Tori p.o.v

New schools. Fun. Not! I'm sorry but don't you ever get that feeling when you join something new and you're waiting to go in or to speak to someone new and it feels as if you're going to vomit your face off? Not exactly sure where I'm going with this but that's how I felt, sick, scared, motionless, homesick, excited but yet extremely mortified because knowing me the first time a guy will speak to me I'll end up tripping and falling into the trash can.

"Tori?" I looked back into the car seeing mom, Janet, smile as I held tight to my books. "Go on love..." I sighed and turned back around as I took a step forward seeing a guy rush past me on his skateboard as I took a step back feeling my heartbeat raise through the roof as I let out a shaky breath and took another step as I made my way up the stairs to the school. Looking to my left I see cheerleaders, cheering their 'not so happy lyrics that nobody will listen to'. The guys would look at there legs and the girls would try and hypnotise them to trip and fall, wrecking their beautiful bodies that they're boyfriends are looking at. I looked to my right seeing the boy's football team getting down and dirty. I sighed and looked forward as I stopped at the big, bricked building. The big, double wooden doors and the words Blue Bay High written in capitals going across the entrance. I gripped tight to my books hearing the bells ring as I made my way through the doors seeing the lockers left to right.

"Come on, come on." I saw someone lift there hands up in the middle of the crowd that suddenly formed as I huddled myself as close as I could to my books, holding tight to them as hard as I could. I looked to the hands seeing an old lady wearing glasses clapping her hands as everyone ran into their classrooms.

I looked up as I walked slowly through the hallway seeing everyone disappear now leaving the hallway quiet.

"Excuse me?" I turned around seeing an older lady frown at me. "Aren't you supposed to be in class?" She asked as I nodded extremely fast.

"Umm.. Yeah Umm.. I'm not sure... I'm new." I mumbled as she nodded and smiled.

"Ah, Tori Hanson?" She asked as I nodded again. "Come with me." I nodded and started to follow behind her as I looked into the different cases down the halls that held many trophies and photos. I looked at one that was for swimming as I stopped.

"You okay sweetie?" She asked me as I nodded.

"Yeah… sorry, I just don't really like water…" I nervously laughed out as I looked through the double doors seeing the big swimming pool.

"I'm sorry dear." She mused as I nodded as I followed sheepishly behind as we came to a big door with Prescott in big gold writing on the back of the door. "Okay love, go on in she's been expecting you." I smiled and nodded as I walked to the door and brought my shaking hand up to the door as I slowly knocked on it.

"Come in." I cleared my throat and pushed the door open slightly seeing the smiling woman behind the desk.

Hunter p.o.v

Walking out of the big 3 story house that was based in the centre of the small woods. I looked over my shoulder to the big mansion type house. I sighed as I turned around seeing nothing in sight as I put one foot in front of the other as I picked up my pace starting to run as everything else became a total blur. The trees were now a passer by of my daily routine. I came to a sudden halt at the wall around our premises as the leafs from all around me had seemed to slowly blow around me and started to settle on the ground from the speed I was running. I slowly took a few steps back as I ran forwards and pushed myself up as I scrambled up the wall grabbing the top as I swung my legs over and looked down as my feet went first, slamming onto the floor making a thud as I placed my hand on the floor and pushed myself up. I leant back on the wall as I straightened my leather jacket out and blue jeans as I pushed my red aviator glasses up and pulled out one of my cigarettes as I placed it in my mouth and lit it and put my Zippo into my back pocket and took my cigarette out letting the smoke fill the air as I looked down the road seeing Blue Bay High as I sniffed the familiar smell of sex, toast, blood, eggs, sweat, fear, happiness, depression, coffee, drugs, loneliness, and.. Dustin. I sighed.

"Someone's got a hang over…" He sung as he bounced over the road and jumped up smacking his shoulder into mine as he stumbled back as I smiled watching him frown but wipe his nose in an attempt to be cool. I smiled and pretended to agree with him. Acting became a very good, More of a sport for me now.

"Shut up asshole..." I hissed massaging my temples.

"Don't see why you just didn't stay at home." He said whilst walking backwards and playfully jabbing fists towards my stomach but not actually hitting me.

"Maybe because there I have more of a headache and there I can't do this." I jabbed my fist into his stomach as lightly as I could possibly punch him, without breaking anything, seeing him bend over as I smiled and walked past him.

"Yo!" I turned and looked at him as he pushed himself up and ran towards me as I threw my cigarette away and turned around running at human speed towards the school.

"Come back here…"He said breathlessly as I jumped 2 steps up the stairs as I reached the front door and quickly ran through it as I legged it through the hallway coming to two partings going left and right. Left to the swimming pool and right to the science department. I looked behind to see him extremely close as I chose left and ran forward starting to turn left until I felt a arm on my shoulder and swinging me into the lockers making an all mighty thud as I groaned and looked at him seeing him smiling and bent over slightly as I laughed and placed my hands on my knees bending over to. "Alright… see you at lunch?" I nodded as he put his hand in the air as I reached up and smacked mine against it as I carried my journey down the hallway towards the pool as Dustin headed the other way.

Tori p.o.v

I walked into the class seeing Mrs. Kelly Prescott walk in front as she wondered over to the desk where the teacher was as I lifted my head up seeing the whole class looking at me as I felt my cheeks redden as I quickly bowed it again hearing the whispered and giggling as I saw something heading in my direction. I lifted my head up seeing the little round ball of paper heading towards me as I pulled a grimace and closed my eyes ready for impact. When the impact didn't come I frowned and slowly opened my eyes seeing a tanned hand in front of me. I frowned and followed it seeing a boy about the same age as me smirking. He had brown hair that hung in his eyes and was wearing a jeans and a soccer uniform. He was tall and lean and his features were straight, perfect, and angular. He also had very dark eyes. He threw the paper in the direction it came from hitting a red-head square in the face. He looked to me and smiled as I did the same.

"Thank you." I whispered to him as he shook his head.

"Don't worry about it. I'm Connor by the way." He said as the teacher started to begin class. "It was nice to meet you." He said. And before I could get a reply he was already turned around walking to his seat.

"Amber! Go to the office! Now!" Ms. Prescott said sternly as I watched the girl who tried to hit me stand up holding the piece of ripped paper as she walked towards me grinning.

"Next time." She whispered walking past as I looked down.

"Tori..." I looked up to the teacher as she pointed to an empty desk at the back. "There's your chair." I smiled and made my way back. I walked to my desk and sat down.

"Ignore them..." I heard a whisper as I sat down placing my books on my desk as I looked to my right seeing the smiling brunette.

"Yeah… she's a bitch." I smiled and looked behind me seeing a darker skinned boy wearing red black cargo shorts and a red t-shirt. He had a skateboard under his desk and his helmet on top of it.

"Marah." She handed her hand out as I shook it. "That's Shane." I smiled and shook his hand.

"My name's Pat.. Pat mycrotch." I frowned and looked to the guy in front, who had blonde spiky hair, as he laughed hearing someone laugh by his side as they both high fived each other.

"Yeah that's what he says to his dog." Marah said with a laugh as I released a laugh.

"You can tell the dogs already gone for his hair." Shane added smirking.

"Coming from you..." Dill said standing up as he towered over us.

Teacher: "SIT DOWN DILL." I watched as he snarled and slowly sat dow. I looked over to the other side of the room seeing the boy that had saved me from the paper ball sitting down on the other side along with a girl who looked about the same age, with wavy brown hair that fell down to the middle of her back. They weren't staring at me, unlike most of the students, so it was safe to stare at them without the fear of being caught. They were looking away and their faces were something you would expect to see on the cover of a magazine.

Tori: "Who are they?" I asked Marah as she looked around.

"Connor and Kira Bradley." She answered as I frowned. "They live together in the massive mansion down the road in the woods with their other adopted siblings." I frowned and shook my head.

"They keep themselves to themselves, after their father Dr. Tommy Bradley and his wife Kimberly died." Shane added.

"Mmm...Kira and Dustin are twins. They and Connor are both 17 and Hunter is 18." Marah continued as I broke eye contact with them.

"Whose Dustin and Hunter?" I asked as turned back towards her.

"Dustin and Hunter are the two other boys that live in the mansion. Hunter and Connor are Dr. Bradley's biological sons. Dr. Oliver adopted Dustin and Kira when they were young." Shane answered for me.

"Apparently none of the girls here are good enough for them. They don't date." She sniffed. I wonder when they had turned her down.

"Yeah but Kira and Connor are together. Which is so weird man! They live together!" Shane whined.

"I heard that the Bradley's died a few years ago." Shane whispered as the teacher sent a disapproving look our way.

"In a limo crash when they were going to an event for Dr. Bradley." Marah continued as I frowned as I looked over to Connor who was looking through a soccer magazine.

"That's not the real story…" Dill said as I frowned and looked to the guy in front as he turned in his chair slightly. "The true story is that Hunter, Connor, Kira and Dustin were in the limo too… But inside the limo there was some weird transformation that changed them." I frowned as he came closer. "Their parent's died but they all got infected and lived. I heard that they had another secret brother named Blake. But he was so bad that Dr. Bradley put him back in foster care."

"Oh yeah I heard that...but it's only because all you guys want to have a reason why Hunter and Connor can beat you at any sport." Marah joked as she got out her English textbook.

"Yeah… Pretty true." Shane agreed as he leaned back on his chair.

"Hey... I can take Hunter on." Dill argued as I frowned watching him scoff.

"Would like to see you try. After school? He'll be training anyway." Shane challenged as I watched Dill gulped slightly and slowly nodded.

"Good it's settled. We'll finally see who's faster." Marah finished as she smiled looking at a nervous Dill.

"So... Does anyone know the true story?" I asked as Marah smiled.

"The Bradley's go way back in this town, to the early 1700's. The men were mayors of the city."

"What happened?" I pressed on wanting to learn more.

"No one knows…apparently it stays in the family history. No one wants to ask what happened or why they just disappeared." Marah shrugged as I bit my lip thinking.

"No one knows what happened… Hunter and Connor were named after there great, great, great, great, great grandfather's Henry and Cornelius Bradley..." Shane said as he looked at me.

"Both disappeared in the house fire." Marah finished for him.

"House fire?"

"Yeah…The one they live in now. Burnt down in the 1770's and was rebuilt in the 1800's but no one knows who by."

"Sound's a bit iffy to me." I said.

"Me too… But that's the Bradley's… iffy to the bone." Shane said as he turned his attention to the front. I looked over to Connor who stretched as I saw him wearing a wrist cuff. I took a closer look and saw that it had a lion on it and beneath the lion was a chevron with 3 shamrocks. Above the lion was a small hand and the eye of the lion looked like it had a ruby in it.

Before I could look anymore Connor turned around and caught me staring at him. I quickly looked away blushing red as I watched him furrow his eyebrows and turn back around before whispering something inaudible to Kira.

I turned my attention back to Mrs. Prescott as I tried to focus on English but found myself wondering what secrets the Bradley's held.

Hunter POV

Watching as everyone walked around as I leant back on the lockers hearing the small thuds of people's feet. I looked to my left as I fiddled with my lighter slowly flicking it on and off as I watched as a young blonde girl wearing a mini denim skirt and a white tank top. She smiled at me as I did the same hearing her soft heartbeat as she walked past. The soft smell of her perfume mixed with adrenaline and slight smell of sex. I looked to the room she came out of seeing a tall masculine guy come out doing his flies up as I pushed myself up and slowly followed behind the guy as I found myself following in his footsteps as he entered the co-ed toilets. I looked around as everyone did there own thing. I placed my hand on the door suddenly feeling myself being pushed back as my back collided with a locker as the sound echoed through the now empty hallway as I fell to the floor and placed my fist on the cold floor as I looked up seeing Connor standing by the door as I chuckled and shook my head slowly pushing myself up.

"Don't even bother." He said as I sighed.

"I wasn't going too." I mumbled.

"So.., You were just wondering into the toilets?" Connor countered as I sighed.

"There's something I'm not telling you." I said as he smiled.

"Go to the field Hunter… Work off your hunger. I overheard Dill's going to try and race you." I laughed as I looked at him.

"Hunter..." I looked to him as she smirked "Kick his ass… He tried to pick on a new girl." I smiled and nodded.

"Don't need telling twice." I said as he reached into his bag over his shoulder and pulled out a bag of blood.

"Not all at once. We need to go hunting soon." I nodded as I smiled and took it off him.

"See you later." I said putting it under my shirt and heading to the co-ed bathroom.

"Bye." I walked into the toilets and went into the last cubical as I pushed open the door and locked it. I leant back on the wall as I looked down to the packet tearing the top off as the warmth of the blood radiated through me as I closed my eyes opening my mouth slightly as I grunted and slowly opened my eyes as I looked down to the packet seeing the veins in my hands slowly pump a red colour as I brought the bag to my mouth as the smell of iron filled my nostrils. I instantly bit into it feeling the blood slowly come out as I squeezed as hard as I could feeling it rush out as I reached my right hand out and grabbed the toilet roll stand as I pushed it off the wall making a massive thud as the door opened.

"Hello?" I frowned and took the packet out as I felt my teeth still sharp and the veins still pumping a red colour throughout my body. "Are you okay?" She asked as I smelt her amazing perfume. Kind of like roses mixed with strawberries. I felt myself warming up slightly as my teeth sharpened that little bit more.

"I'm fine." I mumbled.

"Do you need any help?" She asked. I heard the softness in her tone as I reopened my mouth and shut my eyes.

"No.. I'm fine.. Just.. get out." I said holding onto the wall smelling her intoxicating scent.

I sighed as I heard her footsteps as she slowly walked out hearing the door shut as I looked down to the now empty bag. I placed it in the toilet and flushed it as I looked down to my arm and hand seeing my veins slowly disappear into the normal greenish colour. I pushed the door open and walked out. I wondered out feeling slightly refreshed and regenerated.

Tori p.o.v

"Where did you go?" Marah asked as I walked over and sat on the field next to her seeing the group of people running as I placed my books beside me.

"I think someone was chucking up in the bathroom." I said as I looked to the field seeing a tall, muscular blonde boy walking on wearing a pair of slightly baggy black shorts and a red tank top with some running shoes. His really tanned skin that the sun just seemed to make browner. His blonde hair that shinned against the sun and the tank top that clung to his muscles on his stomach as I let out a shaky breath seeing something catch my eye. I looked down to his hand seeing a wrist cuff identical to the one that Connor had been wearing earlier. I frowned and watched as he looked up showing her amazingly crystal blue eyes.

"Here's your competition Dill." Shane said as I watched Dill and Shane stand up. I watched as the blonde looked up to us as I saw him smirk as Dill wondered over as he straightened up.

"Who's that?" I asked wanting to be sure. I kinda knew by the wrist cuff.

"That's Hunter." Marah answered watching him. I nodded and watched as Dill walked over as Shane stayed a few feet behind as Dill and Hunter talked. I watched as his eyes slowly veered away from Dill as his eyes locked onto mine. I froze. It was too late to look away now. He smiled slowly as I watched his pupils dilute slowly as I frowned. He closed his eyes and opened them looking back to Dill.

"Alright, Let's do this." I watched as Dill walked past Hunter as he turned and looked to the race track seeing everyone clear it as he walked towards the start seeing his shoulder blades stick out of his shirt slightly.

This is wrong.. So wrong. I shook my head as I looked to them seeing Dill and Hunter bend down and place their left knee on the floor and both their hands. Shane walked up as me and Marah sat up straight.

"Play fair you two." I watched as Hunter lifted his head up as he looked down the run way. "3, 2...1 Go!" They both kick started as I watched Hunter's legs go like some kind of lion or something. Dill was slightly behind as I watched Hunter's concentrated face as he ran down the course already in front of Dill. I watched as he looked down to his pockets as he slowed his pace coming to a stop. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone as I watched him look from his phone to Dill as he walked by. He flicked his phone up.

"What's he doing?" Marah asked as I frowned. Hunter looked back to us and then to Dill as he started to walk backwards off the track. He turned around and ran as I watched him run to the end of the field and through the big gate at the end as he disappeared down the hill. "I guess he had to be else where."

"Yeah.. I guess." I mumbled.