Okay... Here's the dealio.

First of all... I AM SO SORRY!

I DO realize it has been a year since I updated this, and I left you all on this
HUGE cliffie. Please, PLEASE don't hate me! :(

My laptop died right after I posted chapter 39, and I only got it back about
a month ago. Since it has been so long, my characters have been ignoring
my pleas for them to talk with me... SO. I am going back to the beginning,
and re-reading my own story. I am also sending all of the chapters off to
be read by an actual BETA *gasp*.

It is my desire for this to be completed within a short time. ONCE I have
gotten the chapters back, I intend to pull all but chapter 1, which will most
likely be revised, and begin re-posting the story from the start. The whole"
purpose of this is two-fold... One, that I wish to present my best for you.
I won't be changing major plot points, but I hope to fill in holes, and make
this story better on the whole. Two, that I would get the feel for it again,
and be able to finally complete this... for you, my readers, and also for me.
I feel like an absolute failure for having left this for so long.

SO... I don't know if you know how it works when you tear-down and re-
post chapters, but here's the deal. DO NOT REVIEW THIS CHAPTER.
Not yet. I PROMISE you that if you do, when I post the ACTUAL chapter
40, you will not be able to reply. Likewise, you will not be able to reply
to the updated chapters that you have already reviewed. If you want to
make a comment to me, I welcome it... just send it through PM. Okay?

You WILL all be hearing from me soon. I love and thank you all from the
deepest recesses of my heart.