Tori p.o.v

Saturday. The day that haunted my life.. And of corse Roni's.

"Tori?" She knocked on my door as I sat up in bed slightly.

"Yeh?" She poked her head through the door and smiled.

"I'm really nervous." She said a I smiled and moved over in my bed as she came over and slide into the covers as I faced her.


"The scans... What if they come back and the cancer's grown." She said as I looked down.

"Then we will get through it." I said looking up to her. "It's me and you Roni. Nothing's going to change that; I'll always be here for you." I said as she smiled.

"Is mom coming with us today?" I shook my head.

"She's got work." I said as she nodded and looked down, clearly disappointed. "But I'll tell you what..." She looked up to me as I smiled. "I'll take you to Mc Donald's after and you can have whatever you want."

"Can we just go into the city and get a take-out or something then me and you come back and watch a movie?" I smiled and nodded.


"Come on then lazy get up we have to catch the bus in an hour since you don't have gas money."

"Urgh…" I groaned as she laughed. I pushed myself up and wondered over to my wardrobe as I picked out my blue jeans and Vans and my polo shirt as I put it on top of my cami. I sat down on my chair as I looked at myself in the mirror. I picked up my glasses and put them on as I brushed through my hair, straitening it.

"Tori come on!"

"I'm coming." I said as I got up and grabbed my bag.

Hunter p.o.v

Waking up on the hard concrete floor wasn't a plan of an ideal night.

"You feeling okay?" I looked to the door seeing Conner looking through the window at me.

"Just dandy." I said sitting up and leaning back against the wall as I stretched out.

"Come on.. Up and out." I sighed and got up. "You feeling hungry?" I shook my head.

"No I'm fine." I said as he unlocked the door.

"Good... No evil Hunter?" he asked as I smiled slightly.

"No evil Hunter." I said as he nodded. I got up and walked out as I reached into my pocket and pulled out my keys.

"Where are you going?" he asked as I cracked my neck.

"I have to be somewhere."

Tori p.o.v

"NO WAIT!" I shouted as I ran like a crazy penguin down the street chasing the bus as Roni followed behind.

"Tori it's too late."

"Fuck, we're going to miss your appointment." I sighed out as we stopped running and walking.

"We can catch the next bus.." I frowned as I heard a roar. I looked back as I caught a glimpse of Hunter's car coming around the corner as I couldn't help but smile as he came to a stop right beside us. Looking down at him and seeing him beaming his wonderful smile up at me and his beautiful tanned skin.

"This is becoming a regular thing now." he said as I smiled.

"Yeah well.. freaking bus drivers can't be asked to wait." I sighed out.

"Do you want a lift?" he asked as I looked back to Roni as she shrugged as I looked back to Hunter who was smiling widely at me as I couldn't help but copy the infectious smile.

"That sounds great."

"Cool." he turned around and undid his seatbelt as he stepped out of the car and moved his seat back as Roni hoped into the back as I walked around and got in. "Where too my ladies?" he asked whilst looking at me as I smirked and bit my lip seeing him smile a bit more whilst looking down to my lip then back to me as we both smirked.

"Blue Bay Hospital." Roni answered as Hunter frowned and looked to me.

Is everything okay?" he asked looking back to Roni as I nodded.

"Just a check up."

"I can give you a lift there and back." he said as he looked dead serious but I couldn't help the big smile.

"Honestly it's fine.." I said as he turned the engine on and looked at me with a smirk as he licked his lips.

"That wasn't a question." I smiled as he did the same. I couldn't help but feel so comfortable in his car as I slowly sank into his chair and closed my eyes feeling nothing but comfortable in Hunter's car.