Just a quick drabble that came to me while rewatching the movie.

He no longer has a mother to be threatened. He's no longer a young boy. He's not in a concentration camp and Charles is most certainly nothing like Schmidt.

But he says those few words - "Tell it to face us." - and he has never been more grateful for the fact that Charles has promised to never touch his mind with out his permission. He knows that the telepath wouldn't take offense. In fact it would be so far oppesite that - he'd be sympathetic towards the image.
But he's grateful that Charles can't see his mind drawing parallels between Shaw and him.

He's amazed, shocked when Charles reaches inside and gives him back something he lost. He sails on a high as the satellite dish moves and he grins and laughs with his best friend. But the President's address so soon afterwards sobers him. He finds he can't even concentrate on it (though he picks up the gist).
The fact is, Charles unlocked something in him today. Something that gave him even greater access to his powers.
The fact is, that's what Schmidt did that long ago day. He unlocked his powers, his mutation.

Erik spends the rest of the day clinging to the fact that Shaw brought out his powers by taking away his mother.
Charles brought out his powers by bringing her back.

Erik's never been good at coping methods.

Was rewatching the satellite scene and was struck by unfortunate parallels.

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