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To Cross The Ocean

He had Tula.

That was his excuse; admittedly it was a good excuse, but an excuse none the less.

An excuse he used when he caught himself becoming possessive and territorial caught himself staring when he shouldn't, desiring when he shouldn't, almost losing control. Repeating over and over again in his head until he believed it was true.

He had Tula.

Perhaps the excuse was also the reason why it didn't hurt as much when Tula rejected him, and his return the surface world, to his team, to him, was so freeing.

The attraction started when he first met him, (never did he feel such a spark from one handshake) and that mischievous smile, the wanting began when their first team-up, both the attraction and wanting growing when he first saw behind the mask and goggles.

Fiery red hair, dusty freckles (that he really, really want to lick) across a prefect nose, and dark emerald eyes.

Kid Flash, Wally West, was loud-mouthed yet can be as stealthy as Batman himself, agile yet adorable clumsy, stubborn, and smart. Honest to the point of rude, speaks his mind, playful, kind, surprisingly patient and wise.

Wally West was perfect.

And Kaldur wanted him.

Wanted eyes on him, and alwayshim.

Wanted that smile and carefree laugh to be because of him.

Wanted that slim body to be withering underneath him.

Wanted to mark that prefect neck.

Wanted pouty lips to moaning hisname.

Wanted long lean runner legs wrapped around his waist.

He wanted to possess Wally mind, body, and soul.

Problem wasn't sure how to go about it.

Atlantean courting rituals would be to confusion for humans, as were many human courting rituals were for him. He could ask his friends but….

Robin would probably already know, tease him then help,( and his seen the results of Robin helping, so no thank you) or the Boy Wonder would get protective and promise him bodily harm should he even think of going near Wally. The same could be said for Roy.

Conner was defiantly out, he wasn't sure what the clone had been taught in that lab, and he wasn't sure if he was ready to explain relationships between two males to his friend.

M'gann perhaps, if she wasn't too busy with Superboy.

Artemis, who as far as he was concern, was a rival.

And the last time he asked Aquaman for any advice in courting, ended with him being laughed at by Garth and covered in things he rather not name, so no.

And Kaldur wasn't even going to go nearBarry with subject, even with Superman, Batman and the whole League combined.

Which left him with one opinion.

"Thank you for seeing me Mrs. Allen" Kaldur said as he sat on the couch.

"It's not trouble at all, and how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Auntie Iris" Iris said. Kaldur give a small smile and nodded.

"Good now then, what is it you want to talk to me about?"

Iris has always been kind to him, a beautiful woman both inside and out, with a fiery passion, it wasn't hard for Kaldur to see why the Flash fell for her, or where Wally got many of his enduring habits from. She always told him, and the team that her door was always open for them should they need it, and that she was always willingly to listen. ("It's the job of a reporter to listen, even when it's not the must have story of the year" she'd say with a wink)

Kaldur hoped her offer would still comply after he told her he wanted to date her nephew.

"Aww!" Iris squealed five minutes later, smothering the young hero into her chest.

Apparently she likes the idea.

"You two would make an ADORABLE couple! Of course I'll help, but you have to promise me plenty of pictures"

Really, really,the idea a lot.

"Now then" Iris said as she pulled the dazed young hero away, her face suddenly serious, "we need to get down to busy"

Kaldur was a bit disturbed at how fast the woman changed moods, and wondered if perhaps this was a good idea.

"To win a Speedster's heart" she began unaware of the younger Hero's doubts, "is through his stomach, I'll make a list of Wally's favorite, you do know how to cook right?"


Iris smiled, and Kaldur had the sudden feeling that maybe he was better off asking Barry.

This is going to be fun *evil laugh*

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