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Thorny Roses

Chapter 20

The third and final day passed just the same as the first and second. Of course, Chibiusa noticed that everyone seemed a little more…couple-oriented.

On the third day, they decided to have a picnic on the cliff that Jadeite showed Rei. They each separated into their respective couples, leaving Chibiusa at a loss. She was grateful when Usagi opened her arms to let Chibiusa sit in her lap.

She, Mamoru, and Usagi spent their time chatting and listening to each other's stories. Minako and Kunzite were taking pictures with Minako's camera while Ami and Zoicite were sharing a book. Nephrite and Makoto were lying on the grass, Makoto in Nephrite's arms as they took a nap in the warm sunlight. Rei and Jadeite had disappeared for a stroll in the surrounding forests.

"And then, Kyoko-chan made the cutest figurine out of her clay and she made one for me, too!" Chibiusa gushed to Usagi and Mamoru.

"Well, that was nice of her," Usagi smiled.

"Is she your best friend, Chibiusa?" Mamoru asked.

"No," the pink-haired girls shook her head. "No, I don't have a best friend in this time. My best friend from the future is Hotaru-chan. She's a Sailor Senshi."

Usagi and Mamoru were intrigued by this tidbit of information.

"Really? What's she the Senshi of?" Mamoru asked.

"She's Sailor Saturn."

"Wow," Usagi was in awe. "Then, that must mean that there is also a Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus since we already know about Sailor Pluto."

"There's a lot of Sailor Senshi, but Puu told me not to tell you too much. Something about disrupting the time and space thingy," Chibiusa said matter-of-factly.

Mamoru and Usagi shared a secret, amused smile.

That night, everyone fell asleep in the living room, not wanting to part with one another. Parting with one another would mean that their trip was finally over, so they wanted to make their last night last forever.

Alas, when dawn came, Usagi woke first and, reluctantly, woke the others. Packing their things up, they boarded the first bus that would take them to the train station in Yokohama and headed back to Tokyo.

Everyone was feeling bittersweet; glad to have spent such a wonderful vacation with each other but sad that it was over.

Usagi looked at each of them as they sat silently on the train.

"It's okay, you guys," Usagi smiled. "We'll just go on another trip and another—we'll always go on trips with each other. I'll make sure of it!"

They all smiled back at her, glad for her words.

Their hope that they would make more memories with each other was enough to put smiles on their faces.

Emerald sighed as she closed the door to Sapphire's room. He hadn't improved since the news of the Ayakashi Sisters.

She had tried desperately to take his mind off of his grief, especially through laughter. However, he never managed to laugh or even grin. He only offered a polite smile, as though he was apologizing to her but appreciating her efforts.

Emerald began to walk towards her room but she froze when she saw Diamond standing at the end of the hallway, watching her through cold eyes. She stood still, unsure of whether she should walk away or go to him.

She didn't get too much time to decide as Prince Diamond began to walk towards her, casually taking his time. Emerald felt her heart rate increasing, fear bubbling inside of her.

Diamond, on the other hand, felt anger, but not at Emerald. Rather, he had just watched Serenity take Endymion once again. What made him angrier was that this relationship of theirs caused the Silver Crystal to strengthen, allowing Diamond to see less and less of Serenity through his Dark Crystal hologram.

"Emerald," Diamond seethed.

She stiffened. "…yes?" She hesitantly asked.

"I need you to launch another mission. Use as many Yuma as you need to—just get rid of the Senshi and Shitennou."

Emerald was confused but opened her mouth to accept.

In that same moment, Sapphire's door rapidly swung open. Sapphire had a dangerous gleam in his eyes as he stared at Diamond.

"I accept this mission," Sapphire spoke through gritted teeth.

Emerald and Diamond were both surprised, but Diamond was a little more suspicious. He silently though it over, questioning his brother's evident aggression.

"Fine," Diamond ceded. "Just get it done."

Diamond walked away after a cold glance at Emerald. Emerald turned towards Sapphire's glowering face.

"Sapphire?" Emerald questioned.

"I need to prepare," he spoke, smiling stiffly at her. Without another word, he closed the door, leaving Emerald in the dark hallway alone.

Usagi sighed as she closed the apartment door behind her, carrying her suitcase.

The Senshi and Shitennou had split up into their pairs, waving goodbye to each other. Mamoru and Usagi walked Chibiusa home before Mamoru walked Usagi home.

They had shared yet another passionate kiss before Usagi gently pulled away.

Mamoru pouted.

"Can't I come in?" Mamoru had asked.

Usagi laughed. "No way," she had said. "I still hurt from last time!"

Mamoru chuckled, kissing her sweetly once more before walking away. Usagi had watched him walk down the hallway and down the stairs before closing her door.

She threw all of her vacation clothes into the washing machine and hopped into the shower. When Usagi got out of the shower, Luna was waiting for her.

"Oh, hello, Luna," Usagi greeted as she stirred a cup of hot chocolate in the kitchen.

"How was the trip?" Luna asked, sitting on the counter.

"It was fun," Usagi smiled. "I wish you and Artemis could have been there."

Luna shook her head, smiling. "No, we had to stay behind to watch over things here."

Usagi looked up with seriousness. "Did anything happen while we were gone?"

Luna shook her head solemnly. "No, it's been quiet…too quiet. I anticipate an attack very soon."

Usagi nodded thoughtfully.

"But Artemis and I have been doing some research and discussing with the Ayakashi Sisters and Rubeus about this whole situation," Luna said.

Usagi perked up. "Oh? What have you learned?"

"The Ayakashi Sisters were very helpful but they were underlings, so they didn't have a lot of information. Not even Rubeus was able to answer too many questions in depth."

"But what have you found out?"

"We know that Chibiusa is the daughter of the Neo-Queen and King of Crystal Tokyo. The Black Moon Clan had attacked in hopes of conquering and inhabiting it. When the Black Moon Clan came here, Crystal Tokyo was still under siege."

Usagi nodded for Luna to continue.

"We learned that the Sisters and Rubeus were always given orders to get Chibiusa, or the Rabbit as they called her. They were also given specific instructions to never hurt you," Luna said.

"Me?" Usagi incredulously exclaimed. "Well, those instructions weren't carried out too well. I would have liked to get hurt a lot less," she scoffed.

"Did Chibiusa say anything during the trip or whenever? Anything of substance?"

"Well, she did say that there was a Sailor Saturn in the future…" Usagi trailed off. "She did mention a long time ago about finding something first and that she was worried that we would all hate her…"

"So, it appears she has taken something of importance from the future," Luna surmised.

"But she must have lost it if she's so worried about finding it. And the Black Moon Clan must be looking for it, as well," Usagi completed.

Usagi and Luna continued discussing the possibilities but by midnight, they had reached a dead end.

"Bottom line: we need to find out what the Black Moon Clan and Chibiusa are looking for and why it's so important," Usagi said, her hot chocolate finished a while ago.

Luna yawned.

"Let's get some sleep," Usagi smiled softly. "Maybe we'll come up with something if we sleep on it."

Luna smiled gratefully when Usagi gently picked her up, cradling her as they walked to her bedroom. Usagi placed Luna on the pillow beside hers and pulled the blanket around them. Usagi fell asleep quickly, giving Luna few moments to herself.

The black cat stared deeply at Usagi's sleeping face. Her face was so serene and mature, so different from the crybaby Usagi from before. She looked more and more like Queen Serenity, Usagi's real mother, everyday.

Luna laid her head down with a smile. While she often chastised Usagi, she was glad that it was Usagi who had found her that day. Usagi was truly one of a kind.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Usagi groggily stirred from her sleep. She checked the clock…3:30 a.m. She groaned as she checked her Sailor Communicator.

"Usagi! Usagi!" Minako's frantic voice buzzed on the other side.

"Yes? What is it?" Usagi asked as she felt her blood chill at Minako's next words.

"Yuma! At the docks!"

Minako didn't need to continue as Usagi transformed and leaped out the balcony. Luna stared after her in alarm before bounding out a window herself. She knew some people who could help and she would do her best to get them quickly.

Sailor Moon arrived at the docks, seeing only Sailor Venus, Kunzite, and Nephrite.

"Where are the others?" Sailor Moon asked, immediately jumping into the battle. The Yuma was a strange creature with four massive heads in a circle with one large head on the top. Because of the formation of the heads, it was nearly impossible to sneak up on it. It constantly shot its tongues out at them, nearly knocking them over. It was covered in durable, scaly skin and rolled very quickly to move around.

"They're on their way!" Nephrite called.

"Look out!" Kunzite yelled. Sailor Moon moved out of the way, narrowly missing the Yuma rolling towards her. She nodded in thanks to Kunzite before attacking the Yuma.

"We're here!" Jadeite called, followed by Rei, Ami, Zoicite, and Makoto.

Usagi nodded to them while simultaneously trying to think of a plan. When she opened her mouth to make an order to the Senshi and Shitennou, she instead let out a scream. Dark energy crackled and shocked her slender body, pain spreading like a poisonous fire through her veins. When the dark bolts of energy disappeared, Sailor Moon fell to her knees, struggling to keep her transformation stable.

"Sailor Moon!" The Senshi cried out, momentarily distracted from the Yuma. The monster smartly made its move then, knocking Minako, Jadeite, Zoicite, and Makoto out of the way with its massive tongue.

Sailor Moon looked up, wincing as her very bones and muscles seemed to be burning. A tall figure floated towards her. His hair was a navy blue, like the night sky during a full moon. His blue eyes seemed icy with a fiery hatred. The black crescent moon stood out against his pale skin.

"Sailor Moon…not so strong, are you?" The man sneered.

"Who are you?" Sailor Moon wheezed.

"Prince Sapphire, brother of Prince Diamond," the man's blue eyes burned straight through to her soul.

"Why are you attacking Earth?" Sailor Moon asked, standing up steadily.

"You're not worth the answer!" Sapphire barked, shooting more dark energy at Sailor Moon. She dodged, rolling out of the way.

"Why don't you come over here and fight me? Or are you a coward?" Sailor Moon hoped to goad him into blind anger.

"I don't need to fight you to know that you are beneath me!" Sapphire yelled. He shot more and more energy at Sailor Moon while the Senshi and Shitennou struggled against the Yuma.

Sailor Moon dodged another shot of energy but Sapphire flew towards her in a second, kicking her in the face.

Sailor Moon fell to the ground, spitting out blood. Sapphire aimed towards her, the dark energy crackling as it raced towards her. Sailor Moon braced for the pain but felt nothing.

She opened her eyes, finding herself in Tuxedo Mask's arms.

"You would dare to hit a woman in this manner?" Tuxedo Mask seethed. "Have you no morals?"

"That is no woman! That there is dirt, the lowest kind of woman that could ever be!" Sapphire's veins protruded from his neck and his face turned red as he blasted more energy in their direction.

Tuxedo Mask jumped out of the way and placed Sailor Moon on her feet. He stood in front of her, extending his cane into a long staff.

"You help defeat the Yuma, I'll hold him off," Tuxedo Mask urged. Sailor Moon nodded, running towards the others.

"Sailor Moon, thank God!" Minako cried out.

"What do we do?" Jadeite yelled in frustration.

Sailor Moon wracked her brain, trying to ignore the fact that Sapphire kept aiming for her while Tuxedo Mask managed to intercept every attack.

"Okay! I got it!" Sailor Moon yelled. "Everyone stand still!"

No one moved. The Yuma, noticing the lack of movement, also stood still, preparing to shoot out its tongues in a detrimental blow. "Wait for it…" Sailor Moon waited.

The Yuma shot out its tongues.

"Now, Jupiter!" Sailor Moon ordered.

"Jupiter Lightning Storm!"

The Yuma shrieked and recoiled as its tongues were attacked by bolts of lightning. Usagi had been right: with the heavy saliva on the Yuma's tongues, the electricity created a strong shock that would disorient the Yuma.

While the Yuma was waving its tongues around, Sailor Moon ordered Mars to attack.

"Mars Wildfire!"

The Yuma shrieked louder as its tongues were set on fire.

"Sailor Mercury!"

"Mercury Tsunami!" The Yuma was surrounded by a whirlpool of water, causing steam to erupt.

"Sailor Venus, Kunzite! Shitennou, charge!" Sailor Moon yelled.

Kunzite gave Sailor Venus an extra push into the air as she flipped for more speed. While in midair, Venus prepared to attack as the rest of the Shitennou charged the Yuma with their swords. Effectively slicing of its tongues, Venus felt momentum freeze her in the air for a millisecond.

"Venus Beautiful Love!" The Yuma's shrieks were almost unbearable. Sailor Moon, hoping to put it out of its misery, delivered the finishing blow.

"Silver Moon Kiss!"

All was silent as the smoke cleared away, revealing nothing but a pile of dust.

The Shitennou and Senshi cheered but Sailor Moon turned towards the fight between Tuxedo Mask and Sapphire.

She shrieked as Tuxedo Mask's body fell to the ground, unmoving. She barely had a moment to register what was happening before Sapphire had tackled her to the ground, straddling her and wrapping his hands against her throat.

She clawed at his hands but they were like steel around her throat.

The Shitennou rushed towards Tuxedo Mask while the Senshi attacked Sapphire. However, their attacks were useless on the dome of dark energy surrounding Sapphire and Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's vision became black around the edges as she began to lose oxygen.

"I'm going to kill you in the most painful manner possible," Sapphire coldly growled. "I'm going to kill you just like you killed her!"

"K-killed w-w-who?" Sailor Moon strangled out.

"Sapphire! Stop!"

Sapphire looked up at the, oh so, familiar voice, paling even more as though he had seen a ghost.

Petz stood looking more beautiful to him than ever. Her wide green eyes gleamed in the darkness, framed by her dark green hair. His eyes followed that single curl that hung in front of her face.

Sapphire loosened his grip on Sailor Moon's throat. She immediately pushed him off, rolling to the side as she gasped for air. The black energy dome faded away as Sapphire fell back on the ground. He looked up as Petz walked towards him, slightly followed by the rest of the Ayakashi Sisters and Rubeus while Luna and Artemis stood to the side.

She kneeled beside him, smiling at him.

"Petz…" he whispered. "Is this a dream? Is this fake?"

"Hold me for yourself and find out," she whispered back, tears welling in her eyes. Petz could not control the tears when she saw tears forming in Sapphire's own eyes.

"I thought you were dead. I though Sailor Moon killed you," Sapphire cried.

"On the contrary," Rubeus spoke up. "Sailor Moon healed us."

"See?" Koan said, pointing at her forehead.

Sapphire's eyebrows shot up in awe. He noticed that the black crescent moons were gone from each of their foreheads.


"The Silver Crystal is good, unlike the Dark Crystal the Black Moon Clan owns," Berthier explained.

"So this is real?" Sapphire hesitantly asked. He hoped against hope that this was no dream, that Petz was truly before him.

"Yes, yes, this is real," Petz smiled through her tears.

Sapphire pulled her into his arms, kissing her.

Petz pulled away for a breath of air. "Sapph—" He cut her off once again with his lips.

"Okay, okay, you both love each other very much!" Calaveras exasperatedly complained. "Do you have to eat each other's faces right this instant?"

They paid no heed to her.

Meanwhile, the Senshi had helped their leader to stand up. The stood beside the Shitennou as Sailor Moon cradled Tuxedo Mask in her lap.

"Mamoru, Mamoru," Sailor Moon frantically rasped, her throat aching.

He gleamed golden for a second before opening his eyes. "Usako?"

She sighed in relief.

"What's going on? Where's Sapphire?" He questioned.

"He's a little busy," Jadeite snorted. Nephrite snickered while Zoicite and Kunzite rolled their eyes.

Sailor Moon helped Tuxedo Mask to stand and all ten of them walked towards the Ayakashi Sisters, Rubeus, and Sapphire. The Shitennou and Senshi stood behind Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.

Petz and Sapphire pulled away from each other but could not stop crying.

Sailor Moon cleared her throat, struggling to speak. "I hope that all misunderstandings have been cleared up."

Sapphire looked up at her, standing up before bowing before her.

"Thank you, thank you so much for saving Petz. And I sincerely apologize for my actions. I was blinded by the depression my loss had caused me," Sapphire said.

"I understand," Sailor Moon nodded. "I would have done the same," she looked towards Tuxedo Mask, smiling at him. He in turn wrapped an arm around her, discreetly healing her injuries.

"Thank you for reuniting us," Petz thanked Sailor Moon once again. After Sapphire wrapped arm around Petz's shoulders, they bowed to the Senshi and Shitennou, then Luna and Artemis before departing for home.

"Good thinking, Luna," Sailor Moon said to the black cat, her transformation fading after the Ayakashi Sisters had disappeared. "It was beginning to get a little…tight," Usagi said, touching her throat.

"Let's go home," Kunzite said. They each nodded. Minako and Kunzite, Rei and Jadeite, Zoicite and Ami, and Makoto and Nephrite walked off in different directions.

Usagi and Mamoru also headed home.

"Huh, I only dropped you off here a few hours ago," Mamoru smiled as he walked Usagi up to her door. "It's like nothing happened in the past ten hours—everything is the same."

"Well," Usagi coyly smiled up at him. "One thing will be different."

"Oh? What's that?" Mamoru smirked down at her.

She tiptoed to kiss him, one hand on his cheek while the other tugged on his belt buckle. His hands immediately traveled down her back, warmly cupping her cheeks.

Usagi pulled away, whispering against his lips. "This time, you'll be coming inside."

Mamoru immediately complied, lifting her to wrap her legs around him before kicking the door shut.

Petz and Sapphire lay in her bed, fully clothed to Sapphire's dismay.

"Sapphire," Petz murmured as she rested in Sapphire's arms.

He hummed in response.

"Why not let Sailor Moon heal you? Then you'll be able to live a normal life," she asked.

Sapphire sighed heavily. "I can't, not yet: I left my only brother and sister back in the Black Moon Clan. If I come free, then I must bring Diamond and Emerald with me."

"I knew you would say that," Petz smiled sadly.


Sapphire looked down at her face, placing a gentle thumb on her bottom lip. He lifted her chin, kissing her for the umpteenth time. Petz hummed into the kiss, licking his lips.

Sapphire growled, rolling over on to her. Without breaking their kiss, he reached down under her short dress. The sound of ripping cloth was heard in the room as he tore off her underwear, throwing it over his shoulder.

He slipped his four fingers into her while his thumb went on her clitoris. She cried out immediately like he knew she would. Sapphire moved his fingers inside of her, drawing out louder moans from her while she unbuttoned his shirt.

He took off her dress with the other hand, constantly pumping her. She moved her hips against his hand, driving his fingers deeper into her. He felt her clench around his fingers before her liquid oozed out, warm and wet.

Sapphire observed her naked body, eyeing her large, succulent breasts. Sliding his fingers out, her juices dripped from his fingers. He rubbed his wet fingers on her nipples, hardening them. He pulled away from her lips to bite on her nipples. He licked down her chest, lifting her knees and spreading her legs apart, giving him full view of her opening.

Petz looked as he stared hungrily at her. Just the look on his face made more juices leak from her. She tried to close her legs but he held them wide open. He leaned forward, nuzzling the hair before traveling further down.

Just like he would a melting ice cream cone, he gave her a long lick up her entire opening. Petz cried out, squeezing her breasts. Sapphire dove into her opening, trying to suck her juices out. She fisted his hair, trying to pull him away from her vagina. However, he only strengthened her ministrations, causing her to instinctively grind against his mouth. She was in the middle of her peak when he pulled away, chucking his pants.

He kneeled on his knees before her. He lifted her legs up and, in one stroke, slipped into her. Petz immediately tightened around him, gasping.

"You're so tight!" Sapphire groaned.

"Well, I haven't exactly…done this in a while…" Petz moaned. He began to pump in and out, fast enough that her breasts shook up and down. She clung to the sheets beneath her as Sapphire kept going.

She tightened around him again, causing them both to orgasm. They both lay there, panting heavily. Sapphire remained inside of Petz who felt as though she would tear in two.

"Aren't you going to come out?" Petz whispered breathily.

"I'm in too deep and you're still too tight. I can't move much," Sapphire blushed.

Petz giggled at this, causing Sapphire to grind against her in retaliation of his embarrassment. She immediately moaned, causing him to begin his ministrations again.

It was the night of a very special reunion.

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