"We solve cases like this all the time."
Tony DiNozzo. Semper Fidelis.


"What've we got?" Gibbs barks as he strides into the bullpen. After all if he'd asked in a normal tone his agents would be checking him out in case he was a mask wearing impostor.
"Nothing Boss" his agents respond simultaneously.
"Nothing?" He begins to pace and frown in irritation.

This was not what was supposed to happen to team Gibbs. They'd gathered their gear, gassed the truck and then waited around for Ducky and Palmer to get to the crime scene. Evidence had been bagged and tagged, sketches made and witnesses interviewed. Back at the Navy Yard the body, weapon, blood, fingerprints, service records and bank accounts had all been analyzed. DiNozzo had called McGee at least one McNickname and Ducky had started one story. Ziva had gotten confused about an idiom. He and the Director had got into their usual stare down. Abby had nearly overdosed on Caf-Pow! Suspects had been interrogated and BOLO's issued and still they had nothing. He stops pacing to give each at each member of the team the mandatory expectant glare. "Nothing?"

"Well Boss it's like this...that is...we...ouch!" DiNozzo rubs the back of his head fervently wishing just once he could slap the Boss back.
"Find me something! The bad guys (he can't call them dirtbags as he's already used up his quota of that term) aren't just going to walk in here with signs around their necks."
"Ah, Boss..." McGee stutters.
"I think we have visitors."
Gibbs turns to find three people standing by Tony's desk. One is an NCIS agent and the two others are a man and a woman who are dressed casually in t-shirts and jeans. Both appear to be in their thirties and the woman has an olive complexion similar to Ziva's. Her t-shirt reads "I'm baaaad" and his is an advertisement for the Broadway show Guys & Dolls.
"Who are you?"
"They want to confess to the killings." The agent besides them responds.
"But wait...aren't you..."
"Yes, I'm Ziva's childhood best friend who has visited here several times in the past few months."
"And weren't you...?"
"Sleeping with Timmy? Yes." She smiles at the now blushing special agent.
"And of course I am DiNozzo's frat brother" chimes in man. "You interviewed my family about this but were clearly more interested in my brother who has been in trouble before and not in me who runs a successful company."
"There you go Boss. Bad guys caught through their confession just like in the movie..." DiNozzo starts to think of something so he won't be fined for not meeting his movie reference quota.
"No. No. No. This is all wrong. It's too simple. Where's the twist? Where's the mystery?"
"You're right Boss. Twists around here have been sadly lacking lately. Looks like we've got a new case finding out where the twists went."
"Why is that good Boss. I mean I doubt there will ever be a shortage of bodies for us to investigate and this just adds to our work load."
"It's good DiNozzo cause there's still twenty minutes left in this episode."
With that they all return to work looking for the usual suspects.