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Immediately he jumped back, although he didn't let go of my hand.

My eyes hurt slightly and everything was kind of blurry but I could clearly make out his frame next to me. I blinked a few times and once more everything was in focus. His dark eyes had widened considerably (well for him anyways) and his whole body had stiffened.

I opened my mouth to try to say something, anything, but nothing would come out.

'Damn it say something!'


'I think that was the most awkward thing you've ever said in your entire life,' inner deadpanned.

"You're ok," he mumbled, as if unable to believe that I was alive.

This of course gave me the idea to say something sarcastic like 'I mean, if you count almost dying to be ok then yeah, sure, I'm just fantastic.'

But before I could even think to open my mouth, he had leaned down and smashed his lips against mine and, well, lets just say I wasn't doing a lot of thinking.

It was as if my whole body had just gone numb and my brain had turned to goo.

'Kami-sama I've missed this.'

I almost jumped in surprise at my own thoughts but didn't because, you know, I'm making out with my ex boyfriend at the moment.

But back to the thought out hand; I really am surprised by how easy it felt for me to just melt underneath him like we had before…

'No! That wasn't his fault,' I had to remember.

Thinking of that I forced my vocal chords to make a noise of objection and after a few seconds Itachi pulled back and looked at me with hazy eyes.

I gulped. Those eyes were one of the things I missed the most about him.

I tried to open my mouth again but Itachi beat me to it again as he buried his face in the crook of my neck and sighed deeply.

"Don't ever do that again," he said, voice tired.

"Okay seriously, why do people keep saying that? I mean, do you think that I actually want to get hit by a car twice?" I growled.

I felt his mouth curve up into a smile and a moment later he had pulled himself onto his side next to me in the bed. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and gently, so careful not to hurt me that it made me feel like I wanted to cry, he pulled me up against him.

And as we lay there I felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me. I really had missed him. His smell, his warmth, the sound of his steady heartbeat; here was a man who had the world in the palm of his hand and yet was holding me more gently than a parent held their child.

"Take me back," I heard him say. Even though he said it in a steady voice, I could hear the hint of begging in it. "I swear I'll never hurt you again. That girl, she-"

"I know- her dad was your boss. You didn't have to leave your record label for me you know," I said, drifting off towards the end.

I was surprised by how quickly he sat up.

"Sakura," he said. He had propped himself up on his elbow and was leaning over me, his hand he wasn't leaning on reaching out to gently stroke my face.

"I'd be willing to die for you. If any thing I'm ashamed I didn't leave that stupid company sooner as to avoid this whole problem," he clinched his hands into tight fists and for a second he looked away from my face, "You're in this hospital because of me."

"Itachi," I said firmly. Slowly, reluctantly, he looked back at me.

"You are not the reason that this happened to me. You didn't put me in that street and you weren't driving that car. You had nothing to do with any of this so don't you dare feel guilty for something that wasn't your fault."

His eyes widened for a second before filling with an expression of, dare I say, love.

"Sakura," he said, leaning in till his forehead was resting on mine, "I'm so sorry."

For a second I was shocked that he had actually said it to my face (the first time he thought I was unconscious and all) because I knew how much he would have to swallow his pride to say it.


I jumped as he continued to talk and his eyes, his eyes, looked deeply into mine.

"I love you."

My whole world stopped. I felt my eyes well up with tears and I watched a slightly panicked look cross Itachi's face before a wide grin took over my face.

"Finally! I love you to."

And then everything went blank as he kissed me.

This kiss was different from any of the ones we had shared before this. Not that he hadn't ever given me a kiss that made me feel like the most important girl in world but this one made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. Just me and him; me and the man who I had completely fallen in love with.

"Hey Itachi did she wake up yet- OI!"

Jumping apart slightly, we both turned to see Naruto standing there gawking at us.

"Naruto what's wrong?"

A second later I could see everyone standing in the doorway looking in at us.

"Really Uchiha? The girl's still on a freaking IV and you're already trying to get on base again?" Ino asked loudly, glaring at us in a way that clearly showed that she wasn't really angry.

I wonder if the band told her the true? She had seemed pretty livid earlier.

I laughed, just because I could, and looked back at Itachi with a smile on my face.

He looked back down at me and smiled slightly back.

"Ready to try again?" I asked him.

"Anything for you," He replied again as his head dipped down again and pulled me into another kiss.

I gathered the last of the little things that people had brought me while I was in the hospital and put them into my shoulder bag.





'Industrial size bag of gummy bears courtesy of Naruto?'

'Double check.'

'I swear to kami-sama that boy is trying to make us fat.'

'Probably. The fat you seems like something he'd enjoy. Or at least, enjoy making fun of.'

'Jeez thanks there Inner, cause the idea that people would like me to get fat so that they can make fun of me was exactly what I wanted to hear.'

'Anytime doll face, anytime.'

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her as I shoved the bag of candy into my purse and took one last look around the small hospital room that I had been forced to inhabit for the last week.

'Damn I can't wait to get out off here.'

That's when I noticed a get-well card from one of my coworkers on the side table on the other side of the bed. Reaching over, I put one hand on the bed to balance myself and reached for the card.

My mistake.

A searing pain shot through my entire torso as I stretched my broken ribs to far. I let out a little cry at the pain and felt my arm buckle underneath me a second later. I was about to fall flat on my face on the bed (which really isn't that bad of a thing to fall flat on your face on) when an arm wrapped itself firmly around my waist and pull me back against a hard chest.

"When the doctor tells you "you have four severely damaged ribs, don't do anything that could potentially strain them to much or it'll hurt" it usually means it'll hurt."

"Oh shut it, I know already."

Despite that, I couldn't help but smile as Itachi pulled me upright and turned me around so that I was facing him.

"Hi," I said, grinning in a way I knew made me look like a total idiot.

Raising a dark eyebrow, he let one corner of his mouth raise slightly has he shook his head and leaned down.

I was still smiling as he kissed me and if anything, I think I started grinning even wider.

What? I'm allowed to be happy with my life.

"Ready?" he asked, pulling back.

"Oh yeah. Get me out of this hell hole," I cheered as I grabbed my bag and Itachi's hand, dragging him out of the room.

"I never thought I'd hear a doctor say that they thought of the hospital as a hell hole," he commented as we made our way towards the elevator.

"Well, I wouldn't say that I see the hospital as a hell hole, just being a patient in it is like being in hell. They do say that doctors make the worst patients you know," I said as we stepped into the elevator.

We stood in comfortable silence until the doors opened again and we made our way through the lobby.

The sliding glass doors parted quietly and I blinked a few times to help my eyes adjust to the bright sunlight.

I almost stopped to look around when a tug on my hand pulled me to keep moving.

Following Itachi, we moved down the block and into the parking garage. Somehow he had managed to get a spot right next to the entrance and with a quick peak at the person sitting in the little office by the door, a love-struck looking brunette, and the black Sedan parked awkwardly in the corner in a space that was clearly not a spot, I had a good idea how.

Throwing a quick glare up at him, I could feel his smirk even though he kept his face perfectly blank.

Like the well-trained boy he was, Mikoto had drilled manners into him and Sasuke until they had 'please and thank you's coming out their ears, he opened the passenger side door for me before walking around to the other side and getting in himself.

It was silent for a second before he finally let the smirk slide onto his face.

Rolling my eyes I leaned over and gave him a hard punch on the shoulder, "I hate you."

Slowly, just a little, the smirk turned into a smile and with a submissive "Ay", he started the engine and backed up out of the spot.

Now normally when we leave the garage, we make a right to go back to my apartment. For some reason though, Itachi turned on his left signal and made a smooth turn onto the road, going the opposite direction of my house.



"You're going the wrong way."

"No I'm not."

"But my house is the other way."

"I'm well aware of that Sakura."

"Then why are we going the wrong way?"

"Because this is the way to my house."

"But aren't we going to my house?"


"And why's that?"

"Because you're moving in with me."

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