Thorny Roses

Chapter 25

Mamoru and Usagi woke to the sound of knocking on their door.

"Mamoru, Usagi-chan, we're waiting downstairs to talk," Jupiter's voice sounded on the other side of the door.

"Okay, we'll be right out," Usagi answered. Mamoru groaned when he realized that they would have to get out of bed.

"Do you really want to get out of bed?" He huskily asked her.

"There's nothing for me to do in bed," she teased as she moved to get out of bed.

Mamoru grabbed her and flipped her, placing her under him.

"You're going to regret saying that," he growled against her skin. Usagi gulped when she felt his hands pinch her nipples, then slide to her hips.

He pushed into her, taking advantage of the wetness pooling between her legs. Usagi cried out, arching her back. He had reached a spot he had never reached before. He kissed her as he slipped further into her. Her back arched more and she lost the feeling in her legs.

"Yes, yes! Oh my god, yes!" Usagi screamed. She was so used to Mamoru being gentle that this slightly rough side was a pleasant surprise.

He pulled them up, placing her in his lap while he was still inside of her. She wrapped her legs around him as he picked up her hips and slipped into her. Usagi threw her head back, driving him further into her. He sucked on her breasts, licking at the sheen of sweat layering her skin.

Usagi's orgasm came earlier than Mamoru's. He continuously pushed all the way into her, her orgasms beginning to overlap. When they both came, Usagi felt sweat pouring down her back. Her juices were leaking onto Mamoru's cock.

"We've…never…done…that before…" Usagi panted. Usagi felt that this time had been the second best time they had ever done it—the first being their first night together.

"I'm glad I was able to please her highness," Mamoru smirked, nipping her neck as she rested against his chest. She looked down, noticing that he was still inside of her. She pushed farther, until there was no space between them. She held on to his shoulders as she tensed her vagina, squeezing him. She began rocking back and forth, wanting to experience the same pleasure they had before.

Mamoru stood, holding her onto him. He sat her down on the bed, her legs dangling off the edge. He allowed her to take control, becoming warm as she became more vocal. He couldn't help himself as he began to thrust as well, her legs shaking to the rhythm of his thrusts. She curled her feet as they felt their orgasms coming on.

With a gasp, he collapsed onto her, entering her and filling her up to her maximum capacity. Usagi's vision blurred as she experienced a new kind of ecstasy. In that moment, she felt a closer bond with Mamoru: she was his and he was hers. More than just love, it was a physical, emotional, and mental need for one another.

She held him closer to her, loving that she could feel him pulsing within her. He slid out of her and looked into her eyes. He merely gazed into her eyes, exchanging expressions of love with her. He leaned down to kiss her, cupping her cheek. Adoration and pure love replaced lust and need.

"I love you, Usako," Mamoru whispered. "No one can make me feel the way you do."

"I love you, too," Usagi gleamed.

After another quick shower, Usagi and Mamoru transformed and made their way to the kitchen.

Sailor Moon still felt a little weakened from the effects of the Dark Crystal Palace but she felt herself slowly regaining her energy.

Tuxedo Mask led her to a dining room. It was medium sized, a large dining table placed under a chandelier. The walls were painted a rich chocolate brown and lined with shelves of books and figurines. Where there weren't shelves, there were paintings. A large grandfather clock stood in one corner while the wall across from the head of the dining table had a fireplace. A painting of King Endymion, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Chibiusa hung above the mantle.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask entered the room. Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Venus stood beside Sapphire and Emerald. King Endymion's hologram shone in front of the fireplace while Chibiusa sat on the rug by his feet.

"Sailor Moon!" The Senshi exclaimed. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars immediately embraced her while Mercury scanned Sailor Moon with her computer.

"How are you feeling?" Venus asked.

"Did he do anything to you?!" Mars seethed.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Please, let's not talk about it. Nothing happened," Sailor Moon insisted. She turned to Sapphire and Emerald. "Although, I must thank you both for helping Tuxedo Mask to save me. I don't know what would have happened if you didn't make it in time."

"We're sorry it came to that," Sapphire sighed. "He was not always like that. He was a good leader and an admirable brother. It's the Dark Crystal and Wiseman which are corrupting him."

"Wiseman?" Tuxedo Mask asked.

The Senshi were confused. They had never heard the name before.

Emerald spoke up, facing the fire with a solemn expression. "Wiseman came to Diamond when the Black Moon Clan suffered many calamities. He offered us salvation through his Dark Crystal. Sapphire and I became skeptical of its powers and Wiseman's motives when he began to help us. We couldn't understand why Wiseman would want to help us…"

"We began to see changes take place in Diamond. He became more aggressive and obsessed with power. In fact," Sapphire said, turning to Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and King Endymion. "We do not believe that he is even in love with Neo-Queen Serenity—he most likely is in love with her potential power."

"We came to Earth to invade it. The war began when Diamond and Wiseman realized the Silver Crystal was keeping our Dark Crystal ships away from the planet. So we attacked," Emerald whispered, wrapping her arms around herself.

"The battle was brutal, for our own and for the people of Earth. We had not calculated that the Silver Crystal would be so strong, nor were we aware of the Sailor Scouts," Emerald continued, facing the others with a cold look in her eyes.

King Endymion sighed, nodding. "Serenity had run out of the palace while the Senshi were preparing the protection dome. She attempted to use the Silver Crystal's power but she realized that it was missing."

King Endymion looked down to see Chibiusa crying. Sailor Moon immediately sat beside her, holding her close. Chibiusa wrapped her arms around Sailor Moon's waist, burying herself into her embrace.

"Chibiusa, your mother is not angry at you," King Endymion said, kneeling beside Chibiusa. "Nor will she ever be."

Chibiusa nodded. "I know. But I still feel bad." Sailor Moon rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Serenity fell to her knees and prayed to the Silver Crystal to return. When it did not, she accessed her natural energy reserves. She single-handedly destroyed much of the enemy, though she fell into this coma as a price," King Endymion continued. "Just a few seconds later, the Senshi were able to create a protection barrier."

The room was silent.

"We need to find the Silver Crystal," Sailor Moon murmured.

"But we don't even know where to look!" Sailor Mars exclaimed. Frustration and hopelessness was written on her face.

"We need to remain calm," Tuxedo Mask spoke. He noticed Chibiusa beginning to panic.

"What could happen if we don't find the Silver Crystal?" Sailor Jupiter asked Mercury.

Mercury remained silent, although her silence said a lot. Sailor Moon blanched at the possible outcome of her future self.

"What can we possibly do?" Sailor Venus sighed. No one had an answer.

"It's hopeless," Emerald glared into the fire. "We're doomed if Neo-Queen Serenity doesn't wake up. We might as well dig our graves now."

Chibiusa's panic grew and grew, causing her to tremble in Sailor Moon's arms. She couldn't help but feel that everything was her fault, even if no one blamed her.

She broke from Sailor Moon's arms, running out of the dining room.

"Chibiusa!" Sailor Moon cried out.

"We need to find her!" King Endymion shouted. "The palace protection is weakening! Some parts of the palace may not be protected!"

The Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and even Sapphire and Emerald darted out the door, hoping to find Chibiusa before something else, or someone else, did.

Chibiusa huddled in the far corner of one of the many rooms in the Crystal Palace.

She hyperventilated, hugging herself as she cried tears of desperation and guilt. "I don't know what to do…Mommy…this is all my fault," she sobbed.

A black cloud began to amass in front of her. A hooded figure shrouded in purple robes floated in the center of the black cloud, floating in the air.

"Who are you?" Chibiusa jolted in fear.

"I am your friend, Rabbit," a voice said. "Why do you cry?"

Chibiusa felt more tears fill her eyes. "I…All of this is my fault…I…stole my mommy's Silver Crystal," Chibiusa sobbed.

"Now, now," the voice said. "Don't cry. Why do you care about all of those people, anyway?"

Chibiusa looked up in confusion at the hooded figure. "Huh?"

"It's not like they care about you," the figure spoke. Chibiusa's eyes began to fade as though she were zoning out. "You shouldn't waste time and energy thinking about such horrid people…"

In Chibiusa's mind, she began to picture the Senshi and Shitennou with sneers and frowns on their faces. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were similarly depicted. Chibiusa fell to the ground in despair when she saw her own parents looking down at her with contempt.

"Mommy, Daddy! Don't hate me!" Chibiusa cried, clutching her head at the horrible images in her mind.

"Yes, Rabbit, they never loved you…they all hate you!" The figure continued. "That's why you should join me, Wiseman. I will give you power, so you will never need anyone's love ever again."

Chibiusa had stopped crying and her eyes were glazed over. "Yes…I will join Wiseman…"

Wiseman held out his hand, revealing a Dark Crystal shard. Chibiusa took it from him, causing black rings of light to fly around her.

"Yes, turn your hatred upon this world," Wiseman spoke as the rings began to move faster. "Destroy the entire world, which is filled with hatred, and seal it away in darkness…"

Chibiusa began to rise into the air, her blank stare becoming a sneer. The rings were increasing in their speed, enveloping Chibiusa's body.

"With hatred in your heart, when you receive the power of the Evil Black Crystal, the world will fall!" Wiseman spoke, spinning his hands around his orb. His eyes gleamed and his orb emitted a bright blue light. The rings wrapped around Chibiusa's body, covering her in darkness.

Her body began to change, making her taller and giving her the curves of a woman. Her hair grew, forming two bunny-ear-shaped buns on the top of her head and flowing into the ponytails, much like Sailor Moon's signature hair style.

When the rings disappeared, Chibiusa had aged, now in the form of a young woman. She was dressed in a long, dark fuchsia dress with a slit up on leg. The dress came with dark pink sleeves and a transparent pink scarf. A black, upside-down crescent moon graced her forehead.

The door of the room burst open, revealing the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask. Sapphire and Emerald were not far behind. Endymion's hologram was too weak to make it to this far corner of the palace, leaving him out of the scene.

"I knew I noticed some dark energy in the castle!" Mars hissed, narrowing her eyes at the two figures in the room.

"Who are you?" Sailor Moon yelled.

"I am Wiseman," the hooded figure answered. "And I am sure you will recognize my companion…" He gestured to the woman beside him.

Sailor Moon scrutinized the woman, examining her bunny-ear-buns, pink hair, and ruby eyes. Her eyes widened in recognition.

"…Chibiusa?" Tuxedo Mask whispered. He had also noticed the similarities between his daughter and the pink-haired woman.

"Don't you dare call me Chibiusa!" The woman hissed. "My name is Black Lady."

"What happened to you? Why are you acting like this?" Sailor Venus uttered in shock.

"Why would all of you care about me when you don't even love me?" Black Lady yelled back.

"Chibiusa, of course we love you! We love you so much!" Sailor Moon cried.

"Stop lying!" Black Lady screamed. She glared at the Senshi and particularly at Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

"You don't love me," Black Lady continued. "You love each other more than you could ever love me! I was just a nuisance to you, always in the way. Now, I'll make it so that you can never get in my way!"

She let loose a canon of black energy towards the group. They were all too shocked to jump out of the way. All of them screamed at the intense pain caused by Black Lady. The amount of energy she had was incredible!

"Chibiusa, stop…please…" Sailor Moon voiced in pain.

"Now, now, Black Lady," Wiseman spoke daintily. "We have plans that we must attend to if we are to take over Earth."

"Yes, Wiseman," Black Lady bowed her head. She floated over to him and took his outreached hand. A swirl of black energy surrounded them. After a flash, they were gone.

All was silent. Sailor Moon hunched over, hugging herself. Her baby, her Chibiusa…was gone. Tuxedo Mask wrapped his arms around her, feeling and sharing her pain. The Senshi were also worried and frightened by Chibiusa's new form. How did she become this way? Were the changes permanent?

"We need to find them," Mercury whispered comfortingly to Sailor Moon as she kneeled beside her.

"Where did they go?" Jupiter wondered aloud.

Another flash of light indicated the appearance of the door framed in stone. Sailor Pluto stepped out, an urgent expression on her face.

"You need to come now, Senshi and Shitennou," Sailor Pluto urged. "Wiseman and Chibiusa have gone back to the past."

Sailor Moon glanced at each of the Senshi and Shitennou, landing on Tuxedo Mask's face. "Let's go."