She knew my past, but she wouldn't tell me about it. She always said "all in due time…", which was such an annoying answer.

"I know you are Echo. Now get some sleep," I heard the voice cut through my mind. I leaned back into the concrete wall. Fine. I'll sleep, or at least try too. I've been having a hard time getting sleep lately… I needed to spar with someone. I guess that could wait until later…

I woke up with the sun just crawling up over the horizon. I sheathed my zanpacto in her safe place on my back. I wore ragged clothes like everyone else. The only thing that was pretty that I owned was Ember. I loved her so much, sometimes I didn't feel like I even deserved her. My stomach rumbled loudly… I'm pretty sure I ate about two days ago, so I should be able to make it just fine through today… but I was hungry!

As I walked along, I spotted a hot dog stand. My stomach rumbled loudly. I smacked it as if that would shut it up. I sighed… moral code number one: do NOT under any circumstances steal. Even if I were going to die, I wouldn't allow myself to do such a thing. Ember had taught me to be prideful, and pride did not allow you to do a petty thing like that. I let out a sigh. I really wanted some. I turned away from it and started walking again.

"Hey, are you hungry, kid?" a man dressed like a shinigami asked me. I stared at him with wide, surprised eyes.

"N-no.. I'm fine," I replied with a smile and waved him away.

"You're lying now, little one," he pointed out.

"I'd rather starve than take something from someone," I replied honestly. He shook his head.

"Take it. No one should starve to death," he said holding out some food to me. I noted that he had white hair and ice blue eyes. He was fairly short and actually looked younger than me, but he was calling me little, but I didn't really mind. He was a superior anyway.

"Hitsugaya-sama!" a woman with orange-ish blonde hair said. He dropped the food into my hands and walked away. He had saved me? I didn't deserve his kindness.

"You're lucky," Ember whispered softly. I nodded slightly and ran off to go eat the food. I sat in a dark alley way taking small bites of it, a little bit at a time. It was really good… whatever he'd given me was far more expensive than I would ever be able to afford. I felt tears cascading down my face. Why had he been so nice to me?

That afternoon I was walking past the shinigami training school… It didn't occur to me that I would look suspicious with my zanpacto strapped to back.

"Hey! Are you a thief? Stealing a zanpacto?" a boy yelled at me. I turned to look at him.

"What do you mean? This is mine," I state simply.

"But you're a peasant, and peasants don't have zanpacto," he replied crossing his arms.

"Then why don't we fight to prove it is mine?" I asked.

"Psh. Me fight a mere peasant? Don't compliment yourself," he laughed. I narrowed my eyes slightly.

"Don't let him provoke you," Ember said reassuringly. I nodded ever so slightly and laughed loudly.

"Looks can deceive!" I told him laughing at my own joke. He raised an eyebrow at me, wondering what I meant.

"Sure…" he said.

"Come at me!" I taunted, "Show me how powerful you truly are… or are you truly weak?" I could tell that I had him now. I laughed maniacally.

"Ember! Let's show this guy up!" I growled under my breath. He ran at me with his zanpacto. I waited until he was about three feet from me to block the blow with my zanpacto. The metals clanged.

"Weak… I know you're stronger than this," I teased. His eyes narrowed.

"Ocean blow!" he yelled. I stumbled back with the water.

"Eww…" I hissed. I was a pyro! I never liked being wet.

"What? Don't like getting wet, peasant?" he said my social status like it was a bad thing. I sighed.

"Dance of the flaming blossoms," I whispered. My sword became a giant flaming flower that burst and shot burning petals at him. I saw his eyes widen in fear. He made the water that was on the ground put out the flames. Then he ran at me, and I moved my sword to block, taking my time. Then the blow never connected. I found someone… a shinigami standing in front of me, defending me… It was that white haired guy from earlier! My eyes widened in shock.

"Captain!" the woman yelled running over. She was surprised to see him already in the middle of a fight. I sheathed my sword slowly, trying to take all of this in.

"Stop attacking her. She obviously didn't steal anything," the white haired guy said sternly. The guy, who had been attacking me, stumbled backward, shocked. So he was a Captain, huh… I guess I should be more surprised, but oh well. He just kind of ruined my fun. Sad face…

"Captain! Quit running off and leaving me!" she panted. He seemed vaguely amused by her. I laughed amused by this all.

"I'm such a trouble maker~!" I mumbled to myself and it didn't seem like they noticed.

"Rangiku-san, you only bother me anyway," he replied. She frowned unhappily.

"I try to help!" she insisted.

"Well, I'll be off now…" I said and began walking away.

"Oh no you don't, you troublemaker!" he declared and I stopped in surprise. He heard me…? Well, well…

"What are you going to do with me then?" I asked turning to him.

"Get you to come to the center of the city," the woman grumbled placing her hands on her hips. I looked at them in disbelief, yeah. Riiigghhhttt….

"Cheh. Never!" I cried feeling rebellious. I think I like my normal routine.

"That's right Echo! You can't trust them!" Ember replied. She knew something I didn't, as always…

"Hey, come back here!" he yelled. I concentrated hard, now how do I do the super-speed thing again?

"You're so forgetful…" Ember sighed before telling me how. I started moving way faster than they expected me to be able to.

Eventually I escaped them and walked along the road toward Chi's Ramen Shop. He always gave me a little bit of ramen on Fridays. That's probably all I had to look forward to. Every six days I get a decent meal.

"Hey there Echo!" Mr. Chi greeted me. I smiled.

"Hullo!" I smiled, swinging my legs back and forth in the air. I sat on a stool in the back of his kitchen.

"I saved you something real good this time," he said giving me a warm bowl. I saw there was some meat in it. I squealed in delight.

"Thank you so much!" I thanked him enthusiastically. He smiled, his wrinkled face getting more wrinkled.

"Anytime Echo," he said and winked. Then he returned to the front. I sat there swinging my legs and eating the meager amount of ramen I had gotten. The little bits of meat made it extra good. I wondered if that white hair guy had actually meant what he said.

"Don't be silly Echo! Never trust them! Some day, you'll understand," Ember told me. I sighed lightly.

"I don't know why I believe that… It's been five years, and I haven't gotten a single thing!" I groaned quietly. Ember laughed.

"You are very impacient," she giggled.

"I know…" I grumbled. Then suddenly Mr. Chi came running over to me.

"There's a Captain up front looking for you. Should I go and get him?" he asked me. I jumped up and handed him the empty bowl.

"Cheh, I've gotta bounce!" I say and wave to him. I exit out the back door and run straight into that woman.

"So you are here?" she asked.

"This is craziness!" I said and jumped right over her.

"Hey! Get back here!" she yelled beginning to run after me.

"Do I have to fight my way out?" I asked turning to her.

"No… Why would you have to?" she replied.

"You're chasing me!" I cried like she was an idiot.

"That's true…" she said and a red haired guy appeared. He had fairly long hair and it was pulled back into a ponytail.

"What's going on?" he asked the woman.

"She and the white haired guy are chasing me!" I tell him frustrated with my situation. I couldn't even enjoy my time at Mr. Chi's!

"So this is the one Byakuya sent me after… Sorry, I'm stealing her!" he said grabbing me.

"You can trust Byakuya," Ember told me. I let him take me. I guess that was what Ember meant. Well, this has been an eventful day…