Hey everyone! It's Ritsuka-chan~! XD Here with another story for you XD. This is from the anime Sekai ichi Hatsukoi (World's Greatest Love) This is the first fan fiction I have written for this particular anime, so I am hoping you all will enjoy it. I am really sorry that I haven't posted any updates lately, please just bear with me though. I am really trying to catch up, and I am so close to finishing my college up. So hang in with me.

Summary: Takano has challenged Ritsu to take charge of a brand new manga series that hasn't even hit the stores yet. Takano refuses to help him with this because he wants Ritsu to loose so they can date again. Ritsu has to edit and serialize and print and ship to stores in just ONE month to beat Takano's bet. In order to keep Ritsu from distractions, Takano goes to stay with Yokozawa for the month of the bet. Ritsu is upset about it but says nothing and uses his anger to fuel his motivation. As the deadline draws near, Ritsu comes to realize what is going on at Yokozawa's house. The Results are heartbreaking!


Chapter 1: The Bet

Ritsu sat down at his desk and sighed. He had just been through another all-nighter at his house editing another storyboard for the latest manga that his author put out. He laid his head on his desk to rest his eyes for a moment when the much annoying Takano pulled his chair out from under him, causing him to crash embarrassingly to the floor.

"Tsk, you are sleeping on the job, Onodera." Takano smirked and helped him up. "You know if you keep sleeping here all vulnerably, I am going to take advantage of such moments and explore your body." he said.

Ritsu blushed and was about to scold his boss for his words when Takano leaned down and kissed him deeply. Ritsu felt his knee's go weak. He snapped back to reality and gave Takano a shove. "Baka!" he said and walked out of the office and to the coffee machines.

Takano watched and chuckled and then sat down at his desk and was about to make a phone call to the printers when Yokozawa decided to come in on a rampage demanding the next storyboard that was supposed to be on it's way to the printer in two hours.

"Masamune! Where in the hell are those damn storyboards!" he roared.

Takano turned in his chair to face Yokozawa. "I told you last night I would have them in this evening." he said calmly and relaxed.

"Masamune! They are do this morning! Damn can't you ever get them done on time?" he groaned.

Takano shrugged. "I will handle it, just go away for now." he said and dialed the number to the printers.

Yokozawa was about to complain some more but Takano was already in conversation with the printers. He sighed and turned and stormed out of the room and bumped into Ritsu, causing Ritsu to spill hot coffee all over himself.

"Hot, Hot!" Ritsu hissed jumping around. He touched his chest and winced at the stinging feeling on his chest. He grumbled and headed to the bathroom to clean up his clothes. He looked in the mirror at his chest that was a light red color. He sighed and finished cleaning up the best he could and then left and went back to his desk and sat down. He looked around and relaxed, Takano wasn't here at the moment, it gave him some relaxation time.

Ritsu rested for a few more minutes and then picked up his desk phone and called the markets to see how sales were going. He talked with them on the phone for awhile and then got up and grabbed his bags and checked his personal cell phone for any messages he received during work. There was one, it was from his fiancee An.

Takano walked in then, causing Ritsu to grumble. 'He always walks in at a bad time…if he see's that An wants to meet up with me, he'll think to hard on it again.' he thought.

Ritsu cleared his throat. "I have some business to attend to." he said.

Takano then grabbed Ritsu's arm. "Are you going to meet up…with An?" he asked.

Ritsu blinked and furrowed his brows. "And how in the hell did you know?" he asked.

Takano shrugged. "You know you really shouldn't leave your personal cell phone laying on your desk, your practically showing them yourself." he said.

Ritsu growled and glared at Takano. "And you shouldn't invade someone else's privacy!" he scolded.

Takano chuckled and pulled Ritsu into his arms and kissed his forehead. "If you say so, but it was just begging me to go through it." he said.

Ritsu pushed Takano away for him. "Right, like hell it did." he said and stormed out of the room.

Takano came around the corner. "Onodera, wait I have something I want to talk with you about, and yes it's about work." he said.

Ritsu groaned and scowled and walked towards Takano. "Make it quick…I can't keep her in the cold for long." he said.

Takano shifted and leaned against the wall. "I have a challenge for you, unless you aren't man enough to take it on." he said smirking.

Ritsu's flame or rage flared throughout his body. "Like hell I'm not! What is the challenge?" he said with a spiteful glare.

Takano's smirk spread across his face even more. "In one month you must complete and send a brand new Manga series to stores, you cannot be helped by any of the office people here or people from the outside, you have to edit it, send it to the printers, AND you have to get it serialized and shipped out to our sales department." he said.

Ritsu, without even thinking of the responsibility in the challenge, said yes. "Alright you are on! If I win then you have to stop your harassment!" he said.

Takano grinned more. "You are heading down a long path…and if I…WIN…then you have to date me again." he said grinning.

Ritsu blushed slightly and once again without really hearing what he said, agreed to it.

Takano and Ritsu shook on the deal and then Ritsu headed out to meet up with An.

Only then did Ritsu realize what just happened. He slapped his forehead and groaned. 'What in the hell did I get myself into!' he thought.