Merlin looked around at all of their sad faces. Gwen and Arthur were both crying… and Arthur was pouting again, as he'd taken to doing lately, especially when Gwen was in the same room. (Maybe the girls went for big-lipped pouts, what did he know?) Tristan seemed too upset to cry, and Isolde was staring ahead with empty eyes, still trying to talk.

Merlin felt for them. He'd lost his girl, too, and it had also been Arthur's fault. Isolde was going to die for saving Arthur. That would probably make Tristan bitter again, but such was life. At least the pain on Tristan's face was convincing Arthur and Gwen that they couldn't lose each other again.

Arthur walked up to Gwen and took her hand. "Guinevere," he said softly. "I can't lose you again."

Gwen gave a watery smile. "You won't."

Yes, if only Isolde would live, everyone would be happy. Such a shame that no one could save her.


Wait, wait.

Wasn't he a warlock? Yes, he was! And he'd recently gotten better at healing spells. He slapped himself on the forehead, drawing attention. How silly of him! Of course, this way Arthur would probably see and realize that he had magic. But oh, well. It was about time Arthur learned to grow up and accept what was staring him in the face.

Merlin stalked forward and knelt by Tristan. "Move your hand," he said. "She won't die."

Tristan pulled back automatically, and Merlin placed his hand on her stomach. "Okay, Isolde," he said. "This actually won't hurt at all."

A few minutes and a golden eye flash later, Isolde was well and in Tristan's arms, hugging him tightly. Merlin smiled as Tristan looked at him gratefully, squeezing her tight enough to hurt.

Merlin looked up. Arthur was still loosely holding Gwen, but his jaw was slack and he was staring at Merlin. "Merlin…" he started.

"Arthur…" Gwen said, holding his arm and looking worried.

Arthur pulled away. "Magic?" He stared at Merlin with something like horror. "You have magic?"

And as the camera zoomed in on Merlin's petrified face, everything began to fade around him until the screen was black, and then the words came on it:



And across the globe, the sound of infuriated and frustrated fangirls hitting themselves upon their heads and howling echoed.

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