Thorny Roses

Chapter 24

Tuxedo Mask and the Senshi were shocked to see an older Usagi nestled in the crystal coffin. She seemed to be sleeping, as her chest rose and fell, ever so slightly, with every breath.

Tuxedo Mask held Chibiusa closer to him as he placed a hesitant hand on the coffin. It was cold to the touch, yet Usagi, or rather, Neo-Queen Serenity's cheeks were rosy red.

"Usako," Tuxedo Mask whispered once again. His eyes stung with tears but he blinked them away. Determined, he turned towards his future self.

"We need to save Sailor Moon," Tuxedo Mask informed. "She's been kidnapped by Diamond of the Black Moon Clan."

"I see," King Endymion nodded. "Don't worry, I'm sure help will be on the way."

The Senshi gaped.

"So, we're not going to do anything?" Sailor Jupiter choked.

"Waiting is not nothing," Endymion smiled with understanding. "Trust me, in a little while, an opportunity will arrive."

"I hope you're right," Tuxedo Mask muttered, turning towards Neo-Queen Serenity once more.

Sailor Moon's eyes slowly opened, trying to adjust to the dim lighting in the room. She was on a large bed in the middle of a spacious room. The walls, ceiling, and floor were all the same dark purple crystal. There was nothing in the room but the bed.

Sailor Moon looked down and gaped at her clothing. Rather than her uniform, she was dressed in a long, white, off-shoulder dress. Beadwork draped from her shoulders and the bodice was decorated with gold embroidery. Lavender colored wings, much like butterfly wings, were attached to the back of the dress.

Usagi's head was swimming, as though she had spun around in circles. Usagi was surprised to see her hair in her Sailor Moon form as well. She tenderly prodded the two buns on her head, mildly missing the hairstyle. Perhaps I'll stop cutting my hair short…

"Where's my broach?" Usagi looked around. She found it a few inches away from her hand. She immediately grabbed it, opening it to reveal a dull Silver Crystal. She sighed in relief.

"Did you think I was going to take it?"

Usagi looked up, meeting Prince Diamond's purple eyes.

Usagi said nothing, merely glared in apprehension.

Diamond continued. "I'm impressed that you woke up so quickly, even when you're surrounded by the Dark Crystal's power."

"Why am I here?" Usagi said. "What do you want me for?"

"What wouldn't I want you for, Sailor Moon? No, Neo-Queen Serenity…" He gazed at her with lustful eyes.

"N-Neo-Queen S-Serenity?" Usagi's mind raced. Neo-Queen Serenity must be the queen of Crystal Tokyo, Usagi thought. If Chibiusa is the princess, then Serenity must be her mother. But why is he calling me Neo-Queen Serenity?

"Then…Chibiusa is my daughter…?" Usagi whispered.

"Well then, enough games," Diamond smirked. His eyes flashed and Usagi felt her body freeze up. She began to rise into the air involuntarily.

She held her broach high in the air. "Moon Light Power, Make Up!"

The Silver Crystal faintly glowed before flickering out. "Shit…" Usagi cursed.

Prince Diamond chuckled, casually floating towards her. "The Dark Crystal is too strong—not even the Legendary Silver Crystal will be able to gather energy."

Usagi grimaced. Now what do I do?

Diamond neared her, the lust in his eyes increasing. "Your eyes are so captivating," he murmured. "I wish to own them…" His eyes trailed down her body, making Usagi feel dirty. He raised a hand to touch her and she flinched away.

Diamond smirked. He pulled her against him, inching towards her lips. Usagi struggled, managing to free an arm. With as much force as she could muster, she pulled her hand back, causing a resounding slap to fill the room.

Diamond's power momentarily halted due to his surprise, causing Usagi to fall down onto the bed. Seconds later, Usagi could feel his anger in the form of Dark energy, crackling in the room. She tried to move but once again was overcome by dizziness.

I feel so weak…Come on, Usagi, you have to be stronger!

Diamond pinned her wrists on the bed, straddling her.

"Just give me what I want—it will make things easier," he growled as she continued to struggle. His eyes flashed again, causing her to go limp.

"That's more like it," he smirked. He roughly gripped her dress, tearing it along the seam. Usagi fought in her mind but her body would not listen.

"If…you think…you'll own me…this way…you're wrong…" Usagi gritted out.

"We'll see," Diamond said. He placed his lips on hers, trying to kiss her. Usagi refused to kiss back. He bit down on her bottom lip but she still refused.

He pulled away and growled. "Fine, we'll skip that part!"

He tore her dress even higher as well as the neckline of the dress, revealing more of her long legs and chest. Diamond's hands went to his belt.

"N-no…" Usagi choked. Am I going to get raped?! Mamoru, anyone, please!

Tuxedo Mask sat in the same room as Neo-Queen Serenity's casket. Chibiusa, the Senshi, and King Endymion were in the Main Hall of the Palace, or the lobby.

Tuxedo Mask stared into the glass, trying to will Serenity to awaken.

"Come on, Usako," he whispered. "We need you."

He heard a sudden crash and yell downstairs. He quickly bounded down the many stairs, running towards the sound. The Senshi were shocked to see a panting Sapphire. Beside him stood a green-haired woman dressed in a short black dress.

"Sapphire? What are you doing here?" Sailor Mars asked.

"Sailor Moon is being held at the Dark Crystal Fort," Sapphire panted. "You need to rescue her! Who knows what Diamond is doing to her right now?!"

"Is he torturing her?" Sailor Mercury asked.

Sapphire's expression darkened. "He might as well be. He's obsessed with her, to put it lightly."

Tuxedo Mask blanched.

"And who is this?" Sailor Makoto looked at the green haired woman.

"This is Emerald. She's a childhood friend of ours as well as the top General in the Black Moon Clan," he introduced them.

"I wish to help, as well," Emerald solemnly whispered. "Diamond was not always like this. I'm hoping that Sailor Moon can heal him."

"We've arranged an opportunity for Tuxedo Mask to get into the Fort and save Sailor Moon," Sapphire urgently explained.

The Senshi and Tuxedo Mask looked at King Endymion in surprise.

He smiled serenely at them. "I told you, all you had to do was wait."

"You're so cool, daddy," Chibiusa looked up at her father's hologram. She walked up to Tuxedo Mask. "Go save Usagi…daddy."

Tuxedo Mask's heart softened. He nodded once before following Sapphire and Emerald out of the Palace.

Usagi's eyes began to prick from tears of desperation. She watched in fear as Diamond removed his shirt.

She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping to muster some kind of energy. Her hands began to twitch ever so slightly. That's it, come on! Usagi, you can do it!

Diamond's hand clamped down on her moving hand. "I'm impressed once again. However, it's too late. We're too far in to back out now," he murmured. He pressed his bulge against Usagi's stomach, causing bile to rush into her mouth.

"…no…" she whispered.

A crash of glass sounded. Diamond's power halted once more as he turned his attention on a masked figure in the window. Usagi sat up in relief, glad to see Tuxedo Mask.

"You!" Diamond snarled. "When will you get out of my way?!"

"To harm a woman like this is dishonorable! For that, I will never get out of the way!" Tuxedo Mask shouted. As he surveyed Usagi's condition, he felt anger cloud his mind. He flared into his Endymion form, dressed in black armor and a cape.

"Return her to me at once!" Endymion thundered.

Diamond snarled, flying towards Endymion to deliver his attack. Suddenly, Diamond was surrounded by swirling black energy.

"What?! What is this?!" He screamed.

A green haired woman appeared beside Usagi. She had a cold look in her eyes as she held out a hand to her. "Come on."

Without a moment's hesitation, Usagi took the woman's hand. They flew up towards the window by Endymion. From the corner of her eye, Usagi saw Sapphire sending more dark energy towards his brother.

"Sapphire! What are you doing?!" Diamond yelled.

Sapphire winced as he increased the dark energy. "I'm sorry, brother," he muttered. He continued sending the energy until he had escaped out the window, following behind Emerald, Usagi, and Endymion.

Usagi ran to keep up with Sapphire, the green-haired woman, and Endymion. However, the lack of energy caused her to maintain a slow speed and trip often.

Endymion scooped her into his arms, trying to heal her.

"It won't work," Usagi smiled weakly as he ran. "I don't have any injuries—I just lost a lot of energy."

He nodded. Talking would be difficult at the speed they were running.

The group ducked behind a corner, catching their breath. They waited a silent moment, watching for Diamond or his Yuma. Moments later, a Yuma flew past them, followed by another. Endymion ducked down lower, covering Usagi with his cape. Her white dress and golden hair were illuminating even in that dark alley.

When all seemed silent, they moved on. Within minutes, they reached the Crystal Palace. When Endymion gently placed Usagi on her feet, she swayed on her feet before holding onto his arm.

"I'm fine, I just need to eat and sleep," she whispered reassuringly.

Endymion nodded. He let his transformation fade into Tuxedo Mask. "Usako, there's something you should know about Chibiusa," he said, a gleam in his eyes.

"She is my daughter," Usagi nodded with a smile. Her smile faded after a minute. "But…I'm not sure…who the father is…"

Tuxedo Mask smiled. "I am. She's our daughter."

Usagi beamed, hugging him tightly. She felt complete, as though everything in that moment were complete.

"Where is she?" Usagi asked as they neared the Palace gate.

"They'll come to meet us in the main hall," Tuxedo Mask said.

They entered the palace. Usagi was in awe at the beautiful building, but she did not miss the empty feeling about it. She felt more motivation to defeat the enemy.


In a flurry, she was surrounded by the Senshi, enveloped in a large hug. Tuxedo Mask had stepped back to give them a chance but he held onto Usagi's hand.


Usagi looked down to see Chibiusa hugging her knees tightly.

When Chibiusa had seen Usagi, she felt as though she were staring at her mother. Though the dress was not completely accurate, it was very close—close enough for Chibiusa to pretend as she catapulted herself towards the blonde.

Usagi held the pink-haired girl close, suddenly realizing why this felt perfect. This was her daughter, a piece of her and the man she loved. She was a blessing that came from their love. She was someone who Usagi would take care of as a baby, dress up in adorable clothes, go out to fun places with, buy toys for, talk about girl stuff with, listen to problems, just someone else to love and cherish…

Chibiusa was her daughter.

Usagi felt herself crying as she sunk to the floor, squeezing Chibiusa tightly to her as Chibiusa wrapped her arms around her waist. Tuxedo Mask also bent down on his knees, wrapping his arms around them.

The Senshi were in awe at the perfection of the scene.

Usagi felt another pair of eyes watching her. She looked up through her teary eyes, catching eyes with a pair of surprised, navy blue eyes. The man was tall, dressed like Tuxedo Mask, only in shades of lavender.

"This is King Endymion," Tuxedo Mask explained. "He is the king of Crystal Tokyo as well as my future self."

King Endymion bowed his head. "It's so strange…seeing Usako like this…you've always been so beautiful," he stuttered. Usagi blushed while Tuxedo Mask frowned. It was peculiar but Tuxedo Mask felt jealous of his future self.

Usagi also felt somewhat disoriented. She felt as though she knew but didn't know this man.

She noticed that he seemed opaque, as though he was only a vision.

"I am only a hologram at the moment," he replied to her confused expression. "My body is asleep at the moment and what little energy I have left is being used to generate this hologram."

"I see," Usagi nodded. Then hesitantly, "…Where…am I?"

She noticed that everyone had tensed before Tuxedo Mask answered. "I'll take you there." The Senshi, Chibiusa, King Endymion, Sapphire, and Emerald watched as Tuxedo Mask led her away. After a series of staircases and hallways, Usagi found herself in front of a double door entryway. She glanced at Tuxedo Mask before pushing open the door.

It was a circular room, stone bricks laid in a circular pattern in the floor and plain walls. In the center, on a raised table, there was a crystal coffin with a sleeping figure within.

Usagi's eyes widened when she recognized the person in the coffin.


Tuxedo Mask nodded. "She was going to use the Silver Crystal to defend Crystal Tokyo, but Chibiusa had taken it and it disappeared. So, she was using her natural energy reserve, causing her to fall into this deep sleep."

"And the Silver Crystal can bring her back right?" Usagi said, immediately reaching for her Sailor broach.

Tuxedo Mask grabbed her hand, holding it in his.

"Sailor Mercury and King Endymion explained that the Silver Crystal is a living source of energy; so, over the years, it has grown more powerful. The Silver Crystal you have now wouldn't be strong enough to replenish your future-self."

"Oh…" Usagi nodded. "How am I supposed to wake up then?" She whispered.

"We need to find the Silver Crystal."

Usagi nodded. She turned away from the coffin and buried herself into Tuxedo Mask's arms.

"Why don't we go to sleep for a little while? You still need to gain back your energy and Sailor Jupiter is in the kitchen making something to eat."

"Is there anywhere I can take a bath? I feel disgusting…" Usagi grimaced when she thought of Diamond's hands on her.

Tuxedo Mask's expression darkened as he led her to a bedroom that came with a bathroom. Usagi watched as Tuxedo Mask sat on the bed, not sparing her a single glance. His eyes were clouded with anger.

Usagi sighed, walking over to him. She cupped his cheek, lifting his face towards hers.

"What's wrong?" She whispered.

"I'm furious with Diamond for touching you that way…but I'm also angry with myself for not being able to protect you from that. If I had been just a little late, what could have happened?"

"I could have been raped," Usagi said gravely. "Do you know how grateful I am that you made it just in time? What happened was awful but what could have happened is even worse."

He looked into her eyes but still didn't seem convinced.

Usagi sighed. "I don't want to think about what could have happened. Let's just think about the fact that I'm safe now, here, with you."

He smiled a little. But his smile slightly faded. "Did…did he kiss you?"

"…yes, but not that much. Still, I really want to take a shower—" she admitted, turning away from him.

Tuxedo Mask wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. "I think I'm going to have to clean you myself," he whispered against her neck.


Usagi felt goosebumps rise along her neck and she felt delicious warmth in her stomach. She turned around in his arms, facing him with lusty eyes.

Reaching up, she pulled off his hat and mask, kissing along his jaw. He kissed the juncture between her neck and shoulder, undoing the buttons on her dress. He was eager to remove the dress that Diamond had put on her and touched her in.

As Mamoru placed wet kisses on her neck, she reached up and undid her buns.

I'll have to cut my hair later, she thought. She leaned her head back, relishing in the feeling of his lips on her skin. She unbuttoned his shirt as he slipped off her bra. Her nipples hardened against his chiseled chest. She slid down his chest, eliciting a moan from him. She pulled on his belt, letting his pants fall.

Through his boxers, she grabbed him, squeezing tightly and then releasing alternatively. He moaned falling back on the bed. She kneeled between his knees, continuously massaging his cock. With a strangled moan he released, making his boxers wet.

Usagi felt her own pair of underwear become wet. She pulled down his boxers, kissing his tip. Mamoru stood up, pulling up Usagi with him. He kissed her strongly, walking her backwards towards the bathroom door. He placed Usagi on the bathroom counter, sucking on her bottom lip.

Usagi moaned as Mamoru massaged her breast, running circles around her nipple. His hand trailed down her chest, resting on top of her underwear. He placed two fingers between her legs, rubbing the center of her underwear. She cried out against his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. He smirked as he slipped his fingers into her underwear, continuously rubbing her.

Mamoru stuck three fingers inside of her, causing her back to arch. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples, pumping her faster. Her juices were leaking onto his fingers, making his movement faster. With a gasp, she came, leaning against the wall as tried to catch her breath. Mamoru pulled away to turn on the shower.

Hot water and steam began to fill the bathroom.

Usagi hopped down from the counter, still not satisfied. She pulled off her underwear and reached up to kiss Mamoru. He held her against him, cupping her butt. She lifted herself against him and slipped down on his penis. She rolled against him, slipping him in and out of her. With a smirk, she slipped off of him, walking into the shower.

Mamoru growled following her in. Pushing her against the tiled wall, he lifted her up, slipping into her. He slowly pushed through until he was flush against her body. Then, he began to move back and forth, making his moves faster as Usagi moaned louder.

When they both came, he remained inside of her for a while. Usagi felt as though she had been rubbed raw and when he touched her center, she cried out. He smiled in adoration as he kissed her, letting the steam and hot water run down her back. He took some soap in his hands and washed her himself. When he was done washing her, he turned off the shower. He wrapped a towel around the both of them and lifted her out.

Usagi kissed his jaw line, wrapping an arm around his neck. He laid her down on the bed, kissing her as he placed his hand on her center.

She cried out again. "Be gentle, it's only been two days since we last did it!" She chastised.

He chuckled. "But you don't like it gentle," he teased.

Usagi rolled her eyes, laughing. "Well, you don't exactly like it gentle, either."

"Only because you make the most wonderful noises when I'm not gentle," he smirked. He squeezed her clit, causing her to moan and buck her hips. "See?"

She narrowed her eyes. "You're going to pay for that!"

"Oh? How so? I can pay you with this," he smirked, moving down between her legs. Spreading them wide, he gave her one long lick. She bit her bottom lip, trying to keep from making any noise.

Mamoru noticed and chuckled. He lifted her lips to his lips, spreading her legs wider. He licked again and again, slipping his tongue inside. She finally cried out, grasping the sheets beneath her. She arched her back as he continued sucking on her.

He finally pulled away, slipping his penis inside of her. Wanting to put her out of her misery, he lifted her legs and towered above her. Holding her by the back of her knees, he plunged into her over and over.

They came, both of them sharing a moan.

"Okay, I really need to sleep," she breathed. He slowly slid out of her, eliciting another moan from her. He chuckled.

"Jerk," she sleepily said.

"Shh," he whispered, kissing her above her heart. "Go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up. And then we can continue where we left off…"

"Yeah, whatever," she sighed, closing her eyes. She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his chest.

Whatever they would have to deal with, they could deal with later. For now, they would spend a few moments in paradise.

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