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Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler does not belong to either of us, and is the brain-child of Yana-sensei! Neither is the original plot of The Prince and the Pauper.

Title: The Prince and the Pauper

Character(s): Ciel Phantomhive, Alois Trancy, Sebastian Michaelis, Claude Faustus, William T. Spears, Ronald Knox, Madam Red, Mey-rin...and others.

Genre(s): AU, Humour, Romance.

Full Summary: Lights, camera, action! Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy are casted in a modern remake of The Prince and the Pauper, and it is claimed to be the most controversial movie in film history. The two young actors have to act in a love scene in the story, but have no clue how to. Hollywood's best and youngest director William T. Spears, is determined to surpass the original, and gives them a week to prepare for the scene, and they have one week to perfect it or face the consequences. Their mentors, Sebastian Michaelis and Claude Faustus, starred in the original making of The Prince & the Pauper and 10 years down the road, both are given the duty of mentoring the two young actors. Old wounds appear again as both men rise up to prove that their 'brat' is better than the other.



"Before we do that, we will need to know each other very well," His finger traced the smooth porcelain skin of the young prince, lowering to the first button of his shirt. A swiftly-placed tug and the button flew off.

"Every mole, every scar, every mark upon our skin. Right down to each of our deepest..." A steady hand inched lower, fingers flicking another button off as the younger male hissed softly. "Darkest..." By then, his shirt was already open. The cold air bit his heated skin, forcing a shiver out of his body. Slowly, they lowered themselves onto the bed, the older male on top.

"Secret." A pale hand cupped Edward's jaw, and Tom's lips moved to hover over the younger boy's pink ones. In one smooth movement, the taller boy leaned in to cover the distance between their lips when...-


Audible sighs could be heard as the director yelled for the fifth time on the silent set.

Alois's face fell into a frustrated pout as he dropped his hand from his co-actor's jaw. Ciel's expression was no different. Around them, people began moving again, shifting props and adjusting the lights as their voices chattered around the studio.

Ciel got up to untie the knot securing his eye-patch and shook out the blonde wig he had to put on styled just like Alois's own, ruffling his own hair in irritation. Dumping it carelessly on the bed, Ciel pushed the older male off him as they clamoured off the bed, ignoring a large woman who shooed them away from it as she hurriedly arranged the silk sheets and pillows again for the next take.

"What is it this time, William?" Alois whined as both of the actors made their way towards the row of preview monitors where the director was hunched over. It was past midnight, and everyone was still working on this scene. By then, the energetic crew had lost their drive and were already shuffling about, with only caffeine and cigarettes to fuel them through the early hours of the morning.

For once, Ciel was glad for the thick make-up on his face that concealed the worse of his dark eye-circles. He was so dead on his feet, just wanting to curl up on the floor for a quick nap.

The bespectacled man sighed and pushed his glasses up in irritation. Turning to face his two lead actors, William T. Spears pointed to the monitor, gesturing at Ciel's expression on the frozen screen.

"Ciel, would you please stop looking so fucking terrified every single time Alois is about to kiss you?" the green-eyed man spat out, ignoring the the blond teen's amused snort.

"What's the matter, William?" a smooth voice said, and Ciel felt a strong pair of hands clasp firmly on his shoulders, cringing inwardly as he recognised the dulcet tones of the man.

The raven-haired boy only managing a surprised "S-Sebastian!" as his blue eyes snapped back to meet his mentor's midnight-black ones.

Sebastian ignored the younger boy as he leaned over him, motioning to the cameraman to rewind the footage again as he focused his dark eyes upon one of the monitors. Ciel suppressed a groan as he watched their take again, wincing as Sebastian's fingers tightened over his slim shoulders when he tried to wriggle free. He did have a fucking terrified expression on his face, as William had oh-so-politely pointed out. Ciel frowned to himself, trying to remember if he made that stupid face consciously.

"Now that William mentioned it, you do look like you just ate something bad!" Alois laughed.

"That, or he just looks like he was about to be raped," another wry voice interrupted as an immaculately-dressed man made his way towards the little group.

"Claude!" The blond teen crowed in delight as he launched himself into the newcomer's path.

A strong set of arms caught the blond boy in an embrace, and planted a chaste kiss upon his temple. Alois giggled happily as he clung on to the taller man, arms entwined around Claude's neck as he nuzzled his face into the crook of the older man's shoulder.

"How is he doing, Will?" Claude asked casually, nodding at Sebastian's presence beside him.

William tilted his head as he stared at the frozen close-up of the two young actors on the screen. "Alois has managed to capture the feel of Tom Canty's emotions. When he steps on set, he completely becomes Tom, and every inch of him - his speech, his body language and his mannerisms- all resonates with Tom's character."

Alois smirked at William's words, and Claude stroked Alois's blond locks in reward, earning a satisfied purr from the younger boy. William cleared his throat, trying to ignore the blunt exchange of affection between the two as he adjusted his position on his director's chair, turning towards the other couple.

"As for Ciel," he said, turning his piercing gaze towards the smaller boy. "Well, let's just say I'm close to canceling his contract and getting another male lead for the role of Prince Edward."

"No!" Ciel cried out in shock. How could the director do that to him, when he had been trying so hard to become Edward? Especially when they were left with only the matured scenes in the movie?

"You can't just cut me off like that!"

The young teen turned towards the man behind him, deep blue eyes silently pleading to his mentor to back him up.

"Silence. I wasn't finished yet." The director continued, turning around in his seat as he tried to spot a bespectacled girl on the dark set.

"Mey-rin! My production schedule!" He barked, his hand tapping impatiently as the young woman scurried over, her hands full of papers and props.

"H-here you go, sir!" She stammered, passing the director's papers to his hands as another voice shouted for her again. Mey-rin gritted her teeth as she forced a smile upon her tired face, cursing herself yet again for signing up to be an intern to one of Hollywood's most promising film for the year as she scuttled off in a frenzied panic.

The director flipped through the sheets that his intern had handed to him, and pointed towards a grid on one of the pages. "According to our production schedule, we were supposed to have finished this scene a few days ago," William explained, angling the papers towards the group.

"But because of your...inability to act out this scene perfectly, we are falling behind schedule. I have already pushed these scenes as far back as possible, but if this continues, I will be forced to take drastic measures," William continued, pushing his glasses up again.

Eyes settling on Ciel, William shot the young boy a steely gaze. "It's too late to audition a new lead actor, especially this late in production, but I will let nothing stop me from surpassing the original Prince and the Pauper, especially if the one standing in the way is a brat like you."

Ciel hissed silently as he caught the underlying meaning behind William's words, and turned away. That hurt. Sebastian's arm slid across Ciel's shoulders as if noticing his discomfort but the teenage boy shrugged them off in childish retaliation.

"Twelve academy nominations, all of which we bagged - including Best Picture. I'd say that's pretty hard to beat," Claude mused as he tapped his cheek, a smirk playing on his lips as he saw the director bristle in anger.

William huffed, ignoring the other man's remarks. That win was almost ten years ago. With the advanced technology and the best crew at his disposal, his remake would far surpass the original film.

"I didn't hire you both to just stand around," The director rebutted. "You were both in the original make of Tanaka-san's Prince and the Pauper. And playing the lead actors, you both know the roles better than anyone else."

Claude gently let Alois down from his arms, and cocked an eyebrow as he stole a glance at Sebastian, his ex co-star. They were both hired to be mentors for the two young actors since they had starred in the original make of the famous movie. After parting ways when the movie ended, Sebastian Michaelis had continued his acting career, claiming countless acting awards despite being in his late twenties. Known for his ethereally good looks, he had shot to stardom, and had the experience and talent any rising actor would envy.

On the other hand, Claude had stepped down from the limelight, instead having opened a talent agency which boasted of discovering talented artistes from all walks of life. And Alois - Alois Trancy - was the jewel of his entire career. The sixteen-year-old blond was one of his best talents, and Claude had spent nearly two years grooming the young boy into a star. He had personally scouted the boy during a school stage performance, recognising immediately the talent and presence Alois had exuded when he performed.

When he heard of the auditions for the remake, Claude had immediately sent William a demo-reel of the young boy, knowing fully well that he would get the role. Who better to play the role of a young, scruffy Tom Canty than Alois, who had grown up working the streets?

And this Ciel, Claude turned his eyes towards the teen, eyeing the slim raven-haired boy standing next to Sebastian. Unlike his Alois, Ciel Phantomhive was just a rich kid riding on his parents' celebrity fame.


William shuffled through his papers again and frowned to himself, fishing out a pen from his pocket. They could still squeeze in one more day of shoot if the two boys could nail the scene within a day's take. The director quickly scribbled on the paper, cancelling a few dates and made a quick note to hold a meeting with the executive producer, Madam Red, and a few others before looking up from his work.

Ciel waited for the bespectacled director to speak with bated breath, his fingers twisting nervously as the other man scratched neat notes in the margin of the printed sheet.

"One week," William said, finally looking up as he addressed the little group of four standing around him. "You all have every night this week starting from tomorrow onwards to make sure Ciel plays a perfect Edward in these two scenes, or I will hire someone else."

"And you too, Alois." William added, quickly noticing the growing sulk on the blond boy's face.

"Don't think you can take a break during the nights when you both are not needed on set. Ciel is your co-star, and both of you need to work together for this film to make it big," the director finished, shooting a warning glare at the couple.

William stacked his papers neatly and nodded at the group, dismissing them before motioning to his floor manager to indicate the end of the day's shoot. It was evident that the numerous retakes throughout the day had worn everyone out, even himself. His crew would not be able to focus if they did a another retake. It would be better to continue tomorrow afternoon with another scene with the supporting cast, giving the crew ample time to rest beforehand.

Alois growled to himself as he curled his fingers around Claude tightly, watching the director leave the set. Taking a step forward, the blond leaned in to whisper into Ciel's ear, his breath ghosting against the smaller boy's ear.

"Thanks, Phantomhive." The blond hissed before turning around and storming away towards his dressing room, Claude following closely behind the sulky blond.

Ciel breathed a sigh of relief, one that he had not realised he had held in, partly in anticipation and in fear at the director's words. But his threat was real. Ciel would never give up this role for anything else. He needed to honour his parents' family name.

He needed to prove that the Phantomhive family name would live on in this world he had ventured into. His parents' deaths would not be in vain. And with this movie, he would be able to dedicate his award to them and show the world that he will continue on his parents' legacy.

"Let's get you home, Ciel. You look like you need a warm bath and some rest." Sebastian urged, guiding the young teen towards the dressing room to change out of his costume.

Fifteen minutes later, Ciel found himself bundled up in the front seat of Sebastian's luxury car. Changing out of his costume, tossing his wig and clothes to an eager red-haired stylist (who seemed to be more interested in Sebastian than helping the boys change), and leaving the filming site had been a blur to him. His eyes felt heavy, and he wanted to fall asleep right there on the car's plush leather black seats.

"Sleep, Ciel. You need the rest," Sebastian murmured as his black Mercedes pulled out of the driveway and sped down the empty road. It was close to 2 am in the morning, according to the clock on the dashboard. Even he was exhausted after spending the whole day on set with Ciel.

"I don't want to lose this role, Sebastian. I just can't lose this role." Ciel muttered softly, hands clasped together as if in prayer. A small azure-jewelled ring sat in the centre of his palm.

Sebastian had returned it to him after safekeeping his only family heirloom when he was forced to remove it during the shoot. Sebastian flicked the signal as the car veered smoothly to the left before coming to a rest on a red-light, engine still humming. Sebastian chuckled under his breath as they stopped for no one. It's been almost half a year since he started mentoring the boy for the production and Ciel rarely opened up his deepest emotions to anyone ever since his parents' death. Not even to Madam Red, his aunt. It was tragic really. Two of the world's most loved actors, gone in just a spilt second as their car collided against a diesel truck.

The lights changed and Sebastian brought his foot forward, touching the pedal of his car as the Mercedes roared to life again.

"You won't. I'm here to help you with it, Ciel. I will not let you fail," Sebastian promised, his eyes never leaving from the road.

The older man turned, wondering why the usually smart-mouthed boy didn't answer back, only to find him deep in sleep. Ciel's head was leaning against the headrest, jerking occasionally from the car's motions. Pools of orange lights swept across Ciel's sleeping form as the car cruised past neat rows of streetlights lined up against the sides of the road, bathing him in their warm light. A smile graced his lips as he turned his attention to the road again.

Making one last left turn, Sebastian pulled into the driveway of his apartment.

"Wake up, Ciel. We're home."

"For the last time, Ciel. Go to sleep on the bed, not the couch!" Sebastian fussed as he entered the living room, only to find the young teen sprawled against the sofa with only his boxers on.

Ciel groaned as he pried his eyes open again, an arm coming up to shield his eyes from the bright light. He always slept on the couch at his aunt's apartment. It was just a bad habit that he had developed when Ciel lived with his aunt.

Angelina Durless-Barnett, better known as Madam Red, was one of Hollywood's top executive producers, widow to the late Ethan Barnett, an acclaimed Hollywood director who passed away shortly after the Phantomhive couple did, and younger sister of the famous Rachel Durless-Phantomhive. Being his only next of kin, Madam Red had taken the young Ciel in, but because of her job, she rarely had the time to spend with Ciel.

Sebastian, who had worked with both Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Phantomhive on different films, had gladly offered Ciel lodging at his place during the course of the six-month-long production as he helped Ciel prepare for his scenes. His place was also conveniently located near the film site. It was a good break from his demanding acting career as well. Sebastian never liked being under the spotlight, preferring the peace and quiet of his own home.

The usually quiet boy had gradually opened up to him after spending many weeks at his place. It was a good change, even his aunt was pleased to see the boy living for himself again ever since he auditioned for William's movie.

Sebastian moved towards the couch as he tapped the back of the boy's wet head impatiently, trying to wake the boy again.

"Go away. Let me sleep..." Ciel whined petulantly, swatting the older man away with his other free hand as he snuggled deeper into the crook of the velvet couch. His discoloured ashen hair, the result of a bad dye-job from the production's stylist, fanned out messily against the couch, dripping water everywhere.

Sebastian had dumped him unceremoniously under a warm shower and left to find something for the boy. Ciel had quickly washed himself and dragged his feet to the nearest thing he could find, the couch. It was not his fault, really. It was the damned couch's soft, beckoning call that had seduced him into throwing himself face first on the couch. Which was how Sebastian had found the younger boy later, a fluffy white towel wound around his form.

The blue-eyed boy had not even bothered pulling on a shirt, Sebastian noted dryly.

Something flat landed on his head and Ciel made a sound of annoyance, his hands shifting upwards to pick it up. Ciel stared at the glossy magazine through half-lidded eyes, but the page it was open to immediately made him bolt up in disgust. There, in full-technicolour, was a naked woman, legs spread open invitingly to the reader. Her hands barely covered her private parts, and she wore a lustful expression on her face, glazed eyes seducing the camera.

Ciel tossed the magazine onto the floor as if it had burned him.

"Ugh, what the hell is that - that thing, Sebastian!" Ciel yelled disgustedly and quickly proceeded to wipe his hands on the surface of the couch as if the magazine had tainted him. Deep, sapphire eyes glared at the glossy porn magazine as if it would claw up the couch and attack him any moment, his back pressing against the couch.

Sebastian eyed the boy, a calm expression on his face as he picked the magazine up, tossing it on the coffee table. "Something to help you with your problem," he replied nonchalantly from where he stood.

"W-what problem?" Ciel hissed in reply.

"You know..." Sebastian trailed, before mimicking a strong jerking motion with his fist. Smirking a little too happily at Ciel's aghast expression, the pale man helpfully mouthed out the words, "Repressed sexual tension."

Ciel fumed, cursing his blushing cheeks. "I. Do Not. Have. Any. Repressed. Sexual. Tension," he choked out, glaring at his mentor. "You pervert," the boy added on to the end, for good measure.

Sebastian tutted, and leaned over the couch, forcing Ciel to shrink back down to avoid the man's advances.

"W-what are you doing?"

The older man grunted in answer, pressing his body against Ciel's smaller half-naked form. Reaching forward, he picked up another towel that had been thrown haphazardly across the couch.

"I told you not to throw this around carelessly. My house, my rules. And please dry your hair before you sleep, Ciel," Sebastian chided before pushing himself up off the couch and Ciel's body. Tossing the extra towel on Ciel's head, Sebastian dropped a clean shirt onto Ciel's lap, and turned to disappear into his room.

Really now. After spending close to six months at his place, that boy still behaved like it was his first time staying at his apartment, Sebastian mused to himself as he stopped at his doorway, pale fingers curled around the door handle.

The raven-haired man turned, watching as Ciel ducked his head to hide his flushed face under the towel. Sebastian caught Ciel cursing under his breath with the words "bloody", "pervert", "idiot" and "demon Sebastian" being used repeatedly as he fumbled with his shirt.

Sebastian smirked.

"Oh and by the way, William is right... You really need to lose that fucking terrified expression you have on your face whenever someone leans over you."

to be continued...

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