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Chapter 1

Krika Watched as Gali flew by overhead, he knew that she saw him but he didn't bother to attack her, but why didn't she attack him? Was she different from those other Toa who would charge in guns blazing because he was a Makuta and just because he was a Makuta? Maybe. But she was still a Toa Nuva and a part of the plan, oh how he was sick of it. He made his way through the swamp and arrived at a small island in the muck. On this little island he could see that Mutran had established a small lab and his pet shadow Matoran, Vican, was attending to it alone.

Upon seeing the bone white Makuta, Vican threw himself to the ground. "OH! Sir, lord makuta, I hope that i have not disturbed you with my work? Mutran assigned me to-"

"Quiet! Your voice is giving me a headache." he snapped at the small matoran

"Oh so sorry my lord, please forgive, I will be silent now." Vican spoke fast and quickly turned round to get back to his work.

Krika lifted his head up and gazed towards the Codrex. I wonder how my brothers and sister are doing at the moment? Turning aside, he wanders into the swamp to be left to his own devices for now. Maybe a few moments respite would do me some good. As he wandered through the swamp he could faintly hear the sounds of the plants rustling, and not from the non-existent breeze... no, someone was following him. No sooner had he realized this was he surrounded by bars of energy. Ah yes, that's right, the Toa's blaster creating a shape shifting energy. Gali emerged from the swamp, blaster still smoking.

"Why are you doing this? What do the Makuta stand to gain from this?" she asked him, wary of the fact that the bars might not hold him back. Rather than answer her question, he tore through the bars and lunged at her, tips of long legs brimming with shadow energy. He slashed his leg at her chest and knocked her back, only to be blinded when she fired another blast from her rocket, directly into his face. When he regained his vision he saw that he was chained by the energy this time. Before she had anytime to question him, he broke the chains and activated his Kanohi Crast, repelling all heat in the area. Without body heat, Gali fell to one knee, quickly drained. He stalked up to her like the giant insect he now pretended to be. He crouched down to her level to be eye to eye with her.

"Why am I doing this? Because Its my only choice." He took a quick look around, they were in an area visible to anyone who would fly by. "I must speak with you, but first, we must move elsewhere." picking her up in his long forelimbs, he used his Crast to repel the ground and started to fly towards another area of the swamp, one that only he visited.

He deposited her on a small island, wary of the swamp waters that had mutated him. His long legs dug into the dirt a bit as he gazed down at her. So this is her? I hope the stories of her are true. A Toa willing to listen to friend and foe. One can only hope. He nudged her with the tip of his long thin leg. She stirred and looked up at him, as soon as he entered her field of vision she scrambled to grab her blaster, lying next to her, but he pinned it underneath his leg.

"I only wish to speak." he said sharply "If you still want me dead after, then I will not stop you."

"Fine then, speak." despite what her instinct said, she forced herself to relax a little.

"My name is Krika, as you no doubt know, a Makuta. And you, you are Toa Gali Nuva. The most benevolent and understanding of the Toa Nuva. Perhaps you may be able to help my plight. I can not reveal my full reasoning for what we are doing or why I brought you here." With the pincer claw on the end of his forelimbs he draws out a small triangular stone tablet marked with the sign of the Brotherhood on it and extends it out to her. "Take this. This is a tablet of transit. No matter where you go, you will be marked as an ally of the Brotherhood as long as you posses it. Go anywhere BUT HERE. Leave Karda nui! Leave your destiny! Or you condemn our universe to a fate worse than even the death of the Great Spirit."

Gali was taken aback by this to say the least and took the tablet from him gently, looking up into his bright red eyes that seemed to glow nowhere near as those of his brothers. This was surprising to say the very least but before she could say or do anything a blast of light came down between them causing the insectoid Makuta to back away with a hiss. They both looked up to see a large gray and white toa flying down to them. He spared Gali a final glance, his eyes showing a resignation to his fate. He knew he would die here. He turned away from them and, turning intangible, vanished into the swamp.

"Perhaps I'm just putting too much stock into the stories of fools", he mused to himself as he departed.

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